Teen Mom Catelynn and Tyler announce wedding date!

Teen Mom Catelynn Loweel with Tyler Baltierra and daughter Carly

We all watched Tyler Baltierra’s tearful proposal to Catelynn Lowell in the Teen Mom Season 1 finale, but since that time the two have been unwilling to set a date until they were more situated with their lives, including getting their high school diplomas. Apparently their lives are now situated (and they both graduated from high school some time ago) so Catelynn took to Twitter a little while ago and announced the exact date we will be seeing her and Tyler walk down the aisle!

Catelynn Lowell announces her and Tyler Baltierra's wedding date on Twitter

So mark that in your calendars Teen mom fans – July 15, 2013! By the way, that will be the couple’s 9th anniversary! (That would explain the Monday wedding) By my estimation the event should be featured in Season 7 of the show. I can’t wait!

Congrats to Catelynn and Tyler!

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  • Andree

    Yayyy 😀

  • Jessica

    I hope a year and a half is enough time for her to get over the trust issues with Tyler and accept her mother for exactly what she is…. A junkie. Last season poor Tyler acted like he was trapped in the relationship. Hope they can sort everything out and have a happy confident marriage.

  • Cait

    I wish them the best….Tyler seemed hesitant about their relationship in the past season, but hopefully that has passed.

  • tab

    i love cate and ty! i’m sure their wedding will be filmed for mtv. i hope so anyway!

  • Dana

    I highly doubt they will do 7 seasons of this batch of Teen Moms. I think they might start doing yearly updates and then something about any wedding or future babies. I am guessing 1 more season will be it for the original moms/kids.Congrats Catelynn and Tyler!

  • Malarie

    Congrates to the happy couple it takes people with great love and courage to go through everything that the two of you have been through 🙂 !!

  • MrsArmyWife

    They are so young! And that’s my wedding anniversary.

  • Kelsey

    Awww congratulations to them. I REALLY hope they last! They’re the only couple within 16 & pregnant, Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 that I really sincerely like.

  • Steph

    Wow thats great for them, they are such a nice couple. I wish them the best! And hopefully 1 day they will get an other baby.

  • Anon

    This upcoming season is the last one anyway.

  • Ashley

    Congratulations Catelynn and Tyler! I’m so happy for you! I bet Karly would be so proud to know how much her parents are in love! That will say a lot to her as she gets older! You two have been an inspiration from the start! You guys are the reason I watch this show! You guys have some of the biggest hearts! With all the love you have to share, make one another happy every day! What you have is special! Take it and go with it! No regrets! No second thoughts! Look into eachother’s eyes and just get lost! That’s the way it should be! I hope you two are happy! You are in my prayers! Congratulations again! 🙂

  • Sara

    i am so happy for the both of them i have watched teen mom 1 and 2 from the beining i am so happy for the both of them i wish them a happy marriage good luck guys love you catelynn and tyler you rock tyler btw

  • CiCi

    Congrats & much love to these 2! 🙂 Their story is so relatable, and so touching. Let’s wish them all the best.

  • Courtney

    hey i am so glad that yall finally picked a date can not wait to see how wanderfil you look on your big day i am engaged but it will be about 2-4 years before my big day with my lovely fiance Jesse! <3 hope you have a wanderful time and always remember you made the right choice, if it wasnt the right one you wouldnt have maje it

  • Cassey

    They are soooo annoying!