PHOTOS Drita D’Avanzo models new swimwear line for House of Jackie B

Drita D'Avanzo swimsuit

Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo is not one for sitting on her super fine laurels and settling for just being one of celebridom’s biggest and badassest reality stars. The 35-year-old mafiantrepreneur is converting her fame into more more fortune with numerous business ventures that include her own line of “Lady Boss” and “Team Drita” clothing, a workout DVD (coming soon!), her “Just Me” brand cosmetics, and now her own line of swimwear for House of Jackie B!

Mob Wives Drita DAvanzo bikini photo for House of Jackie B

Drita models four different swimsuits for the site titled “Splash” (above), “Kiss Me Guido” (top photo), “Celebrity” and “Something Wild.” “Splash” is a two-piece bikini and the others are one-pieces with prices on all four ranging from $90 to $120.

Here are all four of the Drita Von Tease suits with prices and links to where you can purchase them from

Drita D'Avanzo bikini photo
Drita D’Avanzo bikini “Splash” $90
“Copper colored snake skin print double lined string bikini.
100% Spandex”

Drita D'Avanzo Kiss Me Guido swimsuit for House of Jackie B
Drita D’Avanzo swimsuit “Kiss Me Guido” $120
Nude with black fishnet halter one-piece backless.
100% Spandex.

Drita D'Avanzo swimsuit Celebrity for
Drita D’Avanzo swimsuit “Celebrity” $120
Nude one-piece with silver large net overlay high-cut hip.
Built in bra.
100% Spandex.

Drita D'Avanzo swimsuit Something Wild
Drita D’Avanzo swimsuit “Something Wild” $100
Black & Neon Orange latex like fabric double-lined with support one piece.
100% spandex
(Also available in two-piece bikini)

(Anyone else get a “Sexy Pebbles” vibe from that “Something Wild” suit?)

Surprisingly, House of Jackie B also sells a suit called “Married to the Mob” that isn’t part of the Drita D’Avanzo collection. Hmmmmm…

  • Julia

    love me some drita

    • notyourbuster

      Keep Rockin it Drita! Don’t let the jealous haters bring you down. Can’t wait for your cosmetic line to come out!!!

  • Anne

    Horrible airbrushing lol. Especially picture number 3!

    • Mandy

      YES!! That is what I was about to comment on! It’s like they blurred her whole face and added back eyes and a nose. How embarrassing! Oh god and picture #5 is terrifying! It’s like she wants to eat my soul!! This photo shoot looks like it was done for $10 in the tackiest location they could find. Also, she needs a breast reduction because those things just look freaky!

      • notyourbuster

        You must be a close friend to Ramona, hahaha.

      • stareingharder .

        Bitch, no one needs a breast reduction. Stop hating.

  • Diana

    She looks great, as always. That woman really works at keeping a bangin body. You’d never know she had 2 children from looking at her.

  • jenna

    Drita is gross. Her breast are deformed shead bad plastic surgery and looks like she has hit crack pipe. this girl is a disgrace she only talks about fighting. she married a known criminal so she can have money off of other people’s loss. her husband robbed houses that left people killed. I hate her the most because she always plays the victim. and now she’s gonna be famous. she looks like a cheap wh0re in those pictures and the reality is that’s all she really is

    • notyourbuster

      hahaha, wow! Did you take your meds this morning? hahaha

    • Lauren Caruso

      Who are you to judge Drita so harshly? Let me remind you…..there is but one judge of mankind…..and it’s definitely NOT YOU!!!

      • Kim

        Someone can assess a person or situation. There is a difference between judging & assessing. In the case of the person referring to Drita as hitting crack pipe is on judgemental side & not nice but as far as what she said was true. Drita does resort to violence & it’s not right. Everyone has had the feeling of wanting to punch someone but realizes u can’t go around acting like a hot head. It’s like Drita is “judging” people by saying don’t like what u said & I Drita am right so… pow pow bang…in there face. If anyone says she’s a lady with class & intelligence I am going to laugh so hard. Come on people, sure her body is great but in reality I am not dying to be this chick. I know so many beautiful woman who have brains & class who are the whole package. Like the actor John Hamm said,”whether it’s Kim Kardashian or Paris H. or whoever, stupidity is celebrated…being an idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture bcuz you are rewarded significantly.” He is right on target. It is sad. There are some great woman that need to be celebrated but instead we get Drita, Kim K., Paris H., Snookie & more. If anyone says otherwise than you are seriously dumb. Sorry but truth is truth. This is not good to have all these dysfunctional types on that are SO UNEDUCATED. Example; People don’t realize Kim Kardashian always tries to say she’s not what people call her when in fact she has a “team” that gets paid from her name & they come up with what is her next project. Making cheap clothing & utilizing sweat shops so u can make a bigger profit then lying & saying u had no idea is not the mark of a good human being nor someone contributing positively to society. Everyone knows the conditions in China, India etc. & how those are sweat shops. Unless the Kardashians are living in a cave that is BS. The “team” goes into damage control bcuz they want there checks to keep coming to. I know people who work in the industry & they “cover-up” for celebs on a regular. What kind of “talent” is making a ugly cheap clothing line or another cheap perfume anyway. My point is Kim K is delusional. She has no talent but her teaam does. She also puts her head on the pillow every night knowing she utilizes sweat shop modern day slave labor to make more money. If Drita is making her clothing line lets see if she makes it in USA or overseas in China, India or another country where they have slave labor. Only then can we know if Drita is who she says she is.

    • Feisty

      I thot i was the only that noticed her horrible boob job. The right boob is out of the socket or something it sits high and looks deformed, as u put it. She really needs to go back to the doctor and make sure its not life threatening. For her daughters sake.

  • Shoemommy

    Drita does have a nice shape, and she should, after all she hits the gym pretty hard. What else is she to do to occupy her time? Work an 8-5 job? I think face-wise she’d be a lot prettier if she didn’t curse so much, have such a chip
    on her shoulder, and didn’t wear so much makeup. These women wouldn’t look so old and harsh if they didn’t wear so much makeup!

    • notyourbuster

      It’s not so much from the cause of make up Dr. Arnold Klein, it’s “genetics”!

  • I am in NO position to judge anyone else. Drita works hard to keep her body tight and fierce and it shows. She looks amazing in all the photos. And she is rocking the swimwear. You go girl!


    drita is hot n real unlike most ppl so get off her case noboday helps who they fall in love with, lord only knows what ur husbands really do. and she was in love with him look how bad it hurt her to find out he cheated. At least she is woman enough to take the oppertunity to make a living so she can take care of her girls she didnt just go marry someone else n have them pay for her n her girls. so stay off her back n give the girl some credit! only jealous ppl act like haters thats y she has sooo many. who wouldnt use a show to make the most out of what you can, anyone with a brain would. GO DRITA I WISH U N UR GIRLS ALL THE BEST!!!

    • Mike In Indy

      DAPRINCESS…Where the HELL did you (Not! go to school? Your “command” of the English Language is deplorable!

  • Jasmin

    All Ya haters need to stop hating she looks great for her age so you guys need to go do something with yourself like seriously!

  • amelia

    Drita looks AMAZING! But the sets for the shoots are pretty lame.

  • Tan

    I wouldn’t pay $100 for one of these. I liked the ones JWOWW was rocking on Jersey Shore Season II, especially the yellow and purple one.

  • Darlene

    You guys are haters. Drita is a beautiful woman and it wasn’t her body it was the photographer. He could have taken more flattering shots. She looks great. I would love to have her figure. I would love that gold bikini.So if you don’t have anything nice to say just keep your comments to yourself.And what is it anybodies business who she loves are is married or not married to. I bet the haters have never made mistakes. Grow up she is a good mother and I respect her for that tremendously. Drita go girl you are a strong,independent, and smart woman don’t let the haters say any different.

  • Dee82

    I think they should have used a real model if they wanted to sell swim wear. She is not very attractive and sends the wrong message to young girls every where cause of her attitude and anger problems. I think the pictures should be removed cause it is a bad role model to everyone especially since she is a pathological liar.

    • Lauren Caruso

      Jeez… girls have way too much free time on your hands.
      I think if you can say such nasty things about someone you have never met, you yourself are not a good person. Drita is a pathological liar? And you know this from personal experience? Or just from what some of the Mob Wives say? This is why I think all those women deserve a medal. Anyone who can put their lives out there like that, knowing they will be scrutinized, hated and judged unfairly by STRANGERS……as well as loved, for the sake of entertainment and a paycheck……that’s a gutsy woman. I’m an Italian American, and I am constantly asked if my family is mob related. Not every Italian is a mobster.

  • Feisty

    Not hating or judging. But Drita’s right breast is not right. It’s sits higher then the left one and it looks like it has built up scare tissue. She should really go back to the dr. that performed her implants. I can’t believe viewers don’t notice it. FOR HEALTH REASONS!

  • g

    albanian women are smokin, rep your country drita!!!!!

  • David

    Nice size breasts, but she could use a little more in the trunk, she need to put on some weight, eat a few steaks, and burgers every now, and then.

  • mikey7777

    just stay away from loser blacks