Scott Disick’s grandfather is a luxury resort developer

Everyone knows Scott Disick from the Pop Culture Royalty Kardashians, as Kourtney Kardashian’s partner, baby Mason’s father, (and as American Psycho Patrick Bateman lookalike) but Scott’s family is also involved in luxury resort development and fractional real estate.

Scott was born May 26, 1983 to Jeff and Bonnie Disick in Eastport, Long Island, NY, where he grew up. He reportedly attended The Ross School, a East Hampton private school. We got to see Scott take Kourtney and Mason to visit his parents in the Hamptons on Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

According to Wetpaint, Scott’s privileged upbringing is thanks to grandfather David M. Disick, a successful NY attorney, and businessman who became a high-end fractional real estate developer. He’s developed a number of luxury resorts including Frank Klammer Lodge in Telluride, Colorado, which was the first property to use the term “private residence club.”


David M. Disick, Scott's ballin' grandpa

David, who currently lives in Orlando, wrote a book, and maintains a website with tips about  fractional real estate development ( website here, he’s also got a Twitter account here.) Fractional real estate managed shares of ownership in a luxury resort (like a time share,) and private residence clubs are the high-end, luxury part of the fractional real estate market.

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  • lorena smith

    scott you do not have to prove anything to anyboby. you have lots of jobs. you are good to kourtney and mason.this maybe will shut some of the haters up. you and kourt love each other and that is all that matters. be good to each other especially now while she is not feeling well. every couple have ups and downs. iwish both of you all the happiness and love in this new year. also mason and the new one will have a darling family.that is all you have to worry about. you both have great resolutions in the new year. god bless . keep your jewish faith if kourt is happy with it. your oldest fan. lorena smith

    • Scott Disdick

      Hi Lorena,

      Sorry about the late response, but I’ve been off the internet for a while. Babies require a lot of time.
      But thanks a million for yr sweet words!

  • Tara

    He is one scary lookin’ dude…

  • Rose

    Scott, anyone with any sense can see you are a good guy. You haven’t done anything more stupid than any guy I have ever known. You are in a tough spot with your in laws which nobody gives you any credit for. Believe me, a lot of people can relate to you out there!