Top Ten Comic Book Titles to Launder Drug Money With

Comic Book titles to launder drug money with

Police in Denver seized comic books worth at least $500,000 while arresting two brothers suspected of running a multi-million-dollar methamphetamine distribution ring.

The Colorado Attorney General John Struthers says, “It was their intent to launder money, and their choice was collector comic books.”

Don Quick, the district attorney for Adams County revealed some of the collectible titles included “first-edition Superman and Batman.” Just like their drugs, the comic books were carefully stored in plastic bags. One of the comic books was estimated to be worth $3500.

Aaron (29) and Alfonzo Castro (30) were apparently going to start a high-end comic book shop to launder the approximately $500,000 they brought in a month from their drug sales. “It appeared as they were working on a startup company for high-end comic books,” Quick says. Here are photos of the Marvel-ous duo:

Meth and comic book dealers Aaron and Alfonzo Castro

These two could have their own comic book titles!
Cyclops and Mohawkma Ghandi!

Anyway, the article got me thinking and I decided to come up with a top ten list of appropriate comic book titles to launder drug money with! So, here they are – starting with number ten and working up to number one: (NOTE: There are three-and-a-half titles that are fictitious, but only slightly.)

Eightball Number Ten comic title to launder drug money with

10.   Eightball

Sergeant Rock is the ninth best comic title to launder drug money with

9.   Sergeant Rock

Speed is the eighth best comic title to launder drug money with

8.   Speed

Iceman is the seventh best comic title to launder drug money with

7.   Iceman

Blaze is the sixth best comic title to launder drug money with

6.   Blaze


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      Those guys look like they belong in the comics. 500,000 grand a month WOW!