PHOTO Chelsea Houska and Rob Kardashian bring peace to Teen Mom vs. Kardashians feud?

Rob Kardashian poses with Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska in New York City

Teen Mom and The Kardashians ambassadors Chelsea Houska and Rob Kardashian met in New York City this evening to see if they couldn’t iron out the animosity between the two reality show families after Farrah Abraham recently stoked the flames with some disparaging tweets about Rob’s sister Kourtney and her boyfriend Scott Disick, who had just announced they are expecting their second child.

For those unlearned in the history of this epic and historic feud, it was originally sparked by Kim Kardashian who posted a blog that suggested shows like Teen Mom were making teen pregnancy glamorous, to which Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans each responded.

But that may all be in the past now thanks to South Dakota diplomat extraordinaire Chelsea Houska and smooth movin’ DWTS vet Rod Kardashian, who met up at the New York City hotel where Chelsea is staying just moments ago! no word on how the peace talks are going…

Of course I’m joking about the whole “Peace Talks” thing – Rob just happened to be DJing in the same hotel where Chelsea was staying. Here are the tweets from Chelsea:

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska tweets about meeting Rob Kardashian in New York City

As you probably know, Chelsea was in New York this week to do promotional stuff for the Season 2 premiere of Teen Mom 2 (including appearing on Good Morning America yesterday!) and Rob Kardashian was in New York being Rob Kardashian. (Knock on wood, but I think this could be the first step in seeing one of the Teen Moms on Dancing With The Stars! I assume Farrah will be the first to volunteer.)

  • Jessica

    The whole Farrah fued has nothing to do with any of other the teen mom girls . Farrah was the only one running her mouth so for anyone to think that the kashdasian would have any beef with any of the other girls is really reaching. I like chelsea new hair

  • Vassila

    Im sorry but I dont like her.. She seems like fame got to her head. Obviously.. she is Using it in her advantage.

    • kylesgirl28

      I have to say though wouldnt u do the same if u had the chance.Hell i know i sure would.:)

  • miss.Mandy

    watch the rumors will start they’re dating

    • posh

      thats exactly what i was thinking
      just waiting for it now….im gonna bet on hollybaby. they like to start shit

    • Jessica

      That would be a step up from Adam

  • msx

    Chelsea is such a pretty girl and she keeps on overdoing it with the hair and makeup it makes here look so bad.

  • MrsArmyWife

    i love her lipstick!!! But that hair… no good.

  • letskeepitreal

    My dog is smarter than Farrah Abraham…much smarter. My current dog is the dumbest of the three dogs I’ve owned in my life. I love my dog, but I’m just being honest.
    Maybe Farrah Abraham should have a public relations person screen her tweets before she sends them. Sorry Farrah, but you’re a dumb girl. Mildly cute, but very dumb.
    I just have to keep it real.

  • brianna

    that bleached out hair and heavy tan/make up makes her look 10 years older

  • farrahA

    Hey, lets not bash these teen mom girls. they are really smart and use the money they get from teen mom very wisely. they are not s**ts. yes, they do sleep around but does that make anybody a s**t? NO! So, back off everybody! You are just jealous because your not getting paid and coming out on tv!