How Adam Levine maroons his marauders and why he considers it safe sex

Howard Stern did his job again as he got Maroon 5’s lead singer and The Voice judge Adam Levine to over share during an appearance on his radio show.

Actually this TMI-fest also included Adam’s Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna too as they discussed Adam’s co-host Christina Aguilera, how the two met and one other topic of general import. While Adam coaches ’em up pretty well on The Voice as his team claimed victory in season 1, I wouldn’t suggest that anyone go to the kid for birth control advice.

Adam revealed to Howard that he has a “fail proof system” and that he “controls himself” and that he “has a magical penis that only sends out sperm that doesn’t make babies”. Translated – dude uses the ol’ pull-out method.

Adam continued to insist that he is having safe sex with Anne while Howard protested. Stern’s long running side-chatter Robyn clarified that Adam’s position was based on the fact that the two had been safe with previous partners. This comes down to a case of nomenclature I think. Adam’s talking about “safe” as in not making a baby while the general use of the term “safe” in this context means using practices that can prevent STDs etc.

Then Stern asked Anne if she would have an abortion if she just so happened to get pregnant in spite of the “fail proof system.” She answered:

“You know I think that’s something that we’ll probably have to talk about and make a decision together.”

Then Adam clarified his approach:

“We don’t use birth control and actually we do pull out and all that stuff.”

Now try to enjoy The Voice! Sorry… Here is the segment of the show in question. Just in case you aren’t aware of what it means to listen to Howard, there is plenty of obscenity and otherwise non-cubicle approved material packaged within:

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  • tab

    that’s just playing with fire. there is fertile sperm in the pre-ejaculation semen that the male body produces before an orgasm actually occurs. if the woman is very close or IS ovulating, there’s a very high chance of conception. fertile, healthy sperm can live in fertile, healthy cervical fluid for up to 5 days, just waiting to connect with an egg.
    it’s upsetting to me that he’d be so flippant with this, even going as far as calling it “safe” sex. he has a lot of fans and i’d hate for anyone to take his word for it and believe this is a way to prevent pregnancy. and as important, the spread of STD’s.

    • blueblueblue

      There is not sperm in pre-c*m. It comes from an entirely different gland. The only reason there might be sperm coming out along with prec*m is when there is sperm hiding out in the uthrera for some reason… like if he came, and then didn’t uriniate, and then had some prec*m. That’s it.

  • Sara

    Ha! Great method that we used for 5 years… Wanna see a picture of my 3 year old ? It doesn’t work forever pal!

    • Katie

      Exactly what I was about to say! I have a 1 year old that is proof pulling out doesn’t work!

  • Juliana

    Someone obviously didn’t pay attention in health class…

  • Anne

    I bet he’s gonna hate himself when he gets her pregnant or another girl he dates pregnant in the future. Stupid method of BC.

  • blueblueblue

    So long as he can control himself, and knows his own warning signs it works pretty well. And if she is using FAM and avoiding fertile days I don’t see a problem with it. They are both adults, they both have money, its not like they are stupid teenagers that don’t know what they’re doing.

    • tab

      it doesn’t have anything to do with them being “adults”. he’s being irresponsible by saying it’s safe sex.
      like i said above, the pre-ejaculation semen can and has caused conception. all men have it when they’re aroused-you can’t control that.
      he’s a popular guy. i’d hate for some dumb teenagers to hear this and think it’s an acceptable form of birth control because it isn’t- especially for those not ready to bring a child in to the world.

  • sanoga

    Hahaha so in other words, Adam Levine will be a father by the end of the year.