Anti-gay activists One Million Moms ask JC Penney to fire Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson

Ellen DeGeneres is working with JC Penney (rebranded as JCP) as they try to rejuvenate their company (the ads with all the screaming didn’t exactly help with that, somebody page Don Draper.)

But thanks to the anti-gay conservative Christian activist group One Million Moms (which only has about 40,000 likes on Facebook, btw) JCP’s getting some extra free press. OMM calls for a boycott of JCP’s products unless they drop Ellen, just because she’s openly gay. Forget that an average of over 3 million people watch her daytime talk show every weekday, and that most of these people are moms, some of them even conservative Christians who don’t necessarily support gay rights but still appreciate Ellen’s nice brand of humor, fun and family friendly silliness.

OMM wrote this on their website: “Funny that J.C. Penney thinks hiring an open homosexual spokesperson will help their business when most of their customers are traditional families. More sales will be lost than gained unless they replace their spokesperson quickly. Unless J.C. Penney decides to be neutral in the culture war, then their brand transformation will be unsuccessful.”

A spokesperson for the gay rights organization GLAAD fired back While designated hate groups try to start ‘culture wars,’ it’s clear that a vast majority of Americans today support Ellen as well as their LGBT friends and family members,”¬†Herndon Graddick, a senior GLAAD official, said in a statement, using the acronym for lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender persons. “Selecting an out performer who has inspired and entertained millions is not only a smart business practice, but a reflection of how LGBT Americans today are an integral and valued part of the fabric of our culture.”

The Huffington Post even noticed a OMM supporter writing on their Facebook Page that a boycott of JC Penney over Ellen being gay was “silly.” The commenter said: “I certainly don’t agree with Ellen’s lifestyle. However, I won’t stop shopping at [JC Penney] just because she’s the spokesperson. That’s so silly.”

Guess the OMM don’t buy Covergirl products either. (Fast fact, CoverGirl experienced a tremendous increase in sales after they hired Ellen for a campaign in 2008.)

For some reason a Bob Dylan song comes to mind:

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  • tab

    i’m a mom and damn proud to NOT be part of this disgusting organization.

  • Deena

    What is an “anti-gay conservative Christina activist group?” Does Starcasm NOT have an editor?

    • D

      Sometimes I do wonder…

      • Starcasm Staff

        As we stated above, because this is a small-staffed blog we do not have the chance to polish every single post to perfection before publication, so errors ARE made, way more than we would like. But we do continuously proofread throughout the day and try to spot errors and add to articles as much as possible. We do appreciate when readers point out our mistakes, and continue to strive to be as close to zero errors as possible.

      • Starcasm Staff

        Even sites run by large media conglomerates don’t have proofreaders (not editors, an editor’s job isn’t to read through every word on a website, or newspaper, that would be an impossible task every day; an editor’s job is more to provide direction) who find every single error, especially in the time-sensitive driven internet publishing culture.

        • Mandy

          Would you like me to powder your hand?

          • Starcasm Staff

            We appreciate the all the feedback we get, and apologize for any mistakes. : )

    • Starcasm Staff

      Thanks for pointing that out. And no, since this is a blog with a small budget and staff, every single post is not combed through to perfection before publication, but we do proofread and polish continuously. Thank you for pointing out this error. Much appreciated!

  • Mandy

    If they fired Ellen I would never shop there again! Ok you got me I already don’t shop there…

  • Posh

    Thats disgusting, I hope for all the members of OMM to be hunted by Big Gay Al at night lol On the side note, i didnt know Ellen was JCP spokesperson, maybe ill finally start to shop there…not

  • getalife

    Whether you are gay or not does not have any bearing on a spokesperson come on people this is the year 2012!!!! It has no bearing on the clothing. She is not telling people to turn GAY, Grow up people. I am a family mom and this does not bother me. You teach your children that everyone is different and should be treated equally…at least I hope you do.

  • Sarah

    So, according to this group, the ONE AND ONLY reason why JC Penney chose Ellen as their spokesperson was because she’s homosexual and the company wants to push the homosexual agenda? Could it instead be that Ellen is brilliant, funny, and would be recognized by most Americans? Use your brains, OMM. Her sexuality likely had NOTHING to do with why she was chosen.

  • Whit

    Organizations like this are never content unless they have something to cry about & boycott. Even if they did succeed in getting the majority of their supporters to boycott JCP, I’m sure the dent in sales wouldnt even be big enough to be noticed. From what I know, the small-minded, far right wing, Stepford Wives don’t form a large enough percentage to matter anyways.