Casey Anthony told psychiatrist Caylee was the result of a rape

Casey Anthony photo

The deposition of Casey Anthony’s psychiatrist, Dr. Jeff Danziger, was unsealed earlier today by a Florida judge. His testimony reveals Casey told him her daughter Caylee Anthony was the result of a rape after she got drunk and was possibly drugged at a party when she was 18.

From TMZ:

In the deposition, Danziger cites an interview he had with Casey in November 2010 — claiming, “Two beers, possibly given another drug. Woke up passed out … Don’t remember anything at a party, age 18. This is how she said she got pregnant.”

She claimed she did not know the identity of Caylee’s father.

Dr. Danziger did not believe Casey Anthony showed any signs of mental illnes.

Photo: Casey Anthony released on July 16, 2011
(Credit: Orlando Sentinel / Splash News)

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  • Torimili

    Yeah, I believe that…because she’s never lied about anything up until now right?

  • Piper

    Unicorns,leprechauns,fairies,.? OH unicorns that fart gold glitter…..makes any sense ?
    Hell noooooo ….neither does this sociopath child killer…

  • icantrememberthenameiusedlasttime

    Thanks for using this picture … I hate when articles have a “pretty” pic of her… She’s the lowest form of scum, and I don’t think for a second she even has a remote clue who sweet Caylee’s dad was… Pretty sure her vagina was a freeway.


    Bi%^^& dont even know wat to say anymore anything she says is always a flipping lie i hope she feels the pain her daughter felt the day she dise for the rest of her flipping life as long as she breaths air she deserve to suffer n i hope u does…. media needs to stop giving her a spotlight she needs to go far far away n never show her face again even better she needs to do to herself what u did to her daughter n feel the pain caylee felt my ass she didnt kill her or doesnt know what happenend ……. she needs a reality check

  • amy

    how can so many men get convicted of murder with the barest resemblence of circumstantial evidence and they could not find this thing guilty? it would seem to me many other juries have no problem sentencing someone without a smoking gun.

  • Roxanne

    Great. This is now going to invite a bunch of people to say “s**t shaming” and rape culture misconceptions and say that girls who get drunk and pass out but the guy who takes advantage of them is not rape. So let me say this right now: Casey Anthony HAS lied a lot. That does not mean she has lied about rape. This is NOT impossible. It happens all the time. No one has should say she was or wasn’t raped because guess what? The only people who know if she was raped are her and the guy. DO NOT form a DEFINITE opinion on what did or did not happen to her because you do NOT know. I would not at all be surprised if Caylee has been the product of a rape. Rape would certainly explain why Casey has been a trainwreck. So many people do not get the proper treatment and support after such a trauma.

    Maybe she was raped, maybe she wasn’t, but here’s what I ask: Don’t form an opinion on whether or not she was. Stay neutral about it, because you don’t f**king know. And don’t let this color your views of other rape survivors who may come to you in the future and tell you that they were raped at a party (or raped under any circumstances). Pretending this shit doesn’t happen makes you look just as bad and like a complete fool.

    • Roxanne

      Oh and I must add before all the assumers on this website jump down my throat: I am not saying I support Casey Anthony or that she didn’t kill her daughter, and I’m also not saying she DID kill her daughter. I stick firmly to “reasonable doubt.” The jury didn’t convict her because of reasonable doubt. Which is why I will keep a neutral opinion on who did/did not kill Caylee until someone is actually convicted. I will always be wary of Casey Anthony. I don’t support her, but I don’t put energy or thought into hating her and DECIDING something about her that I simply don’t have any proof of, and apparently, neither does anyone else.

      I also think that people keep missing the main issue of the whole Casey Anthony thing – a child was killed. Let’s focus on getting justice for the kid. Continuing to bash the birth mother of the child will not help in this. Let’s focus on finding the proof needed to lock up whoever did this, be it Casey Anthony, or someone else.

      • catdoc

        Agreed. Whether or not she was raped is entirely separate from whether or not she killed her child.

  • whateves

    she has changed her story so many times who can believe her now a days shes a monster whether she killed her or not she knows what happenend i just hoped the media would stop giving her the fame that she wants…n is dying to get ya they hacked my computer ta we all believe it nice to know she can afford a computer but she cant afford to pay people who she named in her so many fake ass stories accusing them n ruining their life forever

  • whateves

    n btw as long as shes walking freely among us CAYLEE will, never get justice whether she did it or not she knows what happened

  • Pam

    I would seriously doubt anything that comes out this woman’s mouth. Her track sheet of lying could probably circle the earth a hundred times. I thought it was mentioned during the trial that Caylee’s father was an ex-boyfriend that had passed away? At least that is what she told her family and her lawyer. Especially when they brought up the notion to test her father and her brother for paternity.

  • catdoc

    What was the point of unsealing this conversation between Ms. Anthony and a court-appointed psychiatrist? What was gained, really?

  • lizziee:)

    And theirs her motivee to murder her precious daughter.. smh..

  • Sprmcandy

    Filthy woman.