PHOTOS BIO Jennifer Brennan of Shipping Wars: former CPA and model turned trucker

Shipping Wars Jennifer Brennan

A&E’s newest reality show Shipping Wars features six independent shippers who offer their wares on, a transportation and shipping marketplace in which shippers bid on over-sized and bulky loads, generally thought to be unshippable.

And speaking of over-sized and bulky loads, those are the exact opposite terms that should be used to describe show star Jennifer Brennan, a stunning former CPA and model who only recently decided to turn her love of animals into a professional shipping career.

Jennifer Brennan from Shipping Wars

From Jennifer Brennans’s A&E profile:

Don’t let her good looks fool you; Jennifer is about as tough and competitive as they come. Born and raised on a cattle ranch in Texas, she learned the meaning of a hard day’s work at an early age. Her love of horses continued into her teens, when she would participate with her family in the rodeo circuit.

After college, Jennifer’s roots came calling back and she began not only training and riding horses, but transporting exotic quarter horses and livestock around the country full time. Since joining uShip, Jennifer’s loads have expanded beyond just farm animals. Now a typical load for Jennifer can be anything from fainting goats to a water buffalo and a million-dollar Ferrari.

Jennifer Brennan from Shipping Wars bids on uShip

Jennifer Brennan uses the name TexasCowgirl on uShip and currently has 7 positive ratings on her feedback (no negative) since she signed up in June of 2011. The A&E bio doesn’t reference Jennifer’s accounting background, but she does make reference to it on her uShip user profile:

I am an independent transporter that can ship anything from farm animals to a million-dollar Ferrari. Growing up in a Rodeo family, I’ve been hauling livestock ever since I could take the driver’s seat. Recently, I decided to throw away my accounting calculator and take the plunge into shipping and transporting animals and household goods full-time. I take pride in my excellent work ethic, competitive pricing, and take great care with each and every item I transport. Book me and I promise to deliver!

“Trucking is a tough, competitive business,” said Matt Chasen, CEO and founder of uShip, in an official press release. “Shipping Wars gives viewers a glimpse into the life of independent American truckers, the unpredictable jobs they face, and how they turn the unshippable into the ‘uShip-able.’ We’re thrilled that the interesting characters, competitive bidding and compelling loads found on will be the spotlight of A&E’s new series.”

Shipping Wars airs every Tuesday at 9/8c.

Shipping Wars preview trailer:

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