UPDATE Teen Mom Jenelle Evans arrested for violating domestic violence protective order

Jenelle Evans mug shot booking photo January 16 2012

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is behind bars again, this time for violating a domestic violence protective order according to a news release from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department. The arrest occurred Monday night at around 7:15 and she will be spending the night in jail.

UPDATE – We spoke to Jenelle’s manager, Leo Daniels (Facebook, Twitter), who tells us it was Hannah Inman who claims Jenelle broke a protective order by attempting to harass her via phone, internet or other means. He also tells us that because it is a “BOGUS repeat” offense they have to keep Jenelle overnight.

UPDATE – We just spoke with Jenelle’s attorney, Dustin Sullivan, who summed up what has happened so far this way: “Jenelle was charged with Domestic Violence Protection Order Violation last night. She spent the night in jail and we had a first appearance in court this morning. Her bond was set at $1000.00 secured. Her next court date is set for February 6, 2012. She is facing 75 days of active jail.” Dustin also spoke with TMZ and told them Hannah alleges Jenelle sent her a text. And according to the warrant for Jenelle’s arrest, Hannah has also accused Jenelle of posting links to a nude photo of Hannah on her own fan site. (TMZ also has exclusive photos of Jenelle arriving for court this morning.)

Less than a week ago (January 10, 2012,) Jenelle was arrested for “harrassing phone calls” and “threatening the life” of Hannah Inman. Jenelle was released within hours that day, and her lawyer called the charges against her retaliatory because she filed cyber stalking charges against former boss James Duffy (with whom Hannah Inman is reportedly living.) We weren’t able to confirm when Jenelle’s charges against James Duffy were filed, but we were able to report January 12, 2012, that charges were filed at some point. Click here to read all of our coverage of the drama between Jenelle, Hannah, and James Duffy.

NOTE: The above mug shot is from Brunswick County. It was taken January 16, 2012. It looks very similar to Jenelle’s mug shot taken last week, but in this one she is wearing a different pink sweater, is wearing glasses, her hair is parted differently, and her face is less puffy because she was sick with strep throat last week.

Here is the definition of a domestic violence protective order as it pertains to the state of North Carolina from Womenslaw.org:

A domestic violence protective order (DVPO) is also called a restraining order, or a 50B. It is a paper which is signed by a judge and tells your abuser to stop the abuse or face serious legal consequences. It offers civil legal protection from domestic violence to both women and men victims.

What types of protective orders are there? How long do they last?

In NC, there are two types of domestic violence protective orders:

1. Ex parte/Temporary protective orders
2. Final domestic violence protective orders (also called a DVPO or a 50B order or a restraining order).

An ex parte/temporary protective order is a court order designed to provide you and your family members with immediate protection from your abuser. A judge may issue an ex parte order on the same day you file your complaint for a domestic violence protective order if s/he believes that there is a serious and immediate danger to you or your child. If the judge does not issue the ex parte order on the same day, the court must hear the request for an ex parte order within 72 hours or by the end of the next day on which the court is in session in the county of the filing, whichever occurs first. An ex parte/temporary protective order is usually issued without your abuser present (“ex parte”).

In order to get a final domestic violence protective order, you need to have a full court hearing. Your abuser has to be served with notice of the hearing so he has an opportunity to attend. An ex parte/temporary protective order will protect you from the time the ex parte order is entered until your full court hearing takes place, usually within 10 days. However, the ex parte order will not be able to be enforced until the defendant is served with a copy of the order.

A final domestic violence protective order (also called a DVPO or a 50B order or restraining order) offers the same type of protection as an ex parte/temporary protective order, but it lasts longer. Since it lasts longer, you will have to have a full court hearing to get a final domestic violence protective order. In this hearing, your abuser will have a chance to defend himself.

A final domestic violence protective order lasts up to one year. You can ask the court to extend the order for an additional two years (with the exception of the custody provisions), but you must do so before it expires.* (See How do I modify or extend my order?)

NOTE – stalking/harassment: If you have not had a “personal relationship” with your abuser, harasser or stalker, you may be eligible for a protective order against stalking or sexual harassment.**

UPDATE: Jenelle was released from jail Tuesday, January 17, 2012 on $1,000 bond. According to TMZ (who also has pictures of Jenelle shackled and wearing prison stripes) she was upset, and has a court date set for February 6, 2012.

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    • Mwe

      You’re a piece of trash. Laughing about other people’s problems?? I hope Karma bits your behing, HARD. You deserve it.

      • Lexxie

        Well at least we don’t come on a snark website and put down other posters. There is a word for that, one that describes YOU well…TROLL in behavior, personality and I, suspect, appearnce as well!

      • Wow

        Bits….BITS you in the ass? Really?! It’s BITES. And also *BEHIND, NOT behing. Not sure that word is even in the dictionary. If you wanted to come back with a snarky reply, you should’ve used everyone’s favorite pal, spell check.

        • Lexxie

          LOL! Wow…

  • carrie

    who smiles for their mug shot photos?! only Jenelle!!!!

  • Paige

    I probably should have noticed this sooner, considering how many mug shots she has, but this girl is tiny! Barely 5 feet tall, jeez.

    • Emmii

      Never realized it myself. Kinda seems true about angry short people lol.



    • who

      Who is Chaz?

      • Lindsey

        Um, Tucker… the baby’s name is Jace, not Chaz.

    • Kayd

      Whos Chaz? Obviously you don’t watch the show…. Jenelles sons name is jace…

      • its1999

        “Chaz” lmao

    • Baby Gee

      Tucker if her mother wasn’t suck a controlling obsessive B**ch then janelle maybe could see her kid. She didn’t raise janelle right so she tried to take over with jace because she felt guilt for not being a good mother for janelle. i think janelle has made alot of improvements. she just needs to let the boys alone and worry about school and working on mending her family issues…. other then that i think she tries alot more then we all know and barbra is keeping her from being a full fledged mother to Jace!

    • ER

      “Chaz”. Thanks, Tucker for starting my day off with a laugh :)

    • imfourandwhatisthis

      Chaz?? Wut?

    • kel

      Can’t stop laughing at the Chaz thing hahahahahahahhaaha hilarious


        OMG, i knooooow LOL!!

  • Bri

    Surprise, surprise. She is damned to repeat her mistakes over and over. It’s quite tragic, really.

    On a side note, did her boyfriend delete his Twitter? It seems to have disappeared.

  • Melissa

    From the looks of it, she seems pretty happy of herself. ::shakes head:: I feel sorry for her poor little boy, he doesn’t ask for any of this.

  • jessy

    ha who is chaz? can’t really see how you get chaz and jace mixed up lol but def agree jenelle is a real piece of work she’s nothing but a piece of shit cannot even call herself a mother doesn’t know the first thing about having responsibility and being grown up I hope she rots in jail cause as soon as she gets out most likely she is ending right back up in the slammer. THERE IS NO HOPE FOR THIS BITCH!

    • amy cram

      okay well all of you are calling her horrible names and you dont even know her!!!!I too was a young mother and for those of you who dont know, it is a really hard thing to raise a child when you are still in need of being raised yourself.She will eventually get the hang of things ppl just need to give her time, instead of running her into the ground!!~!! Let me guess probably half of you dont even have children and do not know how much of a difficult task it can be to take care of children so you probably shouldnt even be opening your mouths.As for the guy that doesnt even know her sons name and thinks its chaz!!! Wow you definately Know nothing about her and Definately should not be including your input!!!!!!!!!!!thanks oh and P/S- HANNAH I THINK YOU ARE IN NEED OF GROWING UP UP A LIL BIT, JUST SAYIN’

      • kristie

        she is an adult now, time to grow up. if your old enoug to spread your legs, and get pregnant, its time to grow up.

      • Elizabeth

        I totally disagreed I watch her since she was on sixteen & pregnant everything that comes out of her mouth is stupid that girl is the perfect example of a person that only cares about them self how could you not see that????? as soon as she had her son she treated him like and object c’on she compared having a child as being in jail who says something like that of their own child???? I know its hard having a kid and more difficult being a teenager but c’on theres no excuse for THAT girl. Look at the other teen moms on the show all of them have their issues but they always put their children first. I just think shes trash the way she talks to her mom and ignores her poor baby its heartbreaking too watch sometimes she has no respect for anyone and the thing that drives me nuts is that at the end shes always the victim WOW really… I just really dislike her she has no motherly instinct at all SAD…. Ugh she makes me sick and I hope she doesn’t get her child soon thats my opinion she sucks!!!!!!

  • its1999

    Lock this b*tch up and throw away the key.

  • Lindsay

    Jenelle is not going to learn until she either goes away to a rehab if needed or spends a little bit of time behind bars………..And I so do not wish jail on my worst enemy! She really disappointed me the episode she would not get up and “watch” her son so her mother could pay the water/sewage bill at a house she lives in as well and Jace! I’ve been through some stuff in my life! I got pregnant at 16! I was an addict! I messed up alot! But I could not stand to stomach how much my children needed mom! And cold Turkey done Changed my whole life! Its never too late and I just hope she watches herself and changes! Alot of them! Goodluck ladies! Those beautiful lil souls you brought in to the world are #1! Best Wishes <3 You all have beautiful babies!!

    • catdoc

      She’s already been to rehab.

  • sarah

    Uhm, isn’t this her last mugshot when she was really sick? Nice photoshop job thoo.

    • Starcasm Staff

      No, it is not photoshopped. This is a different mug shot. This mug shot is also on TMZ and other sites reporting on this.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Compare it with last week’s mug shot: http://starcasm.net/archives/138282 Hair is parted completely different, her face is less putty, glasses, different outfit.

      • Baby Gee

        Its a real picture.. the other picture she had a black tee and dark pink hoodie.. and she didn’t have glasses. this one she is wearing a light pink sweater with black glasses. definately a different picture.. and you people need to lay off her alittle ..if her mother wasn’t suck a controlling obsessive B**ch then janelle maybe could see her kid. She didn’t raise janelle right so she tried to take over with jace because she felt guilt for not being a good mother for janelle. i think janelle has made alot of improvements. she just needs to let the boys alone and worry about school and working on mending her family issues…. other then that i think she tries alot more then we all know and barbra is keeping her from being a full fledged mother to Jace!

        • Mandy

          I guess you missed last weeks episode when Jenelle was living for free in her mothers home and her mom was BEGGING her to watch Jace for 20 minutes so she could run and pay a bill (for the home Jenelle lives in!) She wouldn’t even get out of bed and yelled at her mom to leave her alone! She won’t even BABYSIT her own son for 20 minutes!!! And that’s with cameras on her. Can you imagine when they aren’t there? Poor Jace!!!

  • Katie

    All I have to say is this may be recent. But Ive only seen this on this website. Um domestic. So that is an automatic hold time. As in no matter you can’t bail out for 12 hours. Usually people already are made to change clothes before their mug shot especially if your gonna have to be in there any period of time. Just saying the photo doesn’t look quit real.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Check TMZ and all the other websites reporting on this. They are also using this mug shot.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Compare it with last week’s mug shot: http://starcasm.net/archives/138282 It’s a different mug shot.

  • Lauren

    Well isn’t someone happy to be in jail? I don’t even smile that big on Christmas!

  • Jen

    Jenelle has a manager? for what? LOL! This girl is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    Jenelle always lies tho! Thats what her manager and her lawyer don’t understand

  • me

    Umm just because other websites use this picture doesn’t make it real just saying. If whatever county she lives if they have cuffed it will have her mugshot. Idk if its just my county I live in that has it or not tho.

    • Starcasm Staff

      You’re right, just because it’s on other websites doesn’t mean it’s real. But this mug shot IS REAl, it’s from Brunswick County. Her hair is parted differently, she’s wearing glasses, her face is less puffy, and her outfit is different than the mug shot from last week: http://starcasm.net/archives/138282

  • Bri

    Geez people layoff of Starcasm. The girl got arrested, who cares about her picture? It doesn’t change anything, she is still in jail. Although, her smiling and appearing happy in her mug shot (she’s such an idiot) does add comedic value.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Thanks! But the mug shot is very real.

  • Christa Noel

    Okay so if this was taken on “January 6” then why does the stamp on the pic say the 16th which was Monday (yesterday) unless this was actually taken yesterday. Did I somehow get confused? In my opinion I would guess this pic to be fake but what do I know.. According to (I don’t know how true this is) Keiffer’s website profiles, he’s been locked up since either August or September. I think Janelle could be a good mom she just needs to get her priorities straight and focus on her son and getting her life together. Instead of being immature and getting stuck on a guy who is not necessarily good for her. She’s got a lot more growing up to do.

    • Starcasm Staff

      It was taken on the 16th. The above “January 6” was a typo, and has been corrected. This mug shot is from yesterday, January 16, 2012, is from Brunswick County, and has not been doctored. We apologize for the typo, and can’t believe we did it because we added that bit to try to clarify that the mug was taken on the 16th.

      • Mandy

        Awww! Your loyal readers know you wouldn’t photoshop something and pass it as real. You only photoshop for hilarity. :)

        • Lexxie

          I know you were being humorous, but there is a whole slew of posters who don’t have ANY understands of what the word SARCASM actually means (and no, I’m not trying to be sarcastic :-)).
          from Dictionary.com

             [sahr-kaz-uhm] Show IPA
          harsh or bitter derision or irony.
          a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

  • coco

    I swear she is on a roll. I thought this was an old story. Janelle is Amber Jr. I swear. And why is she smiling?? Janele’s best bet is to move away from NC and these toxic people. No one needs this much drama in their life.

  • cat

    im not a big fan of janelle (but dont hate on her height, im only 5ft too lol) but im kind of wondering if people arent using the fact that janelle has a temper and a bad rap already to get attention to themselves or to make her look worst. she has surrounded herself with bad people who use her “fame” and who help her make bad decisions. she is going to stay stuck in this vicious circle until she grows up and sees her “friends” for who they really are. seems like the ones that she has lived with in the past all have some kind of jail drama or baby daddy drama etc…


      lol, I am only 4’11 AND 16!

  • unknown85

    I’m sorry but there is no doubt that this photo is a fake!!! I don’t can what they say is different…computers can do wonders for making ppl look different it’s called photo shop. She needs help yes BUT no one smiles that big for a mug shot!!!! you can’t always beleive everything you read or see about these girls. Just sayin

    • Nathan

      Why are you people making such a big deal about the mug shot? What difference does it make?

  • ash

    I wouldnt trust leo daniels (her manager) he claims they have been friends for years and he says he doesnt charge her a fee for being her manager! He will say ANYTHING at this point..hes in full damage control mode!

    • catdoc

      Why does this stupid girl have a manager? She needs a FATHER and a MOTHER.

      So much for her career as a surgical technician!

  • me

    Wow I can’t believe how stupid the morons are in this comment section. Like the person above me for example. “unknown85”


    Everyone who is NOT a fan of Jenelle and DO NOT agree with her actions as a mother. PLEASE go to her fan page on Facebook and comment!! Her “die hard” followers support every action and say she has “changed!”

  • kristie

    she is a child mentally, shes more worried about sleeping, boys, and drugs. i was a teen mom, i know how it is, but if your not a strong person, you wont make it. its not all her fault, her mom should have established a bond with her instead of putting her down and insulting her, one person can only take sooo much before they snap.

  • OhMyGeez

    Janelle, learn to let go of things and move on. There is this little person named Jace who would love to have half the attention you keep giving these loser friends of yours.

  • With a Grain of Salt

    I think Janelle has made a lot-and I do mean A LOT-of mistakes, but surely even she isn’t this stupid. She allegedly sent a text message? I think those can be faked. It will be interesting to see this play out.

    • catdoc

      How do you fake a text message coming from another phone? Text messages have become admissable evidence, just like any other telephone record.

  • Bri

    Jenelle DID post a nude photo of Hannah. That is ridiculous and HELL YES she should get in trouble for that. I don’t like either one of them but when you’re wrong, you’re wrong; Jenelle is wrong.

    Does anyone remember when she made a fake Facebook account to try and trap Kieffer? She posted fake pictures and spent tons of time making a fake profile. If this girl is that crazy then it isn’t far-fetched to believe she has been harassing Hannah, or whomever else. She can’t let anything go and gets extremely consumed by trivial matters. She needs to serve some time and get it over with. She hasn’t learned anything and has been given a million chances and more than enough money to live a decent life and get her son back. I hope the next Judge she has recognizes how many chances she’s been given and locks her up.

    Also, people should shut up about the mug shot. How annoying that must be for Starcasm.