Amber Portwood hit with laundry list of probation violations

Teen Mom Amber Portwood won't face time behind bars after pleading guilty in deal

If you’ve been following the turbulent life of Teen Mom Amber Portwood than you’ll know that the young mother has been on probation in Indiana since being shown on TV beating baby-daddy Gary Shirley in front of her daughter Leah.

Well, the latest in this saga doesn’t appear to be good news as court papers filed by her probation officer indicate that the 21-year-old has violated a long laundry list her mandated probation requirements. Here are some of the alleged violations:

-> “Failure to behave well in society” namely, drinking too much and hitting a person at a restaurant last month
-> Failure to complete 6 months of anger control evaluation and classes
-> Failure to set up a $10,000 college fund for her baby daughter
-> Failure to obtain a GED
-> Failure to pay probation fees

Following her hearing in regards to the Gary Shirley incident she was sentenced to two years in jail but that was suspended on the condition that she do all of the items listed above. Amber has a court date set for January to explain herself and if the judge doesn’t buy her explanations for the many failures things could get real bad for Portwood. As in up to 2 years as originally sentenced bad.

E was reporting earlier that Indiana’s CPS had ended its long investigation of Amber and that they closed the case. This means that the long standing order issued that barred Amber from seeing Leah and from being around Gary was lifted.

Amber told E:

“Gary and I have joint custody and Leah only lives with him because they [CPS] felt she wasn’t safe with me when my house got vandalized.”

Shirley had tweeted earlier in the day a message that seemed to indicate otherwise but he since deleted it. It read:

“As of Today, I’ve been granted full custody of Leah with Amber in agreement. Will only accept the best for my daughter.”

Gary is currently on a road trip with Leah to Florida.

Once again, when it comes to Amber and Gary we have ourselves a big ol’ mess. One would be hard pressed to imagine that the upcoming probation hearing for Amber will turn out well. You never know how these things are going to work in court but one would assume that she very well may be in danger of losing her right to see her daughter once again.

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  • jessica

    I don’t understand why mtv calls the show teen mom when none of the girls are teenager anymore. Amber is a hot mess her own brother said that Amber receives 15,000 dollar’s a month from mtv so what are her excuses for not doing what she has to do. She has money so she does not have to work so she has time to complete all that she need too. I don’t understand why mtv didn’t have a trust fund for the kids already set up from the beginning of the show Kali is the only one. That I know of that said she has a trust fund for Issac when Farrah said money can’t buy you class should of being talking about Amber. I don’t feel sorry for her she had enough time to complete what she need too the judge was very fair too her. And she blow her chances

    • E

      Its called teen mom because they were in facts teens when they had their children. This forever labeling them as a teen mom. If MTV does in fact give them 1500 grand a month then what the heck in ambers deal. Hmmm crazy if you ask me. Sounds like she’s has a lot of growing up to do. Thankful her daughter is safe and sound.

    • Steph

      I dont know in the USA, but in my country officially you are a teen mother till the age of 23. But really 2 years ? Thats a lot of time.

      If I was MTV I would not pay the mothers, but put all the money on a trust fund for the children.

  • Lizzzz

    I don’t understand how shes going to get 2 years for parole violations but trash like lindsey Lohan, whose commited worse crimes in MY OPINION(not saying beating someone up isn’t bad), gets nothing for constant parole violations…but for real amber needs to get off her butt and do what she needs to do, your not a teenager anymore amber! Grow up! Stop blaming your problems on mental illness!

  • Kitty

    She may care about her daughter, but it seems that that caring is really for the MTV cameras… I HOPE she gets it together for Leah, but from the looks of it, she’s not even trying.

    Kail is definitely my favorite (after Maci, what can I say, I’m from Nashville). She really has her head on straight. Going to school, working, has a trust fund for Isaac…

    Amber could learn from her.

  • michelle

    uh oh amber…. dumbass

  • Denise Ortiz

    MTV needs to take these girls off the air and maybe they’ll start doing what is necessary for the children, this fame is getting to there heads not all of them so the girls who let the fame corrupt what they are supposed to do I wouldn’t pay them or film them until they get there heads together…..This show was to help young girls see what the struggle is being a teenage mom but you ask me Dr drew is letting this get out of hand now these girls are drinking partying smoking dating criminals, and cheating on boyfriends…Great that’s what we want to teach young girls bad enough its real life but lets show them on TV so they think its acceptable because the celebrities are doing it too no way