Mob Wives’ Drita D’Avanzo high school photo

Mob Wives Drita D'Avanzo high school photo with her handball team

The very Twitter friendly Drita D’Avanzo is always sharing fun photos, events, and links on the social networking site, as well as offering up her very straight-forward opinions on everyone else’s opinions of her.

Earlier today the 35-year-old Mob Wives star shared a blast from the past in the form of a photograph of her in high school! You can click the photo above to enlarge. Here’s a zoomed and cropped image of just Drita lolita:

Drita DAvanzo high school photo

And here’s the accompanying tweet:

The photo got a few responses from some of Drita’s high school friends, including @Marie_718, who Drita struck up a conversation with in which she points out that photo looks as though it was taken at a correctional facility:

Another tweeter asked Drita if she kept up with her high school posse:

I did some research on Drita’s handball team and it appears as though they were in fact undefeated. There was one team that came really close, but then they all mysteriously disappeared. After that they won every game handily. 😉

  • Nikk

    She was pretty back in the day. Now she looks very haggard and harsh for a 35 year old. I would have thought she was in her mid-40’s.

  • Diana

    Drita is still beautiful. She’s had a hard life though…she’s entitled to look a little older than her years. (though I don’t think she does!)

  • Bobby

    DeRita is a very beautiful person inside and out. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a promotional appearance in my city of Providence R.I. I found her to be very easy to talk to and I hope some day we meet up again, because I enjoyed speaking with her…….Goog Luck DiRita in all your endevors….Bobby

    • Gina

      What? She was in Prov and I missed her! Damn. I would’ve loved to meet her. *cough* we have some things in common.

  • Smiley

    I agree with Nikk. She was really pretty back then, but she looks way to rough around the edges now, almost like a real prison inmate.

    If she didn’t have a nice body, many people would not be saying she’s pretty now.

  • gigi gabardini

    I agree Drita is beautiful from the inside and out, she is very real and she has a big heart, love people like that make the world go around