Amber Portwood to be released from jail today to home detention after being rejected by rehab program

Teen Mom’s troubled star Amber Portwood was supposed to be released from jail to  Sister 2 Sister Ministries halfway house for a rehab program, but TMZ reports there’s been a change of plans. She’s reportedly been rejected by Sister 2 Sister, and will be released with an ankle bracelet for home detention.

TMZ says Sister 2 Sister refused Amber because they “felt Portwood is too much of a handful and embodies too much negative energy to benefit from its program.”

Amber’s reportedly required to apply to another rehab program, but the process could take a long time.

Because of the conditions set by the judge, Amber was reported to possibly be leaving Teen Mom because she was banned from filming at the Sister 2 Sister program, or around any of the other girls at the facility. She’s also not allowed to be recorded during any of her court appearances. With this new development, Amber might be legally able to continue doing the show.

Whether she should or not for her own health and safety is another matter. Despite what she may be legally permitted to do, Amber herself told the judge that she intends to quit the reality series:

“I want to quit [Teen Mom], and I will.”

Take care of yourself, Amber.

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  • katie

    Amber, please get better and be there for leah, she needs a mom and a dad to grow up and be a great woman. I am pulling for u and your family !

  • Mandy

    By “too much of a negative energy” I bet they mean she still will not take responsibility for ANYTHING. Still blaming everything on Gary, her parents, MTV or whoever else she can think of. No rehab can help her if all she wants to do is play the blame game and be a victim in her own mind.

  • Caroline

    That’s sad. If you have be sitting in jail for 2 months and you can’t pass the interview for a halfway house. Most people are begging for the oppurtunity. I personally don’t think she should be able to go back to her grandparents and to filming. This was her chance to get help away from being back in her enviroment 24/7. She needs to get help first and then ease back into day to day life.

  • Patri

    What a low life she has become. Once trash always trash.

  • Nikk

    Rather than a halfway house she should have been sent to a rehab or stayed in jail. Instead the drug addict who needs rehab just gets to go home, lay around, and watch tv like before and can have her drugs brought to her now. Lovely system way to work it Amber.

  • Kaylee

    She got way fater being in jail. You can def. tell that she is off the drugs! Let’s hope for leah’s sake it last’s.

  • tab

    that’s sad for her. she needs some serious supervision and stability. she’s going to relapse and end up back in jail quickly.

  • amy

    I dont think they should let her film while she is on probation. She needs to focus on herself and get better for hersake and leah sake and still being able to film your life on this show is not the way to do it.

  • LaDy

    I don’t think filming got her in this predicament. She would have ended up I jail one way or another. There’s at least a few moms on the show who don’t do drugs or beat on people. She was going to be a screw up anyway. why not treat her like the rest of the low life screw ups and keep her in jail?

  • not a teen mom

    Amber is a hot mess. She needs anger management, weight watchers, counseling, rehab and a hug. But not from me.

  • Oh Yeah!

    Miss Piggy is BACK! See what happens when you quit drugs. The real you come back Amber. Be who you are and take care of your daughter.

  • Jessica

    I follow Gary on Twitter and he was posting the text messages that Amber sent him yesterday…and Amber is definitely back. Blaming Gary, and saying that now that she is out she is going to be back on top. Okayyy… lol seems like jail really helped her.

    • Mandy

      Yes! I think I just fell in love with Gary.

  • Caroline

    Does Gary have full custody? or is he the custodial parent and Amber has “nomral vistation” like weekends? As much as I hate to see mom and daughter seperated, I hope will Amber is in drug court the transition back to being a parent is slow. I hope MTV doesn’t let her get Leah asap for filming. Please Gary don’t cave in.

  • catdoc

    “Too much negative energy” is code for borderline personality disorder with sociopathic tendencies.

    • Mushroomfaerie

      You cant be sociopathic and bpd at the same time. They are opposite neurological disorders…both can come across similar if you don’t know what your dealing with but they come from different places and the sufferers have different intentions.