PHOTOS JWoww’s line of strapless bikinis by Perfect Tan Bikini

JWoww Perfect Tan Bikini strapless swimsuit

Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley is using her fame as a platform to address a very important issue facing Americans today… tan lines! It was officially announced today that the 25-year-old bombshell entrepreneur will be partnering with Perfect Tan Bikini to launch a line of strapless bikinis which should all but eliminate those troublesome tan lines while still allowing to you lay out in public without fear of being arrested or having Mardi Gras beads constantly thrown your way.

JWoww shared the news via her Facebook page earlier today and shared the views of herself sporting the gravity-defying look on her web site. Here’s another example of the bikini in action on JWoww:

JWoww in a black and white with red lace Perfect Tan Bikini

So how does it work? Is the fabric infused with testosterone, causing it to cling to breasts like a magnet? (That was my guess.) Here’s the answer from

The Inside of our bikini top is lined with Stick2U, our patented silicon based adhesive. Stick2U is activated by your body temperature so the warmer you get in the sun the more it stays in place. Have no fear, the top will stay securely in place. Our motto is, Stays on and Stays Put!

Kinda redefines “suction cups” huh?

JWoww almost topless photo on a Perfect Tan Bikini strapless bikini

The whole thing sounds brilliant to me! Not only do the bikinis solve a common problem, but I think young ladies will be gobbling these up just because they are sure to draw attention and stand out in a crowd! (I know I’d be staring as my breast-fogged brain tried to figure out why physics had stopped working.)

Can you imagine how high sales are going to skyrocket the first time JWoww appears on the show wearing one of these?!? My only concern is that The Situation is going to try to play the role of swagger jacker and launch his own line of Perfect Tan G-Strings for men. (To be honest, I don’t think they make an adhesive strong enough to make that work.)

How about another JWoww bikini photo to help cleanse the mental palate of that unpleasantness:

Jenni JWoww Farley bikini photo

Here is the full description of the new bikini line from the web site:

The Bikini Hasn’t changed much in 60 years.

Once viewed as challenging society’s morals, today the bikini is considered merely basic clothing for lounging near the water. Women around the world are instead challenged to find the “perfect” bikini, one that meets their swimming, tanning and fashion needs. There is something new under the sun. Because a new version of the stylish two-piece has gone functional- with perfect results.

The Strapless, stay-put bikini top is finally here.

Perfect Tan Bikini is an innovative update for the 60-year-old icon, and it is exactly what women want from modern swimwear. My Perfect Tan Bikini offers the first practical and chic bikini designed to end unattractive tan lines and fussing with tops that don’t stay put without pesky straps. With its unique fabrication, the straps can be easily removed while the top stays firmly in place. This style-conscious yet functional, carefree attitude should be reflected in the brand image, paired with a sense of relaxed sophistication and contemporary, clean design As a fashion forward, elegant bathing suit, The Perfect Tan Bikini brand should communicate the belief that sexy is better when it is flirty and comfortable; the understanding that consumers want innovation and solutions from their swimwear; and demonstrate that this technology brought to strapless bikinis is simple to use and worth effort. But innovations and technology are only part of the story.

Now it is time to tan outside the lines.

JWoww from Jersey Shore in a sexy snakeskin bikini by Perfect Tan Bikini

All different kinds of women – from brides-to-be planning for strapless wedding gowns, to 30-somethings preparing for dream vacations to Fiji, to college girls making their Spring Break beach debuts – want their tans to look perfect. A Perfect Tan Bikini is not only a reasonably priced, stylish swimsuit, but it can also help provide that highly sought after flawless glow, along with discretion of a strapless top that stays in place even as today’s women are on the move. This desirable product delivers the equally important desired results.

The Perfect Tan Bikini has actually been around for a while, it’s only the addition of JWoww’s line that is new. Check out this video from that illustrates the Perfect Tan Bikini in action on the beach:

Here are some more frequently asked questions with answers from Perfect Tan Bikini:

Q. Is it waterproof?
A. Yes. Stick2U, our patented adhesive is 100% waterproof. The Inside of the bikini top is lined with Stick2U, our patented silicon based adhesive. /our patented adhesive named Stick2U is activated by your body temperature so the warmer you get in the sun the more it stays in place. Stays on and Stays Put!

Q. Is it difficult to take off?
A. Not at all. Taking the bikini off is very similar to taking off a band-aid. Just remember to hold on to the adhesive paper. You will need to replace the paper to cover the adhesive strips. Always cover the adhesive strips when not wearing the Perfect Tan Bikini

Sexy JWoww bikini picture

Q. How long can you wear your Perfect Tan Bikini during the day?
A. You can wear the bikini all day long! Enjoy it in the water, or just lying in the sun. The patented adhesive named Stick2U, is activated by your body temperature so the warmer you get in the sun the more it stays in place. Stays on and Stays Put. The Perfect Tan Bikini will stay in place all day long.

Q. How many times can you wear the bikini?
A. A Perfect Tan Bikini can be worn 10-15 times. We offer additional adhesive strips which can be used to extend the life of your Perfect Tan Bikini.

This last photo was on the site but it shows JWoww in a one-piece swimsuit. I’m not sure if it can be owrn strapless as well:

JWoww swimsuit modeling photo for Perfetc Tan Bikini

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  • Anne

    Somehow I just don’t think it would truly stay put. Especially if you were to get in the water. Even if it is “waterproof”, if you go in the ocean even with a normal bikini it can move around easily.

  • Chelsie

    It must be so easy to wear a bikini like that when you have IMPLANTS holding your t!ts up.

  • jen

    you must need fake b00bs to wear…. there would be zero support for my real b00bs

  • Karena

    I agree. I don’t know though, the bikinis come across as p0rn wear or something. Definitely not appropriate for teens.

  • Angelika

    That would not work on someone with a large NATURAL bust, maybe small ones or fake ones like she has but it would take a lot more than some tape to hold mine up.

  • kat

    the only reason its staying on her is cuz her boobs are fake. i mean really why would you use a model with fake boobs when everyone knows if you have fake boobs, anything will stay put on them. there is no way this thing would give any support to women with real boobs and no way itll stay on real boobs.

  • Juliana

    I really want to believe that they would actually work because that would be so cool! If they are not too expensive, I will definitely buy one and try it out.

  • Mandy

    They are ugly, seem extremely painful to take off and would NEVER hold my natural 36D’s up. There are plenty of strapless bathing suit styles that won’t rip your nipple off when you remove them! I think it would be worth one thin tan line to keep my nipples intact thank you! And also why does Jwoww look like she has “tummy tuck” belly when she doesn’t even have kids? Very weird situation going with her midsection.

    • lamecasm

      you know what. Maybe…. just, maybe J-Woww grew up with the same insecurities you did, no she wasn’t born will 36D’s. But, maybe she was harassed for not having a full chest, or not having a perfect body. Whatever she did to make herself feel good about her self. WHO CARES-, If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be so worried about someone else, and about the work they may have or haven’t had on their body. Its really pathetic. I really do not like the whole reality/celebrity hype. But she is a person just like you. And, I’m sure you would not like people evaluating you 36D chest & body. Telling you about your minor flaws.

    • Haters hater

      She is hot dont be jellous

  • She needs a water suit to cover her boobs!!!

  • CC

    For all of you haters out there seriously? I got the cute sweet love bikini and it rocks. I have naturally large C cups and it holds on very well. So for all of you griping over this with your nasty saggy breast, maybe its not the bikini’s fault but your own. Seriously if you are letting them sag that much, ewwwwww. Maybe you shouldn’t even be looking at this site. Plus for those who thinks it hurts, ever use fabric adheasive to tape down a nice dress or anything like that, even a backless bra? Well thats how it feels so not bad at all.

  • Oscar

    Wow…CC tell ’em. That’s what I was thinking the whole time i saw people’s comments. People too cheap to buy them so they complain like they know a thing or two. I was mainly here for JWow but thought i’d read what the haters had to say. YAY! For having a penis! yAy!

  • Simone

    Were can I buy one of these from? X

  • Haters hater

    lots of jellous pogs !!