Police report filed over Megan Stroup’s Twitter bashing of Chelsea Houska

A police report has reportedly been filed after Megan Stroup bashed Chelsea Houska on Twitter

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska was the subject of a bitter two-day Twitter hatefest (Day 1, Day 2) from former friend Megan Stroup over the weekend after Chelsea was unable to visit her while Megan was in the hospital for appendix surgery. Chelsea has remained quiet publicly, but we have a source close to the situation who tells us a police report has been filed (though we’ve seen no documentation of this.)

In addition to the harassing tweets, there were also a number of threatening texts, something Chelsea’s sister Emily referenced in her tweets about Megan’s attacks after someone suggested Chelsea should seek legal action – a possibility Megan seemed completely unconcerned about:

Megan Stroup seems unconcerned about a lawsuit after bashing Chelsea Houska on Twitter

Things have seemed to to quiet down a bit, so perhaps the legal action has had the desired effects.

So what do you think about airing out personal disputes online, whether it’s with someone famous or not?

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  • Mom of 4

    well, if what Megan says is true about Chelsea than she should go to Child protective services.

    • amanda

      I agree. I personally have seen adam and chelsea’s mutual friends having the same complaint about chelsea on adam’s personal facebook….about popping pills and drinking in front of aubree…. so I’m more partial to believe what megan’s saying is true..

      • Roxanne

        Whether or not it’s true, I’m not going to argue. I’m not a part of their lives – and quite honestly, even if you know them in real life, you don’t know the truth unless you were actually in the presence of Chelsea or Adam at the time the incidents occurred.

        Whether or not it’s true does not matter. This Megan girl is clearly crazy. If she weren’t crazy she wouldn’t have put two days of effort into a pure hate fest. In fact, she wouldn’t have put ANY effort into any hateful tweet. I’ve had people do way worse to me, you know, things that actually can ruin peoples’ lives (and it doesn’t sound like Chelsea did something TO Megan except for not visit her in the hospital, to which I say, uh, boo hoo, spoiled much? You obviously don’t have much life experience if you could hate your friend so much over that), yet I have never written one hateful tweet directly to or indirectly about them, because I’m sane enough to know that if I have a problem with someone, I go to them about it, or the authorities who can actually step in and do something.

        A tweeting rampage does NOTHING to solve a problem. At all. All it screams is immature, crazy, stupid, no life, and pathetic, pathetic, PATHETIC.

        No excuse for this crazy b*tch.

  • Jessica

    Good hopefully this is lesson to all everyone you can’t harrass people over the Internet. Now days police offices and da office take cyber bullying serious Megan need to over on and leave Chelsea alone already.

  • jen

    Sorry I agree with the Megan girl. Chelsea or her sister never did say stop. Chelsea acted inocent and deleted her tweets and acted like she didn’t say anything back when she did. Her sister was the one that didn’t delete her tweets. If Chelsea is trying to get a no contact order that’s just dumb for what?! The police will be like did she threaten your life? Move along chelsea and just tell her to stop what’s the big deal?

    • Kirsten

      She did actually theathen to have aubree taken away with her claims about speculated drug abuse and susposed unsafe living arrangements. Besides, if any of it were true then it would’ve been public knowledge a long time ago

      • Diana

        Not only that but, at one point she said she would be going to Chelsea’s house because of her non-response. I’m not sure if that tweet is still there or not but, I did see it.

        Chelsea did the right thing. This girl is obviously mentally unstable. She was upset over Chelsea not visiting her and launches into a 48 hour tirade? What would happen if someone p!ssed her off face to face? She seems like someone who go crazy and get stabby. So Chelsea did what was necessary to protect herself and Aubree. I don’t blame her one bit.

        • Voice Of Reason

          EXACTLY! MTV is involved in any illegal issues with the teen moms, they brought the footage of Amber hitting Gary to court so if any other teen mom was doing something illegal they would turn it in. This psycho had no right to tweet those lies and insults against her “Friend.” I hope Chelsea AND MTV sue the bitches balls to the wall. She’s batshit crazy and needs therapy. Just because she didnt say stop doesnt mean its not harrassment and slander, she’s confusing cyberbullying with rape. She is a truly pathetic loser.

  • lindsay

    Jen I guess the big deal is that Chelsea is mad that her business is out all over the internet now! And she’s also mad that her dad found out I guess didn’t he? If they argued over phone or text about the situation how much you want to bet there wouldn’t have been a police report filed?

  • Dana

    GOOD. That seems to be out of her mind. Chelsea might not be perfect but who IS? Really? I sure as heck know I’m not. Hope the crap stops for Chelsea and family/true friends.

  • jackie

    I say drug test for chelsea! Some reason I believe this chick chelsea u can tell is spoiled, u can tell her dad does everything for her, her weave she wears in her hair makes her look like she’s better than everyone and people comment on how cute it is such as the “style” but it’s not real. There’s probably a lot about these Teen Mom girls actually that we don’t know about. Drama!!!!!!!!!

  • InWonderland

    Its slanderous to make false claims, so Chelsea does have a case and I think she did the right thing.

    Also, lol at someone having a weave making them think they’re better. Wtf?

  • Brittany

    Chelsea DID respond but deleted her tweets. I’m a bit confused though….is this the Megan who Chelsea let Adam disrespect???

    • Starcasm Staff

      Brittany – that was Megan Nelson, a completely different Megan entirely :)

  • Miranda

    I agree with you Jackie she should get abdrug test done for her daughter sake.

  • margo

    I think chelsea is a good mom & is always looking out for what’s best for aubree…this Megan chick seems like a drama queen..seems a bit far fetched w/ all the drug non sense, and as much as Megan seems to hate chelsea she sure does waste a lot of time talking about her!

    • Christine

      I do not see how Chelsea is a Great mom. She has been given the perfect situation, a house, no money worries, health coverage, a car. She has nothing to do all day except be a mom. She has a supportive family to help. Yet she still allows a toxic relationship with fighting (Adam) in front of her daughter. Im not a huge maci fan but at least she and Ryan have tried to not fight in front of Bentley. She obviously has plently to time to have twitter wars, why not spend time on that GED? or a kindermusik class? or a mommy and me group where she might meet some other moms.

      I think there is no way they could drug test Chelsea (Im curious by her behavior if the drugs are an issue?) because she had several knee surgeries so she could have a valid prescription for pain pills and if she does take addreol, it could also be prescribed (maybe she got it so she could “focus” on the GED?).

      • inwonderland

        She has her GED, and a job. She’s said many times on her twitter that she works at a tanning place and the preview for this season of TM2 shows her saying she got her GED.

        • ILA

          Chelsea does NOT have a job. She no longer works at the tanning salon and did get a job at a pet store but quit after she realized it wasnt all playing with the puppies and fun. Want a reason to believe how its fake and staged? Remember seeing Adams car getting towed? Yeah MTV called up the company two months later and asked if they could come over and tow his car again so they could film it.
          Not to mention scenes are switched around. One shows Adam playing pool and Chelsea calling him being a whiny snob, the day she called him he was not playing pool. That was a scene shot in the earlier days to come.

          • inwonderland

            lol Oooo big shock MTV stages shows. That doesn’t make her a bad person or mother, and doesn’t prove anything other than what we already knew about MTV. So I’m not sure the point you’re trying to make.

      • amanda

        there has been claims made my adam and chelsea’s mutual friends on adam’s facebook that go along with what megan stroup has said about chelsea… they all have said chelsea pops adderol

  • Tabitha


  • Andree

    If any of this was true wouldn’t you contact CPS? I mean seriously? All of you choosing sides need to grow up. Both are wrong in this situation, Megan should contact CPS or the police if Chelsea really is doing drugs and what not in front of her daughter, she very clearly does not care for Aubree otherwise she would of done that, regardless if this is true or not it shoudn’t happen on twitter, it’s pathetic and I commend Chelsea for deleting whatever she wrote she obviously realised how silly it makes her look to fight with someone on twitter. My 2 cents is that Megan is doing this for attention otherwise serious accusations like this should be sent to the police of CPS NOT twitter! I cannot remember being this immature at 18…

  • Stephh

    Legal Action? You HAVE to be kidding me. This is really rediculous. So what if Megan decided to say the TRUTH about teen mom? She is allowed to say whatever she wants and speak her mind. Thousand of girls think they know everything about teen mom girls and the show just by watching it once a week. It’s nice to finaly hear by somebody who actually knows, her ex BFF, how FAKE this show is. Chelsea sits around all day long without job, without going to school, lives in a house, and only worries about what girl Adam is talking to. And you call this a ”teen mom” sturgling? give me a break! AND, it’s funny how it’s okay for Chelsea to bash another girl on twitter for hanging out with adam, but when somebody is talking about her, that’s another story and the police needs to get involved. comon. The only difference is that Megan doesn’t delete her tweets like Chelsea does. After seeing those mean things she was saying to that girl on twitter, I realized that she isn’t that little sweet girl she acts like on tv. It’s all a show.

  • Laura

    100% agree with you !

  • Pam

    What Megan is doing is not only harassment, but also defamation of character if I am not mistaken. The fact that she is maliciously spreading lies(which Megan would have to prove true)publicly to a third party about Chelsea could be grounds for legal action. Megan sounds very immature and doesn’t come off too stable minded. Going on a two-day twitter rant about someone seems excessive and crazy. I hope Megan has other friends to keep her occupied.

  • CiCi

    Even if Megan’s claims are true, Chelsea could still go after her for defamation of character (a much easier charge to pursue than slander). Although, that’s also unlikely, since Chels put herself out there as a public figure on TV, and could be held to a tougher legal standard than your average person :/

    Either way, this girl’s tweets make her sound crazy, time for her to shush already!

    • Pam

      Actually I think it is worse b/c Chelsea is a public figure. Defaming a public figure could cause more harm than to someone known less publicly. That’s why some celebrities sue tabloids. Her claims alone could also cause CPS to step in and investigate. If all of her claims are fraudulent then Chelsea could have a very good case against her. Megan’s twitter timeline alone could be enough evidence.

  • Alyssa

    My dad is a cop and you can very well get introuble for this. Someone did this to me & you can. Plus you can get a restraining order on anybody if you really need to. Megan needs to grow up & get over it, Chelsea has a baby to take care of & who cares if no one couldn’t go to her surgery, the world doesn’t revolve around her.

  • Lola

    I really hope legal action was taken. These dumb teenage girls need to learn that cyber bullying and harassment is NOT ok, no matter what they think the truth is. The sheer amount of time that Megan girl used to attack Chelsea is alarming in itself. I think it’s great that Chelsea took the high road and didn’t engage this girl, like I’m sure Jenelle would have done.

    And guys, think about it. Chelsea is having her life filmed. The MTV producers would be legally obligated to contact CPS if they suspected Aubree was in any kind of danger.

  • mzm

    FACT! Megan is JELOUS! She thought she was getting a bigger spot in the show and she didnt, she was mad because her childs birth is not going to be aired. She is pissed at the fact that Chelsea is able to sit at home with her daughter and do what she wants spoiled or not that little girl is very well loved and taken care of. If she was all f***ed up shed be like Amber! Megan needs to get over it you dont look good in your bathroom pic, looks to me you might be popn the pain pills alittle to hard. WE ALL LOVE CHELSEA NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do everyone a favor and go away. DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER YOU LOSER! What comes around goes around and youll get what you deseve for talking trash aboout Chelsea.

    • Hmm

      Your confusing this megan with the other one. This one doesn’t have a kid the other one does and is still friends with chelsea. But I do agree that this megan is probably jealous!

    • KAUAIgurl

      Bwahahaha, hunny, now who looks like the LOSER!!! Before you make a half a$$ attempt to choose sides, get your facts straight. All you did was throw fuel on a fire that never existed. Wrong Megan, sweetie. All that bashing on her jealously. Sound like you’re the one trying for your 15 seconds of fame. Good try though. BTW we all DON’T love Chelsea. So please don’t speak for everyone. #jus’sayin#

  • Swim

    It’s still cyberbullying no matter if Megan’s claims are true. She kept running her mouth all weekend about Chelsea on twitter, there’s proof of that on twitter and from what her sister’s saying, text messages. If Megan thinks she’s going to get away with it, she’s not. Cyberbullying is a serious matter, it’s taken more seriously nowadays by the police department and she could end up in court if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut. I think it was very smart of Chelsea to not speak out to Megan or about the situation.

  • Jessica

    Sounds like this chick is just looking for her 15 minutes. Just because everything gets “handed” to Chelsea does not make her a bad or good mother. Its obvious that she loves her daughter. On tv, we see her and Adam fight a lot. We are seeing 1 hour a week out of this girls life. Guess what. MTV is not going to air the footage of her and Adam getting along. It doesn’t make for a good episode. They know what sells and what doesn’t. My husband and I have what I consider a very good stable marriage and guess what… we fight sometimes! We try not to fight in front of our child but that can’t be avoided all the time. “A good parent is probably not perfect, and a perfect parent is probably a liar.”

  • Kaylie

    I’ll be interested to see if Chelsea actually goes through with the lawsuit. If she does, well then I think she’s just as big of an a$$hole as Megan. I can understand her filing the complaint just to get Megan to shut up, but Megan HAS been there for her. Just a few days, when Chelsea was complaining about her and Aubree having to spend Christmas alone, Megan stepped in and was there for her. And screwing her over like that would be a huge d!ck move on Chelsea. Especially because Chelsea did the same exact thing a few days before (a fact that some of you are having trouble understanding). Like I said, it’s not wrong to press the lawsuit, but to actually go through with it would be something someone who is extremely bitter, and has no life would do.

  • Ryann

    Ok just because this chick says that she did drugs and drinks in front of the baby doesnt mean anything. Shes going to say stuff, everyone who knows her is going to say stuff because shes famous, everyone wants to bring her down. it’s called jealousy. I’d like to see some of you try and be in the spotlight like these girls do because i know I personally couldnt handle it. The papparazzi and reporters are insane and overstep their boundaries. This Megan girl obviously has a problem, and whether or not Chelsea or Emily say to stop, it is still harassment, trust me, I’ve gone through this crap and looked up all the laws and what I could do to get stufff stopped. People need to stop being rude to thses girls and let them live their lives. As much as I enjoy watching this show, I wish it would be cancelled so that this nonsense drama would stop. And Megan really doesn’t need to be posting how much Chelsea makes off of the show, we all know shes being paid, she shouldn’t be airing it out here for everyone to see.

  • Ellie

    Regardless of all of the above, for someone who repeatedly tweeted “I love Aubree to death” she sure as hell didn’t take two minutes to think about what bashing her mother on a public forum might do to her did she? If she has half the proof she says she has about Chelsea then she should have simply phoned CPS. Her decision not to do that and to go off on a twitter bashing parade demonstrates to me her claims can’t be worth too much. Either that or the girl is simply an idiot. If it was Aubree she cared for, she’d have dealt with this entirely differently.

  • em

    “When we harbored grudges and planned revenge for defeats, we were really beating ourselves with the club of anger we had intended to use on others. We learned that if we were seriously disturbed, our very first need was to quiet that disturbance, regardless of who or what we thought caused it. ”
    -Bill W.

    The only person anyone is hurting here is themselves. They say they don’t care but the more they harbor resentment the more it will eat away at them.

    Cyberspace is no place to air your grievances. If you have a problem.. talk to the person, airing it out online only makes you look stupid.

  • Roxanne

    Whether or not what she said is true is irrelevant. This Megan girl is crazy, no matter what the truth is. If she weren’t crazy she wouldn’t have put two f*cking days’ effort (or ANY effort at ALL) into tweeting a bunch of horrible things about someone else. Immature, crazy, stupid, no life.

  • J

    Defamation – look it up.

  • jd

    Once you put out text messages, or anything on the web it’s always there :) It doesn’t matter if you delete anything, it stays on the web, and trust me it can be looked up. I think people who do stuff like that are just plain stupid. Megan obviously doesn’t know the law’s or new laws regarding internet bullying, threats.. ext. She just made a big mistake and made her self look like a complete idiot as well. :o)