PHOTOS Corey Simms’ new girlfriend Summer Tavarez

Teen Mom 2's Corey Simms and his new girlfriend Summer Tavarez

In the upcoming episodes of Teen Mom 2 Season 2 fans will get to see the heartbreaking split between Leah Messer and Corey Simms as the young couple discovers their brief time together prior to having twins wasn’t enough to build a strong relationship. But viewers need to remember that the second season was shot almost a year ago and Leah and Corey have since settled their differences and both are trying to move on while still keeping daughters Aliannah and Aleeah a priority.

Most avid fans of the show are probably aware that Leah is in what appears to be a great relationship with pipe layer Jeremy Calvert, but some may not know that Corey seems to have found a stable significant other as well in the form of 24-year-old Summer Tavarez.

Leah Messer's ex Corey Simms with new girlfriend Summer Tavarez

Since his split from Leah Corey has kept his online presence to a minimum, but he returned to Twitter last week and let the world know he was happily in love with the simple tweet, “@SummerTavarez hello sugar pie.” That was followed by a number of lovey-dovey exchanges between Corey and Summer over the next few days:

Corey Simms and girlfriend Summer Tavarez exchange tweets
Summer Tavarez photo possibly from before a date with Corey Simms
Summer Tavarez and Corey Simms exchange lovey dovey tweets on Twitter

So who is this Summer Tavarez, who has entered into the much-publicized and much-scrutinized Teen Mom 2 landscape? She is a 24-year-old brunette from Cross Lanes, West Virginia who studied Human Resource Management at West Virginia University Institute of Technology and is currently the manager of Electric Beach Tanning Salon in Kanawha City, West Virginia.

Summer Tavarez, the new girlfriend of Corey Simms from Teen Mom 2

Summer has two brothers, Timothy and Anthony Chase Tavarez, the latter of which has an infant son named Aiden. Summer graduated from Riverside High School in 2005. Ummmmm… That’s pretty much all I got! (Did I mention she’s quite the looker? Did I need to?)

Corey and Summer seem really great together, and I couldn’t be happier for him. Of course the Teen Mom army is going to have its share of nay-sayers and haters, but as I’ve said many times before, as much as I wanted Leah and Corey to work out (yeah, I cried when they got married) it’s seems obvious now that it never really had a chance.The important thing now, as Leah continues to remind us, is the well being of their daughters Aliannah and Aleeah. And I really don’t think anyone can argue that their happiness would best be served if Corey and Leah were also happy and in stable relationships.

Soooo… Congratulations to Corey and Summer! I genuinely wish both of you the best and a lifetime of happiness together! (Although a squabble here and there while the cameras are rolling wouldn’t be that bad of a thing, right?)

Photo of Corey Simms' new girlfriend Summer Tavarez

On a completely random and meaningless side note, Summer Tavarez sure is an awesome name! Especially compared to Amber Scaggs. I’m just sayin’! (I would almost hate it if Summer and Corey got married and she changed her name to Summer Simms. Hmmmmm… Actually, that’s almost funner to say!)

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  • hailea.

    Me & Gracetyn are bffs. πŸ™‚

  • aww

    this is great i am really happy for him πŸ™‚

  • Jessica

    It’s great that Corey found someone and the way Leah and Corey co parent their daughters. Should be a lesson to others that even if you are no longer together you both can be great parents to your kids with out all the drama.

  • Sarah

    Shes seems mature which is good, Corey is a good dad! Wish both of them the best of luck!!

  • tab

    weird. she looks like she’s about 30 years old.

    • Carol

      Funny you say that, because I’m sure
      she looks better than you.

      Keep the negative comments to yourself!

      • tab

        wow. sounds like you need some anger management classes. how was that negative? i was just commenting that she looks much older than 24.

      • Kelsey

        LOL WOOF. Usually when people reply to a comment in a scathing tone, it’s YOU who needs the help. And considering the comment you made about looks, it’s most likely you that looks like sh!t.

    • Mandy

      I was thinking the same thing then I read “is currently the manager of Electric Beach Tanning Salon”. That explains it all. I’m glad I stopped tanning before it was too late and my skin looked like leather. Her forehead has the wrinkles of a 50 year old.

      • Jenn

        So she’s 24? The way she dresses and looks looks like a professional 24 year old. At least she’s not caking on make up and over doing her sh!tty blonde hair like leah.

        I think she looks great. Way better than Leah, I mean come now…cheating on your husband? = trash.

        • Andree

          You obviously missed something, it was nicely established that Corey did cheat on Leah…

        • mallory

          Get this strate. Leah didnt cheat on Corey. Corey cheated on Leah

          Ceating on ur wife = imiture

      • Sarah

        Jealous? I think so πŸ™‚ she’s gorgeous

    • Jess R

      yea your right! That’s the first thing I thought when I saw her picture. Don’t get me wrong she’s a beautiful girl but does not look 24 at all. She looks at least 10 years older than that!

  • coco

    She does look older than 24 but if Corey likes it then great. I hope she treats him better than Leah ever did.

    • she dose look older then 24 but i like leah more.

      • mallory

        I agree i like Leah more too.

  • Kj

    Her chest looks so off in the last picture. She seems lovely, but she should really lay off the tanning. πŸ™‚ Good luck to them.

  • i like leah more than summer and leah had to do most of it on her own because corey was never there when leah was takeing the baby to the dr.and coreys mom and dad was there for leah and i think there not going to like summer but i dot know i like leah more she is a good mom hope her new boy friend is a good dad to the babys because corey is not.corey was at work but he could cell off yto go with leah to take to baby to the dr.

    • Kj

      Lol what? He’s a fantastic dad for working so hard for his family. Since when is working to support your family a bad thing?

      • mallory

        ummmmm….is work more important than ur daughters drs appointment cause i beleive ur daughter is more important

        • Kj

          In the real world, when you’re old enough to understand, people don’t just get whatever day they want off. You try and if you can’t then that’s that or get fired. Work schedules don’t revolve around one person and that’s life. Would you rather him be jobless? Let’s be realistic here.

    • Ashley

      Are you f**king stupid he had to provide for his FAMILY!!!! I’m sure he wanted to be there more then anything in the world! And FYI you shouldn’t be hating on Corey he wasn’t the one who was unfaithful! He did everything for his family and Leah she was just to stupid to realize what she had!!!

      • lisa

        Are people crazy? The kid was going for an M.R.I.! A FANCY X-RAY!! You don’t get the results right away. Why miss work? GROW UP CHILDREN!! Food on the table is more important. Her ex should have helped her. Oh, right. He saw one cry and left the house. GROW UP!!

  • lexi

    I think corey is very sweet he has been getting handsomer too.. his girl is beautiful , I hope only good things for them , I dont understand why Leah and him got married .. but then again marriage is tough and they were dealing with twins one of which has serious medical issues , thats tough ion any relationship never mind young as they are.I wish them all happy healthy relationships

  • tuna

    shes pretty, Brunette’s Rock

  • Stupidlicious

    Cory deserves to be happy with a mature woman who has an education and a future.

  • Seriously!

    This girl is a fame wh0re who used a guy named Scott Thomas for years. Dated the poor b@stard from December to March to stock up on Christmas and Valentines gifts. Also very stuck up. Thinks her sh!t doesn’t stink. Struck on herself. Run, Cory! Run!


      Seriously, it sounds like you know her. So do I. She was a serious nighmare for Scott Thomas. She saw dollar signs.

  • Britni

    It seems like they are very happy. Since I do not know them personally, all I can comment on is what I have seen on the show and read in articles. Corey seems like a great father who supports his family. His new girl is beautiful and the fact that she has a college education is a super plus! I hope she is great with the kids, that’s what matters!!! If they are happy and she is mature enough to help take care of his two babygirls, then kudos to her.

  • hello

    i am happy fpr corey and leah both they have both moved on


    Run Corey. She is a piece of work. And keep her from your male best friends.


    WTH is Scott Thomas? Come on…we need more dirt…facebook page?? Need to stalk him!!

  • Huge

    Seeing this brackes my hart. I was not there to see what happend but I think they could or will work it out. They have befor I have always been a big fan of the two of them they are the hart of teen mom πŸ™‚ I hope to see u and Leah back together Cory πŸ™‚

  • wrong

    24 my a$$. More like 34.

  • For Real

    24. She must a been rode hard and hung up wet!

  • joyce johnson

    Cory i say that now you miss your girls by now