Jenelle Evans arrested for “communicating threats” to Hannah Inman; Lawyer calls charges absurd and retaliatory

TeenMom Jenelle Evans mug shot photo for 2012 arrest

Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans was arrested again!

Jenelle was booked today, January 10, 2012 at around 10:15 a.m. in Brunswick County for “harassing phone calls” and “communicating threats,” according to Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. She posted a $1,000 bond, and was out of jail before noon today.

Jenelle’s former roommate Hannah Inman was reportedly the one who pressed the charges, claiming Jenelle had threatened her life in the past. Around the time of the arrest, an emotional Jenelle tweeted “So upset can’t stop crying. I might just run far far away and never come back.”

Jenelle told that there is no validity to these charges, and thinks this happened to get back at her for pressing cyber-stalking charges against James Duffy earlier this week. Jenelle’s lawyer Dustin Sullivan also thinks the charges were “retaliatory.”

In an statement to about the situation, Attorney Sullivan said this:

Yes, Jenelle was charged with those charges today after she had taken charges out on James Duffy several days ago. Obviously, I feel that these charges against Jenelle are completely absurd and retaliatory in nature.

According to Jenelle, Hannah said the alleged threats were what caused Hannah to move out, but Jenelle says she has evidence that proves Hannah moved out to move to New Jersey with Duffy to achieve fame through her singing career.

Jenelle wrote about the incident on Facebook:

Yes I was arrested again. It’s okay, Hannah’s just calling her own bluffs. How can I harass u with phone calls when u clearly don’t own a cell phone? I’ve dropped this argument weeks ago. Haven’t been paying attention to u but u have the balls to tell yr little “fans”.. “imma f**king kill that bitch” ?! How’s threatening who here ?! Lmao she’s mad cuz I took out charges first on Duffy for cyber stalking. She claims that she move out becuz I said I would “eventually kill her” when clearly her old phone has texts that states “look I’m moving out to yr house Duffy so we can move to new jersey so I can get famous for my singing”. Yes u set me up and yes u will go down. CAN’T WAIT FOR COURT!

Not to mention I REALLY dot give a f**k about Hannah or Duffy when I’ve been in and out of the hospital for 3 weeks now with mono/strep and have to get my tonsils out. Yeah as I’m about to walk out the door to go to the hospital the cop is at my door and I got down on my knees and poured out tears. I was so upset. I had to go to jail THEN go to the hospital. I feel like sh!t, would greatly appreciate it if everyone would drop it. K?! Thxxxx !

UPDATE – Jenelle Evans’ former boss James Duffy has been charged with cyberstalking her

After she left jail, Jenelle’s mom took her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with strep for the third time this month.

This isn’t Jenelle’s first tangle with the law. Here’s a timeline of her past arrests:

October 2010 for breaking and entering and marijuana possession.

March 2011 for a caught-on-video fight with another girl

August 8, 2011 for probation violation.

Mug Shot via Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office

  • Cici

    This looks fake! And that girl Hananah was just jealous of Jenelle cause she was getting her life together!! I actually believe Jenelle is changing her life around. At least someone from Teen Mom 2 is using her money wisely. Not like Leah getting engaged every year and pregnant!! Next you know she will have her own reality show “Leah plus 10!”

  • Elizabeth

    I agree with Cici that this picture looks so incredibly fake.

  • amanda

    Whats wrong with her eye? Looks like she got hit with something.

  • ugh

    Jenelle is dumb as always! She violated her probation! I knew that was coming! More than likely her immature boyfriend just like her, that talks about beer and says “Gucci” all the time bailed her out.

    • Kristen

      Because it doesn’t clearly state in the article that HER MOM picked her up, and took her to the Hospital. Get your facts together before you start assuming and make an ass of yourself.

  • Allison

    LOL CiCi, if Jenelle was smart she would have left everything alone and not have made any kind of phone calls like that while she’s on probation. Heck, even her harassment on twitter and facebook. She should have been in jail for that along time ago. It’s about time somebody turned her in! Her drama all over facebook and twitter, she clearly hasn’t changed. Do the other Teen Mom girls act like this? They don’t even tweet her! I bet they DM each other and text each other about how crazy she is!

  • Mia

    If Jenelle had strep, why would she make “harassing phone calls”? That would hurt like a b!tch. I think I am actually on Jenelle’s side this time. This girl needs to get better friends.

  • isshe

    Does her face look swollen to you?

    • me

      Yes it does appear to b a little swollen but she could have gained a little weight, NOT A BAD THING 🙂

  • Amanda

    I dont think it evven really looks liek jenelle to be honest…

  • Jen

    Jenelle probably is always getting strep from screaming so much at her mom or the people she don’t like. She has issues. Never stops screaming!
    Her and Amber are racing for the finish line now! Who’s gonna win?! LOL!!! Let’s make a poster for who has the most mugshots

    • Elizabeth

      Because screaming causes bacterial infections… RIIIIGHT.

  • raratsak

    Hannah doesn’t even have a phone at the moment.. I’d like to see someone make threatening phone calls to a non existent number. From day 1 Hannah has talked about wanting to be famous and now she’s getting her name out there. Team Jenelle on this one, like always.

  • tab

    this girls life is such a joke. poor jace is going to see all of this someday and really resent her and i won’t blame him. god, i hope nothing ever happens to barbara. who would take care of jace?

  • Deena

    Off topic, but is Jenelle’s sister still living with their mom? Has she had those babies yet?

  • Lexxie

    Hahahaha, I see her munchies, and stupid entitled attitude, finally caught up with her…

    I guess Nancy Reagan was right, “Just say No”.

  • Joy

    She had been sick for 3 wks and she has been crying maybe thats why she doesn’t look her best and its not a violation if probation unless she is convicted which I surely to God doubt will happen! And for the ones talking shit go look at pretty little perfect leah imo she is the worser of the two when it comes to being a role model!

  • sam

    That picture looks hardly nothing like what jenelle looks like now. Looks like the younger jenelle.

  • raratsak

    Jenelle said on her twitter in tweets to Starcasm I think it was, that she was only smiling in her mug shot because she knew she was free or something.. So as fake as this one looks, it might actually be the real mugshot.. But the other day when she was on Stickam her face was definitely not this swollen for anyone who tried saying she’s fat coz she had the munchies.

  • amanda

    What about amber or leah they def ain’t perfect leah got a new man n got knocked up again wow what a good role model. I think tv has gotten into the heads of these girls n its a shame

  • Laura

    What I don’t get is why the he’ll is she smiling in her pic??? If I was getting my mug shot done, not matter what the reason was, the lsat thing I would have is a smile on my face!

  • Catraa

    Jenelle looks just like her mom in that picture

  • Allison

    Did you people not read the article? She has strep, and her tonsils are extremely swollen. This along can cause your neck and cheeks/face to swell up! It’s definitely her.

  • Veronica

    she she was smoking cigarette’s last night on live on and her friend Tori was the one who was underage drinking threatening everybody!!!!!

  • Steph

    Wow, seems you can get very easy in jail in the states.

  • melanie

    Damn her face is all f**ked up. She looks like a witch

  • stacy

    Jenelle is 5ft2 so this pic is fake..

  • Stef

    I feel so bad for Jenelle, just when shes getting her life together it comes crashing down.

    WHO CARES if she drinking underage , as long as she isnt smoking pot and jace is taken care of and jenelle is very active in his life, theres no problem with a little drinking here and there. I know So many people who do it… but its probably not the smartest for jenelle seeing shes on probation

    i hope the charges get dropped as I do believe hannah has no phone and hannah has said it herself on twitter…soooooooooo hannah is the b!tch here

  • Julie

    Poor Jenelle. Shes been thru so much. why can’t people leave this poor girl alone and let her get better and take care of her son. and to all you haters, you know nothing about her just like everyone else on here. so dont judge unless you meet her face to face!

    • Cindy

      Julie…its hard not to judge when this is the what….3rd….4th mug shot of this young lady? Give me a break. When has being a mother EVER been a priority to Jenelle….we don’t have to know her outside of MTV really, we can see the emotional toll this is all taking on her mother while Barbara raises Jace, if she can’t even fake being interested in her son for television, how can we possibly think she would do it when the cameras aren’t around? Her life the past few years has been her own doing. Nobody else is to blame but Jenelle.

    • C

      she has brought most, if not all, of this upon herself. she talks so much shit, she had it coming. maybe she’ll learn to keep herself out of trouble. haha just kidding, she never will learn. maybe at last Jace can learn from his mother’s mistakes one day.

  • Samantha

    Im sorry but this girl is pure trash. I can barely watch tm2 because she makes me so mad. Her mom is not any better. That poor Jace. I wish she would have given him up for adoption, being thrown into that home with Janelle and her mother is not good for him. He is going to grow up the same way janelle did and history will just keep repeating.

  • rosie

    Read the article! It says she had her touncils out.For a adult that is a very vey very unpleasent thing to go through. I had my done a year ago this month and is awful.

  • Mslux

    Why does Jenelle have a giant pumpkin head? Lol. She needs to seriously grow up. This is just getting old now.

    • Mrs Officer

      And so are they, can you imagine? New Reality Show: Teen Moms to Old azz , low self-esteem, no man around, still fighting and still on welfare baby mommas.

  • Mrs Officer


  • Nicole

    this little girl needs to get her sh!t together, while its true that mtv edits/ cuts footage from the show to get the most ratings she still isnt doing herself any justice by acting the way she does. homeless living in a car, getting arrested, swearing/yelling in front of her son and putting guys before her child….you would think seeing herself on the show would open her eyes!

  • sherita

    Damn, Janelle is looking a litttle swollen in this pick and she looks just like her mother lol. This was one girl who should not have been having sex and getting pregnant. Clearly she was never meant to be a mom, from day one. When I watched her story on 16 and pregnant I couldnt believe she would leave her son and say “I dont see what the big deal is going out if Jace is asleep” Janelle’s mom has issues to deal with herself but I respect her for being a loving grandma and taking care of Jace. Some grandmothers wouldnt have done it and would have told Janelle to put him up for adoption, they were not going to do her job. Janelle never looks at her son the way she looks at Keiffer with this adoring eyes. As a mom its difficult to see a mother not be a mother to her child.

  • Cindy

    All I can say is THANK GOODNESS her mother is raising that beautiful little boy of hers….she is doing a bang up job of looking herself (insert sarcasm right there), she couldn’t possibly raise Jace the way he deserves.

  • RiDiCuLouS

    I really think everyone needs to quit saying anything about any of these girls. Just because a few years back they decided to put it out there on why kids these days should be smarter about sex doesn’t make it any of anyone’s business now how they live their lives. They’re older now everyone makes mistakes and learns from them, well most learn from them. But its no ones place to judge them only God is our judge not everyone walking the face of the planet. And maybe if people would be more supportive it would have a positive effect instead of downing everyone which cause negative things to happen. Grow up people all these girls did at 16!!!

  • shyla

    omg I looked at this guys photo I know I knew him…I was reading this at work. He is from Brooklyn NY…..
    Canarsie to be exact

  • Net

    Everyone on this blog knows that Jennelle has an alcohol and weed provlem and places her crackhead boyfriend before Jayce. Atleast the others are stand up moms. Jenelle mom Barbara is a great grandma and does what she can to help her psychotic law breaking daughter. She makes bad choices and its not her mom fault. She choose to leave her child when every she throw a little tantrum. Honestly whoever feels sorry or agrees with her behavior should search their on morals and be ashame@ its shocking and shameful! Foolishness. I can only pray

  • Lola

    This girl is the biggest scum bag that hit reality T.V. what is worst is that people are actually on her side? Really? they should lock this pig up and throw away the key! Do her son a favor please!!! Grow up Jenelle the world does not revolve around you and your hobo boyfriend who by the way looks like he smells really bad! Garbage!!!!