Amber Portwood discusses IHOP fight, new man, diagnosed disorders

Teen Mom Amber Portwood is reportedly still struggling with depression and is still suicidal

It was revealed yesterday that Teen Mom Amber Portwood had got herself into a scuffle at an Anderson, Indiana IHOP. According to an eyewitness who spoke with Star she was drunk and instigated the fight after overhearing another customer speaking poorly of her.

Amber has spoken with E to tell her side of the story about that incident. In addition, she has opened up about her diagnosed disorders as well as a new man in her life.

Here is how Amber explained the International House of Pummeling situation:

“I was with Mike (her new man), and yes, we did go have a couple of drinks. But I was not drunk. We were sitting by ourselves, laughing and talking and my legs were up on his, just having a good time. Suddenly, I hear this couple make these racist comments. I looked over and said, ‘Excuse me, but why are you starting drama? Please do everyone a favor and keep your comments to yourself.'”

Amber claims that the trash talking didn’t stop so she decided to stop it. “So that’s when I got up and told her to shut her f–king mouth.” That sounds like Amber all right! The star of Teen Mom then discussed how she’s a target for people around her home town and how difficult it is every time she leaves her house:

“I’m sick and tired of people bashing me every time I leave my house. When I go out, I mind my own business, but people try to fight me and get me going because I guess they think I’m most famous for fighting Gary. I get picked on every time I go out in public. I just want to be a normal 21-year-old. I do my duties, I take care of my child. Yes, I did hit Gary, and what people saw was an angry Amber who reacted to the father of her child telling her he had cheated on her.”

“People pick on me just to see if I’ll fight them. They think I’m this hard person, but I’m not! I’m a good person. I love my friends. I love people…I just want people to know that people change. I’m doing really well. I’m  happy. Yes, I am on an MTV show, but I deserve a normal life, too. People need to realize that the show, Teen Mom, is on TV just to help others not make the same mistakes. That’s it.”

I have to admit that I can’t imagine the pressures that revolve around all the Teen Moms who have, in a relatively short period of time, found themselves at the center of a pop culture phenomenon. Bad decisions or not, I can’t say for certain that I would be able to manage it.

Amber portwood crying

In addition to the IHOP situation Amber discussed the fact that she suffers from bipolar and dissociative disorders. She was diagnosed as bipolar over 3 years ago and was diagnosed recently as dissociative during her stay in rehab following an apparent suicide attempt.

Of the bipolar disorder Amber said, “I struggle with it. I hate it. I grieve over it.” She added that the dissociative disorder causes her to black out and she feels as if people can’t relate.

As for her new man Mike, they’ve been dating for a month and according to Amber they’re inseparable. She added that she knew she would never be with baby-daddy Gary Shirley in the end even though they are currently getting along just fine. And even though it’s just been a month she said, “But with Mike, I know he’s the one. We never fight. He balances me out.”

As for Leah, Amber was cautious to introduce Mike to her because he’d never dated a single mom before. She had to show him the ropes but added that Leah and her new man get along well and he’s great to her.

If you want to find out more about bipolar disorders you can go here. If you’re wanting to do the same in regards to dissociative disorders you can click here.

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  • sam

    Racist comments????

  • LDS

    I wish Amber the best. I hope she straightens out her life and is able to live a normal life. I think MTV takes girls who already have issues. They get put on TV for all the world to see and people feel this gives them the right to bash these girls. It’s really pretty sad.

  • Ali

    As a mother amber should have taken her own advice and stfu. Way to be mature, not! But that’s nothing new for her.

  • Alysia

    I still think Amber is a complete mess. I know she can be a great mother but she has a lot of self work on herself. Personally I really do not think going from one man to the next is a good idea, she needs to be settled for herself and not all wrapped up in another realtionship.

  • Julie

    I just think it is a sad thing and this is the nasty side of television and what people dont understand is that only parts of a situation are shown not the whole ordeal and television is simply just television and nothing more but alot of people dont understand that. The sad thing Ambers life will never be the same and she just needs to leave Indiana and start over. I know Mtv pays her well so she needs to buy her own house and she needs to let tv go. Amber needs to stop saying things to people even if she is mad and she needs to just go on and live life. Now she is talking to E so here is gonna be more drama and it is going to continue. When you sign up for tv thats what happens. Do I feel bead for her yes in a way but in another way I dont because we choose the behaviors that we exhibit.

  • Mwe

    I really feel for her…my fiance is bipolar and it’s really not easy! Stay strong Amber…

    • tab

      imo, she’s using that as an excuse, which is not to say she doesn’t really suffer from this disease. she chooses to be a victim and not take responsibility for her own life and happiness. i suffer from biploarI disorder and you’re right, it isn’t easy. but i have never had my children taken away, physically or verbally abused anyone, especially in public! my life hasn’t been easy but i choose, each day, to try my hardest. some days are just making it to the next hour, even with medication.
      amber should have self control and ignore what others say and go about her business. if she doesn’t give in to them, people will stop bothering her when they don’t get a reaction.

      i’m sorry that your fiance struggles. i know it’s hard to live with a person that is living with a disease such as that.

      • Mwe

        You’re right. It’s not supposed to be an excuse for her. She should be more responsible! But I understand that being affected with bipolar disorder can be something hard to live with.

    • catdoc

      Amber is not bipolar. She’s just plain ignorant and mean.

  • ndmama

    ok so she wants the drama to stop because ppl r trying to get her to fight…maybe she should just tell them kindly please stop….if they dont let a manager or who ever is in chrage ask the ppl to please keep it to themselves or they will be escorted out…n not fight. thats all they want is for her to start beating thecrap out of themn they can sue her. if she doesnt want to get in trouble like that any more then she needs to stop beating ppl up cuz they dont likeher. she dugher own bed n needs to lie in it

  • tab

    same ole’ amber, blaming her problems on everyone else.
    sorry, but when you sign you life over to the devil, er, mtv, you give up the right to a normal life outside if your own home.
    grow up. get over yourself.

  • Feffy

    Im a 22 yr old with 2 kids. And to the people talking smack about her I’m gonna go with you have never had to go threw what she has. Not only does she have crazy stress being a young single mother but she also has her life on tv. It’s very hard and stressful and it’s a big struggle to do anything with a kid being young. And I’m sure you all have fought with someone and lost your cool. So who are you to judge?

    • Lexxie

      I’m a nurse, she doesn’t even have a GED yet she (thanks to MTV) makes TWICE as much a year as I do. Really are you stupid, is your IQ lower than room temperature? She signed HERSELF to public ridicule, by first signing to be on MTV, second, by her OWN actions.
      Young ‘Mother’ my ass, she was a LEGAL ADULT when she gave birth and all throughout Teen Mom. As long as she blames anyone else but herself, and continues getting MTV dollars, nothing is going to change.

      Stop making excuses for Amber, her continuous and numerous poor life choices.

      • catdoc

        Exactly! She has more opportunities than most girls in her position and she has wasted each one.

  • posh

    Even tho im not a big fan of her, i still feel bad. Im her age, and already life seems so difficult and i dont even have a child. I cant imagine what she must go through but i can totally relate no matter how different we are.

  • Pam

    Amber really needs to grow up and toughen up. She should have been the bigger person and walked away. She already has a record for hitting Gary, is she trying to end up in jail again? In life you’re going to encounter people who want to push your buttons…you can’t fight everyone. I don’t dislike Amber, I just hope she can get it together for Leah’s sake.

  • MOM

    *Im sorry but if my baby daddy was living with me rent free and wont work then comes home to tell me he cheated on me I would of smacked his ass to!

    • Britt

      ROFLMAO, well said. well said.

    • Bre

      to be quite honest I agree with you. I have zero sympathy for Gary because if you watch it he is just as awful. Yes, she could have definitely handled every situation better. BUT he wasn’t working and they were living in the nastiest filth I have ever seen, she was working part time and trying to study. Why wasn’t he helping her?
      When he decided he was gonna take the tv and the sheets and tell her he cheated on her I swear to god if that had been me they never would have found his big fat body.

      Yes maybe they are both super trashy but come on, if you are pushed and pushed and pushed you will go over the edge and to me, she could have done worse to him.

  • Kitty

    “She takes care of her child”… uh, doesn’t Gary have custody of her? If that’s the case it seems that HE takes care of their child.

  • syl

    as long as amber is trying great last season of teen mom it seemed she was trying but if she would stop fighting every thing and pick her battles she would be ok

  • I’m confused

    I’m confused. Is her new boyfriend black, hispanic or some other ethnicity? Granted hearing others make racists comments isn’t something any of us want to hear but if they were having a private conversation how were they starting drama with Amber? Sounds like she was the one who wanted to start drama by inserting herself into a private conversation that had nothing to do with her. Unless she is in a mixed race relationship now and that is being left out of all this.

    • Mandy

      People can be racist against white people too. For example if someone of a different race called me white trash I would consider that racist.

  • Andrea

    I don’t feel to bad for her. She did hit her x so thats how it is.

  • OhMyGeez

    So quit playing into their hands when they taunt you to see if you will react. Learn to walk away and maybe you will not have to deal with this every single time you leave your house. You wonder why people think you’re hard and volatile, well, here you go.

  • ugh

    omfg. so many things wrong with this story…..
    if she doesn’t want people treating her like she’s some kind of animal ready to attack, perhaps she should try acting and REacting differently?
    then this story would be about how someone saw amber in a local ihop, tried to start trouble, but amber was polite, reserved and informed the manager that someone’s behavior was escalating out of control and irritating ihop patrons. she makes CHOICES to act out. she can’t blame that on others. the only way to change public opinion is to start acting like a grown ass person.
    is that really hard to understand? what a flippin’ idiot.

    if she was that bothered by the attention, she’d stop renewing contracts with MTV.
    and what’s with introducing her poor daughter to every guy she happens to be banging that week?

    HOT. MESS.

  • STOP W/ DAMN EXCUSES!!!!!and take some accountability for you’re shit storm of a life .

  • rebecca

    I always liked Amber in the beginning, I felt like I could relate to her. Now I do not know, she acts so fkn psycho. I kinda think she is a fake/attention whore too. I really wish her and Gary would of worked out but he was a bit of a creeper anyway.
    hah, & my fiance is bi-polar as well. sometimes i seriously cannot deal with him, if she is really suffering from some mental disorders I do have some sympathy but she needs to work on this sh!t

  • Candie

    She said she had only had a few drinks and was not drunk. But I think the “few” drinks had them feeling good. She was probably all over her boyfriend if she goes as far as to tell people that she had her legs all on his. (not that its a bad thing) But she probably was rubbing all over him and kissing and no one really wants to see that when they are trying to eat. Amber should have stopped when she hear the other person saying something. Hell they probably just said it to the person they where with and she just happen to over hear it. So she had to make a big deal out of it because she was feeling good. If Amber had class she would had stop what she was doing that was upsetting the other guest. She would have NEVER tried to fight the person. she would of had to know it was going to end up on TV. She says she is on Teen Mom to help other girls. Well then she needs to stop and think what she is doing. People do not like her because she fights with everyone and everything, and is not the best mom. When she got into that big fight with her baby daddy. I think that really made people not like her. She needs to get off Teen Mom or show that she had changed. Or people are going to look and try to find things to make her mad or look bad. The best thing she could do is to get off of the show. Or get some help. Then show how she has changed. By trying to fight people that’s not a thing a changed person dose. I hope she just gets the help she needs and puts Leah first.

  • aliceee

    racist comments?? is her boyfriend black??

  • Kaylie

    Ya know, they used to call bipolar disorder something else. They called it being a crazy psycho bitch. Amber is a mess, and everyone saying she is a good mom is as psychotic as her. Amber loves and cares about Leah when it’s convenient for Amber to love and care about Leah. It’s as simple as this: If she was stable, if she was capable of taking care of her daughter, she would have full custody of her daughter. It is EXTREMELY difficult for a mother to lose complete custody of their child. Amber is unstable, and I don’t need to have a 24/7 camera feed of her life to know that. Amber doesn’t take responsibility for her actions, and she’s surrounded by people who enable that.

    When Dr. Drew first claimed that Amber hitting him was at all Gary’s fault because he “pushes her buttons” made me sick. I turned off the television, in fact. There is absolutely no excuse for a mother hitting their child’s father, and there’s no excuse to get upset about what a stranger in IHOP or Walmart or wherever the hell she goes thinks about her. She was like 3 or 4 years old when her little sister died of SIDS, and Leah isn’t even in the age where she could encounter the same thing, yet somehow Amber feels the need to bawl her eyes out on television about it when her mom can sit there and not even bat an eye lash about it. Amber will never amount to anything, and she’s impossible to have a sane relationship with.

    The girls on TM do encounter quite a bit of critisism, but as far as I can see Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, Leah, Chelsea, Kail, and even Jenelle seem to be EXTREMELY happy with their lives. No parent is perfect, but why is it that everyone else can make the best of this situation but Amber chooses to blame everyone else? Amber is older than any of them, yet she’s the only one that can’t even obtain a high school dipolma or pass an equivalency exam. She’s by far the most immature of all the girls. And I don’t think I would even leave my own daughter with her for an hour, let alone let her parent my child. Leah is destined to end up on celebrity rehab where she can kick Dr. Drew’s ass for not putting her in a home like Carly was given.

    • Bre

      I think you’re kind of losing it. But right about some things.
      She is a bad mom and I don’t think her disorders have anything to do with that.
      There are plenty of bipolar people who are great parents.
      I think they’re both bad parents and both attention whores and Leah should have been given up for adoption because neither one of them are a good choice when it comes to parenting.

  • sherita

    So she introduces her daughter to a man she only know one month? I dont know about that. I’m a single mom and I say 1 year. Only cause I dated an old friend who I knew since high school and let him meet my son cause we were friends and things didnt work out and my son became hurt when this guy left the picture. I’m sorry to side with Amber but I see why she F***ed Gary up. What the camera didnt show was that he told her he was cheating on her. I see how she got angry. Funny how MTV left that part out. I do think she needs to get it together for Leah, that is how is most important. Personally I would be trying to get things in order with me and my child’s relationship before I got a new boyfriend. I hope Amber gets herself in order.

    • Kitty

      So what he cheated on her? That is NO excuse to hit anyone. Get angry and yell, okay, whatever.

      I doubt she’ll ever get custody back, not with the stream of documentation of her poor behavior.

      Gary (judging by his twitter) seems to have his head on mostly straight and loves his daughter and wants what’s best for her. He’s not out making a fool of himself in hopes to land in the tabloids.

  • Heather

    Just a side note, not everyone from Indiana is like this, ALL OF MY FRIENDS THINK THIS IS AN EMBARASSMENT. Why is it that when they show Indiana on TV its always in Anderson. Come to Indianapolis. We are not like that here.