Jailed Teen Mom Amber Portwood now faces eviction

Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s life has been rough to say the least lately. She’s been cooling her heels in the Madison County Jail on probation violation, was rumored to have been on suicide watch, has been placed in a gen pop room and sleeping on a mat, went as far as to tell a judge she will be quitting the show and now this…

Her landlord is looking to evict her from her rented home. Asbury Glen Homes filed paperwork last month and at the time Amber, along with help from her brother Shawn, rented a trailer and began the process of getting all of her stuff out and moved into storage. So why didn’t she just finish the deal and move out for good? Here’s how Shawn explained it to E.

After getting most of the stuff moved out a couple of friends of the family supposedly dug up some dirt on the landlord. This convinced Amber to stay and now Shawn is stating that their mother will sue if the owner tries to move ahead with the eviction.

This threat didn’t faze said homeowners because their following through with the eviction. They filed a complaint against Amber in small claims court on Tuesday noting that the company served her with an eviction notice “due to lease violations” on Dec. 20 and that she now owes them $77 in court costs.

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  • Mom of 4

    I’m so sad for her and for Leah. Leah needs her mother and the way things seem, Gary has a girlfriend now who is either visitng him soon or will be moving in. I’m sure Amber feels like she is being replaced in her daughters life and there is nothing she cando about it.

  • julia

    Oh God, this hillbilly family is sinking lower and lower. She is a moron who didnt take good care of her child. She was badmouthing, screaming and hitting Gary in front of Leah. Only bad mothers do that. I have a daugter and no matter how bad day I have, I take it outside, never in front of my baby. Gary deserves happiness and Im glad he has custody and a new girlfriend.

  • tab

    many legal residential leases state that you will be evicted if you are charged with a felony crime. if amber signed that, her mother can’t sue them for a dime.

  • Oh My

    Unless her mother co-signed her lease, her mother can’t sue at all. Amber’s a big girl, not a minor, and her mom has no standing unless she was on the lease as well.

  • Nik

    I don’t have sympathy for her at all. If she feels she is being “replaced” as Leah’s mother it is her own fault for not being there as a mother. I’m sure the landlord is just terrified that this drug addict, violent woman and her family has dug up dirt? What can be worse than her except sex-offender or murderer.

    Also the fact that she has been moved to gen pop means she is not on suicide watch. Jails don’t put inmates under suicide watch into gen pop.

  • Lexxie

    So tell me again, how does she afford a housekeeper?

  • mya

    honestly she just looks high all the time