Amber Portwood’s house arrest rules: No Alcohol, including mouthwash!

The conditions of Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s house arrest have been released to TMZ.

She is being monitored with an ankle bracelet (a la Lindsay Lohan) and is not permitted to leave her grandparents’ house at all except for pre-approved meetings like AA and attorney appointments. She’s also prohibited illegal drugs (isn’t everybody?) and alcohol of ANY KIND. That means she can’t even have mouthwash in her house, or medicine containing alcohol (like NyQuil.) We guess rubbing alcohol, and possibly even other high alcohol content things like fragrances and facial toner might be out too. Amber’s not even allowed to have non-alcoholic beer in her vicinity.

In other Amber news, her ex and baby’s father Gary Shirley tweeted a nasty, angry text Amber sent him when she got out of jail, but had regrets and deleted it when his fans started bashing Amber. Here’s what he tweeted after taking the text tweet down:

“My followers are vicious tonight I only like the nice ones the mean ones can shove off:)) . . . . No matter what Ambers done to me it’s not none of yalls place to tell me. Or to keep calling crazy or diff names thanks for the support, But we don’t gotta take it that far and I know it’s probably my fault by tweeting some tweets that I have so I take responsibility But I realize now I was wrong cause seeing my followers tweet the negative things about her just doesn’t sound right. Please respect.”

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  • Shoemommy

    I hope this is a wake up call for Amber. She has a beautiful daughter that needs a positive role model in her life. Life is what you make of it. And not a single person is hopeless. For her sake and Leah’s, I pray she gets her priorities straight.

    • anonyMOUSE

      totally agree with you!

  • Dena

    I hope she stays on the right path now. Good luck Amber, Leah needs you 🙂

  • Lauren

    What’d the text say?

  • katie

    no photo/screenshot of the text tweet? =(

  • Kaylie

    What the hell did Gary expect when he tweeted that? Just when I start to think he might turn out to be a great parent, he does something like this. Regardless of what Amber does to him, he can’t enable the public to know her further wrongdoings when she’s already in the mess she is. He has to be the bigger person and take it up with his/her lawyer or somebody else that can control her. As much as I hate Amber, it’s wrong of him to post stuff like that.