PHOTO Teen Mom Farrah Abraham to be an aunt, sister Ashley Danielsen pregnant

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's sister Ashley Danielsen

If MTV decides to start a new reality series titled 24 and Pregnant they have themselves a cast member. Congratulations to Ashley Danielsen, older sister of Teen mom star Farrah Abraham, who made the announcement a little while ago that she is 11 weeks along and has a due date of June 29!

Actually, it was the Farrah Lynn and Sophia Laurent Abraham Facebook page that broke the story after hinting for a couple days that they had a huge announcement. From their status update:

HERE IT IS!!! Congrats to Farrah and Sophia! Farrah is going to be an aunt and sophia is going to have a little cousin! Ashley is 13 weeks pregnant :)

Ashley shared a photo of herself on Twitter wearing a black shirt with the words “Furture Husker” and an arrow pointing to her belly along with the tweet, “Thanks to @gahmgahm for taking this FIRST pic of Bean and I <3 ..." UPDATE – Farrah has shared her joy and excitement over the announcement on Twtter as well! Here’s what she had to say about her big sister’s good news:

Farrah Abraham tweets about her sister Ashley Danielsen being pregnant

Teen Mom fans probably recognize Ashley from the show as she and Farrah often had disagreements and seemed a bit like oil and water, which was further evidenced by a much-publicized “boozy brawl” between the two that made headlines last September. She and Farrah seem to be on good terms now, with Ashley visiting Farrah in Miami and the two exchanging humorous tweets. (Perhaps a few thousand miles between them was all they needed to mend the fences.)

There is cause for concern about the announcement however. Back in early August (about six weeks prior to getting pregnant if my math is accurate) Ashley tweeted that she had been punched by her boyfriend at the time and he had been taken to jail as a result. She assured fans afterward that she was not going to let the guy off easy:

“There were a lot of people around and he was taken to jail,” Ashley tweeted. “I’m ok now! I am prosecuting him to the fullest.”

She also shared a rather graphic image of her bruised eye after the altercation:

Farrah Abraham's sister Ashley Danielsen's bruised eye after an alleged assault by her boyfriend

Let’s all hope Ashley is expecting with a new man!

Thanks to for her diligent reporting on her Teen Mom namesake!

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  • Steph

    wow i wonder who is the father.

  • Ashley

    So she is either having a baby with someone who abuses her, or with someone she has been with for four months at the longest….nice.

  • tab

    i’m sure debra is so embarrassed, having two daughters getting pregnant and not being married.
    @ashley-i agree!

  • Chelsie

    Why are people jumping all over her about the father? Haven’t you people ever heard of accidents?! She’s a grown adult, she has every right to be sexual active and have a child.

    I say congratulations to her and I wish her all the best!

  • Tiffany

    Why should you care Ashley? What makes her different than any other American out there…NOTHING! Tons of woman get pregnant early on in a relationship or get pregnant with abusive men. It happens. Nothing to be mean or rude about!!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Tiffany, Ashley. I got pregnant after three months of being in a relationship with my baby daddy and it turns out he is not physically abusive but mentally abusive and very controlling. It is gonna happen. There is nothing anyone can do about it and we should not judge people in that way. It’s not fair to them as a human being. NO ONE IS PERFECT!!

  • Paige

    I had been with my bf 4 months when I got pregnant, and now our daughter is 19 months old and we’re married! You have no place to judge

  • Patri

    I thought pregnancy is supposed to give you a glow? She looks weird.

  • http://Facebook Ali

    why are yall judging her she can do what ever she want and like some one nobody perfect and cant say something nice dont say nothing at all

  • Brittney

    I was with my sons father one month before I got pregnant. We are going on 4 years now and he is not abusive in any way. Time doesnt matter. But congrats on the pregnancy.

  • Cassy

    It CLEARLY stated , that the picture was taken ABOUT six weeks PRIOR to getting pregnant.
    And the other picture was a capture from the show. I’m happy for her. (:

  • Texas

    Wow! Maybe her mom Debra will completely run her life too and take control of everything and act as if she’s Ashley’s baby’s Mother like she did with Sophia.. That woman Debra needs serious psychological help!! I wouldn’t let her babysit my dog, let alone a child! I feel sorry for another baby being born into that nut farm! Good luck Ashley. You’re gonna need it!

    • Love

      Texas you must be 13 with lingering pre-teen angst….

      Are you serious? Farrah’s mom is desperately trying to fix the gigantic pile of S*** farrah and now her sister are creating. She is losing her mind because her kids are disrespectful white trash, and are so ungrateful…but there her kids so she has to do what she has to do. Farrah is just starting college at 20, and finally agreed to send her baby up north so she can date and live a real teens life….. news for you: teen moms don’t get to live a normal teen life- its the price you pay for being irresponsible.

      Im sick of people giving kudos to farrah, her sister,or grief to the mom. The whole thing is disgusting. Farrah thinks she’s successful? LOL! She is being exploited by mtv and getting the rep as a loser in the meantime. I hope she is still in school, because single 25 y/o w/ child is just around a corner and when those little mtv checks aren’t rolling in anymore– real life will hit you farrah. Im certain your disrespectful a** will be back to demand from your parents.

      What a sad, sad life, and what a sad future for your child. I wonder if you can return those implants when its time to send sophia to college, if she lucky enough to make it that far.

      Gross :(