Shahs of Sunset: GG’s nose job, before and after photos

Golnesa Gharachedaghi GG Shahs of Sunset

In the series premiere of Bravo’s new show The Shahs of Sunset, one of the first things we learn about any of the characters is that Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, the youngest and most outspoken “Tehrangelino” featured on the show, had a nose job. Mike Shouhed, who we first meet while on (they swear its not) a date with GG at a pistol shooting range brings us this little bit of GG backstory as he is trying to explain to the camera how long and how innocently he has known GG. “She was just a kid,” he tells us. “She was just always around.” “I’ve always known her, even back before the nose job.” Then they flash a couple of quick photos of GG back in the day, but way too quick to process the images.

So, in case you were hoping to get a better look at GG’s transformation, here you go. GG before an after. What do you think of GG’s new nose? Fabulous or not so much?

Shahs of Sunset GG before and after nose job photos

And just in case you wanted to see more than just GG’s nose…
Click for photos of Shahs of Sunset's Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi trying on bikinis

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  • Maze

    Still looks and acts like a dog.

  • ok

    there is no chance in hell this woman is fully persian. we need some genetic testing. i know persians well off and her features before and after looking more indian pakistanian… maybe that is why she doesn’t fit in with the rest of the cast.

  • Mel

    Her nose looks the same

    • Sunshine

      I was thinking the same thing

  • Hannah

    uhm, there’s no fixing that. and Persian, No. Pakastani, Yes.

  • kim

    Right about looking indian/ paki (exiled indians basically) and a dog lol yea mixed with a ferret. She’s annoying, catty, jealous, hater, and her butthole chin has to go, seriously anita is way prettuer than her, she doesn’t compare and mike’s girlfriend is a goddess next to her. She acts like she’s in high school and talks like a ghetto ganster yeah real classy. Plus for daddy to be paying her “lifestyle” her condo sucks. Get a job.

    • There’s alot of people talking aload of rubbish on this site.
      Huge difference in looks the ones that think she looks Indian or Paki as they so rudley say are obviously western and don’t know there backside from their own nose.

    • Exiled Indians? Since when were Indians exiled to Iran lol? Since when India exile anyone? Stop making up history. And it’s the the other way around. That’s why India has Parsi people like Freddie Mercury.

      Anyway, she’s not good-looking. She looks like your typical/average Iranian woman in the US.

    • Katayun

      Mike’s gf (Lana) has a botoxed looking plastic face with your run of the mill average features, has pasty skin that is in desperate need of a tan, has no hips/ass, and has very obviously fake boobs. I can tell whenever a woman has fake breasts, because I am one of few women who is NATURALLY very well endowed but has a tiny waist. If you put Mike’s gf in her natural state- no fake tatas, no make-up- she would look scary.

      And FYI, a lot of Pakistani/Indian women are gorg, so your Iranian superiority is absurd. Just because your parents and family values taught you to be racist (how disgusting), doesn’t make it ok in 2013 civilized society, you sound like an uneducated bigot. Women of many different ethnicities can be stunning.

  • Lisa

    No she isn’t pretty enough to look Indian. Indian girls are typically gorgeous so she def does look Persian but mixed with something else too. hmm.

    • Sheila

      ok..for some reason, I feel that you’re insinuating that Persian girls are not good looking? just so you know…some of the most gorgeous women on earth are Persian women (and there are gorgeous women in all ethnic cultures) and just because you have selective vision, doesn’t make it that Persians are ugly. There are plenty of other cultures out there with less attractive people as well, but we don’t go around broadcasting that they are, let’s say in this case, “white mixed with pig or something else” just because their nostrils ride up and etc. Anyways, people need to stop being so ignorant because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anyhow, I could go on forever…but I don’t have time for ignorant people, I just thought that I would drop my two cents on this issue and some of the comments here. And just so you know, this type of ignorance will get you no where in life. Just saying!

      • i agree alot of other cultures have beautiful women and ive seen plenty of ugly indian women so that person must need glasses

  • Margie

    Oh who cares

  • Tiffany

    She’s beautiful. The change is noticable, but she was pretty before. And you can’t determine race by beauty. Be rational. It’s just her features that make her look Indian or Pakistan, not the level of beauty that you all think she should have to be Persian. Don’t let your hate for her cloud your sensibility.

  • kohinoor

    K I am pakistani, no she dosent look like one at all, Yes she is a loud mouth character, but shes a pretty girl and her nose looks the same… all she needs is an attitude adjusment and she will be fine <3

    • Ya

      Um YES. Please google “Pakistani models” and then “Persian models”. Pakistanis and Indians are some of the most beautiful girls in the world Pakistanis are TALL AND THIN LIKE SUPERMODEL YASMINE GHAURI who is Pakistani and prettier than any Iranian or Persian I have ever seen. I am IN FACT half Iranian and half Pakistani and I’m sorry my Pakistani family is much prettier than my Persian family HANDS DOWN. They are taller, have bigger eyes and natural features. Pakistani girls don’t need to all cut their noses off or be super fake to make up for inferiority complexes and identity crises like Persians. Iranians are fake and busted just like Lilly. Compare Persian Barbie to Paki Barbie YASMEEN. No. Comparison. Indians won Miss World/ Universe the most times and Pakistan had the only legitimate supermodel (like VOGUE & Naomi Campbell type). Iran has none of these, but a bunch of weaves and $1000 Tehran nose jobs. Please stop. (Munches naan)

  • LocaHontas

    omg she looked like a troll before. Now she looks like a chihuahua.

  • blah

    she would be pretty if she wasnt annoying and fake

  • Truth

    I love her sister for attempting to give her a reality check. I wish her dad would just cut her off so she can loose everything and see what it is like living in the real world. and she is absolutely STUPID for thinking she grew up in the hood. What a dumbass!

  • Nicole

    I think MJ is the prettiest. GG is ugly on the inside and it ruins her beauty on the outside.

  • junebug

    That nose does not look the same, don’t know if people are just being nice or blind. She looks a lot better post op because they cut off a whole lot of nose. It looks like MJ had a nosejob too compared to her high school pictures.

  • Arealhousewive

    What ever she is that’s not important. She needs serious help.

  • Ocean3789

    Well she has a big nose a lot of Persians do even though some may be in denial. So I don’t understand where this “she doesn’t look persian” is coming from. I’m sure GG would disagree with some of you. I can see why some Persians don’t want to associate with someone like GG, but hey what can you do?

  • Kool_Cat

    Her nose still looks like she’s smelling something stinky. It still looks like a pencil Pinocchio nose with a ski slant. The surgery was only a small improvement. Her boyfriend has a real honker and it’s long.

  • Nelly

    She looks Indian

  • jay

    Gonesa is a bitch and a hater shes on mikes nuts trying to split Jessica and mike up . HATER !!!!!! DONT HATE THE PLAYER HATE T THE GAME