PHOTOS Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes attend son’s soccer game together, world doesn’t end

LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville together at Mason's soccer game

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville and singer LeAnn Rimes are embroiled in one of the most bitter feuds in all of Hollywood after LeAnn’s much-publicized affair with Brandi’s husband Eddie Cibrian in 2009. The two have exchanged vitriolic barbs via Twitter and the media, but have managed to maintain their distance from each other physically – at least as far as the public eye goes.

That all changed on Saturday when the two were photographed at Brandi and Eddie’s son Mason’s soccer game sitting within cat scratching distance of each other on the sidelines! Although neither appeared to speak to each other and you can clearly seen the unspoken tension between the two in the photographs, they appeared to keep things civil.

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Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes together at Brandi's son Mason's soccer game

The day wasn’t completely without incident though, as LeAnn Rimes would later ratchet up her infamous taunting ways by all but making sweet love to hubby Eddie in a series of public displays of affection obviously intended to get a rise out of Brandi.

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes make out in fron of Brandi Glanville

Kudos to Brandi Glanville for keeping her cool, something viewers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will know is not the easiest thing in the world for her to do, especially when it comes to her family.

Also, both managed to refrain from Twitter barbs before during and after the game. Could there be peace in the valley in the near future?

Photos: MAP / Splash News

  • Sarah

    LeAnn wouldn’t be able to ‘taunt’ unless Brandi take it personally or Eddie told LeAnn to knock off the PDA.Based on the pictures he’s just as much into it as LeAnn is and as the father of the childen and the ex husband of Brandi it’s up to him to decide how ‘classy’ he wants things to be.If people take offence it should mainly be directed at him as he’s the one in charge of the whole situation.Funny how he always gets away with everything.I’m sure if he was your ex you’d think differently.

  • Sam

    Making out at a kids soccer game? Selfish, insecure and DISTURBING. Very uncomfortable to watch. Leann’s had her stage, this is not it

  • Stella

    Leann and Eddie are both disgusting. As a mom of three soccer players myself, I NEVER see parents making out like teenagers at a game. Maybe its because I don’t live in an area like los angeles but I think its tacky to do that less than 5 feet away from the woman you wronged. oh and Eddie should be more focused on finding a job than making out with the “speedbump in his marriage to Brandi” at his child’s sporting event. Way to put the kids first Eddie.

  • Alisa

    Eddie is a cold selfish person who is showing the world he has no respect for his children or the mother of his children. This man is so low and disgusting. First he publically humiliates his then wife and then subjects his children 2 all this drama. So wonder his last tv series bombed. People see this dirty piece of garbage 4 who he is KARMA will come on his and Leanns door one day.

    As for Leann, this tomboy looking redneck from the dirty hills of texas has no class and no shame for her dirty deeds. She has no respect 4 herself or her fans as a matter of fact Leann even lied 2 her fans when the affair with a maried man with 2 children first came out, she had the nerve 2 get on koda and kathy lee show and publically stated the affair is not true, don’t believe everything u hear. Only 4 fans 2 find outd ifferent. You see fans leann doesn’t have respect 4 you all either, she takes u all 4 granted and thinks u will buy her CD’S and attend her concerts no matter what she does and who she hurts. STOP BUYING HER CDS this woman is scum and trailer trash trying 2 go hollywood. Now as 4 Brandi my first impression when I saw her was, she is gorgeous beautiful and classy, all the things leann is not, I thought eddie must see the $35 milion YES THAT’S IT THE $35 MILLION DOLLAR PRIZE. What man in his right mind would leave a beautiful person inside and out 4 a pale skin countrybunkin like leann except 4 what he can benefit. Also folks if u look at past and present photos of leann u will notice she is graually trying change her image into the image of Brandi. The clothes, the slimmer more boney tone, the hair style and makeup. Leann is one sorry sad and pittiful witch. I would like u all 2 ask urselves this question,(what did Brandi ever do 2 leann 2 deserve this poisonous mean spirited person in her life in the first place.

  • LeannRimesissinglewhitefemalingBG

    Did you check out Leann’s tweets from yesterday? She bought Eddie a new car with rims. Isn’t that a shame that Leann can only get Eddie to make out with her or act like he cares for her by buying him things? That makes him a gigolo. So Eddie only made out with Leann on the sidelines because he wanted a CAR with RIMS. No wonder Leann is so insecure.

    I guess Leann just couldn’t handle all the talk about how Eddie is cheating on her and may still have feelings for his ex, so she picked a kid’s soccer game to dispel the talk.

    When did Leann refrain from twitter barbs? Don’t you know by now that Leann has her “fans” doing her dirty work on twitter? Leann sends them DMs telling them what to say to BG on twitter, that way she comes off looking like she took the high road when in reality all she did was get someone else to do her dirty work. The people she uses are ones that she tweets to the most.

  • Betty White

    It’s creepy they look so much alike…

  • LeannRimesissinglewhitefemalingBG

    And notice how Leann has her and Eddie’s hands on her breast? Seriously, why is he groping Leann’s breast at the kid’s soccer game? That is just disgusting that he is playing with her breast right in plain site of his kids, the other children, the paps, other parents, his parents, and his ex-wife. That must have been one nice car she bought him. Oh wait, she did take him on a shopping spree this morning. So for a car and shopping spree in Malibu, he had groped her breast? I’m surprised that Leann didn’t try to stick her hand down his pants. When Eddie is kissing Leann and groping her breast is he thinking of Brandi or Liz(the woman who Leann keeps trying to pass off as her friends who goes just about everywhere with Leann and Eddie)?

  • B

    Oh, silly Leann… you could stop eating forever & you will never look like Brandi… joke’s on you!

    Karma’s a b!tch & I’m sure it’s coming for ya.. if he couldn’t stay faithful to the mother of his children, what makes you think he won’t cheat on you too??? Genius…

  • Katrina

    I have 2 kids and I cannot believe that these two would put on such a PDA display at a kids’ function. How disgusting! Never mind their rudeness and taunting Brandi; it’s evil and gross, but she’s an adult and can handle it. I remember seeing photos of them early on where LeAnn was the mistress just out of the closet and they were making out at the kids’ games and on vacation right in front of his sons. What a pair of jerks. It isn’t appropriate, it’s embarrassing for the kids to watch and worse for the boys to have to see and explain to friends and they are absolutely old enough now to feel that way. These 2 morons prove their selfishness over and over again.

  • lynnie

    Leann is a pig. Always has been. And those shoes… uggggh.

    Is it necessary for her to sit right next to Brandi? I think the sidelines are bigger than that no? I know divorced parents at my kid’s games and they stand at opposite ends of the field and barely see each other.

    I give them another year tops

  • WPP

    Class has went out the window these days with some people. I am not going to say that they are evil, but I will say it appears they are very superficial and self-centered. They should at least have some respect for Brandi and their children when they are attending public events. They both have no shame about how to act…and I wonder if they are doing this to say to all the people who do not approve of their relationship–giving them the finger.

  • Brooke

    People please, they arent making out. How do you know it wasnt a quick peck and someone took a picture of it? And as for his hand on her boob it just looks like they are cuddling. Yes they were wrong to cheat on their spouses but it happened and everyone needs to get over it. Brandi isn’t a saint. She just got “married” to some one for fun so clearly she isnt about the sanctity of marriage either, if she doesnt hold it to a higher standard then why should we care?

  • Krystal

    I find it hilarious how similar Brandi and LeAnn look. Almost literally the same hair style/color, body, height and weight. Good job Eddie! You are a winner.