Teen Mom Farrah Abraham responds to Kourtney Kardashian Twitter feud

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham attacks Kourtney Kardashian on Twitter

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham set off an online maelstrom yesterday when she tweeted she was “shocked” that Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again and then going so far as to suggest the pregnancy might be fake and asking “Did she not learn anything from TEEN MOM?”

Kardashian pal, and former target of Farrah Abraham’s Twitter disdain, Demi Lovato was the first closely connected to Kourtney to respond. Soon after Kourtney herself would respond as did her boyfriend and two-time baby daddy Scott Disick and sister Khloe Kardashian – with Scott’s response being brutally condescending and disdainful, referring to Farrah as “some sh!t stain on twitter.”

Most major news outlets picked up on the story and initially Farrah was silent in response, sharing seemingly unconcerned and unrelated tweets such as “FeelinFab!!! In »FL« headed to Art Bassel Events :)))) love my artsy friends.”

But Farrah finally did respond specifically to the controversy earlier today in an attempt to clarify her position:

4 all who misunderstood: regards to kourtney K.~ I hope she takes her relationship w/her boyfriend more serious 4 their children-takecare


Here are screen captures of the complete Farrah Abraham Kourtney Kardashian Twitter feud and fallout in the order that it happened:

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and Kourtney Kardashian Twitter feud screen caps

UPDATE – Farrah is now asking if Scott Disick’s “sh!t stain” comment about her was racist! CLICK HERE to find out more!

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  • Kristina

    Farrah is just saying that now because of all of the hate she was getting.

  • Angela

    Farrah was just confused because the Kardashians all act like a bunch of teenagers who are still in high school. No one is jealous of this amoral family. They have the intellectual capacity of a flea. All of their money was gained by riding the coattails of the infamy gained from Kim’s p0rn tape. I guess Demi Lovato thinks pimps on the street are smart businessmen too.

    • Ruthie716

      NICE one! LoL

    • Kristina

      they were famous before her sex tape..

      • Erica

        “they were famous before her sex t@pe..” really Kristina, because I don’t remember hearing anything about the Kartrashians prior to Kim’s p0rno being released…

      • Angela

        There’s a huge difference between fame and infamy. The Kardashians are infamous.

        Plus, Demi Lovato should have spent more time in school and less time on the Disney channel. Her grammar is atrocious. (ie: The Kardashian sisters are some of the realest, genuine girls I know.)

        • Dana

          Farrah had really changed ALOT since 16 and pregnant. It was even in PEOPLE magazine! I am not trying to be rude, but I dont like the Kardashians anymore, and I am not trying to back them up. Farrah needs to worry about her daughter and not fame! You dont see Maci going around followed by the paparotzie. So I think she needs to just stay on the DL

  • Jessica

    What was Farrah excuse for the comment she made about Demi lovato ? . It is well known that the reason demi is so support of the kasdashian is because kim was one of the people main people. Who reach out to her while she was in rehab Farrah had no reason to make that statement. Farrah is always putting her foot in her mouth and she deserve all this backlash Farrah has always acted like she was above everyone else in the world . This statement shouldn’t be what made everyone upset it should of be the cold n@sty mean insensitive comment she made about Demi lovato . After she just got out of rehab this comment goes back to why Farrah is friendless. Insensitive cold person who only cares about herself who is too wrap up in this teen mom fame to care about anyone else problems. She is the last person to question anyone life choices or parent skills. Or someone relationship People in glass house should not throw stones . Especially when all of Farrah bad choices and mistakes is on tv so the whole world too see a judge

  • Angelika

    I lost a lot of respect for Demi Lavato.

  • Emily

    Wow. I had a hard time reading that. Please proof read before you post such horrifyingly terrible English. Thank you.

  • Tara

    I’m starting to dislike Farrah. She’s always starting stuff with people she doesn’t even know, like Demi Lovato as well.

  • Kourtney kardashian needs to grow the f*** up for real!!!

  • D

    Who ARE the Kardashians? I mean I know who they are; I don’t live under a rock. But why the heck are they famous? Are they just famous for being famous?? The whole family gets on my nerves.

  • catdoc

    Farrah is not bright.

  • sarah

    they are so fake… they are bullying on twitter and not stopping it and the have the nerve to be an episode on extreme makeover home edition about stopping bullies. wtf is wrong with these people and scott is a punk

  • Megan

    Farrah needs to just shut up. Did she take her relationship seriously? Derrick didn’t even know he was going to be a father for sure before he died, did he? Really don’t give out advice if all you’re “famous” for is being a pregnant teen who gave her kid to her mom then took her back because of bad press.

  • BBT

    Wow, Farrah is a moron. LOL WTF is this even?

  • steph

    Hahaha. I do understand Farrah a little bit, But Kourtney isnt a teenager anymore and she has enough money. Only she has a little bit a strange relationship with Scott.

  • Chelz

    ok i agree that farrah’s comment was sooo odd.. and i LOL’d at the comment that maybe it was fake like kim’s wedding, but she is 32 yrs old and old enough to have two kids.. out of them all, i only like kourtney and khloe (maybe even bruce!).. the rest are too greedy and really fake.. did they pay demi lovato to make that comment because that was strange too.. these people are back in highschool again.. ALL (including farrah) are being just like pathetic girls who bully over the internet.. so sad…

  • Ashley

    Farrah isn’t confused she is just an idiot!! It’s funny she give parenting advice to a grown woman who takes her son everywhere but she moves out of state and leaves her child with her mother!! She needs to grow up! The only real mother on Teen Mom Maci Bookout, maybe Farrah should watch her own show for parenting tips!

    • SB

      last i heard farrah had her kid w/ her & props to Farrah for getting an education! Most Teen moms dont.

    • Ashley

      there’s nothing wrong with her getting an education at a school that she really wanted to attend. getting her bachelors is the best thing she can do for sophia. some teen moms never get the opportunity to get an education after high school.

  • Coco

    I agree with Farrah..Kourtney misunderstood…she wasn’t saying you were a teen…just saying being unstable in a relationship isn’t the best for your child. Whether KK understands or not her and Scott aren’t married which leaves a huge opportunity for him to just leave. Yeah she is wealthy but having a father figure for her kids is a lot more important. Based off of what Scott said to Farrah..if I didn’t know better I would have thought he was a teen. Why do u take it so hard when a teenager makes a comment about you? Very immature. Also having Demi Lovato defending you isn’t re assuring either lol

    • Ashley

      this is the best comment everrrr!!!

  • Taylor

    farrah is just a moron. I don’t think anyone has pointed out to her that her comments were hypocritical. she got on kourt because she was having aother child with scott and they were not married and such. but that fact is that kourt and scott are both over the age of 30 and have enough money to take care of another child….. but again, farrah wanted to point out that fact that they are not married didn’t think for a second that she was only how old when she got pregnant 16? and was she married? don’t think so . . . if I were her I wouldn’t be saying to much about having kids before marriage!

    • Ashley

      it’s not being hypocritical when she said, “did she not learn anything…” she’s on the show to let teens know not to do what they did so they don’t have to go through the hardships they are going through when they shouldn’t have to at such a young age. just because Kim K is wealthy, doesn’t mean it’s okay for her to bring another child into the world when you have an unstable and unhealthy relationship with your boyfriend. it’s not fair to the child. her age and bank account have nothing to do with it. I know Kourtney is a great mother, but a child needs both parents. and Scott isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. They have a lot to work on their relationship first.

  • SB

    This is soo stupid! And you should NOT just get married because u have a kid! Biggest mistake a lot of ppl make. And Kourt isnt the one that needs to be stable, Scott does. Not that I’m truely a fan but this is dumb!

  • alyssa

    Who is Farrah?? Just some teenager who got knocked up. I don’t understand why she thinks she so important. You wanna blast someone about taking care of their kid, look at yourself. You’ve made some pretty shi**y choices before.

  • Ashley

    Kourtney seems like the only real one. But she is very immature. Kim is just fame and money hungry. just like their mom who is also their manager. and Khloe is a b!tch, she’s a bully. they might be business women, but they’re known for trashy television and a sex tape. i remember when the first season of their show was on and i was thinking, “who the hell are these losers?” and then boom, a sex tape gets leaked and all of a sudden they are popular. oh please!!! trashy people!!!

  • Jen

    I wanted to like Farrah, I really did, but she seriously doesn’t make sense… Not hating on her fyi just saying there is no need to talk about a 30 some year old woman learning from “Teen Mom” the idea is for TEENS to learn from it.

  • Jennifer

    Wondering if the people on here defending farrah are a bunch of knocked up teenagers themselves. Have u seen farrah on the show?! She’s a spoiled brat that doesnt have a clue what it means to be a mother. She’s more concerned with her boob job than her daughter.
    Not that im a fan of the karsashians, but come on. Kourtney and scott are successful adults in a committed relationship even if it’s not perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. And the idiot who said that them not being married leaves room for scott to leave, what rock do u live under? Have you ever heard of divorce?! There are terrible parents who are married. That has nothin to do with the care of their son.

  • Holy shit . Farrah your a BITCH!!!!!!!!!

    • u noe wut bicches stop f**king wit farrah cuz she is not a bich nd u noe wut kim stop f**ing every f**ken guy u see bitch i u ur mom/ ur dad

      love nicole [this is not snookie ]

  • A.P.

    Maybe Scott should actually do the right thing and marry the woman he has impregnanted twice instead of insulting girls half his age on twitter.. I do not agree that Kourtney should have ‘learned’ from teen mom because obviously she is not a teen but seriously.. sex tapes, out of wedlock pregnancies.. and these people are role models? I just don’t get it..

  • yeah i agree she is 32 why would she want to learn about teen mom you wehere haveing a baby when your steel littel you are bearly i dont know 16