Mob Wives star “Big Ang” is a convicted felon and former cocaine dealer

Angela Raiola was a cocaine dealer

This is one of those cases where I implore you not to kill the messenger. We have really enjoyed us some “Big Ang” from Mob Wives, and we’ve written in detail about her ties to “the life.” Well it looks like those ties we’re tighter than we thought as court papers reveal that the 51-year-old is a convicted felon and was busted on numerous occasions selling cocaine.

The DEA and New York Police Department teamed up for what they called, “Operation White Heat,” which was an 18-month probe focusing on a mob-tied drug ring in Brooklyn. Angela Raiola was one of 15 defendants indicted, and later convicted, for her part in the illegal operation. How illegal? We’re talking about the distribution of marijuana, crack cocaine, and powdered cocaine.

Raiola was described by the feds as an associate of the ring’s leader. She was given cocaine for “street level distribution” and she would sell it at the Brooklyn bars where she worked. “White Heat” included some serious undercover police work and wire tapping which resulted in Angela being caught on tape discussing her illegal activities.

She was once overheard complaining about the lousy quality of some of the cocaine she was being asked to sell. Raiola said, “Everybody hates that sh!t.” In a separate recorded chat she can be heard telling the ring leader, who was sentenced to 13-years in prison where he remains as of this post, to come by and get his cash because, “she did not like to hold it.”

Based on these discoveries “Big Ang” was indicted on 6 felony counts. 1 count was for conspiracy to distribute and the other 5 were all associated with sales she made to a confidential informant. When she was arrested by law enforcement she was found with 14 small plastic bags containing cocaine.

Raiola was freed on $100,000 bond and pleaded guilty to the indictment’s top count. In October of that same year she was sentenced to 3-years probation and had to spend 4-months confined at home. In July of 2004, a judge changed the status of her probation, requiring her to to enroll in “an outpatient and/or inpatient drug treatment or detoxification program.”

In light of this information does this change your opinion of Angela? It certainly quiets down those who claim that she has no ties to the mob and that she’s just a “TV Gangsta.”

Court doc information via The Smoking Gun.

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  • Shoemommy

    I still LOVE her!!! Everyone makes mistakes.

  • olivia


  • Diana

    Still love her, regardless. Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately sometimes those are BIG mistakes, as is the case with this. I’m sure she learned from it, and honestly, everyone deserves a second chance.

  • JoAnn Santoro

    Still love her, hope she makes enough money now that she does’t have to resort to that sort of thing!

  • Kendall

    she’s a f***ing G! Certified. Im coming to her bar

  • rosa

    I love her even more cuz she talks the lifestyle and not this gives her even more street cred. LMAO. This just adds to her larger than life swagger.

  • Richard Wilson

    I love her celebrity. Also, so what she sold some cocaine, now she is a reality star. She has turned a new leaf and is making a change. Let’s support her in being a success!

  • maria

    Love her too. Really down to earth person. Like Rene too, but not so much the others.

  • clw

    Doesn’t really change my opinion, growing up and/or being apart of Mob’s/Mob Families… it’s apart of the life.

  • Laura

    I love “Big Ang” as well as watching the Mob Wives show. We all make mistakes. I think all the girls are trying to turn their lives around knowing their background is apart of them. This show is the only one on tv that’s the most truthful one of all. I’ll keep watching the “Mob Wives”…Hope to oneday meet “Big Ang”…I’m born & raised in New York…

  • Alicia

    Love Big Ang. She brings a good feel to the show. Everyone has some kind of past. Her bigger than life personality over shines it. Her laugh is hysterical and I love how she mentions her likes for “wise guys”. LOL YOUR AWSOME BIG ANG xoxox

  • Holly

    I, like the others here, LOVE Ang. Who cares what she did, we all make bad choices. It does not change the fact that she has an AWESOME personality and cares about people.

  • Rach

    I LOVE Big Ang! That is the point she is on Mob Wives because of the shlt she has been through and done. I love her laugh and have laughed out loud at some of the shit she says. She is awesome! <3