VIDEO montage of Phaedra Parks as a lawyer – Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson, etc

Phaedra Parks in 2004 when she was the defense attorney for Bobby Brown

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks was a well-known celebrity defense attorney long before she began wooing Bravo audiences with her charismatic flair and “everybody knows” words of wisdom.

Check out this highlight reel of pre-Bravolebridom Phaedra from various Atlanta news stations over the years, including footage of her and Bobby Brown during his famous trial for assaulting wife Whitney Houston in 2004, Phaedra’s insight on Michael Jackson’s molestation trial in 2005, and her more recent representation during the retrial of Lena Sims Driskell, an 81-year-old woman convicted in 2006 of shooting her former boyfriend, 85-year-old Herman Winslow.

Phaedra is the younger, blacker, femaler, sexier Matlock y’all! Everybody knows Phaedra Parks deserves her own spin-off reality series! With that in mind, here are some Andy Cohen inspired show title suggestions:

Phaedra Parks spin-off series Law and Order ATL based in Atlanta

Law and Order ATL
Apollo McBeal
Indict-Mint Julep with Phaedra Parks
Four Funerals and a Wedding
Phaedra Parks and Recreation

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  • Smiley

    Thanx for posting this. I really like Phaedra, and I don’t understand the level of hate towards her. I especially appreciate the fact that she is educated, classy, but not so uptight that she forgets how to have a good time.

    Besides, at least she has a real job. Only 3 of the housewives do (Cynthia, Phaedra, and Kandi).

  • letiva

    Phandra should get her own spin off show. It would be a lot more interesting then watching Kim and her bratty daughters on their spin off show.

  • lkanony

    GO AHEAD PHAEDRA!!…I mean really…, brains, breeding, legitimately financially sound by her own means(at least compared to her other ATL counterparts with maybe the exception of one…KANDI)….everything I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP 🙂