GOLD RUSH What Happened to Dakota Fred?

Gold Rush Dakota Fred

If you watched the Gold Rush Alaska Revelations episode, then you learned a lot more about Parker Schnabel’s temper, John Harness’s unpopularity, and Todd Hoffman’s grand promises for next season; but, you didn’t learn one thing about Dakota Fred Hurt, because he wasn’t on the show. There wasn’t even one oblique allusion to Fred who, at the beginning of Season Two of Gold Rush Alaska, was in the middle of all the drama. So, what’s up?

Well, nothing like going to the source. On Friday night, Fred made the following post to his Facebook page to let folks know what was going on.

Dakota Fred Hurt Facebook message

So, apparently, Fred refused to play ball 6 weeks after he saw himself portrayed as a villain on Season 2, Episode 1. Now, though, it looks like he’d very much like to get back on the Gold Rush game. Here’s another, more recent Facebook status, where he seems to be trying to mobilize the troops to tell the Discovery Channel they want to see more of the Dakota Boys.

Dakota Fred Hurt Facebook Status Gold miner Dakota Fred

Will Christo Doyle sign Fred back on for another season? That’s hard to predict. You have to believe that Fred’s main appeal to the producers of Gold Rush Alaska was his competition/conflict with the Hoffman crew. But, the Hoffmans seem to have decided that that weren’t going to talk about Fred at all. Even in the early episodes when all many of us watching the show could think about was how skeevy Dakota Fred had behaved, you could hardly get one of the Hoffmans to say a word. Some interpreted this as a tacit admission that the Hoffmans were more to blame in the Porcupine Creek catastrophe than the show made it look (and, by implication, that Dakota Fred was less guilty). I think it is more likely that the Hoffmans just decided they were going to control their story . . . make it about them, not Fred.

On the other hand, Fred was happy to talk about the Hoffmans all season long. He gleefully tore down their wash plant, set his goals for the summer in explicit relation to the Hoffmans’ first season accomplishments, and even did a nasal Jack Hoffman impression when he started digging out the glory hole (that, early in the season, he’d said wasn’t worth digging).

Gold Rush Alaska Dakota Fred

So, I still have no love lost for Fred. Do I feel for the guy? Sure. The images of his flooded house were awful, and some of the scenes with Dustin were genuinely touching. But, do I like or trust or admire Dakota Fred. No. I’m afraid I really, really don’t. Reality TV doesn’t always tell the truth, and I’m completely open to the possibility that I’m missing essential information about Fred’s actions and character. But, given what I’ve seen, I’m not impressed, and I wouldn’t be sorry if he weren’t in Season Three.

Now, Tony Beets is another story. Sign that dude up!

Tony Beets Gold Rush Alaska Klondike Gold Mining Placer Mining

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  • Todd buettner

    Im a prof miner. I would love to work with fred hurt. Ive tried coaching the hoffmans but they dont listen. They could make a 1000 oz recovery in 5 mths and I have the knowledge to get em there. But it wont happen the way there plant is set up. Or with those things they call sluice boxes. Ive dedigned plants that process over 500cyh with 97% recovery. Feel free to call me.

    • Tim Welsh

      I am trying to aquire a claim I have been in the construction business for35years could use any help I can get please contact me

  • blueblueblue

    I like Fred. I haven’t seen past 2×01, but I don’t really care. Someone has to be the bad guy, and since he was new and aloof it got to be him.

  • waldo


  • Pat Usry

    Keep Fred and his son. They really make it all seem real life. I say ake the show last two hours with Fred and Tony Beets.

  • Thor

    I am exstatic Fred is gone from the show. No need for a dishonest tricky Dick like him on the show. The man has no values or sense of what is right. Hope he won’t be back!

    • Joe Peterson

      Moron.He told the Hoffman’s he wanted to mine it on his own.They done nothing about,then missed paying the lease payment.Then Fred Hurt rang him to sort it out.Instead of getting up there and sorting out what was going on he done nothing.So Fred brought the lease.The hoffmans had the chance to do the same thing they just got beat to the punch,thats Business AND TODD HOFFMANS STUPIDITY

      • I guess you are a Phi Beta Kappa by the structure and grammar of your post!

  • Andrew

    The Hoffmans are really a joke, there’s too much dramma and they do things intentionally to drum it up and people get hurt in the end, for real. They’re always talking like the show means nothing and stuff, without the money Todd is getting from the show they’d be nowhere. Also they drag these guys they call friends around, work them to near death, kick them out randomly, and all they have to show for it now is 7-8k each.

    I look forward to the focus on Tony Beats and Fred next season, hopefully they’ll take the focus off the Hoffman camp. Sick of the made for TV dramma and sob stories. Fred is a professional and hard worker and Tony it seems is one of the best in business.

  • Anon

    They shouldn’t be repeating so often that everything would be over or they’d go broke if they don’t make it even. At the end of the season they are always like. See you the next season!

    After the supposed failure in the first season they simply came back like nothing happened, then they make a small profit on season 2 and simply forgot all the money they lost on season 1 (did Todd Hoffman’s sister got the money back?)

    The guys worked 5 months without pay? If they are so broke how did their families lived all that time? Don’t they get payed for the show? If they do then why did Greg left?

    BTW when Todd tells Dave to do 300 yards and Dave says he can only do 200, then Todd insists so many times to do 300, it was like he was telling Dave to go and break the bulldozer, like it’s good for the show. Then Dave goes and does some crazy maneuvers and breaks the bulldozer right away…

    I don’t like Dakota Fred but his son looks like a nice person, it’s probably good for the show to have them, Dakota is the bad cop, his son the good cop šŸ™‚

  • jon

    To the author,

    Fred did not dig in jacks glory hole. He filled it in with dirt and moved the operation down the creek a bit. If you notice in season 2 he is not having to worry about pumping out the dig site like the hoffmans did. So in fact the glory hole was not worth digging to him so he moved to a better spot.


    • Don

      In episode 15, Fred did say that he was mining in the Glory Hole and mentioned that if Jack were there, he would be digging there as well. The track fell off while he was digging, and they showed the pump. Fred said that the pump was just barely keeping up with the water that was coming in, and that if it stopped before they got the excavator fixed, they would lose it.

  • Wardad

    Dakota Fred might well say he was made out to be the bad guy via editing and what have you ,but no one made him show so much ” schadenfreude ” ( unholy glee at someone else’s misfortune” ) and capering around putting down the hoffmans at every chance ! Contrast that to the hoffmans who can’t be bothered with him !

  • Vadgeman

    Jack is a stubborn old fart. Todd is stupid. Their engineer guy (can’t remember his name) has the worst attitude ever. Fred has every right to snipe and dig at them. Fred’s been in the game a lot longer than these losers. If the Hoffman crew only listened to Fred in season 1 they would have made a profit but they ignored Fred’s experience and they lost as a result. Fast forward to Season 2 and Fred manages to pull a profit in his first year. In season 3, the Hoffman crew should spend less time ramming each other in their icy butt holes and act on any advise offered (by actual miners, Fred etc) or else they will fail again.

  • Clifton

    I,m sitting watching Goldrush here during a very, very wet summer here in Ireland. It’s just great! I can just imagine the pioneering spirit of the old timer miners and all the obstacles they were up against. The cold, the midges, hunger, bears! It’s all exciting. The Hoffmans have been wonderful. They hadn’t a clue when they started out. They just kept on going and they’re getting there. They never give up! You got to hand it to them. I didn’t like Dakota Fred at first as it looked like he sort of cheated the Hoffmans out of their mine. I’ve warmed to him. He’s a great character with such a cheesy grin! Would you really like to see him go home broke?

    Like most people who have commented on the show, I just love the Schnabels! Parker has worked so hard at that mine. For such a young man, I think the effort he’s made is first class. It’s a shame the holding looks like it’s pretty much worked out. I felt his joy and pride when he held that ingot of gold in his hand. His gold he’d mined out of the ground. What a thrill! It’s no wonder the greatest hero of the show John Schnabel has said he’d be happy enough to die working at his mine! He’s just the best guy. I guess everyone would like to sit and talk to the old timer and hear his story. Discovery should do a documentary on his life! That would be really cool. Bottom line, it’s been great fun to watch. You feel the pain, the heartache and feel the excitement and exhilaration when they find the gold! Keep on making the show guys!!!!

  • Maureen Sharib

    C-mon. Really? Financially pinched (about to go Operations-Under) mining team leaders go to a meeting in TX and pitch for money in front of a bunch of “savvy” investors- sit outside the door and hear “Congratulations! ~ we’ll fund you …” Bullshit. That’s not how it happens and Discovery Channel you’re contributing to more unreal expectations about money that so many in this country have. Shame on you. I expected better.

  • samqb

    I just watched Fred in the beginning of the new season and I am totally disgusted to see that devious, selfish fox on the show. He had the nerve to ask Parker for help to move snow for him and help start his excavator, but when Parker needed a hand, the devil wanted to make a few extra buck off Parker. I hope Parker learned his lesson helping a selfish pig like that. I fast forward the parts with Fred in it now.

    • Saint Tammany

      If we could rid the planet of people like Fred, the world would be a much better place. I am surprised that he did not just vanish in the night.

  • fred ur an ass

    Hope a grizzly bear gets that five inch boot


    I am a gold miner, I have been from Ghana to Benin Africa chasing gold. In partnership with another fellow I mine gold in a gravel pit in Alberta Canada. I am throughly disgusted with Fred. He an a__, and I will be so disappointed if his group hit the motherlode. He wants everything for himself and does not appear to care for anyone else. I have seen too many people like him in my life and I am sorry to say they almost always seem to be the ones that score big. Do bad guys always have to finish first, I truly wouldn’t give him the sweat off my n_ts, because of how he is shown on the show.

  • aosdifafj oaijdfoiadjsf

    Fred is an extremely mean, selfish, heartless, bossy scumbag. If Fred method of mining gold is to be a claim jumper, demand favors from your neighbors, but refuse to help them in return, unless it’s for double the fair price.

  • Ditchrider

    Good or bad I still like fred. In the 60s and 70s I worked with about 30 guys that were in ww2, all like Fred and it wasn’t that they were born like that, its a dog eat dog world when you work or fight for what you have. The t-v crew could show some of the good Fred but we only have a few minutes with all the commercials and maybe its a better show if we hate someone instead of like them.

  • Canadeh?

    Fred was made to look bad for sure. The Hoffmans missed a lease payment allowing Fred to purchase the claim on the open market. That’s just business folks.

  • Shootist

    ā™« I’ve packed in my job and made up my mind to spend my life looking for gold ā™«


    I AM LOOKING FOR FRED O. Fred did what he had to do to stay in the gold game.
    Not everyone agreed with how he did things. But in the gold game there is no friends. Parker worked his ass off for Tony, and did Tony throw Parker a bone at the beginning of season 5. No he did not. That shows you that money means more than your word or If you want to

  • Onepunch55

    Fred and Dustin know their trade. If working in ALaska was for kind and gentle people no one would survive! Bring the DAkota boys back on to the show! Time for sum real guts on the DIscovery Show.

  • Malus Ultor

    Perhaps you don’t like Fred because he isn’t a sneaky thieving jew like the rest of them. Hoffmans and the Hooked nosed Schnable.

    I hope they crash and burn.

  • the guru guy

    Wi knew that damed old koot dakota fred was a greedy old varmint scoogin and scrounging for anything he could get those greedy little fingers of his on any thing or anybody elses ideas but his own some people you can just see it becuase it’s in there DNA Makeup and Dakota fred I’m afraid he is one of those people and his son well let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Yougottabeshittingme!!

    Jews fighting over their found scheckels so us ‘goyim'(what jews call non jews. It means, unclean beasts) get to bear witness.

  • anita

    I can’t stand Tony Beets he is so full of himself, and I can’t stand Todd Hoffman, but I love his dad and the rest of the crew! My all time fav is Grandpa John!