REPORT Amber Portwood fails to take drug test, may have to serve five-year sentence

Amber Portwood

Troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is in hot water yet again, this time for reportedly not being able to make her own hot water in the form of urine for her mandatory daily drug test.

TMZ says Amber was “unable to go” on Monday when asked to provide the urine sample, which is the same as failing according to the legal savvy site.

Amber’s weekly court check-up is on Thursday, and the judge will decide at that time if the “failed” drug test is enough to force Amber to serve out her five-year sentence for her January drug conviction.

  • Christina

    She got out of this situation pretty easily and she’s already screwing up her probation. What reason could she possibly have for not being able to go take the drug test? T is obviously going to take some serious tough love for her to get her act together. Ultimately, she’s hurting her daughter with all of this.

    • Kirstie

      Not everyone can go to the bathroom when made too. Just saying =/
      And I think Amber would put her daughter as first priority but first she needs to get herself together. Besides everyone makes mistakes. You shouldnt judge. besides Im sure everyone here has made at LEAST one mistake in their lifetime >.>

      • Sunshine

        This is far from Amber’s first mistake..she has been given many many opportunities to shape up and do the right thing. And if you wait long enough and drink some damn water…you will be able to pee eventually….especially when you know you are going to a drug test where you will have to pee. They only need a few drops.

        I hope she stays out of prison, but she is surely not innocent or a victim in this case. She did this all on her own.

      • Christina

        Of course not everyone can pee on demand, but she knows shes going for a drug test, its kind of common sense. And I’m not judging her for her mistakes because yes, we have all made them. But not all mistakes have to do with drugs and getting in trouble with the law. However she shouldn’t constantly make excuses for her actions either. She knows she has to take a drug test so why would she even risk going back to jail by not taking it? I hope for her daughters sake she gets her life in order.

        Oh, and thanks for attitude. You shouldn’t judge me either for stating my opinion. I was not rude or disrespectful towards her or her situation. Where did I judge her exactly?

      • Jess

        Kirstie, she wasn’t exactly putting her daughter first when she did drugs, punched Gary in the face, screamed and cursed in front of her all the time etc. THIS is the girl you have faith will put her daughter first? I wouldn’t hold your breath….

  • sherita

    So even if u r not able to provide a sample at the moment, do they give u until the end of the day or some specific timeframe to have it done? Was she ordered to give her sample lets say every morning at 10 am for example? Sounds like human error to me on her part but I would like to know what’s the stipulations for every day drug testings.

    • Caroline

      I was born with a kidney problem & for 2 years I went weekly to get a urine test. Sometimes with my busy life I would have not drank anything or verylittle that day and if I could not give a sample, I would just drink some warm water and with 20 minutes they could get a large enough sample to test. Do these drug test places not wait 30 minutes? That way they could tell if the person was trying to dodge the test.
      I really think Amber would have been better off if she could have been in a halfway house with a slower transition to the real world.

      • Sunshine

        You are right. But they would not let her in because she would have been a detriment to the sobriety of the women that were already in the place according to articles I’ve read.

    • Jennifer

      Most probation offices have a water fountain in them and unless the probation officer is just a pain they will let you go out and drink water till you can pee, but you can not leave the office until you pee or it is like it said above considered a failed test. I have been thru the probation and drug thing myself. She was prob. trying to get out of taking the test she is prob. already using again. With this being her 1st violation they will prob. lock her up for 6 months or so and give her another shot at it. But then again laws are different every where so you just never know what will happen. They may also use her as an example b/c she is a reality t.v. star.



    • sherita

      Gary is no saint by any means but he is the better parent for Leah.

    • Jamie

      Leah may (hopefully will)learn from her mother’s mistakes and although statistics point to the likelihood of that happening, it doesn’t always. I don’t understand how people who are given second chances to get their life together and stay clean have trouble with following the rules of their probation. Maybe Amber will wake up one day, but hopefully it is before she misses out on her daughter growing up.

      • Christie

        Yeah, I hope that when Leah is old enough to watch 16 and Pregnant, and Teen Mom that she will learn from her mom’s mistakes and will turn out to be the complete opposite of her mom.

  • tiffany

    i feel so sorry for that baby girl.

  • dela

    Why are her eyebrows so far apart!? Bugs me – __ –

    • Mandy

      She just has a weird face. From her eyebrows to her nose to the sheer size of her damn face and head. Her squinty little eyes with huge tarantula eyelashes. Super ugly inside and out!

      • Nathan

        I’ve always thought she looked like an eskimo.

    • me

      cuz she shaved off her real ones and paints those on….shes trash

  • Christie

    When is Amber going to make Leah her priority? Poor Leah.

  • mel

    Why is this girl so hopeless. I want her to better herself

  • hi

    I have a mom who is not a good role model and my siblings and I are the opposite of her because we don’t want to live that way, so I hope Leah grows up and decides to not be like her mom.

  • Sarah

    She’s such an idiot. Such a beautiful little girl, and she seems to care about is herself. Just sad.

  • Shannon Shaw

    People end up in jail/prison for a lot less but for some reason, because Amber was on t.v, they are keeping her out of jail. They are doing the same thing with Jenelle and I find it absolutely ridiculous!! These girls became “famous” for having babies at 16 which disgusts me but now they are able to destroy their lives along with their childrens and not have to suffer the consequences! These girls may be on a reality show but they no NOTHING about real life…… And you can thank MTV for that!! Amber needs help and instead of making sure she gets the professional help she so desperately needs, MTV would rather boost their ratings…..DISGUSTING!!!

  • Jo

    I am a drug and alcohol tester so see these excuses all the time. I am yet to meet a person who cannot urinate after drinking a couple of bottles of water. She kinda deserves to spend time serving her sentence if she hasnt really realised yet that she needs to grow up and take responsibility for herself for the sake of her gorgeous child! I wish her all the best with her future……

  • mindy

    I feel so sorry for amber, i know from experience that staying clean isnt easy but my god you have a gorgeous child that needs her mother! People who do this to their children disgust me, they dont deserve kids. I lost my baby in december and to see this shit happen. everyday to kids makes me feel like this world is so unfair, the people who would pive and do anything for a child cant have one or loses thiers, but the idiots who are so selfish to not even care for thiers have beautiful kids. Its disgusting!!!

  • wendy

    i have to stand up for MTV. they are trying to show what its like to be a teeh mom in reality they have some very good moms and some very bad moms (Amber and Janelle) and everything in between. Amber and Janelle both need to learn from their mistakes. MTV is doing a great job. they are not there to help these girls just to document their struggles. Amber and Janelle do need to loose their babies until they get their lives straight otherwise the babies will grow up with major problems of their own.

  • me

    everyone else who has the same conditions of probation/drug court have to go when they are told, shes no exception…you either learn to hold it till its time to teke ur test, or u manage to give them something…shes NOT special, regardless of what she may think, and should have the same consequences as everyone else…

  • Amanda

    What’s wrong with her face?????

    • anonyMOUSE

      it kinda looks like she got botox.. doesn’t it?

  • Ugh

    U all assuje she just didnt wanna pee when I was a juvinille I was on orbation and when I couldnt pee they waited I drank water and more water yet I still couldnt go pee until 2 hours later ( my bladder is just awesome to where I dont hafta pee every five mins) but they where gonna fail me and I told them I was seriously tryna pee I would try making.myself and nothing. Finally right before they where gonna fail me I was able to go… So unless her probation officer didnt give her time or she has a bladder like mine then she should have atleast been able to go. But no one knows the stipulations on what happened either. Most places wont let u leave UNTIL u give them a sample and an ‘I cant go’ isnt an excuse cause then they take blood.

  • Amanda

    Ok I live in Florida and we have a drug cout program that because of poor choices on my part I was sentenced to the drug court program for one year and when you are ordered to submit to a drug test, you must make yourself available it is a direct order from the judge and by not doing so you are guilty of contempt of court and violation of probation, and they do not care if you can’t pee they will make you stay until you provide a specimen and they go into the bathroom stall with you to ensure your not attempting to cheat by bringing in someone else’s urine ect, I know it sounds crazy but people do that all the time and I have seen one girl who did not show up when ordered to take the test and the judge dismissed her from the drug court program and she had to go back to criminal court and was sentenced for her original drug charges which was 10 yrs so they do not play around at least not at the program i graduated from.

  • Caroline

    I just read that she sat around for 1 hour and claimed she could not pee. The judge has ordered her to an extra 30 days of drug testing(not sure what this entails because I assume if she passed today she would still be tested weekly due to drug court?). Seems like she has gotten away with it this time without any sort of sancations.