Tareq Salahi says Michaele lied about having M.S., being a Redskins cheerleader, etc.

It’s really hard to spend a lot of time keeping up with The Salahi White House Cracher Circus’ press when one of them isn’t faking a kidnapping to run off with a Journey guitarist, but this might be worth noting for posterity.

Tareq Salahi, still reeling from Michaele dumping him for Neal Schon, spoke very openly with The Huffington Post‘s Rob Shuter, and he confirmed what evidence has been telling us all along. Michaele Salahi (probably) lied about a lot of big things.

“Michaele is a well-known and documented liar from ‘The Real Housewives of D.C.’ to our personal life with her other false statements such as being a Redskins cheerleader, Victoria’s Secret model, college graduate, her M.S. … Everything was a lie in our marriage,” Tareq explained. “Michaele abandoned her home, committed adultery and lied to all her friends. Michaele lied about her real home [when] filming the ‘Real Housewives.’ Michaele lied to her husband about attending college. Michaele lied to her own friends, family and cast about an eating disorder. Michaele lied to the public about loving our dog Rio. In short, nearly everything told me was an apparent lie.”

The most notable thing that she appears to have lied about was having M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis.)

September 2010 Michaele told Fox and Friends that she was suffering from M.S., and used that as an explanation for her thin frame, AND an excuse as to why she and Tareq did not stay to eat at the President’s State Dinner. The details of her illness, and the Salahi’s explanation for the whole gatecrashing thing was detailed in a book by Diane Diamond called Cirque Du Salahi. Diamond herself said she could not deny or confirm that Michaele actually suffered from the disease.

March 2011 Michaele was reportedly kicked off of Celebrity Rehab because she did not appear to have an addiction, and tests could not confirm that she had MS. During that time her husband Tareq (who was staying at Michael Lohan’s apartment, you can’t make this stuff up) maintained that his wife had MS, and that she went to the reality rehab to help treat her disease.

Now Tareq has changed his tune, and while some of the accusations on his list seem just bitter (like how she “lied” about loving their dog,) a lot of it jives with fact-checking that’s been done since the Salahis burst onto the scene. But, just to add to all the grains of salt you have to take with everything (this is really messing with our blood pressure!) Tareq made these accusations in response to Michaele’s accusations that she was physically abused this summer (2011).

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  • Not true that I ever said I couldn’t say whether ‘Michaele had Multiple sclerosis. While I felt comfortable declaring OTHER information false (the Redskin cheerleader clai, for example) that the couple put out there, I was very explicit about the MS.
    I quoted and named FIVE sources on that MS information including Michaele’s very religious mother, her no nonsense older brother, her Dr., her former nurse who used to meet her at the ER during MS episodes and a best friend.

    Given Tareq’s statements and actions post Michaele I think I’ll stick with what my five sources told me about his wife’s health and not him. Tareq is apparently not aware enough to realize that when he now paints his wife with such an ugly brush he also slops that ugly on himself.

    Believe me, he’s not the innocent bystander he paints himself to be. I know as I spent considerable time with the Salahis while researching my book “Cirque du Salahi.”. I was privy to all sorts of private conversations and business dealings and I think I know who called the controlling shots in that relationship.

    SInce their breakup guess who has given/sold their private photos and videos, their prenuptial agreement, their divorce papers, pics of their dead dog, stories about nonexistent boxing matches and stolen hotel robes (to name just a few items) to TMZ and the tabs?
    Hint: it wasn’t Michaele as she left the marital home with nothing.

    Diane Dimond

  • This guy is pathetic!!


    I couldn’t help but notice Ms. Dimond felt compelled to weigh in on the above article.

    In the fall of 2010, Ms. Dimond accompanied Mr. & Mrs. Salahi for an interview on Fox Television aired nationally, in which Ms. Dimond supposedly shared with the national television audience Ms. Salahi’s closely-guarded “secret”; that is, her purported “17 year struggle” with MS. Timed, of course, with the release of Ms. Dimond’s book.

    FACT: After about 1/2 hour of research re the Salahis in early 2009, long before most people had ever heard of of them, as a result of their solicitation of my clients for their much-touted 2009 “America’s Polo Cup”, I learned of Ms. Salahi’s purported claim of MS. I have never met either of them, never spoken with any of their family members, nor even any of their so-called friends, much less Ms. Salahi’s nurse or doctors.

    Ms. Salahi’s supposed ailment, in fact, was publicly touted for years to garner support for the highly questionable charity created and controlled by the Salahis, Journey for the Cure Foundation, at that time (early 2009) under investigation by the Commonwealth of Virginia for charity fraud.

    That is a FACT. But don’t take my word for it, look at the promotional video prepared for their 2009 polocon in 2008, posted to Youtube in 2009, where it is stated Ms. Salahi purportedly suffered from MS. That was A YEAR before Ms. Dimond’s “revelation” of that “secret” on national television, and Ms. Salahi’s attempt to conjure up some false tears.

    Does Michelle [her given name] actually suffer from MS? I can’t say absolutely one way or the other, but I tend to think she does not, for two important reasons: First, her entire life has been an illusion and a falsehood, so, as heinous as the thought may be, it would not surprise me if that was simply a falsehood as well. Second, ask any MS victim and they will tell you after 18 years suffering from that progressively debilitating disease, one does not prance around in stilettos like the Energizer Bunny on crack.

    Oh, I don’t doubt that maybe 18 years ago Michelle consulted with a doctor for some ailment and he/she might have said that some symptom might have been indicative of a remote possibility of MS. But that’s as far as I am willing to go.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I am no fan of Mr. Salahi. I believe he is just as conniving and common as his wife, and I wouldn’t trust him any farther than I could throw him. But in this instance, when he says Michelle’s MS was all BS, I suspect it is one of those rare ocassions when he is actually being truthful. Why? In addition to my observations above, because it makes him look just as bad as his wife, given the fact that they both traded upon Michelle’s “illness” in an attempt to line their pockets.

    Just my opinions.


    I also will note I posted the substance of the foregoing to Ms. Dimond’s “friend & fans” Facebook page, a page apparently created and controlled by her. My comment was deleted. Not surprising, I suppose, since Ms. Dimond has no defense to the facts. Perhaps not surprising, but nevertheless extremely disappointing that a so-called “investigative journalist” could not stand a bit of legitimate and honest criticism.

    What leaves me dumbfounded, however, is that prior to deleting that comment stream, Ms. Dimond took the opportunity to accuse me of engaging in a “spew” of “lies”.

    The facts are what they are. If Ms. Dimond chose to refuse to acknowledge she was snookered by consummate con-artists, then discretion and prudence would have dictated a course of mere silence on her part.

    But to publicly accuse one of falsehoods, when the FACTS scream out otherwise, in an apparent futile attempt to continue to prop up her own flawed story, some might opine is well beyond the pale of any sense of journalistic or intellectual integrity.

    Just my opinion.

  • james

    Diane Dimond is to journalism what Terd Salahi is to the wine business: an embarrassment.

  • Ky

    I have MS.
    MS makes you exhausted, even on drugs like Provigil. It makes you confused, not conniving. Also haven’t ever heard of Doctors and nurses sharing patient information with investigative reporters. And the steroids we have to take to calm our symptoms don’t make us thin, they make us fluffy.

    But it does make you hate your dead dog, so that’s all the proof I need to welcome her to the club.