Teen Mom 2’s Corey Simms breaks up with girlfriend Summer Tavarez

Corey Simms breaks up with girlfriend Summer Tavarez

It seems like only yesterday we were profiling Corey Simms’ new girlfriend Summer Tavarez, a 24-year-old manager of a tanning salon in Kanawha City, West Virginia. The couple appeared to be head over heels in love with each other, and we couldn’t have been happier for them. But it seems the match wasn’t one made in heaven because the two appeared to have split.

It all happened while Summer was vacationing in California and came a little over three weeks after the couple made their relationship public back on December 23. The first indications came in the form of subtle tweets from Summer:

Summer Tavarez breaks up with Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms

The confirmation came yesterday when both Summer and Corey changed their Facebook relationships statuses to “single:”

Corey Simms cahnges his Facebook relationship status to single
Summer Tavarez changes Facebook relationship status to single after break up with Corey Simms

And just in case that wasn’t enough circumstantial evidence for you, here’s a real heartbreaker. Check out these excited tweets from Summer and Corey back in December and then Summer’s tweet from yesterday:

Summer Tavarez offers up Blake Shelton tickets meant as a Christmas gift for Corey Simms

Ohhhhh man – Blake Shelton tickets! And a Christmas gift to boot. That’s painful. (Something tells me Summer won’t have any trouble finding a taker on that extra ticket – there are lots of folks in West Virginia and all over this great country who love Blake Shelton and who love an attractive single young woman 😉 )

Our best goes out to Corey and Summer – they both seem to be taking it relatively well and there doesn’t seem to be much animosity between them, so we’ll just chalk it up to two young people in a young relationship that didn’t work out. Meanwhile, single men and women in and around Elkview, West Virginia, there are two more eligible peeps on the market! One with an extra Blake Shelton ticket!

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  • told u

    to all the people that said they were in love n dats why she spoke to the media what did i tell u she shouldnt have talked to the media at all cause she hasnt been there long enough n two she was gonna look like an idiot talking to the media when it wasnt going to last between her and corey………

    • Steph

      Nobody knows how to use grammar anymore? Punctuation and capital letters do exist.

      • Andrea

        Who cares! Not every one is good at english so get over it.

        • navflyer

          That was English?

    • Nathan

      Dear “told u,”

      Your comment is literally incomprehensible. Please learn how to spell, use puntuation, and speak in complete sentences.

      Thank you

    • English

      To all the people that said they were in love and that was why she spoke to the media, what did I tell you? She shouldn’t have talked to them at all because she had not been there long enough. She looks like an idiot for talking to them when it didn’t last between she and Corey.

      There were grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, as well as a few major problems with tense. No worries though; apparently, irony for calling someone else an idiot aside, there was a valid opinion in there somewhere.

  • ariana

    i guess he just wasn’t ready…he’s had several girlfriends since the divorce, i guess he’s still hurt…i say just focus and your daughters and be strong corey!

    • angela

      Heyy i agreee with yuh ariana .

  • me

    Jenelle got arrested again today too for the 2nd time in a week.

  • ItsMeAgain

    At least he didn’t get her pregnant..what’s her face, his ex, pregnant and engaged already? She needs to keep her legs closed if, as she claims, her Mirena failed.

  • CICI


  • Miss C

    I thought this was Corey’s facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=524006255

  • Shannon

    He’s a joke. He broke with her in a text after feeding her lies. She is too good for him. Summer is a sweet girl and deserves better!