RHOA Inside Peter Thomas’ new tapas bar and restaurant BarOne

Peter Thomas, who wed Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey on camera last year, also watched his restaurant venture The Uptown Supper Club go under. Now, things are looking up: he’s been cleared of a battery charge brought by a former employee, AND embarked on new culinary adventure this June (2011): a tapas bar and restaurant called bar ONE.

BarOne (named by Cynthia Bailey herself) features a Caribbean inspired spread of yummy sounding small plates created by chef Natasha Wong. There’s plaintains and avocados and jerk chicken aplenty (sign me up.) Below is a photo (courtesy of barONE’s FB page) of a twist of the southern comfort favorite chicken and waffles. This version features sweet potato waffles and pecan-crusted chicken fingers:

In case you’re not already enticed, the entrance features a nearly topless photo of model Cynthia Bailey (who also opened up her own modeling agency in Atlanta called The Cynthia Bailey Modeling Agency, or CBMA.).

Peter’s BarOne partner R & B artist, writer, and producer RL, and it’s endorsed by Cynthia Bailey, but unclear if she’s actually a partner in the venture. It’s located in the Grant Park area of Atlanta, and definitely looks promising!

Here’s a video of Peter Thomas behind-the-scenes preparing for BarOne’s opening:

Another vid:

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  • Winner

    I wonder when Cynthia will figure it…….. she married a very abusive man. He is controlling and harming the relationships she has with her familiy and her friends, rather alienating and embarrasing her. CYNTHIA DID YOU KICK YOUR BACKBONE TO THE CURB, IF SO GO PICK IT UP AND THROW HIM OUT. HE IS A BROKE JOKE ABUSIVE LOOSER!!!

    • bananas

      Amen! There is something really off about that man. The way he speaks about people is crazy and when he was discussing the suit against him by a former employee I was almost ill about the way he spoke about the waitresses that worked for him. He is most definitively a misogynist and I could see him being abusive but let’s hope he’s not.

    • Putthemhoesincheck

      You can tell that you’re a hater. Women today want to act like men but expect to be treated like ladies when its beneficial to them. Every article that allows the reader to comment is full of comments telling Cynthia to leave Peter. That why I just f&^% you bitches and keep it moving you have no self respect no love for the black man but you always have your hands out like someone owes you something. Today most of you black b!tches ain’t worth sh!t.

  • Lee

    I agree Winner, She seemed so strong and independent and she settled for this quack job who clearly has issues fighting with everyone he seems to come in contact. I can’t believe she married him after that ridiculous display of maturatity when he lost all her money in the other bar/restuarant and said it wasn’t her buisness! Hello married people share their business! I think he runs her down big time and she needs to break away sooner than later.

    • Winner

      I know I can’t believe she married him either and if I were her mother or sister there is no way I would have given up the license, paid for any part of the shrade or witnessed my daughter marry an abuser. He wasted her money and then she couldn’t afford to have the wedding she wanted and he didn’t care. I think the venue was perfect for his old ass. His interest are far more important then anything important to her. He is a bully and because she has no esteem he can abuse her. I feel sorry for her daughter who is learning from her own mother it’s ok to allow a poor, old man to abuse you and you better work your ass off just to have the $$$ to backup his poor work ethics and bad attitude. I’ll bet you his restuarant failed because of his bad attitude. The only difference in the new business is he will have intoxicated people to serve up that bad attitude to and I’m sure all hell will be breaking out soon. Cynthia get a grip and leave him as you found him broke.

  • Misty J.

    I would not recommend this place to anyone. RL seems like a very good business minded person and I can’t believe he associated himself with Peter. I have been to Bar One once, and that was one too many for me. The staff is horrible and the management is even worse. I have never seen such unprofessional services in my life. The prices are too high and the staff doesn’t care about you being satisfied. “We are expensive, rude, and don’t care if you like it” should be their moto. Cynthia seems so sweet and I can’t quite put my finger on why she married Peter. If you have an issue while there, please know that management are the last people to go to. Just take your loses and never return.

  • carolyn cherry

    Peter married Cynthia knowing that he would need to go deeper in
    her pockets. In the interview while he was bashing the other
    housewives, he said that as Cynthia’s husband, if he asked for more
    money, he expected her to do as his wife, which translates to “do
    as I say ,give me more money and don’t ask any questions, period.”
    It’s clear that Peter knows how to manipulate Cynthia into doing
    what he wants. He uses intimidation with his loud/abusive language. He says he hates the bravo franchise, but yet he still
    films with them, because he wants to promote his restaurant.
    Cynthia knows that she’s made a big mistake and at this point is
    afraid to admit it. She is terrified of hearing the old “I told
    you not to marry him”, from her family. Her family loves her and
    just want what’s best for her at this point. I think Peter knows
    that time is not on his side with this marriage and is trying to
    get all he can out of her financially. I understand that he’s
    already asked for $40k to bail him out again. Most businesses may
    struggle in the beginning ( miminal profit, if any) years, only
    to do better later, if all other criterias are met. The venue must
    be inviting, clean, great food & service, affordable, and the
    manager/owner must be likeable and approachable. Peter is not, as
    evidenced at his last place. Someone didn’t like a particular item and he told them they could leave if they didn’t. Peter wants to
    play at being the man, but in reality he has no people skills to
    pull off anything dealing with the public or people in general. Like NeNe he thinks loud, rude, over the top comments and gestures make you seem big, but it really makes you look very small. To
    Cynthia I’d say, get out now, because your momma and sister is the least of your worries. If Leon suspects even the least bit of
    discord or disruptive behavior by Peter around his daughter (noelle), then “haterville” will never be the seem when he rolls up in there. Cynthia should have done the “runaway bride of this one, for sure”.

    • Putthemhoesincheck

      You broke bitches don’t know the first thing about a marriage, you think its only supposed to work one the man gives the woman but if a marriage is really a marriage and not a opportunity for a sister to come up it works both ways, they both give to the marriage. If a woman is dong better financially than her man she should back him especially if that’s what she expects for her spouse. But see most if not all of the women posting to this articles ain’t got sh!t to offer a man but some p^%%$ and the loose way women are today I wouldn’t put any faith in a relationship with any of you. All most of you chicks are good for is nothing, you can’t cook, you don’t want to clean house or take care of the kids properly cause its all about you trying to impress your friends. do your thing Peter get yours f&^%$ these haters, they mad cause your woman is fine and has money.