All 12 girls from 16 and Pregnant Season 4 – Photos and links

16 and Pregnant Season 4 to premiere on MTV March 27 2012

MTV released the preview trailer for the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant earlier today which included all twelve of the girls that will be featured. Here are photos of all 12 cast members with what information we know about them. Please feel free to use the comments section as a “sleuthing” message board and we will update the post with the information we receive! It should be fun to see how long it takes to get names for all 12 🙂

16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast member one
Sarah Roberts and daughter Tinleigh from 16 and Pregnant Season 4


17-year-old Sarah Roberts is from Chickamauga, Georgia (just south of Chattanooga, TN) and her daughter is Tinleigh Louise Thomas. Tinleigh was born on either June 17 or 18 via C-section, weighing 6 pounds 14 ounces and measuring 19 1/4 inches long. Sarah is currently no longer with Tinleigh’s father, Blake Thomas, and the split seems to have a bit a little less than amicable. Blake is currently living in Beaufort, South Carolina where he works on a shrimp boat.

Episode air date: May 8

Sarah Roberts links:
Article about Sarah Roberts and Blake Thomas running away together and being wanted by the police in 2010

Facebook fan page:

16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast member two
Jordan Howard 16 and Pregnant Season 4


Jordan is from Millersville, Pennsylvania and was born on November 10, 1993. Jordan gave birth to her son (I believe his name is Chase) on May 31, 2011 when she was 17. Her baby daddy’s name is Tyler Zeplin and he’s white, which judging from the Season 4 preview trailer is going to cause quite a bit of drama! And speaking of drama, there are a number of court cases online listing Jordan Howard and Tyler Zeplin as plaintiff and defendant including an apparent custody battle and a “protection from abuse” hearing, so I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of that play out on Jordan’s episode as well. According to his Facebook page, Tyler is currently a crew worker at Burger King. And judging from the happy photos of them together on their personal Facebook pages it appears as though Tyler and Jordan have worked through their differences. JOrdan posted on her Facebook page that her episode will be airing towards the end of April.

Here’s Jordan and her son in a very short video clip from Stickam:

Episode air date: April 24

Jordan Howard links:
Facebook fan page:

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Katie Yeager
Katie Yeager and daughter Molli from 16 and Pregnant Season 4


Katie is from Green River, Wyoming and gave birth to daughter Molli on August 18th, 2011. Molli weighed 7lbs, 1.8 oz and measured 19 inches long. Molli’s dad is named Joseph “Joey” Maes. For more info be sure to check out our Katie Yeager profile post from all the way back in August of 2011! (Yeah, we’re on the ball here at starcasm!)

Episode air date: March 27 (Premiere with Mackenzie Douthit)

Katie Yeager links:
Interview on Good Morning America
Facebook fan page

16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast member Sabrina Solares


Sabrina is a former high school cheerleader from right outside of Nashville, Tennessee and was 17 when she gave birth to her daughter Audrey Animi Williams on August 21st, 2011. Little Audrey’s dad is Iman Williams, a high school football player and all-around big dude. Sabrina and Iman are reportedly still a couple and living together in Tennessee.

Episode air date: May 22

Sabrina Solares links:
Facebook fan page

Sabrina Solares from 16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast member Myranda Trevino
Myranda Trevino from 16 and PRegnant Season 4 with baby daddy Eric Kennemer


Myranda is from Bronson, Texas where she was a high school track star. Her boyfriend/baby daddy is Eric Kennemer from San Augustine, Texas. They have a daughter named Kaylee Michelle Kennemer. I’m not sure what Kaylee’s birthday is, but Myranda’s is April 8, 1994. Myranda created her own Facebook fan page (a rarity!) and had this to say about herself:

“My Name is Myranda Trevino, My wonderful boyfriend’s name is Eric Kennermer, and my sweet daughter’s name is Kaylee Michelle! She changed my whole life! She has shown me what life is really all about!! But, on the days Eric and I have alone, we love to watch movies and spend time with our friends! I will always be here for my daughter, and still make time to be here for all my friends and family!! 🙂

“I am a city girl who lives way out in the country!! Imagine that! And the struggles of having a child this young… It’s hard but helps me be a more positive and stronger woman!! And top secret: I keep my emotions inside.. But Eric is the only one who helps me bring them out!! The two things that keep a relationship good and healthy is always be truthful to eachother about EVERYTHING! And, work out all of your problems together!!”

Episode air date: May 1

Myranda Trevino links:
Facebook fan page

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Alexandria Sekella
16 and Pregnant Alexandria Sekella


Alexandria is a dancer from Allentown, Pennsylvania and gave birth to her daughter Arabella Sekella-McCann on July 18, 2011. Judging from the Season 4 trailer Alexandria promises to have one of the most dramatic episodes of the season. She appears to be anything but meek and when you mix that with the fact that her baby daddy Matthew McCann was a serious enough drug abuser that he had to enter rehab in December and the result is almost assuredly going to be an emotional roller coaster.

Be sure to check out our Alexadria Sekella profile post with lots of info, photos, and even videos of her dancing!

Episode air date: April 17

Alexandria Sekella links:
Interview with CBS News
Facebook fan page

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Kristina Robinson


Kristina Robinson and deceased fiance John Todd Hight JrKristina Robinson is 18 and from De Berry, Texas. Her story could prove to be one of the most emotional and heart-breaking in 16 and Pregnant history because her fiance John Toff Hight, Jr. drowns during the course of filming her episode. (CLICK HERE to read all the tragic details of Todd’s death) Kristina gave birth to her son Lukas Todd almost two months premature on September 26, 2011. Both Kristina and Lukas are reportedly doing well. Actually, Kristina announced on Facebook that she has a new fiance after getting engaged to TJ Head on December 23!

UPDATE – Kristina reportedly married fiance TJ Head on March 8. The new relationship and allegations from Todd Hight’s family that Kristina doesn’t allow them to see Lukas has lead to some rather unpleasant things being said on Todd Hight’s Facebook wall by his mom, brother, and sister.

Episode air date: June 5 (Season Finale)

Kristina Robinson links:

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Devon Broyles
16 and Pregnant Devon Broyles


Devon is from Richmond, Virginia. Her birthday is July 23, 1994 and she gave birth to her son, Landon, on November 4th, 2011. Landon’s father is named Colin Crowder, and by all accounts the two are still together. You can find out more about Devon and her family in our profile post!

Episode air date: May 29

Devon Broyles links:
Facebook fan page [deleted]

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Briana Dejesus


16 and Pregnant Season 4 Briana Dejesus and daughter Nova StarBriana was born May 21, 1994 and is from Brooklyn then Orlando, Florida. Her daughter is named Nova Star and was born September 9, 2011. Briana is no longer with Nova’s father, Devoin Ri’chard Austin II.

Episode air date: April 3

Briana Dejesus links:
Interview on Good Morning America
Facebook fan page

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Mackenzie Douthit
MAckenzie Douthit Josh McKee and son Gannon


Mackenzie is from Miami, Oklahoma and was born on October 17, 1994. The former high school cheerleader gave birth to son Gannon September 12, 2011. Gannon’s father is Josh Mckee, the rodeo rider shown in a neck brace in the Season 4 trailer after he was involved in a bad accident.

For lots more photos of and info on Mackenzie be sure to check out our profile post on her! Also includes the commercial for just her episode!

Episode air date: March 27 (Series Premiere with Katie Yeager)

Mackenzie Douthit links:
Facebook fan page
(Apparently Mackenzie is having some serious issues with people creating fake Twitter accounts under her name. This one has been verified with photos and videos so you can rest assured that it is in fact her.)

16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast member Hope Harbert


16 and Pregnant Hope HarbertHope is from Lee’s Summit, Missouri and was born on July 17, 1993. Her son is named Triston Blaise and he was born on August 26th, 2011. Tristan’s dad’s name is Ben, and it appears that he and Hope are still together.

Episode air date: May 15

Hope Harbert links:
Facebook fan page

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Lindsey Harrison


16 and Pregnant Lindsey HarrisonLindsey Harrison is the now infamous girl in the trailer who says, “I can’t model any more, I can’t cage fight, I can’t do anything I normally would do.” As you might have guessed from her quote, Lindsey is a former cage fighter and still part-time model. She’s from Reno, Nevada and gave birth to her daughter Aniyah Monroe on October 13, 2011 at 6:20 am – a month early. Aniyah weighed 5.4lbs and measured 19 inches long at birth and is doing great. Lindsey is reportedly still with Aniya’s father, Forest Ponce.

Episode air date: April 10

Lindsey Harrison links:
Lindsey deals with hateful commenters
Facebook fan page

Hmmmm… It seems as though MTV has dropped the ball as far as ethnic diversity goes.

Once again, if you have any information on the identity of the girls feel free to post below in the comments and we’ll try to update the post often with what we can verify!

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  • Angelika

    Since when has MTV ever been ethnically diverse? It is always white girls usually from the suburbs, occasionally they’ll throw in a poor Catelynn type and a Hispanic and a black girl.

  • Danielle

    The girl whose baby’s dad died is named Kristina. I don’t know her last name though.

  • Jess

    One of the girls name is rumoured to be Hope Harbert,unknown on what number picture she is or if there is a girl by that name

  • peach

    number 10 is Lorelei I think

    • Jess

      I think you are right,but the bleach blonde girl in the trailer is holding a baby boy,she was pregnant with a baby girl( she was still pregnant with the baby in the pics so the gender might of been pick up wrong, nor she had pics of the baby)

      • Starcasm Staff

        Lorelei says on her Twitter page that she will be on Season 5 not Season 4 – ed.

        • Nicky

          Yes she is season 5 she is still filming

          • Allison

            Actually, Royce” wasn’t Maci’s choice at all, Maci said if she were to have another boy she like to name the boy “Royce” after the car Rolls-Royce and that was Farrah’s idea so Maci doesn’t actually want to use it.

            And that information was released when Maci wanted to have another baby with Kyle whom are now no more.

  • Amy Sparrowgrove
  • briann

    omg i know number 4 we cheered together her name is sabrina he last name is solares i think ?

  • tiff g

    The number 11 girl im pretty sure is Hope Harbert! Im not 100% on it

  • Sara

    I wonder how pissed off Maci is that the girl named her son Bentley

    • Katee

      Why would she be mad? …

      • Kaylie

        Maci said a huge reason that Ryan and her loved the name was because not many other kids would have it. Now, the name is one of the most popular boy names in the nation. Interesting fact: It was the only name that ended up on the “Most Popular” and “Least Liked” lists.

        Personally, I think it’s kind of a tacky name. But her other choice was “Royce”, so I guess Bentley ended up with the better end of that decision.

  • Niccc

    I thought Hope named her baby Tristan?… U can look at her fb.

  • cn

    #11 is Hope Harbert, but her son’s name is not Bentley. It’s Tristan. I went to high school with her.

  • Sarah

    1 & 3 look like the same person….

    • a friend

      i know Sarah Roberts personally so number 1 & 3 are definitely not the same person. number 3 isn’t Sarah.

  • Jessica

    I’m sure I’m reflecting the thoughts and observations of others but the demographics over all 4 seasons couldn’t be any more similiar. Is it too obvious to feature a city girl (or anyone from somewhere other than the boonies) as getting pregnant? The experience of being a city teen mom has many similarities as those they’ve featured, but there are certainly differences and there are certainly plenty of teen moms in the big cities. Expand, MTV! Your audience will benefit and you’ll be reaching some viewers on a different level. Just a thouhgt.

    • Sarah

      Yes I agree! I like the 16 and pregnant series but I cannot really relate to any of these girls. I’m not American, so I really think MTV is putting a bad spin on Americans because people where I am from think they are all a bunch of uneducated hicks. They should definitely expand and include some city kids…At least choose kids that say college, and not “callege” ugh hated it when Catelyn would say it like that!

  • I can’t wait! Although I agree about the diversity thing. Maybe in season 5/6? Nonetheless this seems like an interesting season.

  • PRL

    That is 100% Alex Sekella above

  • Jamie

    4 is a girl named Sabrina Solares!

  • Emily

    The cheerleader’s name is Mackenzie. Just saw a commercial for the show with just her in it and her name was written on the screen.

  • Cay

    Hope Harbert’s son’s name is not Bentley, that is her nephews name.

  • Emmy

    Im excited for the new season on one of the trailers on MTV I seen a guy I recognized anyone know anything about the season 4 dads?

    • a friend

      umm Blake is the guy Sarah has problems with.. “he just wants to be a kid”

  • blueblueblue

    has there been an Asian teen mom?

    • You know, I was just thinking the SAME THING. It would be interesting to see, as teenage pregnancy happens across the board.

  • Nicky

    I believe #1 is Sarah Roberts – daughter named Tinleigh and #4 is Sabrina Solares “Sabrina was 17 when her little girl was born! She had her little girl Audrey Animi on August 21st, 2011 🙂 she was a varsity cheerleader and her boyfriend was a football player. They are currently still together and he lives with her in Tennessee! (:” and #6 is definitely Alex

  • Sarachka

    Allie Mendoza from season 3 is part Phillipino

  • Sarachka

    But yes, I do agree that they could branch out a little.

    We haven’t seen a girl from somewhere like NYC or LA, it’s all been suburbs and random boonie places.

    It also struck me the other night that even though they’ve had some different ethnicities on 16&Preg, none of those girls were selected for Teen Mom, TM is all white (no Farah’s foundation doesn’t count as an ethnicity)

    • Kaylie

      Farrah is of direct Persian decent. That “counts” as middle eastern whether you want to accept it or not.

      The only person that could have been selected for TM or TM2 that wasn’t white was Ebony and Valarie. Ebony lived on a military base so it would have been difficult to film, and Valarie is the only other option. They could have done her instead of someone like Jenelle since she was kind of a hot mess, but I don’t think MTV should be obligated to choose a different ethnicity just to choose a different ethnicity. And who knows, maybe she declined the invitation.

  • Shelby

    Does anyone know who #2 and #9 are?

  • Bobby

    Step right up! The next round of trash is coming soon to MTV. I thought the whole thing with 16 & Prego’s was to prevent teen mommies. This round looks really good with uneducated trash for the world of teens to look up too. Good job MTV!

    Parents need to be parents and stop allowing kids to have kids. It’s not too hard, set rules and guidelines when they are young. No dating or going out with friends until 18 unless it’s a school function. My girls have jobs, their own cars and they are honor roll students with lots of friends who respect our rules.

    They have never been on a date nor have they ever slept over anyone house. They have one computer to share. No cell phones at all. They don’t need them. They are kids. Hello! Why do kids need cell phones? No reason except bad parents who feel that material things is showing love to their kids. Come on.

    Now my kids do have a curfew of 7pm on weekdays when they are not working. Weekends is 9PM. That’s when we give them one of our cell phones to make sure we can have contact with them while they are out. They are allowed to be independent but we must know where they are at all times and have to check in where they are at all times. Remember, kids out after dark is kids up to no good. Their is no reason for kids to be out after 9PM. None.

    I feel that the parents need to be held responsible for their teens getting pregnant. Not us the tax payers. Make them responsible for all the costs and I bet you will finally see a decline of teen parenting and parents start restricting the actions of future their ho’s. This is preventable. Teen pregnancy is preventable by their parents being responsible role models to their kids. So let’s start making the parents the responsible ones. Tax their wages for each kid that their kids pop out to our welfare system.

    • P

      Curfew and restrictions have nothing to do with it!
      I come from a weathy family, when I was in high school my curfew was 9pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends. My parents always knew where I was an even if I didn’t want them to, they would call every 10min!!!!
      Surprise surprise I got pregnant at 18 right after finishing high school.
      It can still happen and kids can lie!

      People need to stop assuming EVERY teen mom goes on welfare! Thankfully I was lucky enough to have my parents help me financially every step of the way! Just because a child get pregnant young is NOT the parents fault. Kids have a mind of their own, wether you like it or not.

    • Sarah

      No going out with friends until they are 18? Seriously? You know it’s one thing to let your child run around with people past curfew, but it’s also another thing to keep a tight leash on them. You have to find a balance raising children. You can’t be so strict but you can’t be so loose.

      Honestly Bobby, I feel very sorry for your children and I can almost guarantee that they are doing a lot of stuff behind your back. You sound like an awful parent,

    • Alisha

      I am astounded that you think that your parenting is ok.
      No your children may not become pregnant now, and may be really good in school, however the moment that those “children” are out in the real world they are going to be over whelmed and I would assume go a little crazy.
      For you to think that having that tight a leash on your children is healthy is absurd. I truly hope that you seek professional help.
      Before you think to yourself well my children are doing so wonderfully let me give you an example of real parenting.
      I have 4 children (I was a teen mom) my girls are 16, both have boyfriends and a very close circle of friends. They work and do very well in school. They are not sexually active and we have a very open and honest relationship. I know from experience that they feel comfortable talking about anything with me. They know how difficult is was to be a teen mom, and do not want to repeat my missteps. My boys are respectful wonderful young men who are active in their community, sports and friends. They also know better then to do anything that would jeopardize their futures. I didn’t accomplish this with fear and imprisonment. I did it with love and honesty and faith that they have learned well.
      I hope for you that you can learn to trust your children and give them a fighting chance at a normal, healthy, productive, independent lives.

  • Its true i wont deny it when i first saw 16 and pregnant the first season i wanted to get pregnant it looked fun kind of and not so hard i was 16 and had a bf and i tried getting pregnant with him i felt like i needed a meaning to my life and something thatd keep me going and i thought a baby would be it…i was young and stupid and also very selfish i ended up having my baby when i was 17 he father is still in the babys life but we arent together anymore it wasnt the fairytale i thought itd be but i do love my baby and care for my baby its very hard and i struggle but i think im probably one of the very few teens who will admitt after watching this show it tempted me to have a baby …girls where i live have been getting pregnant at young ages more than ever since 16 and pregnant has continued making more seasons its not so much to get on the show its more of because it makes it look like having a baby can be hard but more of fun times especially people say “it shows how hard it is and what your life can turn out to be” thats not how a young 16 year old girl thinks trust me i know i realize it now that im 19 BUT back then i was like “i see how some of the girls are struggling but that wont happen to me” you think different when you are young…they need to end the show seriously

    • Lisa

      Maybe you should send your story to MTV. If more girls did that maybe they would end this ridiculous show. It’s only good for making young girls think they can become famous for getting knocked up.

    • Bobby

      Anonymous, sorry you didn’t have the correct parental guidance you needed growing up. It’s sad that parents quit their kids. Parents need to better parent their kids. That’s what this show should focus on. Not how orange these girls get by tanning or getting their nails done. It’s a shame that our society has taught our teens that smoking pot, having sex and growing up too soon is really accepted because it’s on MTV.

      A lot of todays teens and kids have no structure or guidance. It’s a shame that our future is really just a sad hope of uneducated, hip hop schooled, pot smoking morons with no goals in life.

      Better yourself Anonymous. Better yourself for your kid and your future. Don’t get sucked into a lifestyle that you will pass onto your child. Be parent, not a buddy to your kid. Don’t let your kid grow up thinking that they are entitled to anything. That the only things they will have in life is earned by hard work. There is no easy way out. We all grow old and we all lose our looks. What’s left? Ourselves. So be a better person and don’t play follow the leader but learn to be a leader so that you child will learn from that. Not from the MTV world.

      • Alli

        Bobby, I must agree with anonymous, I too, at the tender age of 16 believed it looked ‘fun’ to have a baby, however I never furthered the idea as more than a tantalizing dream, or wish. But my parents were never strict. They always believed that they raised me to know right from wrong, and what I should and should not be doing. I had plenty of boyfriends but was in a 6 month long at that point relationship at age 17 before having sex, after 2 years I threw in the towel. However I have had my own cellphone since I was 11 years old, and my own computer in my own room since I was 10, I also work pay for everything I need never borrow and pay my bills on time being out until the early hours home between 4am or sometimes as late as 7am before I go home. Do I stay end up at boys houses? You bet you bum I do, nearly every night. However the boys don’t want a child on their hip or in their paychecks so I wouldn’t blame the girls parents so much as BOTH the parents themselves.

        • Alli

          *Both the parents whom brought the baby into the world.

        • Bobby

          Allie, unfortunately a lot of girls believe in the same ways as you. When I say unfortunately please don’t look at it as an insult but in reality your parents did fail you some. If they would of guided you in directions where you wouldn’t have had a computer in your room at 10 and a cell phone at 11 you really wouldn’t be worried or occupied into having boy issues like you do today. Seriously, why would an 11 year old need a cell phone? Where were your parents that you needed a cell phone for them to make contact? Because 11 year olds should not have to waste their time talking or texting on a phone but either playing , doing chores or studying.

          Now you say that you had plenty of boyfriends before 17. Why? What was the purpose for that? Think about how much of your life was wasted with each of them. Think about if you did have a child right now, would you think it was ok for them to have boyfriends or girlfriends so young instead of maybe using this very limited time as a kid to maybe learn your schooling for your future instead of learning how to kiss, oral sex or even sex before 18?

          What a lot of teens today don’t seem to get is that you only have so much limited time before reality of being an adult kicks in. Trust me when I say this, I speak from experience. When your young, everything is so easy when your parents don’t push you. By not pushing their kids by the time they are young adults. Most will be working dead end jobs or wasting your life. Those same parents soon realize they screwed up. By then it’s too late, the kids are already set in their screwed up ways. So being strict from the begining is not a bad thing but in reality just a way for us parents to teach our kids guidelines for their future.

          Why do you think so many of your peers today are just plain losers? Their parents quit them and never showed them rules for life. Then they get older, start smoking pot. Hanging out drinking at friends houses, and then it just escalates into another world where it can lead them to either jail, homeless or death. Once again, I speak from personal experience.

          I have been there. Why do you think I parent my kids? I do not want them to follow the path that I sometimes went growing up or even dying like so many I grew up with.

          I think its sad that you don’t fathom how wrong it is that you are proud to sleep over at guys houses and stay out until 7am. It’s sad that you feel that this kind of reality is ok. It’s also sad that your parents are accepting to that as well. I am sure that if something ever happened to you while your out and about in the middle of the night early mornings, your parents will have so many excuses as to why they felt it was ok or you to out but deep down inside I am sure one if not both of them will realized they failed.

          The reason I bring up the girls over the boys is because the girls are the ones with the holes between their legs. Without the girl, they guy is screwing a sock instead of the peach. It’s that simple. I was once that teenage hard on chasing the girls. Was it right? No. See, I blame my upbringing as well. I had no father figure in my life to tech me that you respect girls. You don’t use them. I had to figuire that out as I got older and to be honest, I am ashamed at some of my actions of how I treated some girls back in the day. Stupid.

          My mother raised us from her job. She was never around. She did what she had to do raising two boys who just like the teen moms. She had us when she was a teen herself. So cold reality check was for her to work and work her butt of to make sure we can eat. I never spent more than 12 hours a week with my mom as a teen. With her job and her going to school to better her career, we never saw her. Grandma step up and helped us but hey she wasn’t my mother. Moral of this story, without the correct guidance in mine and brothers life. We took so many wrong paths.

          My brother died from drugs when I was 19 by the way. He was 24. My mother and I talk about our upbringing a lot. She also feels that she let us down by not being more focused and strict with us. Instead, she just told us right from wrong and just like your parents hoped we make the right decisions. Well, today I do. It took me being in my 30’s to finally getting it. Moral of this story, I hope you grow up Allie. I hope you realize that what you wrote above is not OK. I hope you better yourself and focus on you instead of the party and the guys. Having a job is good start for you but instead of wasting yourself with the endulgence of the party and the guys. Use that energy to better yourself. You will enjoy your life more if you do.

          Going to bed now. I have a breakfast date with my family in the morning before the real world of the day starts.

          • J

            I can agree with you to an extent. I was also a teen that made many wrong decisions. I wasn’t a teen mom, but I did do the party thing. My mom was like yours, always working and my father has always been in and out of prison. When he was out, my sister and I were in an abusive situation, which drove me to do even more of what I shouldn’t have. My kids do have rules at just 4 and 5, but I also want them to be able to make decisions and be able to learn from mistakes just as I did. My husband whom’s mom is pretty laid back, but did teach her kids right from wrong has raised four kids. My husband never did drugs and didn’t have sex until we were together. His father was also abusive. We had to similar backgrounds, but it was myself that made the dumb decisions. I am thankful that I did make them, because it grew old and it’s been years since I’ve smoked pot. As for drinking, I very seldom drink anything, maybe once or twice a year I will have maybe one drink. I am not going to hover over my children, but they will have rules and I will teach them right from wrong. When it comes to electronics, once they probably hit middle school, I will get them like a track phone for emergencies. Times have changed a lot, the bullying has gotten worse, and the school crimes as well. I want my children to have it to call me if something were to happen like that. I would prefer they would not have sex until they are older and have met the one they want to spend their life with, but in the same instance I want them to feel comfortable talking to me about anything like that, not to be their best friend, but so I can help them where it is needed. I will make sure to give them talks about sex, especially with the STD’s. My opinion also though is that if my son gets a girl pregnant or my daughter gets pregnant, I will make sure they finish school, have a job, and continue their education. I would take care of the child to ensure this would happen, with their help, but it’s def not something I would encourage. I do agree that kids need to learn to work and appreciate what they have. It’s a hard lesson to teach when they’re as little as my two, but I am working hard to do so.

          • Alli

            I had a cell phone at 11 because I babysat Monday through Friday at a house with no land line also had to get the child to whichever sport there was that day. The mother of the child and my parents needed to reach me along with my transportation to get to the child’s home two towns over. Not to mention the possibility if god forbid something ever happened. A computer at 10 because where I went to school was a rather wealthy town where most assignments needed to be typed along with an older sister whom was in the same boat, and unfortunately a little brother who needed all projects and papers typed.

            Purpose of dating? No, there was none, nothing was ever serious, nor was I looking for prince charming. Let’s face it, kissing does no harm i never was looking to go any farther and I made that as clear as I could. Got a lot of great friends, and met a lot of new people from it and that sounds worth it to me.

            And just because my parents don’t push me doesn’t mean I wasn’t driven I graduated honor society, went on to college, I know the free ride is over and I’ve been looking around, I was forced to grow early and had enough to buy a house at age 18, I work less than I wish to, but there is only so much a part time position will bring.

            And who cares who’s house I stay at? My parents don’t agree but I’m not being forced to stay living in their house and I respect that now I may go over boys homes, with parents in the house, no rents, too sketchy. Now you may have been all over girls, never had a. Father to teach you better. I don’t know many 18 year olds who can say ‘I have slept with one person.’ and it be honest, my mother taught me to respect myself and if someone isn’t coherent to this fact then get them out of my life. I’ve done it before and I don’t mind loosing people whom try to take advantage of a situation.

            My parents are around I have a very open relationship with my parents I often get told that I shouldn’t tell them so much, I don’t mind hugging my parents in public, my mom and dad are my best friends, and I can be open and honest, ask for help, and express my self to them without judgement now you may think that raising your children under such a tight thumb is good for them however I disagree because everyone I know raised in such an environment often rebels, or continuities to live under the thumb expressing disgust forward their parents to their peers, and when they continued of to college they had no supervision going off their nut.

            My mom often questions if how she raised us was right because there is no set in stone guideline how to raise your child. However she was raised in a very strict house, and rebelled like most teens and never wanted to have a broken line of communication with her children as she did with her mother. I like the way I was raised and while I was in school I had my curfew and needed to be home on time, and I always was. I would not have continued off to college if my parents weren’t laid back because then I would just have a new headache to listen to. I was told ‘give it a shot, if you don’t like it, don’t continue after first semester. They were always behind me as a friend but a parent first. And if it weren’t for them I would have ended up in the same boat as so many others I know who are attending rehab or have children, or in jail.
            By the way I work nights, don’t drink or smoke, party? No, hang out? Yes. In ever had many girlfriends because I was always a Tom boy and most of the guys houses I end at I have known since childhood and think of them As brothers, most of them aren’t going far and their parents think of me as a daughter. So if you find me wrong, go for it however I find you wrong. I get to make my mistakes, unlike your children.

            • Bobby

              Alli, I think when people read certain things on a post. Some take the written word and roll in a different direction than what the true meaning is. I think if you go back and read everything I wrote. It’s not about being right or wrong. It’s about caring enough for my kids to make sure that they have a chance to enjoy successes in their life. There is time to settle down with kids and relationships when they are responsible for themselves in the future. WHEN THEY ARE ADULTS. That’s what every parent should want for their kids. And it is our job to make sure they get from point A to Z without “life changing” mistakes along the way. It IS the parents responsibility. Before their kids are 18, parents are the ones that should make the final decisions on anything the kids want or should do.

              Now, your last line is what I will respond too. You get to make mistakes unlike my daughters. My daughters do have the freedom to make decisions and they do make mistakes just like many teens. To a point. Now being strict is one thing but being a dictator is another. Our rules of the house are not to be a dictator but they are rules of conduct. We as the parents will not allow our girls to make a “Life Changing” mistakes. We started talking openly with our girls about life when they were young. We explained to them that we know about rebellion. We explained to them teen pressures. They know about sex. They know a lot. Our daughters are normal girls. They like boys. They have crushes but they know that life right now is not really about that. They have dreams for their futures and they know that obstacles like dating and BS like other teens are tied too is not really productive for their goals. My oldest daughter tonight read this thread. Her exact words are, too bad that some of these girls just don’t get it. She’s 17 right now. And our deal with her was when she hit 17 she could go on a date if she choose too. She told us she doesn’t need the distractions in her life just yet. She quite content working towards her future with out dealing with the added stress of guys and the night life.

              Now, you are 18 Alli, it’s your decisions at this point. Not your parents. You are right. So be who you want but don’t think that the way my family works is the wrong way. My daughters are more mature that most of the teens in their school and that’s because we have taught them to make the right decisions and be responsible as well. 🙂

              • Anon.

                Parents can try and shove has much of their good influences into their children as they want and teach them all the good that they know and tell their kids/teens the difference between right and wrong and try to do everything right. They could make sure their kids are home at a certain time and do certain things but you know what??? no matter how hard you try and no matter what you do your kids will turn out how they damn well want to!!! you need to pull the stick that is up your ass out and step off your high horse and realize that parents can’t control how their kids turn out. Like i said parents can do everything right and still end up with a messed up kid. And another thing being pregnant isn’t a bad thing. Age isn’t everything. You think that just because these girls are young that they will screw up their lives?? or end up on welfare?? or not graduate? or not go nowhere in life??? well wooooowwww you are surely mistaken. there are probably a lot of teen moms that have graduated high school that have gone on to college and that have done something with their lives. you need to grow up and step into reality. young girls don’t get pregnant because their parents weren’t there. or weren’t strict enough. or didn’t send them down the right path or point them in the right direction in life. it’s because these girls and boys decide that they “love” each other or that a baby will make everything better or just because they think they are ready. or maybe their parents don’t know they are sexually active. or maybe they aren’t on any birth control and maybe the guy said he would pull out and maybe he was late. it has NOTHING to do with the parents. how about you look at more openly instead of in your little thing you think is right. which obviously is completely and utterly wrong!!!!!!!!!

              • i didnt come from parents whbo didnt care for me or failed me people need to stop blaming parents because you make your own decisions i know that FIRST hand my mother was great she was a pharmacist took care of me and my sister and tried doing everything for us also was strict on me and i never lisitned id find ways around everything sneaking out and shed call the cops when i would to look for me because she didnt know where i went off to and nobody how many times she called them i still did it she even took my room door off so she could watch my room to make sure i didnt leave i use to threaten her and be abusive towards her to get my way she tried numerous things to get me in control counsling was even put in a “home” kind of thing for awhile so they could try and straighten me out because nothing was working that didnt even work then she threatned to send me away to some boarding school and thats when i got pregnant during that period of time when i would sneak out with my bf at the time which she didnt no about because id lie to her all the time she could never tell when id ever be telling the truth…i feel bad to this day how i was when i was younger and how i treated my mother i show her nothing but respect now and for putting up with me in my younger years so think twice before automatically blaming parents because not everyones case is like that my mom use to try to do everything to get me in control but it only goes so far when a teen is lieng and sneaking out around everything no matter what the parents do or say she even tried getting me on birth control once she found at i lost my virginity but i said no and they cant force you to take birth control cuz thatd be against the law but just trying to show examples as to how my mom tried alot to prevent this but i didnt want to listen id find ways around everything no matter what she did i had no fear ….im nothing like that now once i met my babys dad i changed ALOT and i believe he changed me for the better also after having a baby as well im a very kind and respectable person now and non violent i realized what i did was wrong bu ttheres nothing i can do to change it but learn from it and make the best out of my situation….

  • Kim

    None of these girls are even attractive. I would probably bag number 10 and 12. That’s about it.

  • Katie

    Number 8 reminds me of Amber Portwood.
    Number 11 reminds me of Chelsea Houska.
    Number 12 reminds me of Jenelle Evans.

  • anonymous

    First off sabrina is gorgeous in person
    Second she is from la and moved to tennessee with her mom

    • Bobby

      anonymous says:
      February 22, 2012 at 1:11 pm

      She may be pretty but one day the looks will fade with her dreams she once had and what’s left is the cold reality that she screwed up her life opening her legs to some jackass looking to get laid. Her future does not look to good. Here’s my predictions once all these 16 & Prego moms hit their 30’s and the world can care less. They will face drug problems, divorces and I know of at least one already that has considered porn. This show is all about money for Dr. Drew and MTV. There is nothing that they are doing with these shows to stop teen from getting pregnant. They glorify it like it’s the thing to do. Sad.

      • K

        You are a jerk.

        • Bobby

          the real reality of this hurts huh? a little close to home for ya?

          • Rae

            Bobby, you are what a 50 year old mad on here fighting with teen girls , LOL that sure says alot about you

            • Bobby

              No where near 50 yet and no I don’t argue but state facts. Facts that many of you refuse to hear. It’s a shame so many of you feel that when someone comes on here and disagrees with the whole Teen Prego’s love fest that instead of having a true intelligent conversation. You insult. That my friend is a true sign of immaturity.

  • hannah

    you got alexandria right.

  • Jen

    Does anyone know what gender and the name of Mackenize’s baby, it looks in the trailer, and on her fb fanpage it is a boy,but I want to know for sure?

    • ABC

      He is a boy and his name is Gannon. She is from Miami, Oklahoma.

    • tay

      gannon is her son

    • K

      She named her kid after the bad guy in Zelda? Lord.

  • Laycie!/SarahR021 SARAH ROBERTS TWITTER 🙂

  • Laycie Lindseys Harrisons Tumblrrrr

  • Laycie!/Hopealope7 Im pretty sure this is hopes twitter

  • Kaylie

    I think Alexandria is going to be the new Jenelle/Amber/Jennifer. She seems like a total mess. Her “fiance” went to rehab in December, and she’s the girl who thought it was okay to put a 5 month old in a forward facing carseat. She seems like such a winner….(insert eyeroll)

    • Kyra

      Alex is nothing like Jenelle/Amber/Jennifer. Trust me. I danced with Alex for like 10 years. Amazing dancer and singer. Yeah, Matt went into rehab in December but is out and stopped drugs. They both care for their daughter. Alex did put her daughter’s carseat frontward and that was because her doctor said that she was big enough to sit fordward. So, just STFU and watch the damn show. Kay? Bye.

  • mandy

    #5 is Myranda Trevino from Bronson Tx her boyfriend/baby daddy is Eric kennemer from San Augustine Tx They have a daughter named kaylee

  • Hannah

    This looks to be the FB page of girl #5

  • 123

    #2 is Jordan Howard she has a son named Chase.
    It truly p!sses me off that they have so many seasons… the last season should have been the LAST. The girls on this season definitely got pregnant to be on the show. I have talked to a little over half of them and no joke every single one said they “can’t wait to be on Teen Mom to get paid a lot and be able to go shopping!”
    Seriously? Sorry honey you don’t automatically go on Teen Mom just because you are on 16 & Pregnant. There wasn’t even a Teen Mom with season 3. All of these stories seem boring and repetitive too, I definitely will not be watching this season. I will not be giving them ratings so that they continue filming. All of these girls are just getting pregnant for the fame! Ugh the whole message of this show is getting lost on these stupid girls.

    • Bobby

      Bravo. The reason it’s so repetitive is the outcome for teen moms are pretty much the same. Only a few make it through alright. The rest. Tax payers support. That’s why we need to make the parents of teenagers who have kids be responsible for all the financials of their kids having kids. By doing that, you will see parents starting to be a little more strict as to the freedoms their kids have to get laid. You kid gets knocked up, you pay for it not the welfare system. You can’t pay, your tax returns will cover it as well as wage garnishments. Simple. People become better parents when they are financially responsible for their children’s actions. I personally think parents need mandatory classes from the time their kids are enrolled in school until they graduate. Tunes ups to remind them that it is their responsibility to parent their kids.

    • Shelby

      Do you know when Chase was born?

  • K

    Sabrina definitely lives in Williamson County, TN. I work in Spring Hill and we had to sign waivers at work one day because she came in. I actually thought it was because of Maci again.

    • Bobby

      So is she realted to Maci? So is that how she got on the show. So she didn’t learn anything from Maci? I guess she did. Maci must of told her that she can help her make some money from this on Teen Mom. Girl, get knocked up and get paid. Sad.

      • K

        Um, Maci is from Chattanooga, which is nowhere near the ‘burbs of Nashville. Get a clue.

  • R

    Im also going to admit that this show does makes yoing girls get pregnant. I was 14 before the show started and my bf and I talked abour getting pregnant and married like every other couple. Once it started I was like I want a baby now It doesnt seem that hard so my bf tried and it didnt happen but a month nefore my birthday i knew i was pregnant and it didnt take a preg test to let me know, i just felt it. having my son youmg was harx and still is and dont take it back. I just has my 2nd son at 17. Im glad my babys are close age but before anybody jumps to conclusions nobody knows my life. They have the same dad and were still togther. Im not glamorizing teen pregnancy because it is hard sometimes you need fo cry to relieve some stress from all the struggles being a teen parent and eapecially the problems with your partner. Name anything from drugs alchol abuse cheating with partners i been there. Gladly were past that esp because of our babys. NO teen girls should go what i went through with MY 1st pregancy thats why protection is more important. I NEVER tried to be on this show because i wouldnr want to put my life out there people knowinv who i am. But mtv really needs to get girls with real problems and show it. I do not get anything from the goverment except wic and medical. My bf goes to work while i still go to school. Believe that this show does urge virls to get pregant and should stop looking for fame seeking girls. Not sure if this made sense and alot of misspellimg sorry im on toich screen

  • Kristina


    I would just like to say……You’re an idiot!!

    That’s all.

    • Bobby

      Idiot? Wow. Thank you.

  • pollypocket

    Number 9 is Megan Hoehns from Iowa.

  • Kaylie

    I think number 9 is gorgeous! I mean, the above isn’t the best pic of her, but in the trailer she’s the one featured in the “16 and hurting” part and she is so pretty! I think her and the Sarah Roberts girl are the prettiest based on the trailer.

    Hopefully she can redirect the african american stereotype on this show. Every AA they have had featured on the show has been arrested at some point. I think that may be a part of what’s holding MTV back from integrating as much. If her and Jordan can step up and represent their minority well, along with proving wrong some of the standard teen mom sterotypes, than MTV may care more about adding people other than the stereotypical white suburban/rural girl.

    • em

      But the AA girls on the show are not the ones in the most trouble…and most of the girls are white so the AA don’t have a large step up spot…How many are AA: Ebony, Valerie, Markai, Christinna, Cleaondra and Kianna? Out of the 35 so far there are 6. At the end of this season, it will be 8/47 girls…with the exception of Allie, Samantha, Izabella, and Felicia, they are all white. The minorities don’t really have a huge chance to show how good they really are…Out of the girls I did name, when did Christinna or Markai get arrested…I dont think any of the other 4 were arrested either.

      • em

        I forgot to add, Amber, Jenelle, and Kianna are the ones in most trouble, with Amber in lead… at least Jenelle admits she has a problem and is trying to change.

      • Kaylie

        You guys are right, they weren’t arrested. But Markai beat the crap out of her boyfriend multiple times on camera and Christinna was so difficult to work with that MTV wouldn’t even film her for the “Where are they now?” special. Either way, they just didn’t represent the minority well. They continued to feed into the stereotype.

        Kianna’s situation is actually the worst to me. Leah has Gary and Jace has Barbara. Kianna still has custody of her child while her and her boyfriend are in constant legal trouble, they TRIED for another baby, etc. At least Jace and Leah are being raised in stable environments.

        Trust me, I’m not saying the non-AA girls are any better. What I’m trying to say is that the parenting of EVERY girl on this show is almost a direct reflection of the environment that they grew up in themselves. There seems to be a direct correlation of loving relationship with their own parents: ability to make decisions for their own child. If they cast AA girls that grew up in stable homes, they will end up with AA girls that are probably going to be decent parents themselves.

        • em

          I though Christinna said she refused to work with MTV because of her episode and thats why she didn’t do the where are they now…I may be wrong though. And I would say that in reality no AA and white probably are no different, but soley based on the show, the young white girls are much better, but there are also a lot more of them…Lizzie 2a, Brooke 2b, Kayla 2b…thats only 3 of my faves and none of them have gotten into any other trouble…

          • meg

            Honestly who cares if they are black or white? No one needs to “represent their minority”. Represent yourself and don’t judge if they are black or white. I didn’t watch the show and say, “hey that girl just got arrested and she is black.” I don’t care if she’s black. It wouldn’t matter if she was white either. Who cares? If we keep thinking in those terms, there will always be racism.

            • Chelsea

              Well said Meg! That is such a HUGE pet peeve of mine, not just for this show, but all over the place. Well this one was white and that one was black…..who the hell cares???? Aren’t we all just human beings? Let the race thing go already. Seriousy…it’s getting really old.

    • I do wish that MTV would show more AA girls as well. However, Christinna and Markai were never arrested.

    • NVAdamzz

      I really don’t understand the use of having the race talk. I mean it’s your opinion and your right to express how you feel about the Black girls on this show or whatever but I just really don’t get the point of trying to pit all the races against each other. I don’t think anyone has anything else to prove. They’re already pregnant teens.

    • liz

      Um she looks mixed. So there you go sounding ignorant!

  • Chastity

    Hey Starcasm! Most of these girls have FB fanpages! When I checked out Mackenzie’s with the link thanks to you guys, I found that Sarah Roberts has a page, as does Lindsey Harrison, who has a daughter named Aniyah Monroe! Hope I helped! You guys are always great!

  • number nine is BRIANA DEJESUS, she is not black but she is puerto rican. heres her link…

  • mwe

    I love how older people come here to argue with young girls…I guess being an adult doesn’t make you smart…

  • Nicky

    The first girl is definitely Sarah, I run her fanpage with her

  • Jaylene

    3,4,9,10 look like the most intersting stories… they’ll probably be on Teen Mom 3

  • MaKenzie

    Sarah roberts is from chickamauaga, ga my dad does the limo driving for her an maci anfthey need him. near chattanooga (where maci is from)

  • AshE.A

    Kristina is the one whose Fiance died! it was a HORRIBLE tragedy! her babys name is Kyle Todd! named after the Fiance Todd! he was born early but seems to be Extramly heathly now! She’s from Carthage Texas and has now since moved on. and Seems to be beyond happy! im happy for her! she’s a Very Strong girl! ad i happen to love her to death <3

  • Shelby

    Kristina’s baby’s name is Lukas Todd. He was born September 26, 2011. His dad died in an accident in May 2011. Briana’s daughter’s name is Nova Star. She was born September 9, 2011. Briana was born on May 21, 1994. Hope’s son’s name is Tristan Blaise. He was born August 26, 2011. His dad’s name is Ben. Hope was born on July 17, 1993. Lindsey’s daughter’s name is Aniyah Monroe. She was born one month early on October 13, 2011.

  • Chelsea

    Alexandria Sekella inspired a facebook page about MTV needing to care about car seat safety after she posted a picture of her 4 month old daughter in a forward facing car seat. She was rude and refused to listen to anybody trying to tell her the dangers of FF that young. People even offered to buy her a convertible car seat that you could rear face, but once again, she refused.

    • em

      I had been thinking about how it was people saying MTV needed to say something to them, and was waiting for someone else to post about it so I could see thier opinion, by 4 months MTV wouldnt be there anymore. Doesn’t the show end usually b 2.5 months if it gets that far? The only ones MTV would be around is Teen Mom 1, 2…but other than that, arent they gone?

      • Neacy

        People saw it because of a picture she posted on Facebook not and someone who knew she was on the show told other people and it spiraled from there, it is not because MTV was still filming.

        • rie_rie

          Yes I know that part…I was just wondering why people said MTV please care…for all they know, she had a safe carseat for Arabella when they were still filming…oh well! Hope she does change it soon…I Hope…

          • Lexi

            That “MTV CARE ABOUT CARSEATS” page was made way before anyone knew alexandria was going to be on the new season. It started off showing Farrah having Sophia buckled in her’s all wrong. then they showed problems with Chelsea’s carseat uusage. They were just extremely disturbed to see Alexandria’s lack of education. The worst one I’ve ever seen….

    • taylor19

      hi want to talk about all this

  • Nicky

    Mackenzie’s twitter –!/DouthitKenzie
    Devon’s new twitter –!/Dollface_Dev

  • ER

    I went to high school with a Nova Star. Yes, she hated her name… I got a good chuckle out of it when I saw one of these girls named her kid that.

  • Shelby

    Tinleigh was born June 18th.

  • Shelby

    Jordan’s son Chase was born May 31, 2011.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Thanks! We updated the post with the exact birthday 🙂

  • Isabella

    Number 8 is the prettiest!

  • Olivia

    Kristina’s new twitter. She changed her username after she got married.!/head_kristina

  • Courtney

    Nova Star was born September 10th.

  • Olivia

    Sarah & Hope’s episodes are switched around. Hope’s airs tomorrow, Sarah’s next week, then Sabrina’s, then Devon’s, and the season finale is Kristina’s episode. 🙂

  • faith

    can you redo the list of air dates in the right order

  • Savannah Rodriguez

    I dont like the way briana boyfriend spearding rumors on the internet

  • taylor19

    hi want to talk aneywon

  • Terry Vanderpuke

    I’d like to knock them all up !

  • Jacqueline Walls

    No Nova Was Born September 9th 2011