Tina Hight speaks out about Kristina Robinson and her son John Todd Hight Jr.

16 and Pregnant Kristina Robinson and fiance John Todd Hight Jr

The fourth season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant features the emotional story of Kristina Robinson, whose fiance John Todd Hight, Jr. drowned while swimming with her and some friends off the beaches of Galveston, Texas on April 30, 2011.

As we mentioned in a previous post, Todd’s mother Tina Hight has been using his Facebook wall to post her feelings about his passing. The posts are just as heart-breaking as you would imagine as she wrestles with the loss of her 19-year-old son. But, not long after Kristina gives birth to her son Lukas Todd, Tina’s posts develop more of a frustrated tone as Kristina moves on with another man (She became engaged to TJ Head in December and the two reportedly got married in March of 2012) and appears to not be letting Tina and the rest of Todd Jr.’s family see the baby much at all. Tina even goes as far as to suggest that perhaps her son’s drowning wasn’t an accident!

Tina’s harsh words have drawn a good deal of attention since our post, including a recent article in Star magazine. We spoke with Tina Hight recently and she expressed a desire to address what she had written on her son’s Facebook wall. Here is her statement:

“I didn’t mean for my words of venting to my son to hurt Kristina or be twisted. I find that there are a lot of heartless people in this world. I love Kristina and have always told her to let me know if anything I vented hurt her so that I could have the chance to word things perfectly. She never gave me the chance.

“I found out about her seeing someone in a store in our town, then my oldest son and his wife came and told me. Kristina had changed her number and I feel that I got to see my grandson only for MTV and my son and daughter in law. I have only see Lil Todd #2 [Lukas Todd] four times. She is trying to keep the baby from all of us, and it isn’t fair.

16 and Pregnant Kristina Robinson's fiance John Todd Hight Jr“I have never held her responsible for my son being gone, but I have always blamed her family, and at first so did she. All I meant was that he didn’t want to go on this trip and she knew that. He went because he loves her and didn’t want to disappoint her.

“She has stopped me from going for the final show with Dr.Drew, but that’s fine too. She can’t stop the fact that I love Lil Todd #2, that’s forever. I wish she had talked to me and given me a chance to understand her side, but I have found that my side and John Todd Hight, Jr.’s family don’t matter. The only ones that matter are the ones that Kristina couldn’t stand when my son was here.

“I want her and my grandson to have the bond that I have with my children. Thank You and God Bless you for the kind words…our loss and pain is forever.

“We feel the prayers and ask for everyone to keep praying, as we are constantly praying also.”

This is a very difficult situation for everyone I’m sure. Tina and her family just want the ability to interact with little Lukas Todd and Kristina probably wants to move on and put the tragedy behind her as much as possible. The important thing is that they communicate – which Tina Hight seems willing to do.

Thanks to Tina for taking the time to talk with us.

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  • Blahblahblah

    She honestly sounds like a nut. Its nobody’s fault that the kid died. Just because a teenage girl went ahead and blamed her parents in moments of despair, does not give a grown woman the right to jump on the same bandwagon. She should have had more sense. That is, afterall, her family and I’m sure that created hard feelings….especially with the mother continuing to bash & blame all over facebook! Facebook is not therapy, sweetheart! And cannot replace a real therapist! She has no obligations to her former boyfriend’s family. She doesn’t owe them any explanation for moving on. The fact that this mother expects one, shows how entitled and delusional she is. Come on Starcasm, some people just need to be called OUT! Stop feeding into their pity parties.

    • Diana

      Um… I think she has a right to be nuts. She lost her son! That would be absolutely devastating for ANY parent to have to go through. She has a right to vent her frustrations and to say what she feels. One of the worst things you can do during the grief process is to keep your feelings inside.

      I can’t imagine what she went through. But I can certainly feel for her, and I do. Leave the woman alone and let her grieve the loss of her son.

      As far as Kristina not having obligations to his family..in a way she does. That child deserves to know his family. He deserves to at least know that part of his father. For her to take that away from him is incredibly selfish and something he will probably end up resenting her for. Part of being a good parent is doing what is best for your child, even if those things are difficult.

      • Roxanne

        And part of being a good grandparent and doing what’s best for the child is not publicly criticizing and ragging on the mother of your grandson … duh.

      • Chelse

        You don’t know the rest of the story. This girl could have a legitimate reason why she doesn’t want his family around HER child.

        And that woman has no right to go online and attack her, yes she is morning the lose of her son and that is a very hard thing to cope with; but attacking the mother of his child in a public forum like she’s doing isn’t exactly being the bigger person or is it “being a good parent and doing whats best for the child”. How do you think that little boy is going to feel when he grows up and sees crap like this, that his grandmother sat there and blasted his mother all over the internet?

        The simple, legal fact is that grandparents don’t have rights unless they go to court for them. She, the grandmother, doesn’t have any right to see that child from a legal stand point, and speaking as someone who has cut family out of my child’s life, there is obviously more to the story that is not getting put into these articles.

        • ROSSS


      • -A

        Yeah she Has an obligation to them your right. But the again why would she want to be around them or have her son around people who bash her and constantly down her all the time? If they really wanted to see Lukas they would put it aside that she has moved on and act like civil adults about the situation for the sake of their relationship with Lukas.

    • Tyler

      I know the Hight family and Kristina and TJ personally and CPS came and took Chellsey hights two kids and Tina and Daniel hight both tried to get the kids because that’s where chellsey wanted them to go until she straightened up but neither one of them passed CPS standards. That’s one of the many reasons they don’t see Lukas

    • Uncle B

      Tina is not nuts everyone. However, I do believe she let her emotions and imagination get the best of her. I can only assume that her grief over the loss of Todd lead her to buy into some misguided conspiracy thought processes about what really happened. Neither Todd, nor Kristina and the other boy could swim and were just out too far. For those who don’t know, the waters off Galveston Island are natorious for having treacherous rip tides. I know this first hand and it is very scary. I too miss Todd and I wish he could have seen his little baby. The family needs to stop playing the blame game and move on in a positive direction.

  • Thelma

    You get way better exclusives than Heather.

  • You don’t the situation so all need to stop as a momma this is devastating and now to have his son ripped from us too makes the pain more unbearable, I have said from day 1 that it didn’t make sense or add up and only. 1 person there told us the truth…I am not nuts or crazy and I do go to therapy and have from day 1 ..unless you have lost a child than you need to stop and ask God to help you for attacking us and condoning our family and grandson as one day he will come to us and want to know about his daddy, and we wont tell him anything.except what an awesome man he is and how much he loved and wanted to be a daddy..and he would have been the best!!!!! God you heartless people put there!! Praying for all, Amen!!!

    • just me

      T.H. you may want to seek out some legal advice in regards to visitation with your grandson. You should be able to get granparents rights to see him, even if it’s only a day or 2 a week. My heart & prayers go out to you & your family, I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you.

      As far as Kristina, no one can speak for her actions except for her. My opinion is that this was her way of dealing with the loss, whether it’s right or wrong is not for us to judge. It’s not our job to tell someone how they should mourn.

      • Roxanne

        I agree with “just me.” T.H., I do not mean you are “nuts” in a bad way. I should not use the word “nuts,” and I apologize for that, but you certainly are grieving, and your grieving has clearly caused you to take some actions that are not healthy, are hurtful, etc., and will make your grandson question you someday.

        I think that just as you are seeking understanding from people, that you need to also try to understand now that what Kristina is doing is her way of grieving too. You just cannot demand respect and understanding when you do not seem to respect and understand the grieving process of the others involved as well. I am sure that things won’t be like this forever, but the death is still pretty fresh. It is not our place or your place to take hurtful actions regarding how she deals with it, no matter how it may inconvenience you.

        I lost a child, and I understand the grief of a parent. I know that it doesn’t make everyone in their right minds. I am praying for you, I wish the best for you, and I wish nothing but happiness and peace for you and your family and Kristina. I would highly recommend seeking counseling if you haven’t already. It has helped me a lot with my grief and my actions associated with my grief. Also, if you would like to see your grandson, seeking legal advice with it is not a bad idea, but I would consider how those actions could affect the mother of your grandson. I would give this at least another six months before doing something like that which could cause even more tension and possibly some resentment that won’t help you down the line. Best to you.

      • Roxanne

        Also, it might not be a bad idea to stay off of the social media websites that discuss this, and not google what people may say about this. Reading things about yourself on the internet can cause even more distress because there are always going to be people who disagree with your actions, and since you are in an emotionally vulnerable state, it’s not going to help you feel better by reading what people say about it. There was a period of time in my life for about a year when I was on the local news because I was a witness of a violent crime, and some of the things people said online just really sent me over the edge. I had to learn to back off of it until I was in a much more stable mindset. This isn’t easy, and I know that. As someone with personal experience with such a thing, I figured I’d lend you my advice on that. Good luck.

      • Grandparents have no legal rights unless mother is proven to be unfit. Then you can petition for custody–but unless you have a picture of her having sex with the baby in the bed with them, that is even a long shot!!

      • Li0

        Though Grandparent rights are very possible, she will not get them if she continues to spout that she feels that the child’s mother played a part in her son’s death. If there is any chance that the mother will be badmouthed when not around, then she can kiss visitation rights goodbye. & to tell your grandchild that your mother had a part in your father’s death, IS a horrible thing to do to a child. She can say she hasn’t done it in front of the child but it’s on social networking site. She can delete it. But that little boy at some point, will see what his grandmother wrote.
        I am very sorry for every one that has been effected in Todd’s loss but if they want to have a relationship with their grandchild than fix the one with the mother. The girl is 16 & also went through something very traumatic. 16 yo don’t know how to deal with things the way adults SHOULD so it’s obvious that she’ll shut down & try to erase what reminds her of his death… Keep in mind, she almost drowned too. I don’t see how she could of planned that & I think it’s DISGUSTING that his mother even suggests it. The young mother needs support, not fingers being pointed at her. She even shut out her own mom because her mom constantly wanted to talk about what happened. Kristina doesn’t know what it’s like to be 40 something & lose a child… but these grandparents know what it’s like to be 16 & confused.

  • to put it bluntly

    I wouldn’t want my kid around someone like that, either. It takes a certain level of trash to behave like that as an adult woman. Here’s a word of advice: Stop posting things like this online. You’re only making yourself look like a redn*ck idiot. We understand you lost your son, but at this point you’re only making a mockery of the situation. Bad mouthing your grandbaby’s mother in a public forum isn’t going to make her let you to spend time with him. In fact, if it were me, I would want to get the hell away from you ASAP.

  • Roxanne

    I think the woman is still nuts, and she doesn’t seem to realize that what Kristina is doing is her way of dealing with her grief. Just like Tina Hight is upset and has her way of grieving, so does Kristina, and maybe Kristina is doing what she is doing because she needs a break and it is too hard for her right now. It is HER son, after all. The mother always has more rights to the child than the grandparents do. That’s just how it is, and it is how it should be. When Kristina is ready to let them back in again, she will. I do not think she is doing anything to purposely hurt anyone, and Tina is still not acting like an adult should in this situation. She needs to leave Kristina alone. Let her know that they are there to support her, sure, and that they would love to see the child. But they need to let Kristina deal with this on her own time. She is grieving too.

    • Zoe

      No no, she’s ‘moved on’, she couldn’t possibly be grieving. *sarcasm* by the way.
      Look, Kristina is the mother of that child. If she feels there is a reason her child shouldn’t be around his family, that’s her decision. I also made the decision to not keep in contact with some of my son’s family who behaved in a disgusting manner after his father died. People turn ugly when grieving. And no, grief is not always an excuse to be horrible. Make mistakes yes, but I find it brings out peoples true colours.
      By the way, I hate the term ‘move on’, and how people who don’t understand think you actually just move on from and it and it doesn’t affect you the rest of her life. It does, okay?

      • Roxanne

        Are you sure you meant this as a reply to me? Because I’m pretty sure that nothing I said disagrees with what you say lol you’re right on!

  • brittany

    I feel bad for his mom but at the same time I feel bad for the teen mom first this girl has the right to move on and date who ever she want theres no tie limit of which u can date after someone breaks up wit u or your luv one dies who r u to say when she can move on its her life she is the mother so she decide who can can her child or not grand parents of no rights to this child if I was her I wouldn’t let them c the child after they wrote all those horrible things about this girl were is the grown up here I understand ur lost but im sure the police investigated and from evidence it was accident or they would b in jail leave th girl alone if she wants u to c the kid she would which I would not for all the crap that was written about her god makes no mistakes he no when u gonna leave this earth and how u gonna leave u gotta move on with your life and talking bad about the girl didn’t make the situation better jus made u look evil its her child she has the say so no matter what in this situation so if she wanna move on get married and have a father figure for this child she can its her life who r we to judge she is happy that’s all that matters the mother needs to apologize for all the hurt things she posted and her kids cuz that’s not gonna make her bring her kid around them people if there saying she kill there son or her parents did I wouldn’t want my kid around them either if she let u c the kid 4 times b happy she let u c it at all at the end of they day its her kid sorry for your lost but its her kid your just the grand parent that has unfortunately no rights to the baby and she has every right to keep the baby from who ever she wants

  • helloisitme

    It’s unfortunate that she can’t seem to make a connection bw accusing Kristina of murder and Kristina not allowing her to see her grandson. Grieving is hard, but when it comes to certain accusations she needs to explore the many other routes of venting that aren’t so permanent and public

  • smh

    There is no way with the slanderous and accusatory things Todd’s mother has been writing on his facebook- and that have been published on THIS website- that she should be around Kristina right now. I would bet Kristina has seen/read what has been written about her. How is it that is not connected with her staying away? If you want Grandparents Rights, any lawyer worth their money is going to bring every single piece of slander and accusation to court and submit it as evidence AGAINST why visitation should be granted in this case. Kristina has a right to live her life as she sees fit. How is it that as a mother you do not understand that slandering the mother of your grandchild is only going to create a bigger rift, and decrease the chance that she will come around? Has any sincere, real apology been offered to Kristina for accusing her of murder? Have the facebook posts been taken down? Why is it ok to do that kind of thing to a young woman because YOU are grieving? That is unacceptable. She is and always will be the mother of that child, and as a mother I certainly would not allow someone to be in my child’s life if they didn’t have basic respect for me, let alone if they accused me of murdering my child’s father.

    • Roxanne


  • Power Trip

    Kristina let them see their grandson you stupid selfish b**tch!! Thats all they have left of their son! These little kids that comment on here don’t understand what grieving is.


      • Power Trip

        I didn’t mean to offend any one but i just feel she is being heartless, im sure your son wanted all of you to be involved in the childs life i just feel bad for you guys because its not fair for her to do that i dont care how sad she is your family should have the same amount of involvement that her family does. I wish you all the best and i hope it all works out for you.

      • Roxanne

        Wow you both sound like two middle schoolers. You are behaving horribly. Tina, you sure aren’t making this any better at all. Talking like this and in mostly all caps … wow. Just wow. I stand by what I said earlier. You need SERIOUS help, and you need to stay off the social media websites that talk about this. This is just ridiculous now.

      • smh

        Actually, I only saw one attacking post here and that was directed at Kristina, not you. It is not attacking anyone to state the TRUTH, which is you defamed this young woman REPEATEDLY on social networking/media sites and there is permanent EVIDENCE of you and your family doing it. I stand by everything I said. You can SAY you love her now, but that certainly wasn’t what was published on THIS WEBSITE a few weeks ago. Back track all you want, delete all you want, all of the horrible things you wrote about that young woman are on THIS WEBSITE for all to see. I think it’s interesting that now that the facebook posts have been deleted everything is supposed to just be swept under the rug and forgotten about. You and your family accused Kristina of MURDER. Do you not understand the seriousness of those allegations? They are permanently online for anyone to see. Did you tell anyone on this website that you also gave an exclusive to Star Magazine? You have done so much damage. Have you publicly or personally apologized to Kristina? This is absurd. If I ever got a chance to speak to this young woman, I would tell her to take ALL of the things written/published about her and head to a lawyer’s office ASAP. Not only could she prevent you from any kind of grandparent’s rights- she could have grounds to sue you for defamation. You said those things about the grieving MOTHER of your SON’S CHILD. I am sure God is ALSO looking after Kristina. Keep in mind that he sees and knows ALL. Not just your pain but HERS too. You are not without responsibility here. Being a grieving parent does not give you carte blanche to steamroll someone’s reputations with allegations and lies.

        • Ali

          @ Tina Hight, I completley understand where you are coming from. I lost my brother on Thanksgiving in 2009 of a bad E pill that she pressured him into trying(it was the first time he had ever done drugs), his girlfriend was pregnant and as of now My nephew is 2 years old and my family has yet to see him. She wants nothing to do with us. It’s truley saddening as this little boy is all we have left of my brother, I do not think attacking anyone via social media sites or evern typing out your opinions for anyone to read is the way to get to see lukas. As much as i’am hurt by my “”sister in law”” no matter what she does I will aways be nice and continue to try and support her and aways be there. I’am hoping one day she will come to the realization what she is doing is wrong, But untill then all I cando is hope and pray. Im so sorry for your loss, If you ever want someone to talk to who knows exactly what you are going through let me know! I know how much is means to have people who understand how your feeling and will not judge.

          • Sarah

            It’s very unhealthy to look upon this innocent child as being “all that is left of” someone who has passed away. This child is a unique person, and while his father has passed away, it will be seriously damaging for this him to be around grieving people who want to and do see him as an appendage of his dead father. I understand they want to be part of his life, but everyone here needs to heal before creating new relationships with one another and this baby. Tina Hight should also try to understand that her family is being attacked because of her own actions.
            Also, why shouldn’t Kristina get married? Her boyfriend/fiancee died. He’s gone forever. She is young, responsible for a small child. If she met someone she loves who loves her and her child, then that is a good thing. It doesn’t automatically mean she is not grieving her son’s father’s death anymore. This whole situation is deeply unsettling, and I don’t blame Kristina for staying away from the child’s father’s family. If I were her, I’d get a lawyer. This family is harassing her online, and I wouldn’t want to face them either. What they said about her is unforgivable in my eyes. That baby needs to be around supportive, healthy individuals who will help me become his own person, not some ghostly remnant of his deceased father. Of course, he should grow up knowing who his father was, but he will never have known that man, and it will be terribly confusing for him if he grows up being forced to be in contact with biological relations who deep down blame his own mother for his father’s death. I think kristina is doing exactly what she needs to be doing to protect her child and herself, and until the Hight family can collectively realize they are not helping anyone involved here, they should not be around that innocent little baby. Grief is a terrible thing, but it should never become a reason for people to possibly do irreparable harm to a child who has no say in the matter just yet.

            • Kat

              Totally agree and they keep renaming her son from what I got. She named him Lucas Todd and they keep calling him Lil Todd #2, That’s really messed up and not right psychologically at all. I would keep him far away from them until they get counseling.

          • siriusthecat

            How could you know someone pressured someone else into trying a pill? Maybe it makes it easier to deal with. Its not something you should say out loud. How about, who raised a young man without the ability to say no? That is passing around blame, for what good? Unless you know someone spiked his mountain dew with bad drugs, in which case the police is who you tell, shut up about it.

      • RealistRealz

        I wish u and the family the best I have 2sons and cant imagine life with out them… stay strong lucas wont be small forever.. the blood always call…

  • Forrest

    I get it, she moved on…but already married!?
    no offense (-_-)

    • -A

      They aren’t married that’s just people Trying to stir up more stuff than there already is.

      • sam

        Yes I live in waskom and know the guy she is with now. They are married as of march 8th

        • Daniel

          Well Sam I’m TJ’s brother and you are guilty of small town gossip. They aren’t married. Just bc they have a marriage license doesn’t mean they are married. Get your story straight. Everybody read the comment Tyler left and that will give you an idea of what kind of ppl the Hight family is

          • sam

            Well what’s the difference they have been playing “house” for a while now. And getting a marriage license is pretty much married all they have to do is have a ceremony. I didn’t say anything about the hight family. I have my own opinion of them and no one can persuade me any different.

            • Daniel

              No one is trying to persuade you of anything. They’ve done a pretty good job of that already. I’m just here so ppl know the truth and not just hear say or small town gossip

            • Facts

              “And getting a marriage license is pretty much married all they have to do is have a ceremony.”

              Wrong again. Where do you people get your information? A marriage license is simply legal permission to get married within a given time period – usually up to 30 days after the license is issued. The couple with the license will then have a ceremony performed, either a simple one by a justice of the peace or a notary, or one that is proscribed by their religious sect (of course, the person performing the ceremony must be officially recognized as legally able to perform marriages in the state where the ceremony is performed). After the ceremony, the certificate is signed by the officiant, the bride and groom, and two witnesses – usually the maid of honor and the best man. It is then filed with the clerk of the court, who mails the marriage certificate – the legal proof of marriage – out to the couple in a few weeks.

          • Legal Advice

            Okay Daniel,,for one thing if they have a marriage license then YES they are officially married. You do not need to have a ceremony to be married. All you have to do is go up to the court-house and go in front of a Justice of Peace and he/she will ask you what are you doing there and they will either say to get married or what not and if they are getting married than they will have to pay an amount ranging from 30-45 dollars for the marriage certificate, He will then say a few vows and they will say I do, and so be it. It doesn’t have be a “real wedding” for 2 people to be married. And about all this ruckus going on about Mrs. Hight I believe that she is still grieving for the lost of her son, I may not have lost a child but I have lost a parent at a young age. Granted Mrs. Hight shouldn’t have posted hateful comments on her sons facebook page for everyone in the world to see but that was her mistake, everyone makes mistakes. And if Kristina doesn’t want Mrs. Hight to see her son then she has every right not to let Mrs. Hight not see him. Remember that words that we say online no matter what forum it may be on affects people. How would you like it if people were bashing you on a public forum that is nationally listed around the world? if you feel the need to speak your mind do it but not in a hateful manner. I watch teen mom and sixteen and pregnant every season it comes on, I feel for Kristina and Mrs. Hight but honestly I feel this way, Things happen that we can not control. Todd Jr. died that night and he took a part of everyone who loved him with him. Everyone grieves in their own way and their own time. Just get pissed off at someone by how they act with their grief. Respect that everyone involved may or may not have completely gotten over the death of Todd Jr.

            • Jenika

              “if they have a marriage license then YES they are officially married”

              You are incorrect. A marriage license is a piece of paper that authorizes you to get
              married and a marriage certificate is a document that proves you are

            • Facts

              “for one thing if they have a marriage license then YES they
              are officially married.”

              No…no they aren’t.

              “You do not need to have a ceremony to be

              Yes…yes you do.

              Regardless of whether or not a couple decides to have a huge wedding or get married at the courthouse, a ceremony absolutely has to be performed by a legal officiant, and in the presence of at least two witnesses, for the marriage to be legal. A marriage license is simply legal permission to get married within a certain period of time (usually 30 days). Where in the heck did you get your legal advice?

  • We. Are not bad or heartless people and if ya had any heart at all you wouldn’t attack us..according to all you heartless cruel people the Hight Family doesn’t have right for anything and John Todd’ s wishes don’t mean anything either and He is the DADDY

    • Truth

      You have no idea what John Todd’s wishes are – he’s gone. Since he died so early on in Kristina’s pregnancy, you really have no idea what his wishes *were* either. If he had lived and left his parents and cleaved to Kristina (to put it in simpler terms, if he left his childhood family to go to his adult family and made them his first priority – which is what all good husbands and fathers do), as the Good Book commands , it’s very likely he’d be doing the same as she right now and steering clear of you. I know that isn’t what you want to hear, and it’s not what you want to believe, but it’s what would be happening if he was a good father and husband to Kristina (and there is no reason to think he wouldn’t have been).

      John Todd is that child’s father, but he is no longer here. Kristina is. The child was theirs; she is the only parent left. John Todd’s parental rights did not magically transfer to you upon his death. Legally, you *don’t* have any rights. It may be a cruel truth, but it’s the truth nonetheless. Perhaps start being kind to Kristina, stop acting like a 12-year-old girl, keep your drama off Facebook, and stop accusing her and her family of killing your son, and she might give you an opportunity to see your grandson.

  • Jenn

    @T.H- I do not blame Kristina one bit for keeping the baby away from you people. Not only are you throwing around accusations of MURDER but you are publicly dissing and threatening her all over the internet. Uttering threats is against the law and there is written proof of you doing so. If i were her i would be printing all these attacks, accusations and threats and getting to a lawyer pronto to get a peace bond against you. She is a teenager and i am sure that she is probably trying to fill the void left behind from her first love dying, hence her moving on quickly. The babys father is gone forever, is she supposed to be alone for the rest of her life? You people need to grow up and seek counseling and stay the hell off social media. If foul play is truly suspected take it to the police not facebook. You’ll be lucky if you don’t get sued…

    • Debbie De Anda

      THEY ARENT THREATENING ANYONE THAT I CAN SEE….. take that girl to court and get grandparents right for visitation. Maybe the grandparents can fight for half custody since babies daddy is dead…She is lucky im not the grandmother…

      • siriusthecat

        Grandparents rights are to preserve the existing bond between grandparents and grandchildren. The courts only care about the baby. No bond equals no rights. If the boy were 5 and they watched him every Thursday, they’d have a case. They should have kissed the girls ass, now they can wait until he is old enough to find them. He finds the smut they posted about his momma first, that reunion might be an ugly one.

  • Sara

    I just watched the episode of 16 and pregnant I would like to express my condolunces to todds mom and family. Watching the episode was heart breaking and seeing how kristina behaved was shocking she acted rude towards everyone and acted like she was the most important and that his familys grief did not matter. I first wonderd why she did not invite todds mom in the delivery room or at very least to the ultrasounds. Through such tradgey a baby was born and to the family is a piece of todd. it is not just kristinas baby. Todds family should go to court if she does not let them see lucas. Iam sorry to hear this tradgey has happend and that kristina is being imature by only thinking of her feelings. She found another fiance but the mother can never find another son the closest she has to it is her grandson. My prayers are with your family god bless you

    • 16&pregnantresponder

      I also found her to be rude, to her mother especially. I guess because she blamed her mother, according to what I am reading on here.. or maybe she was grieving.

    • Truth

      Hi Tina! Again, it seems!

      Newsflash – Unless there is an existing relationship with the grandparents that would cause a detriment to the child if it was to end suddenly or the parent(s) are unfit to care for the child, grandparents are almost never successful in trying to obtain visitation.

      Newsflash #2 – The child was John Todd and Kristina’s child. John Todd is, sadly, no longer with us. Therefore, technically, yes – he IS just Kristina’s baby. As much as she…sorry, as much as you may wish, the child does not belong to the grandmother.


  • Sarynity’sMom

    I don’t usually post on these websites, but this story broke my heart. I can’t stand the fact that “some” of the Hight family did say really hurtful things about Kristina all over social media sites. I have lost 5 children (all unborn) so I do know the grief that a parent goes through, but at no time in my life since the passing of my children did I call my “Husband” (Kristina in this situation) a murderer. If the Hight family would just leave Kristina alone for a while and allow her to deal with it in her own way I can almost promise you that she will come around. Who cares if she is already married to another man, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still love Todd. She can’t be alone forever and this might be a way for her to fill some of the whole in her heart. I am not bashing either family, but only time will heal our hearts. TH if you don’t at least make an attempt to admit your wrongs (bashing her on social sites) then she might not ever come around. Just a thought!

  • Sara

    Grandparents can go to court and file for visitation rights they are sometimes difficult to get but not impossible (I work in the family law department). I did not mean to word it that they should seek custody kristina does not seem at all like a unfit mother she just seems very young and that her way to deal with grief is to push her family away. I felt so bad for her mother she was only trying to reach out to her daughter and be included and kristina lashed out at her mother. I also think that todds family needs to accept what happend as a tragic accident that it was not a murder and was not planned out and i hope more people can learn from these kinds of deaths accure more than people think they do. So if you are in any body of water with waves and currents to wear a life jacket.

    • grammar nazi

      occur** shouldn’t a lawyer know that?

      • grammar nazi

        sorry, maybe you aren’t a lawyer. someone who works in ‘the family law department’ lol..

  • Sharon

    Wow,Hight Family.first off I am so sorry about the sudden passing of you’re son.But please tell me how any of these people are anymore heartless then you were/are?You said “I knew they were not going to bring my son home”He said something about over my dead body so they killed him..Wow that is sicken.You also talked about hoe Farrah’s boyfriends mother went to court for Grandparents rights and you thought you might try that.If you watched any of those show’s like I did you would know that the mother was denied right because she acted like you & your family.Calling her a murder and saying she isn’t dealing with the death of you son isn’t right makes you heartless.Everyone is different.I watched the show.Kristina looked like a lost soul to me.A young lady put into a situation that she was far to young to have to deal with.Please Tina stop trying to make the world sound cruel when it really was you.I don’t need your prayers,but darling I am going to give you mine.Because you are a mother you should know how to act that was disgraceful what you posted on your son’s facebook.Kristina is the the mother of the beautiful baby boy you should forever be in debt to her.She gave you a piece of your son.Maybe if you were not so heartless towards her you would see him.Thru that whole episode all I seen was people from both sides of the family trying to force her into a conversation that she just wasn’t ready to have.Give her,the time and space she needs and stop posting about her and maybe she will come around!!

    • amanda

      want to tell me how exactly farrahs a hoe.

      • she made a porno.

        • Truth

          So what?

          As well, it’s quite clear in the context that the OP made a typo and meant to type “how.”

      • Jenny Clark

        I think she meant ..*how* Farrahs boyfriends Mom took her to court for grandparents rights!!

  • MargoRita

    I just also wanted to add, b/c I also work in Family Law, that grandparents have absolutely NO rights. The only way they are usually granted “visitation”, don’t call it a right, is if there is an already established relationship and if the grandparents were no longer allowed to see said child, there would be harm done to that child. There is ALSO AN ANIMOSITY clause, that states, in so many words, that if there is a perceived animosity towards the party, ie, the mother, that no visitation should be granted…once again, if there is already an established relationship. I’m sorry to tell you TH, you will not win visitation b/c you hold animosity towards the mother, the mother is a fit parent and you have no substaintially established relationship. I’m sorry that it is like that, but you put yourself in this position by grieving in public. I can remember when I was young, that the first thing I learned was to never put anything on paper that could come back to bite me in the ass…that goes for the web, too. BTW, the rules that I know on grandparent visitation is in the State of Kansas, but I imagine that other states are mostly along the same grounds.

    • Jenika

      It is the same way in Washington. I know someone who refused to allow the father’s family to have any contact with her children after he died.

      She had an affair the entire time he was on his last tour in Iraq. She told him about it when he had been home for 3 months and he ended up committing suicide three hours later. She moved in with the “boyfriend” that night and was engaged to him two months later.

      When family questioned her actions that led to his death she cut off all interaction between his family and the children

      It’s been over 3 years since he died and most of his family is still not allowed to have any contact with the children!

      • Truth

        Cool story, bro.

        What does that have to do with any of this?

  • Responder

    I personally believe that Kristina has the right to restart her life and regain the confidence of love. I don’t think anyone should judge others if they have no clue what is going on in others life’s. The Hight family has all the right to see baby Lukas but they must also respect Kristinas wishes and wants , after all she is the mother . R.I.P John and my prayers go out to the Height family , I’m sure John wouldn’t want aloof this disrespect and harmful words being said about his loved ones…

  • Samantha

    He isn’t “lil Todd #2” that baby boy is his own person, not a clone of his father. I know that this story goes way beyond that, but honestly. From what I remember of the show his name is Lukas Todd, not lil Todd #2. They do deserve to see him however, no reason to go bashing the mother of your grandchild on Facebook. That just makes you look stupid. Use the legal system, that is what it’s there for.

    • Debbie De Anda

      Freedom of speech, if the girl is being a BITCH then everyone has the right to say it……

      • Truth

        Hi, Tina Hight! So nice of you to show up with your sock puppet.

    • amazingrace

      i fully agree that “lil todd #2” didnt sit well with me lol

  • Responder

    This is rediculous and so uncalled for , all the rude and disrespectful comments need to stop . The family has the right to mourn John as long as they feel the need to.

    • Truth

      Um…nobody is saying they don’t have a right to mourn him as long as they need to. What everyone *is* saying, however, is that the Hights do not have a right to make unfounded, baseless accusations against the mother of John’s child that imply that she or her family murdered him.

      Reading comprehension. It’s a good thing.

  • amazingrace

    does anyone else think that maybe they are all making a big drama scene so they will be picked for teen mom? look at how much those girls get paid to be on the show.. i dont think its a far reach for people to create drama to earn a paycheck like that for being on tv. i believe that the grief is real, but i dont think that this is too far of a stretch.. #justsayin

  • Truth

    Way to totally avoid taking responsibility for your harsh words, Tina. Bravo.

    Your grandson is more mature than you are.