PHOTOS, VIDEO: Evidence Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner filmed Dubai marriage talk scene after she filed for divorce

A few weeks ago on Kourtney and Kim Take New York Kim Kardashian was seen in a weird car scene with her mom Kris Jenner talking about problems she was having in her marriage to Kris Humphries. (This was the episode where they were in Dubai to open Millions of Milkshakes.)

There were a few things shady with the scene: the car windows were blacked out, and at one point when she’s supposed to be talking to her mom about the divorce, the camera pans away and her voice is completely different. The minute the strange segment aired, Kris Humphries took to Twitter with a cryptic tweet:

“I can’t wait for the truth to come out! People will be surprised or maybe they won’t. #FCC”

Now, new compelling evidence has surfaced that they actually filmed this scene in a studio in L.A., NOT in Dubai. Which explains why the windows were blacked out, but it doesn’t completely explain the strange inserted line (if they were already filming a staged scene, why didn’t they include that line? I’m guessing they decided the scene needed a little more when they got to the editing stage.)

Here is the evidence:

– The car windows were blacked out – who drive around like that?

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner were snapped by the paparazzi leaving a studio December 6, 2011. Kim was wearing the same outfit in the clip, and an assistant was carrying Kris Jenner’s bright purple outfit.

(Image via our pals at Reality Tea:)

The emotions are pretty flat and weird. Hollywood Life had a body language expert tell them that the conversation wasn’t genuine, but the rest of the human race, with our experience being human all our lives and interacting with each other, could tell you that as well.

The crazy conspicuous voice change that jumps out at you like a freakin’ tiger escaped from the zoo. Watch the above video again, or for the first time if you haven’t already, and tell me you don’t notice that weirdness.

Here’s a transcript of the contrived conversation:

Kris: “Are you excited to get home to your hubby?”

Kim (while feverishly texting with her red nails): “Ehhh.”

Kris: “Well?”

Kim (in her signature voice fry): “I mean, not really. I don’t know, I can’t really explain it. Like I feel like a sense of relief that I’m here. I mean, I’ve been wanting to kind of talk to you about this, and I’ve like, just been afraid to like stress you out, but there’s something in my relationship that I just feel, like isn’t right.”

Camera pans to mom Kris, and abreahty, lower toned Kim (that kind of sounds like it may not be Kim at all) says: “I don’t know, I’m just like learning a lot of things about him that I didn’t really learn before (pan to Kim, who’s not talking, then back to Kris) and I don’t know, married life just isn’t what I thought it would be with him.”

Kim (who is talking on camera again, and back to her original voice): “I mean, is this like normal? Should I be feeling this way? I just feel like something like off.

Kris: “No Kim, it’s not normal. It really isn’t normal to feel like you don’t want to home to your brand new husband. This is the stage in your relationship where you should be obsessed with each other, and you miss each other.”

Kim: “How was it, like when you met dad?”

Kris: “Your dad and I were obsessed with each other. I didn’t want him to even go to work. I was so excited for at least 10 years. And the way I felt is the way you should feel. You should be so into the person that you’re married to.”

Now, this shouldn’t be extremely shocking, because A LOT of scenes on these Kardashian shows are really set up, and the conversation often seems fake. The thing that’s upsetting folks here is that it’s supposed to be a mother-daughter convo prior to Kim filing for divorce on Halloween 2011, and all the evidence points to the fact that it was filmed in December. That’s like a whole other level of fake, and makes it seem like Kim and Ko. are working overtime to present her side of the marriage implosion. To be fair to them, they might have had a similar conversation in Dubai off-camera, and felt like they wanted to recreate it for the show. Either way, the fakery of this scene is hard to conceal, and hard to believe they thought the audience would buy it, even without the paparazzi photos.

What do you think about this cherry on top of the divorce fiasco?

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  • Ashley

    Wow, how fake was that? lol!

  • lani

    im kinda disturbed that people thought it was a real marriage.. or that keeping up with the ks/bla bla take new york etcetc is really a ‘reality show’.. it’s-not-real.. its all staged with script and people placement.. same goes for jersey shore!!

  • mzm

    Im over the entire Divorce it’s old news. I honestly do not care how where or why they got divorced she should have called off the wedding before it took place. She would have had better ratings if the wedding was called off. Mamma Jenner needs to just go on vacation and stop putting her family biz out there because it is going to back fire. They would have more respect and Barbie deals going through if they stopped faking their lives. Look at Kourtney she is the only one with no problems because she keeps her mouth shut and is not a walking barbie. Easy on the plastic surgery Kim all the men I know think youve over done it and lost your exotic look. SNOOKI looks better than you with no makeup on!

  • Deena

    hmmm just a thought. Kris said (re: her own marriage) she couldn’t wait for ten years. Isn’t that when the big time alimony kicks in?

  • hahah

    Wow very fake! Also if I remember correctly Kim tweeted that she going to dubai a few days after she filed for divorce so there’s another evidence right there. So fake.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Kim went to Australia after she filed for divorce. The Dubai trip was during her marriage, they just faked this scene to make it seem like they were in Dubai

  • mel

    Old news.

  • Mandy

    And the fact that Kris is moving around like they are off roading while Kim sits there pretty still. Yeah the voice thing was weird it was nasal Kim – regular low voice Kim – nasal Kim. I’m glad I’ve never watched this stupid show!

  • Ash

    What is that image on the bottom left area @ 1:15?

    • Ashley

      i don’t know…looks like a door opening or something?

  • Betsy

    Who cares. It’s a show. It’s a sitcom based loosely around the lives of these people. The people who think that a television show is real life are the only people who will be upset by this.

  • Anne

    You mean people still need evidence to know that show is fake?!? lol

  • Mari

    Omg! Just noticed that…

  • Betty White

    why are we still talking about this. Shoot Me.

  • tab

    you’re way behind the ball on this one, starcasm!

  • Linds

    Something else should be noted:

    Kris was madly “in love” with Robert Kardashian for “10 years” after marriage, yet in her recent memoir she started cheating on him after only a few years of marriage, saying “I hadn’t been touched like that in years”

    Hmmmm… this timeline seems to overlap.

  • Katie

    Has Kim addressed this yet? You should most definitely do a post if she does! I’d like to see what she has to say when she’s caught red-handed. She seems to have an excuse for everything, I’d like to see her excuse for this one.

  • Lizzy

    Whether they r fake or not I still find them entertaining. But if you notice, what they show on air is Kim sitting on the left and Kris on the right. The pix posted above in the article claiming proof it’s fake have them sitting on opposite sides. I don’t recall seeing another clip proving the pictures theory. think of that one!

    • Starcasm Staff

      The pic above isn’t fake! But it was cut and switched for comparison because that’s how Kris and Kim were photographed walking out of a studio. It wouldn’t make sense to have the original screen-shot of Kim above Kris, and Kris above Kim. The evidence isn’t about who was sitting where, it’s about the fact that the scene appears to have been shot in the U.S., in December, when the audience was led to believe it was shot in October in Dubai.

    • Starcasm Staff

      But you’re right that the show is purely for entertainment purposes, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously!

  • rocko

    Disgusting family! Sign the petition at

  • bella

    didn’t anyone notice that the camera shows her holding her phone and you can tell she doesn’t have her rings on. Her rings are huge and she wore them the whole time except in that scene.