Is Taylor Armstrong lying about abuse at the hands of deceased husband Russell Armstrong?

There are a lot of people (Russell’s family, bloggers, other Real Housewives) who think, or suspect, Taylor Armstrong’s lying (there is plenty of evidence to suspect that she has lied about other things) when she talks about the abuse she suffered from ex-husband Russell Armstrong, and IF she is, that’s extremely sad and sick. But this situation is complicated, and there are plenty of reasons to believe that she’s not lying, or at least to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Those who think she’s lying about abuse at the hands her her deceased husband are using some facts from an injury she suffered this past summer right before Russell killed himself. There are some inconsistencies there, especially in regards to what she tweeted the day after her birthday, but Taylor’s response to these inconsistencies are consistent with things that can happen inside of an abusive relationship. So, on the surface, it might make sense to string these facts together and create your own narrative about what you believed happened. No one truly knows what happened June 12, 2011 except Taylor, Russell, and a fly on the wall (if there was one.)

In Taylor’s book Hiding From Reality, although she does seem cagey about a great many details in her life, her descriptions of the emotional and physical abuse that she experienced from Russell ring true. She also takes responsibility for her own role in the sick mess: according to Taylor, Russell gave her all the warning signs in the world that he was a messed up guy, but she liked the games they played with each other.

Russell was extremely possessive of Taylor, and every time she tripped up (like waiting 15 minutes to call him back because she was getting a facial) he would fly off the handle and threaten to leave. Taylor would then become desperate and do anything he asked to make him stay (never mind that these threats were bluffs, which she learned soon enough toward the end when he threatened to move out, but never did. By the time they did split up, according to Taylor, it was she who made the decision.) He reportedly first hit her when she was pregnant with Kennedy (she got pregnant about three months after they got together,) and then allegedly descended into a cycle of abuse.

Often, Taylor says, Russell would get angry because she was either too talkative (read, “flirty” or “airhead”) or not talkative enough (i.e. “rude”) when they went out on business dinners. If he was enraged enough at something Taylor did, he would allegedly slam her head in between the car and the car door when they left for the night, and then ram her head into the window as they drove home, enough abuse to inflict pain, but not enough to leave visible injury, according to Taylor. He would also bug her car, and her home office, and their bedroom. Taylor found out about his recording devices everywhere early on, and even confronted him about it, but Russell replied that he would let her tape him, if she wanted, and she knew it wasn’t something on the table to discuss. So she just lived with it. He must have obsessively listened to these tapes when he had the chance, because he knew every detail of her side of conversations when she called friends. She made a habit of parking and getting out of the car to talk to her friends and family.

Now, that’s all kind of messed up, if it’s all true, and honestly on camera Taylor acted like someone who was going through these events that she describes.

Now, on to the questions.

First, September 2011, after Russell killed himself (he was found hanging, but there was no suicide note, so there are still many mysteries surrounding his death. His business partner Alan Schram killed himself the next day, and Russell’s family have suspicions,) Taylor sold the above graphic photo (and several others) to Entertainment Tonight for what was later reported was a $125,000 payday.

[Retraction] Originally, we thought Entertainment Tonight made it clear that the images they purchased were taken after surgery, not the night Taylor says she was hit, but, upon reviewing the episode, they do claim the pics were taken the night of her injury (which, according to Taylor, caused no bruising,) and Taylor does not correct them in the interview.

“How do you feel about the pictures of that night being out there?”

Taylor: “I feel like they’re pretty hard to look at, but I also feel like they send a pretty loud message that, regardless of how someone looks on the outside, you probably don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors.”

Here she is on E.T. last fall:

To prove that she suffered “orbital floor blowout” (which had to be repaired with a titanium plate to hold her eye up) Taylor published this medical document on Facebook. She later removed it because so many people claimed she was lying:

Taylor tweeted June 12th, the day the incident is supposed to have occurred, “@TaylorArmstrong Now we’re pool side at the 4 seasons and i am thinking of never leaving … i had the BEST birthday party ever! thank you Russell and all my crazy pals who joined in on the mayhem.” When Dr. Phil questioned her about this tweet on his show, Taylor said Russell was telling her what to tweet. To many, this may sound like an excuse, but if she really was being abused, then it makes perfect sense that the abuser would tell her to let the world know that everything was fine. If she IS lying, then this is a despicable thing to do.

Here’s a timeline of events that Reality Tea compiled for June 2011, and early July. We checked them out, and this looks to be accurate:

So, let’s break this down. According to Taylor’s timeline, she had Lasik surgery in early June. She alleges Russell hit her on June 11, 2011 while vacationing with Russell – after a night of partying. On June 12, she was poolside tweeting. June 16th she was in Dallas visiting friends. On June 18th she was filming again, where all her castmates spent time with her. On June 22, she was at the hospital getting images related to her “Trauma and Right Orbital Fracture,” according to the medical records released this past Friday. Afterwards, the RHOBH cast went to Hawaii and Taylor was filmed talking with Dana Wilkey about wanting to leave Russell. On July 5th she had reconstructive surgery. published a detailed timeline of Taylor’s whole life, which is liberally cited, and includes an invitation Russell sent out for Taylor’s 40th birthday party to take place in Dallas, TX. Russell and Taylor were indeed in Dallas on that date. According to Taylor’s story, Russell also threw her a small, intimate bash at the Four Seasons on June 11, 2011 (according to her, she got hit that night after he turned on her in their room because he suspected she cheated.)

Between June 12, when Taylor says she was hit in the early morning, and afterwards had pain and couldn’t look down, or inward, and had blurred vision and July 5, when she had surgery to correct the damage. In between she was photographed at a number of events, and even filmed scenes for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Here’s Taylor’s account of those days according to her book:

According to Taylor, on her birthday she went to the Chippendale’s show with Lisa Vanderpump for Lisa’s daughter’s bachelorette party in Vegas. The night before Russell had told Taylor “Happy birthday, asshole. F**k you, you psychotic bitch” because she didn’t pay enough attention to him while filming RHBH at Adrienne Maloof’s shoe line launch. While she was filming with Lisa and the girls, she failed to call Russell, which angered him. The next day Taylor went home, where Russell had arranged a belated birthday celebration for her. He even got her a card apologizing for being a difficult person, with a pre-printed message that said “There are times when I’m moody, and no matter what you do or say, I’ll find fault . . . Well, it’s not you. It’s me. I just can’t understand what someone as wonderful as you could see in me, and I get scared. I’m afraid you’ll suddenly see all my flaws and fall out of love with me.”

This was the first time Russell had acknowledged that he was weak, and maybe scared to lose her, so Taylor said she felt warmed to him, and thought things would turn around. They had a good time, but when they got back to their hotel, Taylor says things soured, and he called her a whore and accused her of having bruises on her back from sleeping with Chippendales dancers. Then he, allegedly, “raised up on one elbow and punched me, hard, in the right eye.” Taylor said she could tell something was wrong, and the next day it still hurt, and she couldn’t loos down or inward, but there was no bruising. She also said her vision was blurred. They went to the doctor, and she told the doctor she was kicked in the face by her daughter on a swing. Russell allegedly later told their therapist, Dr. Sophy, that Taylor ran into his hand. Taylor says she had already told Dr. Sophy the truth of the story.

She had recently had LASIK surgery done, and claims that the blow crinkled her corneal flap that was still healing from the surgery, causing her vision to be blurry. She continued to get treatment for her eye, and “then on June 26, I was finally able to get a CAT scan to assess the full damage he had done to my eye. It revealed that 40 percent of my orbital floor, the bone that supports the eye, had been fractured. Not only that, but my muscle was trapped in the fracture, and that’s why I was having so much pain when I looked down.”

Taylor says she found the courage she needed to leave Russell for good after she saw that MRI, and realized that she could have lost her vision, or her life at his hands.

One of Russell’s ex-wives’ Barbara Fredrickson had a 2004 restraining order against Russell. It was 43-page document that said he “hit me … kicked me … blackened my eyes … threw crystal drinking glasses at me … and spit on me.” Probably even more disturbing, Russell was said to have hit his son Aiden, who is quoted as saying “”Daddy Russell hit me in the face.” Despite these records, Barbara herself has doubts about Taylor’s claims. She didn’t deny to Inside Edition that Russell was an abuser, but said that he is not abusive “to the extent that she is claiming, absolutely not. I’m repulsed by it. Obviously she didn’t love him.” If he did, as her order describes, hit, kicked, and blacked her eyes, then it DOES sound as bad as Taylor is claiming. Russell was previously arrested in 1997 on battery charges against Barbara.

July 2011 Russell also publicly admitted to abusing Taylor. He just admits to pushing her, not to abusing her on a regular basis, or causing the injury that led to her eye surgery.

Is is possible to have an orbital wall blowout and not bruise? Would any doctors like to weigh in? One thing that her medical records do prove is that she did have an orbital blow-out, and DID NOT have elective cosmetic surgery, as many of her critics first claimed.

Others are also critical of Taylors decision, even if all this is true, to publish a book and record interviews so soon after his death. On the other hand, others point out that a big reason why abused people don’t speak out (and/or leave their spouse) is because they’re afraid no one will believe them (if the abuser is still alive, they’re also afraid of retaliation.)

Taylor told The L.A. Times that Russell “did know, though, that the extent of the abuse would likely come out in the press,” she continued. “I spent a couple of days in Cedars-Sinai after [the eye] incident. There were nurses around. Plenty of people saw me in the operating room. The odds of keeping that under wraps, I mean, come on. He absolutely knew it was all going to come out. That was really something he was dreading.”

Taylor is currently fighting a $1.5 million dollar lawsuit that was brought against her and Russell last summer by My Medical Records.

Taylor has changed her name several times, and from some of the information published online, she appeared to be more involved with Russell’s shady business deals than she admits. If she’s dishonest about some things, is she being completely dishonest about this?

What do you think?

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  • Matty1

    Glad the f**ker is dead! The world is a better place!

    • jocelyn weiners

      what a horrible person you are to say that. is this shana using a different account/name? it must be

  • jocelyn weiners

    horsehit plain and simple. why did you create this article? afraid that people will decipher the facts for themselves? because if people decipher this STORY ourselves, we ALL come to ONE SINGULAR conclusion, and that is TAYLIAR/SHANA “FORD” is a totally conniving monster that fabricated this evil story against a father of three! AND she did this only after he wasn’t around to defend himself. is starcasm owned by the same corp that owns nbc universal? the answer is yes it is! so, you and the Widow Armstrong can take all your one-sided fabrications and go tell it to the Marines! YELLOW JOURNALISM ps dr phil and dr sophy and dr drew all have dirty hands as well–thats as clear as crystal

  • Laura

    Thank you for finally someone not completely calling this woman a liar. Everything that she says rings true for abused women. This doubt is why many never come forward.

    • jocelyn weiners

      your broad strokes comparisons make zero sense. the topic of capitalizing off of lies that attempt to destroy a fathers memory and good name is what’s important. there are no two ways about it. tayliars “stories” have nothing to do with anybody but her. if someone is suffering in a violent situation, they should leave. period. by the way, if everyone is doubting you, maybe it’s you.

      • Steph

        Have YOU ever been abused? Not every woman can leave… It’s clear to me YOU need to get your facts straight on the cycle of abuse.

        • jocelyn weiners

          you can read all the details of how i was abused in my upcoming book, which will be released a scant six months after the suicide of the father of my child. its significant to advise you, that i never made these monstrous allegations until after the suicide. after he would be completely unable to tell his truth, or challenge the validity of my claims. i have studied the cycle of abuse long enough and well enough to tell you many things that would ring true. fortunately for me, i’m a fairly practiced and prolific liar. unfortunately for me, i have been caught on film and in print disputing my own words, my own allegations. anyway, look for me crocodile-crying (or otherwise demeaning humanity) on your television, and shilling my sordid fables at your local bookstore. thanks

          • Ann

            Jocelyn…I think you missed a very important point…where there is smoke there is fire. Russell was arrested for assault against a wife prior to Taylor. It does not matter if Taylor for each and every single fact correct in that book. The fact is he even admitted to pushing her around. THAT is abuse. Don’t think that the pushing and his assaults from before magically went away. So let’s see…charges were prev. filed for assault against him, hr admitted yo pushing her around but people are now going to rate the level of an abuser? Really? An abuser, is an abuser is an abuser. Period. By doubting anyone’s story (unless you know them personally) and blasting it all online, you add to the fear of more victims coming forward. What if others smiled, kept quiet, lied and said their abusive spouses were awesome simply to try and keep the peace one more day? That vicious cycle….I know….I lived it. Just think twice everyone. It’s not so cut and dried and people (even Taylor) are not always lying. Only those two people really know what happened. Abuse is horrific..

            • jocelyn weiners

              yes abuse is horrific. and lying about it is doubly so. did you skip the fact that none of these accusations from taylor came out until AFTER the only person that could refute them DIED? that IS significant. also, you say once an abuser always an abuser?? really?? that’s quite an unfounded generalization, no? but here’s something that bares out, empirically and anecdotally ONCE A LIAR ALWAYS A LIAR. i don’t believe her because of HER not because of russell. don’t you get that?? SHE is the problem of HER OWN credibility.

              • jocelyn weiners

                oh and the “where there is smoke..” yes. there was smoke A LONG LONG time ago with russell and his former wife. not with taylor and russell. also, let’s apply that to the many differing scenarios put fourth by taylor herself. she cannot keep any allegation straight! she has contradicted her own fabrications many MANY times??? so, lets put THAT to the “where theres smoke..” platitude. she has lied about so SO many things, so where theres smoke with regard to telling lies….

              • TheRealityS**t

                Actually, she did make these allegations before he died.

                From a July 28 (2 weeks before Russell’s suicide) article in People Magazine:

                “In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Taylor, who filed for divorce from Russell Armstrong on July 15, reveals she was verbally and physically abused during their nearly six-year marriage.”


  • Steph

    I believe her, and this is because I was a victim of abuse as well. People always blame the victim because abusers are good at hiding what they do! And the tweet she sent…. Normal… When you’re involved in the cycle of abuse it’s the most difficult thing to get out of! Shame on those people who are making this woman feel like she has something to prove!

    And for those of you who say, ‘well she wrote a book about it so we can say whatever.’ David Pelzer wrote of his abuse also (A Child Called It)… People write these things as a release, or to educate people about abuse!

    • Mel

      To Steph or shall I say Taylor — you must have it set up so every story that your name is in comes up on your cell phone. My God, I am so sick of you making up fake accounts and spewing the same sentences. I am an abuse victim and I don’t use phrases like “cycle of abuse” to describe my situation. Normally, the phrase “cycle of abuse” is used by people who study abuse like your Dr. Sophy. Is that where you learned it cause you keep using the same phrase. You start out by your fake post by saying, I believe her. You reiterate that “she was a victim of abuse,” the phrase “cycle of abuse” is always in there, statistics on how many woman are abused a day is normally somewhere in there just not this post, the word “shame on you” for not believing her is somewhere in there, and it always ends with educating people about abuse. Same line over and over again to the point where I can tell when you are writing. Just stop, please. If I can figure it out, I am sure many more can figure it out. And your book reviews on amazon always start with I read this book in one or two days and it was inspiring. couldnt out it down. It is obv. now so please just stop. If the abuse really happened than take some time to heal, instead of taking out your aggression on those of us who don’t believe you. If you were really abused, you should have nothing to prove to anyone. There is no need for all this!

  • Joanne

    The problem is that she is seen as a manipulative person who lies about everything, so there is no reason to believe her about this. And she comes across as a very aggressive, out of control person herself. She seems like someone who would be an abuser. The reason her stories “ring true” for other abuse victims is that she has stolen the stories of other abuse victims and is using them for her own purposes. Not every abuse victim is a white-collar, college-educated, business owner who happens to work with DV victims, who married and had a child later life, and has fabulously wealthy friends begging them to come stay in their palatial mansions to escape the abuse. But that does describe Taylor.

  • Tery

    I have read the all the books written by David Pelzer and it took him years to write about his abuse. He didn’t throw one together months after his abusers death. If this women was actually abused , I feel very sorry for her. But by writing this book as soon as her husband dies ( no matter what the timeline) will be overall detrimental to her daughters mental health. If If Kennedy was witness to any of the abuse she will have problems no matter what, but this tell all book , does seem like a way to generate funds , in the face of Taylor’ s husbands demise. If she is being sued by numerous people and is in the financial trouble she claims to be what better way to get money and sympathy from not only the bravo viewers but also those people who are suing her. Fact is, abuse is ugly, no matter the type, but as a mother, you must ask yourself, is what I’m doing now going to be the best decision I can make for my daughter in the long run?

  • James

    Funny that people want to vilify Taylor for writing a book but they’re calling Russell a “good man” who has a “good name.”

    If he was abusive to his ex, why isn’t anyone calling Barbara or Aiden or the countless people who are suing Rissell for swindling them horrible awful people as well?

    The man has no good name to besmirch! He’s a con artist and killed himself to avoid prosecution. But ingress people are more comfortable calling the wife a lying s**t than Russell an abuser. I can’t wrap my brain around it.

    If you Taylor bashers want to educate yourself, pick up a book about abusers like Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft. Abusers rarely, if ever, change their behaviors. So if we believe a judge had good reason to issue a restraining order for Barbara because Russell was abusive to her, then we can intuit Russel, the lying con artist, was abusive to Tay Tay, too. If he’d lived, he would’ve abused the next wife, too.

    As for the folks whining that you can’t speak ill of the dead, I’d ask to think about why that is. We are talking about an abuseive liar. Why do we have to pretend it didn’t happen or go as far to say it’s spoiling his “good name” (cough! cough!) to talk about the things he did?why protect an abuser and call the victim a “grifter.” I’ll never understand why folks are so convinced Taylor was not possibly abused. especially given his history and his control freakishness towards her on the show.

    I’m not a Taylor fan, but she is in no way required to hide this Man’s awful secrets any more just because he’s dead.



  • Emily

    I don’t know why she would make up so many details of abuse. I think there is probably a lot if truth to what she has revealed. And of course she had trouble leaving him; there are so many reasons abused women stay in their relationships. Mainly because they’re afraid. Afraid of being alone, of not being financially stable, afraid of what they’re abuser might do to them or say about them. I don’t know if I agree with her releasing a book so soon after he committed suicide, but I really find it hard to believe that she is making this all up. That man always seemed really controlling and like he had something to hide.



  • Rachel

    This is really sad that people have to doubt her on this. On a side note her daughters birthday was sponsored by all those people just to get on tv, she didn’t actually pay the 40-50 grand, especially when she had no access to the accounts. In the show it shows her asking him for money for the littlest things, even if they were going to dinner and him questioning all her motives. How can you not see how psychotic and controlling this man was?! Look at the white party and when they got in the limo after being kicked out, you could tell she was scared of the repercussions and when he said they were lying she gave a sideways look and wouldn’t talk, there was soooo much tension there. He has always been creepy, even before allegations of the abuse came to play. Take the first season when he always wanted to leave early and wouldn’t talk to anyone and always had to be watching Taylor and making her leave when he wanted. This man was seriously disturbed. I’m shocked by how many people point fingers at her being the liar and then wonder why victims of abuse stay with their’s because people like this who are first to shut her down. As for his ex wife… Screw her, it’s okay for Russell to beat her but he definintely wouldn’t do it to Taylor because… She just must not of loved him? Where does she get off being a VICTIM and thinking she’s the only one who could have suffered at the hands of this monster. Excuse me but abusers dont exactly have a limit per person, I don’t understand why barbara didn’t stay with him if he’s not a bad guy.

    Grow up people.

  • Mrs.Gianni

    All you WOMEN, who continue to trash talk Taylor, are F’n stupid!!

    Get a life, “oh the stories don’t add up” “Why is she talking about it now”…..Blah Blah Blah!!

    If you don’t believe her, then stop reading about her….

    I am sure EVERYONE has something better to do, other then talking about someone…NONE of you know at all!!

    If she wants to write a book, who cares??!! You all don’t have to read it…

    I read the comments because I find it funny that you dumb WOMEN spend so much time talking about something you have no idea about….obviously!!

    • jocelyn weiners


    • dosi

      you are as dumb as a door knob

  • Karen

    Entertainment Tnight did hold the bruised photo out as the direct result of Russell hitting Taylor, not that it was from recronstructive surgery a month later. The videos from ET are in YouTube and can easily be verified. Also, from the original alleged hit, Taylor had zero bruising. This only happens to people under 14; adults bruise from orbital socket injuries according to an orbital surgeon specialist.

    This article is very one sided, and does not point out any of Taylor’s other inconsistencies with her stories. Given the great deal of disbelief over her stories, it seems that she is doing a great disservice to true DV victims. People never doubt DV victims, but in Taylor’s case, so many do … that says a lot about the veracity of her claims.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Have corrected the statement about Entertainment Tonight, and included the video above.

  • Lulu

    Taylor’s lies are being exposed. There is a timeline on Go there and see how her lies and dates of her injuries do not match up. Most of the people who don’t believe her story are true abuse victims like myself.
    Her motive was to get out of the MMR lawsuit that she and Russell were part of where they scammed people out of their investments. She passed herself off as a member of the Ford motor company to scam people. She legally changed her name (several times) to do this. And who would drag their daughter to a book signing for her dead father just after there was a supposed death threat to the daughter just days before? Not only that,but then she has the daughter signing red hearts in the book cover for the fans at the book signing. Putting a heart in a book in which her mom is using to exploit her dead father. Nice.

  • Callie

    Taylor is manipulative, lying trash…a wretched woman.
    Hope Bravo dumps her. At best, she creates discomfort for viewers.

  • KittyKat

    I believe Taylor. As a Victim of abuse, I know firsthand how it is hard to leave someone you love because of fear and issues of being alone.

    I hope this woman gets her power back and confidence. She is a beautiful woman who is trying to help people like me.

    I read the book and cried at the parallels in my own life.

    • Joanne

      Were you a 40-year old successful business owner with a large group of extremely wealthy friends asking you and your child to move into their mansions so that you could escape the abuse? Were you already a DV advocate who was surrounded by other DV victims on a regular basis? Taylor was.

      • Joanne

        And by the way, if you ever watched her tv show, you would know that she already has a very dominant and aggressive personality. A type-A personality is what I would call it. She has no need to “get back” her power or confidence. She never lost it in the first place.

        • TheRealityS**t

          No, she does not have a dominant and aggressive personality. On the contrary, she is very passive.

  • Sunshine

    She is a liar and a grifter and is accusing someone who can’t defend himself….Diane Diamond at the dirty dot com has really shown all of the instances that just don’t match up…I don’t believe a word she says….she has attacked so many people and threatened other housewives (Kim, Brandi, Camille)…she is far from a meek and sad little woman. She is a con artist and a grifter and past legal documents prove that. This book is her way of staying in the lifestyle Russell tried to provide for her…and ended up killing himself because of his debt and her demonization of him on national tv. He has children. Shame on her!

  • kristi

    I was in an abusive marriage and its very hard to believe Taylor. Knowing what its like to live in fear of your life daily and knowing the resources Taylor had to get herself and kennedy cut of harms way makes her story hard to swallow. Abusers are also jealous controlling monsters. My ex was alot like she descibed Russell to be and I would have never in a million years agreed to see a male strip show. If your getting beat for all those years every 6 weeks like Taylor claims, and spied on and accused of adultery, you start to modify your behavior to avoid conflict. We also saw her on t.v. flirting with men at kennedys cowboy party, she even jumped in the arms of one of the crew. I just dont see any of her behavior in season 1 or 2 consistent with someone who was a punching bag for 5 years. Neither Russell and Taylor were saints. The couple kept up a busy night life with lots of alchohol and cameras caught many of Taylors drunken outburts so Im sure it was a rocky violent marriage but I believe she gave it as good as she got it.

  • Mslux

    I think some of you are forgetting one fact- you’re calling this woman a liar and defending the “honor” of a man who killed himself….. I don’t think I really need to point out that obviously that means there was SOMETHING off about him…..taking his mental state into consideration, I’m not so sure I would be quick to doubt her claims. Just sayin’. Its not so black and white, its really an unfortunate situation.

  • Diana

    Dead men tell no tales.

    I don’t think anyone will ever truly know if these events actually occurred. If they didn’t, she should be ashamed of herself for perpetuating such vicious stories, especially given the fact that her husband is not here to defend himself.

  • Leah

    I don’t even have to read that to say what I think, that he killed himself!!

  • Kemper

    She didnt have a problem taking a lie detector test to prove that she wasnt cheating on Russell..

    Why doesnt she take one now and end the debate on if shes telling the truth or not?


    Alot of what she said last year season never made any sense to me. But the hardest one for me is why would he ever allow her or himself to be part of a Fundraiser for Domestic Violence if he was the one abusing her. And no one ever brings this up either on the show or on the Reunion about how you are a Advocate for abused women because she herself was one in the PAST, I am so baffled by this. i have never liked her it always seemed to me that she would talk about Russell to the girls to almost get them to be on her side and then when they were on her side and didn’t like Russell because of all that she said about him was negative it’s kinda hard to like someone after that. She would then be mad or beg them to like or be nice to him. to me it was like she was afraid of what she said would get back to him and he would be like you said what??? i don’t think she was ever afraid that he would beat her up.I think she thought that he would of defended himself and exposed her. I mean if you are in an abused situation and you know that he is the jealous type why would you ever go to a Bachelorette party, maybe this is just me, but I would start to think oh no if I act this way it might set him off, I woudl be on egg shells constantly and you start to withdraw from your freinds as well. Which I never saw she made sure that she was at every event and by herself which again if he was so controlling why would he ever let her out of his sight??? but that is just me

  • Disgusted

    This is exactly how passive – aggressive psychos get away with murder.
    This woman is lying, look at her behavior on the show, she is the MOST aggressive woman on HW, all the while accusing others of “what she is doing”.
    Remember the exchange with Lisa? While Taylor gets what she wants, everything is fine, but if she doesn’t hear what she wants to hear,…heaven help you, the psycho will have you hung in your own home.
    His body not even cold yet, and she’s off with the lawyer…..NOT typical behavior for someone who is a victim of domestic violence….
    His family should take out the insurance policy now, mark my words he will become an “abuser”, just before his unexplained death,
    “Amazing Death…lawyer hangs himself on his own toothbrush!” (Investigation findings of “Natural Causes”)
    This witch is dangerous, warn your friends.

  • Hallie

    Well, this case is hard most abuse cases that go unreport comes down to a he said she said cinerio. If she really was abuse my heart goes out to her if she is lying that is the most discussing thing another person can do. I have had my doubt about her from the begining she really hasn’t responded like an abused women in season one lisa said she is a manipulator and i have to agree it feels like she has had been manipulating all this. No there was no way she could know he would kill himself but if she was going for divorce and wanted a huge settlement what better way then to set the ground work with the women. Also, i started to be suspicious when the girls went to cameils place in colardo and she had her so called break down when she was on the bed with kim she said she was afraid of going back to being broke not being afraid for her life. The second reason i had doubts was her fight with camille at lisa’s house her reaction seemed off. She didn’t seem aftraid like she said later on in the season but more afraid her lyes would be exposed. I have know abused people and what they go through and i can’t shake the feeling that all this was a creative plan on her part to get sympathy on her side from everyone so that she could keep the money from a divorce and show she wasn’t responsible for any debts that russell had and considering she made a point in season one in saying her marriage was mostly buisness i find it hard to believe she was unaware of forced into anything.

  • MamaB L

    I always saw taylor as a liar and potential killer but now that I watch her on couples therapy, I am certain. She is a sociopath who will continue her path until she is stopped by law enforcement

  • womp

    She is insane. 100%. Watching season one, you can tell she is a no one trying to do a society climb and thought she could marry this guy and do so. Turns out he wasn’t as wealthy as he let on. She is a forever victim peppered with some ownership for a real affect. Its sick she was even given a public platform and then brought so many people into her sick issues. This poor man killed himself and we have no idea what the truth is. Even if it was ever cleared up, this would forever taint him.

  • Katerina

    Her picture clearly depicts her with a black eye but if you notice it’s not as swollen & is yellowing around the edges. If those pictures were taken the night of surgery- I would have some questions because how was she able to hide that or the surgery at the white party? It is impossible for them to be the night of the punch, as that bruise shows signs of healing. Look at boxers, when punched the bruise swells and is red in color after contact. Purples/black eyes are how it looks the next day, yellowing purple with no swelling shows healing. It’s one of the last steps of healing.

    Furthermore if you have your head slammed between the car door & it’s frame (as that’s how I took her recount) it leaves marks and causes trauma. There is no way to slam it enough to hurt yet not leave a mark.

    I don’t think she is telling the truth, if she took pictures that night she did so for evidence- if she did it then why wouldn’t she have more pictures? Her story seems off. First season she made comments about him not paying her attention & in the beginning shocked them all saying she had to chase him at first, the all thought she was