VIDEO for Farrah Abraham’s Mom and Me Premium Italian Hot Pepper Sauce

Sofia and Teen Mom in a commercial for Mom and Me

Back at the beginning of the year we reported on Teen Momtrepeneur Farrah Abraham’s plan to launch a line of food products under the Mom and Me brand label. At the time it was revealed that the first product would be an Italian hot pepper sauce and sure enough that’s what we’ve got!

Here is the information that was provided along with the following clip:

Our great grandparents came to America with few possessions. They brought the clothes on their backs along with their hopes and dreams for a brighter future. Our Italian Hot Pepper Sauce is made from ingredients freshly grown from the garden just as our grandparents created it.

Farrah Abraham's mom and grandmother for Mom and Me

Every year my great grandfather grew hot banana peppers, juicy sweet tomatoes, onions, and garlic. My great grandmother blended these ingredients together to create a sauce that we enjoy over Italian breads, sausages, meats, and chips. We can’t wait to share this with you.

And just for a little girl-power emphasis Mom and Me wanted everyone to know that the company is all women owned! Well let’s get to it! Here’s Farrah, an adorable Sophia in a toque, Farrah’s mom Debra Danielsen and her grandmother Carmella. That’s four generations bringing their saucy best to you:

Here is part of Debra’s narration for the clip:

“This pepper sauce comes from our family to yours after six generations of sharing our secret recipe with only the women in our family. We are excited to share our premium pepper sauce with you while maintaining that same fresh homegrown flavor that we’ve grown up with. Our Italian hot pepper sauce is all natural and gluten free so you can be proud to share it with the ones you love.”

And just how cute was little Sophia in this ad? I think she’s a natural pitch toddler 🙂

Sophia is super-cute as she appears in an ad for Mom and Me

Still not sure how we get our hands on some of this tasty hot sauce yet. Farrah did provide a contact email for Mom and Me,

  • Aisha

    That looks really good. And Sophia looks like her dad, so cute.

  • kirsty

    there is a facebook page called mom & me

    here is the link 🙂

  • Kaylie

    SOPHIA IS SO CUTEEEE! I love when her and Farrah toasted the pizza and she was just mesmerized watching Farrah eat the pizza.

  • Caroline

    Great to see a positive story about one of the teen moms. Glad to see she is using her celebrity to do something that might make her money after mtv leaves.

  • Cindy

    Debra obviously cannot say the word “scrumptious”… How Pathetic!!
    Another way for Farrah to make that money off of Sophia.. How very sad. This crap will not sell!!

  • me………..

    nice.. but the commerical needs work

  • tab

    sophia is so cute!

  • ohmygeez

    Sophia is a little doll and does look like her Daddy. Debra does not have the voice for commercials though.

  • jjn

    good for her – i like farrah – i just feel like they praise macy more as if she’s the ideal parent. blah! ive seen that girl in more drunk pics then ke$ha~

  • stephanie

    Sophia looks cute. I didnt know they were Italian, is farrahs father also italian ??

    I hope farrah treats her mom better now.

  • Moi

    I think Farrah needs to dress more her age and if they want people to look at them as professionals and be taken seriously they should have used a real set (or at the very least iron the sheet and make sure it’s straight before you start taking pictures. Come on!

    Either way, I hope they can be successful at this. Business is not easy. I hope someone has or is going to business school. That’s the smart way to do things.

  • Kendall

    Awww : )Sophia is just about the cutest little thing I have ever seen! How adorable!!

  • AmberB

    Wow, Sophia’s got some good hair! And it’s gotten so long 🙂 Hopefully Farrah does treat her mom better now.
    Not to be overly critical….but, there are ENDLESS possibilities when it comes to outfit choices for little girls! WHY a blue polo and khaki???? For pics & a commercial?? Really?

  • katy

    Yeesh. Debs cannot narrate worth a shit.
    Sophia’s gotten extra cute lately though. I didn’t think she was cute when she was an infant, but definitely cuter now!

  • Sandy

    Aww Sophia looks just like her daddy Derek and his mom. This seems to be all about Debra and her calling ALL of the shots!
    Typical. Debra has a major control issue. Haha.. Look At Debra’s Hair.. She thinks she’s Farrah Faucett! Get your own hair do! This whole ” commercial ” needs to be deleted. It is awful!!