Amber Portwood arrested for “old pills” says brother Shawn

Teen Mom Amber Portwood mug shot photo

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was arrested earlier today and looks to be spending Christmas behind bars. The announcement is difficult news for Amber’s family, who have had to suffer through all of Amber’s past difficulties in the harsh spotlight of the media, and her brother Shawn Portwood took to his blog to ask fans to refrain from their hateful comments during this difficult time.

Do you not have hearts?

My sister and I have not got along so well over the last few months but I would never say what some of you have said toward and about her. To be honest, some of you people are just so hateful that it is disgusting. It is sad how much hate people have in their hearts today. My sister has been doing really well even considering how many people are so negative and hateful toward her. It’s really just sad. She has been doing everything that she needs to but despite what she has done she will end up in jail again for nonsense. This is supposed to be a joyful holiday season and for most of you it will be. As for Amber and her family, myself included, this is another dreaded holiday. I hope that some of you find it in your hearts to stop being so negative toward her, that is if some of you even have hearts in the first place. Enjoy your holiday and pray for us because we could use that right about now. Pray for Leah as well because this is the second Christmas that she will not be able to spend with her mother.

He then took time to respond to commenters:

Shawn: To be honest, it was just an unfortunate event. I cannot say Amber is not completely to blame in all of this but I know she really didn’t do anything wrong.

Commenter: What nonsense? I am glad Amber is doing so well, and I have nothing negative to say about her.. I do not feel the first time she went to jail was nonsense.. and if she is going this time for the fight at IHop, then I don’t think that is nonsense either. Again, don’t wanna say anything negative.. however, adults have to take responsibility for their actions. Violence is not the answer.

Shawn: She is not going to jail for a fight at IHOP. She is going to jail for something completely unrelated. The incident at IHOP was some girl running her mouth and really nothing more. I do not believe the first time was nonsense but this time is.

Shawn spoke with E! and revealed that Amber was arrested after she missed a recent probation hearing and when authorities came to her house they discovered some “old pills” in Amber’s purse that she says were from an earlier prescription. She was unable to provide proof that she had a prescription for the pills and as a result was arrested and placed in jail.

I don’t know a lot about law, but I assume that if Amber does have proof that she had a prescription for the drugs in question then they can straighten all this out and she’ll be out of jail soon. Either way, hate for Amber right now doesn’t do anyone any good, especially her and her family. We will keep you updated.

Shawn Portwood has added another blog post, this time addressing Amber’s reported “laundry list” of probation violations:

I want to debunk some of the outrageous claims.

— “Failure to behave well in society” — namely, drinking too much and hitting a person at a restaurant last month

(Negative! Amber did not hit anyone. The girl was starting trouble with her. Amber cannot go anywhere without someone trying to start something with her because of who she is.)

— Failure to obtain a GED

(Amber is currently enrolled in classes to get her High School Diploma, not her GED. Shows how much some of you know.)

— Failure to complete 6 months of anger control evaluation and classes

(Again, you only listen to what you see on the internet. Amber sees a psychiatrist two times a week for anger and depression.)

— Failure to pay probation fees

(I am sure that she does not have a problem paying any fees considering what she makes a year.)

— Failure to set up a $10,000 college fund for her baby daughter

(The biggest lie of them all. At the time of the hearing Amber already had $20,000 in a college fund for Leah. She has since added to that and it is almost $40,000 now.)

  • inwonderland

    I don’t think it’s “nonsense”. She hasn’t complied with any of her probation requirements, and this is yet another incident that seems to keep happening “to” her. I find the trend in the teen mom girls disturbing. Not taking responsibly for their actions and accept and learning from the consequences. No one forced Amber not to comply, no one forced her not to go to her appointment like she should have, no one forced her to have “old” pills, no one forced her to get into a fight, and no one forced her to hit Garry. She should own up to what she has done wrong and maybe then she can start to straighten her life out. This placing blame on everyone but her clearly isn’t helping.

  • julia

    what a bunch of morons. I have never seen a more dysfunctional family than this. I hope Gary gets 100% custody because this mental case Amber is not mother material.

    • mary

      Gary was awarded full custody last week.

  • nessa

    really non-sense is her brother so naive he cant see what his sister is doing thats really really sad… i feel sorry for people that do try to get thier act together but cant,, she on the other hand has done nothing to get her act together why would she have old pills in the first place shes a grown ass women why would you get into a fight at ihop why would u be out partyng when you know one your are in the media and on probation… to this day she still thinks its okay to abuse and hit people like fighting is gonna solve the issue…. so to her brother shawn its not about having a heart or being cold its about your sister being an idiot and needsing to grow up so her sake and the sake of her daughter amber just lucky that gary has full custody and has been able to provide for that beautiful baby girl leah…

  • Jessica

    Apparently he considers breaking the law “nonsense”. Im sure if a person attacked him the way amber did to gary he would not consider it “nonsense”. I understand trying to find the best in a situation, and I know it must be hard when they put themselves in the public eye, but insulting the law and making light of all the terrible things Amber has done is just ignorant.

  • Elle

    This guy sounds like a huge enabler. Amber can do no wrong! Obviously she did not complete the terms of her probation, and she was arrested for doing so. I doubt the Anderson PD get their information from Starcasm or any other gossip blog.. I do not doubt that she didn’t get her GED, that she didn’t pay her fines, that she couldn’t behave like an adult and I don’t doubt that the pills weren’t hers. If she had a prescription, it would have had her name on the label, and viola! Proof of a prescription. We have all seen how she’s so out of it when they do the catch up shows and how she can’t even keep her eyes open and shes swaying all over the place. This trashbag is a wreck and deserves to sit right where she is.

  • Dina95901

    Shawn… it’s FOOLISH for you to continue to make REDICULOUS EXCUSES on Amber’s behalf. She’s spoiled, immature, malbehaved, ileducated, rude, tacky and VIOLENT! She’s a poor excuse for a parent and to top it off she’s got an ACTIVE addiction problem with a LAUNDRY LIST full of reasons and a WELL-DOCUMENTED HISTORY of RECENT Felonies which is why Gary should take Leah AWAY from her until she gets her act together and behaves like a mother PROVING she’s made those necessary changes for AT LEAST a year! Everyone’s seen it! YOU’VE SEEN IT!!! As long as YOU (or ANYONE ELSE) continues to try and make excuses/rationalizations for her IRRATIONAL BEHAVIORS she’ll never change. Someone needs to hold her feet to the fire and she definately needs to be held accountable for her wrongs… TOO BAD if you don’t like it. It is what it is! She should have gone to jail A LONG, LONG time ago for beating the tar out of Gary on MANY, MANY occasions – why should it be different for her? WHY? Should Leah witness THAT? Should she be exposed to violence in the home? Should she grow up to think it’s normal? If it’s normal… it’s ok to accept it in her own life. Do you want that for Leah? It’s not necessary for you to work so hard to defend her – First of all, it’s NOT going to work or be effective. You will NEVER succeed at convincing ANYONE she’s NOT GUILTY of these things. NEVER. Second, you come across as dysfunctional and enabling – which you are. Third, who are you trying to convince? It sounds like the person you’re trying to convince is YOURSELF. What needs to happen is Amber needs to hit her ROCK BOTTOM and YOU need to get out of the way. The quicker she lands on her face… the quicker she’ll have to try to pick herself back up and start to make the necessary changes in her life to be a good mother. That is what you want for her right? To be healthy, happy and a GOOD MOTHER for Leah? Let nature run it’s course and STAY OUT OF THE MIDDLE!

  • OhMyGeez

    I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. No excuse for her behavior, period. Old pills? How about you clean out your purse then?! Little Leah doesn’t have a decent role model in either of her parents.

  • Kaylie

    If he truly cared about her he would realize that he is doing nothing but instigating drama by making statements like this. If she didn’t violate her probation (no matter which way she did it) she wouldn’t be in jail. It’s as simple as that. Shawn needs to just let her go instead of failing in his efforts to defend everything she does. They are essentially the same person. Neither can put the responsibility of her actions on her. It’s Gary’s fault, It’s MTV’s fault, it’s some girl at IHOPs fault, etc. It’s never Amber’s fault in their eyes. Evidently neither has ever heard the life advice: It is better to remain silent and surrender to other’s speculation than it is to open your yapper and remove all doubt.

  • mzm

    Face it you sister is a loser, she has in no way tried to prove herself in a positive manner. Everyone that knows her knows for a fact that she loves pills. She has lost many of her friends because of this, it doesnt help that fact that you all enable her and think that just because she had a baby young its okay for her to act this way its not. She need to grow the F**k up! She looks awful. Anyone can go to your local forever21 store a buy an outfit to look put together and throw on false eyelashes, doesnt mean your still not a mess. She is disgusting and I feel so bad for her daughter. Lea needs to be with Gary and thats it. Amber needs to be placed in jail and stay there. She can cry all she wants the world has no sympathy for her. Does she not realize thats why shes still on Teen Mom because they use her for an example of what a f***king hot mess she is. Its sad shes thinks shes something and really we laugh at her and your family.

  • Anyone ever hear of the phrase “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”? No-one is perfect and we all mistakes, Amber is paying for hers. Why you have to come on here and say the horrible stuff your saying is absolutely shocking to me! You should all take a long hard look in the mirror because going by the comments I read I guarantee by all of you even saying the horrible things you said, you are far from perfect!! Don;t believe everything you read online-I think you are the naive ones. As for her brother, fair play to him for talking out about his sister, you would too if you were in his shoes and he never said Amber was a saint! If the world is full of hateful people like you, God help us all!!! 🙁