How did Kristina Robinson’s fiance John Todd Hight Jr die? 16 and Pregnant Season 4

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Kristina Robinson and her fiance Todd Hight who drowned April 30 2011

MTV’s trailer for the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant featured a number of dramatic and emotional moments from the upcoming season, but none more so than the brief moment in which Kristina Robinson says, “My fiance passed away. I just remember being pulled ashore, looking around, and him not being there.”

Kristina Robinson’s fiance, and father of her as-yet-unborn son Lukas Todd, was John Todd Hight, Jr. of Waskom, Texas. John, who goes by his middle name Todd, was swimming in rough water with Kristina and a group of their friends off Galveston beach on April 30, 2011.

The lifeguard stations were flying a red flag, which indicates adult swimmers should be in no more than waist-deep water, and children and non-swimmers should not be in the water at all. Veteran lifeguard Thomas Mills noticed the group of about 10 people swimming in chest-deep water and motioned for them to come closer to shore.

Shortly after, Mills began to get the impression something was wrong and entered the water right about the time Kristina and a 15-year-old boy she was with began to panic. Though the six-foot lifeguard was in waist deep water about 20 yards from shore when he reached the two swimmers, they were struggling and desperately grabbing on to Mills.

With the help of a second lifeguard, Kristina and the 15-year-old boy were finally dragged ashore.

“I think he was being overly cautious,” Galveston Beach Patrol Chief Peter Davis said about the lifeguard. “And the good thing is that’s why he probably was able to save these people.”

Kristina Robinson with her since deceased fiance John Todd Hight Jr.
^ John Todd Hight, Jr. and Kristina Robinson not long before he drowned

Shortly after the two swimmers were brought ashore it was realized that Todd Hight was missing.

“They all said he was swimming with them, but they didn’t see him go under,” Davis said. “In the confusion, they think he may have gone under.”

Kristina, who was pregnant at the time, was taken to the University of Texas Medical Branch John Sealy Hospital as a precaution.

“She and the baby are fine,” Davis said. “There is something good out of this. Three people could have drowned, easily.”

16 and Pregnant Kristina Robinson and her fiance Todd Hight Season 4

Meanwhile, the search began for Todd Hight that included the deployment of a Coast Guard helicopter and 45-foot response boat.

Search and rescue crews were unable to locate Todd’s body and the search was suspended the following day.

“We decided to suspend the search due to the fact that eyewitnesses reported that the man did not resurface after being submerged,” said Coast Guard Commander Patrick Smith. “Our thoughts go out to his family during this difficult time.”

John Todd Hight, Jr.’s body was found washed up about five miles away in East Beach on May 2. The cause of death was ruled a drowning. Todd was only 19 years old.

Funeral services were held for John “Lil Todd” Hight, Jr. on May 6, 2011. Here are the heart-breaking words left by his mother, brother, and grandmother on his online memorials:

John Todd Hight Jr 16 and Pregnant Season 4“My Baby Boy”
John Todd Hight, Jr., son, I love you so – I need your help each day. Son, without you this world will never be the same. My wonderful son you know moma can never let you go. Son, the best of me is with you. So, my awesome son, please hold my heart tight for it left this world with you and nothing more will ever be right! Son, I already need your bear hugs so tight, and to hear you tell momma that you love me so. You never failed to let me know – for this I thank God so! Lil’ Todd, you left us all too soon, you always said that I was strong and I am trying to be, but honey, without my baby I just feel so weak, so hold momma’s heart real tight and help me til we are all togheter again. For I know that in heaven we will be! I thank God that my baby boy can say that he has great friends who share their hearts with his and that you are truely loved and missed so much for all eternity!
Love you son!

“R.I.P. Baby Brother”
I will never understand why God chose to take you away from us so soon. . .I will never forget the times we all spent together . . .we had heck of a life but me, you and Daniel always stuck together! You were more than a brother, you was like my best friend. I love you so much Lil’ Todd. This isn’t fair- you were robbed of your life. I’m glad there is a legacy of you to live on, can’t wait to see “John Todd the 3rd” or at least we’re are all hoping it’s a boy. Our hearts are broken because we’ve lost you, but remember you didn’t go alone, a part of us went with you! We have great memories of you, you always made me smile and feel better no matter how down and drepressed I was. I will never forget you Lil’ Todd – or the times we all spent together! Tristen loves you and misses his uncle Todd (or his “Faget” as he called you) dearly! I know we will all be together again someday! I love you Bro! You now are our Guardian Angel. You will always be by our side and in our hearts even tho we can’t see or touch you! You will never be forgotten!! We love and miss you! May you rest in peace.

Lil Todd, I think of you everyday, and it still doesn’t seem real that you are gone.My heart is broken,and it is also broken for your mom & dad and brother and sister,and your precious baby Lukas Todd , that will have to grow up never knowing his daddy…Nothing will ever be the same without you,but as you know,God has a plan for all of us,and that is why we should all be ready when he calls us home. God gives and God takes away.He gave baby Lukas Todd, and he took you away..God gave his son’s life for us, as You would have given you life for your son ,had things been different..We will never understand that until he calls us home.We could all be called away at anytime,so I’m pleading with our family to make the right choice, and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior,and trust him to give them Peace so they can be with you again in heaven. I know you want life to go on for your family ,and you dont want them to grieve.We will always remember you and keep you in our hearts,and will also love your little precious boy. I’m sure Kristina loved you , but you are gone now, and her life has to go on too. I will love you , my grandson forever
Grandmother Doris Fair


And another entry from his mom:

Son this world just dont make sense anymore its just full of alot of pain guess it always has been just didnt realize it til we lost you! Son we all love and miss you -not one single thing seems right anymore and everything makes me think of you -i just wish you were here -i know ya always hated it when momma would cry but please forgive me son cause i just cant help it and ask god to help momma cope &exist without my youngest child-i will always wait for the day at heavens gate when momma can see your smile forever son-love you momma


Kristina Robinson would eventually give birth to her son Lukas Todd almost two months premature on September 26, 2011. Both Lukas and Kristina are reportedly healthy and doing well.

Kristina’s emotional story will invariably draw comparisons to Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, who also lost the father of her child (Derek Underwood) while MTV was filming her episode of 16 and Pregnant. In contrast with Kristina’s story, Farrah had broken off contact with Derek when he died in a car accident on December 28, 2008.

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  • Mom of 4

    wow, so very sad 🙁

    • Kristie

      I just watched this episode and I was in shock. I am a local in galveston and was on the beach the day this happened. I sat out there for hours looking along with everyone else. I am so sorry. I recently lost my best friend 4 months ago and I know its hard. I could not imagine the situation you are in. Your in my prayers hun, STAY STRONG!

  • Mandy

    So sad 🙁

  • B

    Myself and a couple of friends were there at the beach the day this happened. It’s so sad. Knowing now that she was pregnant makes it even more heartbreaking. It’ll be interesting to watch her episode to see how she has dealt with everything. I hope the best for her and baby.

  • Amanda

    Very sad.

  • This is so sad. I wonder if she and Farrah are in contact with each other.

  • Brittany

    Very sad, but it just goes to show that they put these rules in place for a reason. It’s even sadder because it was completely avoidable.

    • KAITEY

      Very true. Young people think we can do anything despite what we’re told. They shouldn’t have been out that far, but I still feel for them. Can’t imagine.

  • Sanoga

    This is a very tragic situation, and I mean no disrespect, but if there were ample warnings coming from the lifeguards about the dangerous conditions, why on earth would a couple of expectant parents throw caution to the wind and display such reckless abandon?

    • Rose Collins

      Because they are teens and teens do stupid things sometimes as I’m sure you did when you were young.:( Why judge? He lost his life, isn’t that enough. They don’t need ppl like you saying stupid things.

  • Ashley

    This is so sad. I wonder if the baby was born prematurely because she was so sad and stressed??

    • em

      I think they said he was born 2 months early….

  • sarah

    I am sad at this situation but my boyfriend was friends with john todd and kristina is already engaged to another man. Yes it is sad but she is just desperate and she should not be already engaged. It is sad for the baby but I would not be sad for her

    • Rose

      Since when are you the ‘timeline’ police? You are not in her shoes, and I hope you never have to be. Believe it or not, many widows/widowers enter new relationships quickly, as early on as a couple of months. Being a widow myself, and in contact with many, I actually know what I’m talking about. I don’t agree myself with moving on when you are still grieving deeply/before a year has passed, but many do and do successfully. It is up to them! Everyone is different, everyone grieves different. I personally felt ready to look for another relationship 18 months after my partner passed away. Sooner would have been too soon for me. But you cannot imagine how damn lonely that year and a half was for me, especially being only 19 at the time. Stop being so judgemental until YOU are a widow, and even then you still have no idea what is going on with someone else.

      • Jane

        I completely agree with you Rose. Until you are in HER shoes you cannot judge. Being a young widow myself I do also know people who have gotten into healthy relationships not long after. You aren’t in her head, or her heart and you have no idea how much she still grieves his loss and her baby’s (yes widows will ALWAYS grieve but learn to live with it) It’s people like you that make some people hide their relationships.
        No judgement from me. If she’s happy I say good for her. As long as she’s taking care of herself and her baby isn’t that all that really matters?

        • Jeff

          shouldn’t have been pregnant and shouldn’t have been swimming in those waters – finding a new partner was the smartest thing she’s done yet! hopefully this kid has some money.

    • -A

      Just desperate? Unless you know her and everything about her then you have no right to judge her which you aren’t god so you shouldn’t judge people anyway. So what if she is engaged its her life not yours some people deal with stuff differently and isn’t your place to have any kind of say or input what so ever.

    • K

      She can be engaged whenever she feels she’s ready, which apparently she feels is now.

    • amelia

      No Sara, what is desperate if how his family & friends want her to grieve at your rate. She can move on whenever she feels fit. Maybe she didn’t love him as much as everyone thought she did. Maybe that is why it seemed easier for her to move on. It is sad for the baby who will never see his Daddy. I think his family & friends don’t want to accept they fact that his boy made a bad decision that ended his life & are looking for people to blame for why life is still moving forward without “lil” todd in it.

      • T.H.

        He wasnt wreackless, the signs or as they call them Flags were not posted til he went missing and people need to find out facts before they attack anyone, including Kristina, may not agree but more to this and the pain is devestating for most of the family, and you can’t move this quickly without more devestation and pain to all involved. We have found how cruel and heartless this world is!!!!!

    • Jessica

      Wow, who are you to judge, Sarah? She’s more than ”done her time”. That baby needs his Momma to have a strong support system. There is no time limit on how long you have to be single. And she is young, and has been through a lot. I am happy for her is she is engaged, Lord knows she deserves to be happy.

    • Ineida

      I watched the episode and my prayers goes out to them ALL. And maybe one day god will give her a chance to love again. She deserves to move on with her life. Life happened and it sucks but for Sarah who posted that negative comment if u haven’t read his Grandmother post she clearly said ” I know Kristina loves u and needs to grieve but now she hopes she can learn to move on with her life” Other words find love again

  • Drake

    Actually Galveston Beach doesn’t have lifegurads. The signs says to swim at your own risk. Just saying people I live 110+ miles away. I’ve been their a few times

    • K

      What are you talking about? I was born and raised there. Yes, they do, unless they were on the west side of the island (Jamaica Beach, Kahala, Pirates Cove, etc.)


      There is the website for the Galveston Island Beach Patrol. Make sure you get your facts right before you post information on the internet.

    • Amber

      They do have lifeguards actually. Some beaches do and some don’t. They are also not there 24/7 just during more busier times. All down the seawall there are lifeguard stands. I can think of atleast 4 between 61 and 25th street. I live about 20 minutes from the seawall.

  • Sarah

    That’s a very sad story. I would be so devastated if I went swimming with my boyfriend and he drowned. I mean, any time you lose a loved one it’s hard, but losing a partner is like losing half of you.

  • Wow ppl u dont know her at all! I go to Galvi 4 – 5 times a yr and id do the same thkng’ nOone pays attention to those signs! So what shes moved on.. Im sure he put tj n kristinas life for a reason! U dont need to judge her shes got plenty of ppl anyways! I stand behind her a 100000% perecent

    • MJ

      Well, hey, if “everyone” does it, it must be okay. Choosing to disregard warnings and signs does not mean that what you are doing is not dangerous or ill-advised, only that you are willing to accept that you could meet the same fate he did.

  • tay

    so did he die during filming? or did they start filming after he passed away?

  • T.H.

    There were no signs posted until Lil Todd went missing as Beach Patrol told me this. Wish this world would find more of what happened before attacking a family that has enough pain already, also they aren’t allowed to see John Tod Hight, Jr.s only child.He is loved and missed greatly, He had over 200 people come to see him fly to Heaven, that should tell all the heartless people that til they know pain that hurts forever that the world needs to be quiet and leave the family alone, he had Bros / Bros Forever and a Day as John Todd Hight, Jr.would say. He loves his Family greatly, his Bros, his sister., brother, and his child and nephews and niece, they are the ones cut out of the baby’s life and it is not fair or right, it is dishonoring John Todd Hight, Jr. That’s the fact!!!!!!!

  • rolo

    the baby is doing great looking like his dad kristinia didnt care about john todd 3 or 4 months after he passed she started talking to that douchebag guy whos she married to now R.I.P JTMF

    • blair

      Every person grieves differently, just because she moved on so quickly doesn’t mean she didn’t love Todd.

  • Maria

    this story is so sad:( i think that Kristina should let the fathers family see the baby..i think she should let them be a part of the baby’s life. I think that she made a good decision on moving on with her life..but in my opinion she should’ve waited. If that ever happened to me i think that i would definetly not be ready to start a new relationship that early. But i don’t judge her. Who knows how she was feeling. maybe she did it cause she really loves her new partner…or maybe she could of done it cause she needed help raising the baby.

  • Lorraine

    This show was the hardest to watch..Kristina you will go far and with the family support that you have you will be fine, you will be a HERO in your son baby lucas todd..My heart and prayers and many blessings go out to you and your family,,Your a Beautiful young lady with a bright future ahead..Never stop believing and keep in faith..

  • Wow i can’t even imagine how horrible that must be and him dying so young is very unfair i have a sister that died young as well you cant really beat yourself up over why it happened or you will go insane just be happy that you have a part of him:)

  • Reagan

    This is so sad:( I can’t imagine how she feels.

  • Shellie

    I saw the episode today and then went online to see what I could find out. This is a sad story, I feel for the baby, but I always feel bad for them. These are young moms who struggle with more than just having a baby. They are just babies themselves, they are still learning who they are and what they want in life, but now with limits. If she got married or engaged, I can almost bet it isn’t a forever thing. It is very rare that teenagers stay together…how many of us are still with the same person we were with in 9th or 10 grade? I am not the same person, I have grown, and I am sure these girls will too…life is hard, parenting is hard,death is hard…and these little babies are the ones that are caught up in all of it.

    • Nikki DeVries

      Just to answer your question about who stays together….I do…I meet my husband when I was just 15 back in 1995 and we married when I turned 18 in 1998 and we are still very much in love today, just to let ya know that there are people out there who stay together.

      • Elaine Mcd

        The exception to the rule….not the majority. You know it.

    • Terri

      I have been married for almost 23 years. I was pregnant with our first at 15 married at 16. Although I do agree odds were not in our favor, it’s not impossible to find the love of your life at a young age.

      • Elaine Mcd

        15 year olds don’t know what love is yet. I mean deep lasting meaning full love. The kind that holds your hand through the dark. You know it! We were all 15 once.

  • lauren

    omg, i remeber that terrible day when i watched t he episode!
    what a sad story.
    todds family pls don’t stress ur lovely Todd who sounded very caring would not want his family 2 be sad so pls don’t bee !!
    i cried for the whole day that day and too actually goo through it must be devastating!:(
    iam 15 yrs old and iam a teen mum, my boyfriend is very supportive and i couldn’t imagine life without him and u Kristina ovi feel the same wat about todd, i feel soo sad !!
    after watching that episode i feel like ive lost some one in my family.
    its never really hit me what it feels like too lose some one as in death.
    and that was my first time id ever felt so week and sad in all my life.
    after watching that hart breaking story i feel like my bf is the world some times i treat him like rubbish when i never
    mean it now if i would have lost him i would be deprest.andstressed!!
    they were 2 happy ingaged people and about too go to prom together :(.
    i would just like 2 say 2 kristina lessen hunny i understand what has happend is terrible ur a very very strong mother and stay strong do never let no one ever put u down!
    ur are very strong if that was me i dont no what id doo !!
    good luck and remeber stay strong love u and i wish the best ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • crystil

    I just watched this episode, it is the saddest one ever filmed I think. This was
    was a terrible accident & only God knows why this happened.
    But please trust in the Lord & he will comfort you. I’m
    praying for you & I pray that Lucas is ok, youre a very strong woman
    Kristina. R.i.p. Todd, yall are in my heart.