Aubrey O’Day tweets peek-a-hoo-hoo bikini photo

Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 8.51.15 AM

Aubrey O’Dayum! The red headed singer (and one of the stars of the latest incarnation of Celebrity Apprentice) Aubrey O’Day enjoyed her leap day off by letting her hair and bikini bottoms down – waaaaaay down – for a Twitter photo just prior to catching some rays and… writing about life?

The Danity Kane alum shared the above photo (click for unedited version) of herself playing a dangerous game of peek-a-hoo-hoo along with the tweet:

Got my iPad n my @beachbunnyswim bikini … Gonna lay in the sun and write about life! #therapy

I think those are just shadows I see, but I can’t be sure. (It’s like the first time I heard Nickelback and I found myself asking, “Is that Bush?”)

The Aubrevealing photo should come as no surprise to her Twitter followers who have seen just about all of Aubrey before, including these thonged shots of her badonko’day:

Let’s all just hope Aubrey’s propensity for social media exhibitionism doesn’t spread to Donald Trump – I don’t think anyone want to know what kind of carpet matches that bizarro curtain!

  • chelsea

    Is it just me or has she gotten curvier ??

  • Anne

    She is so trashy but I liked her on Making the Band.

  • mel

    Omg how trashy!

  • Kelsey

    Even the dog is terrified of the photos lol

  • tab

    yuck. i loved her so much when she was on the first making the band. she was super cute and sexy, but not trashy.
    she just gets more trashy everyday and is such an attention wh@re. must be sad inside her head full of insecurity.

    • kk

      yeap, i loved her in making the band.. dunno why she did all this – she has a cool personality – just messes it up with these stupid shots.

  • I mean shes cute and all but why post stuff like that on the net? Is that the only attention she thinks she can get? I don’t remember if she can sing, but surely no real celebrity would ( or at least should) post pics of herself bending over in a thong in her living room. Its not like she is doing that and calling it art, more like trying her damnedest to be talked about. Aubrey, here is some advice, ur body ain’t “banging” in fact u look pretty thick not in a good way, why don’t u just keep those photos private. Nobody wants to see your nasty Bush lol

  • Whitney

    Ugh she’s so trashy! On MTB she would cry that she was tired of just being “pretty pretty Aubrey.”. Her voice was mediocre at best so she was just eye candy. Now that she’s let herself go the only attention she can get is negative. I guess she feels that even negative attention is good enough

  • Whitney

    Also, what’s with the weird tan lines under her @$$ cheeks?