Real Life Mrs. Robinson: Ex-Mayor Linda Lusk blames sex with daughter’s 14-year-old boyfriend on depression from death of son with genetic disorder

ABC is taking a strange angle in their reporting of an adult-child sexting scandal. 49-year-old former Mayor of Prosser, Washington Linda Lusk (pictured above with high school principal husband Kevin Lusk) was caught sexting (even a sending pic of herself in her bra) to her teenage daughter Carly’s 14-year-old ex-boyfriend Bubba. Linda and her husband Kevin say the sexting scandal was caused by Linda’s depression after the death of her son Taylor (who passed away after living for 15 years with the crippling genetic disorder Trisomy 13.)

Lusk and her husband said that to understand why she became entangled with Bubba at all, it’s important to understand her relationship with another boy — her son, Taylor, who died in 2009.

Apparently, awash in her grief, Linda Lusk and Bubba connected one day, and, having always liked him, they begun to text. His parents were going through a divorce, and the first texts she sent to him were nurturing ones, according to Bubba. But, he says they got increasingly flirty and sexy. Eventually he asked to see a photo of her nude, and Linda sent him a photo of herself wearing just her bra. Trying to explain why she sent the photo, she told Chris Cuomo on 20/20 that it was like when a child asks you for candy 500 times, and you finally give in.

What’s strange about this presentation is how easily Lusk’s explanations are accepted by the ABC reporters. If this situation had switched genders, an older man would certainly be more harshly judged, even if he was sexting a teen girl who says she was enjoying it. Sexually abusing and manipulating a minor is the same no matter what the genders were, even Dourtney (50-year-old Doug Hutchinson and his 16-year-old bride Courtney Stodden) never publicly admitted to having sexual communication before their marriage.

Depression from losing a son is devastating, and probably can be related to any number of strange behaviors, but it doesn’t seem fair to say it explains why a grown woman would send sexy photos of herself to a 14-year-old boy, much less one who once dated her own daughter. Comparing the situation to a child begging for candy doesn’t things at all.

Linda’s daughter Carly was horrified when people at school started talking about her mom’s relationship with Bubba. He was telling his friends about it, and even showed some of them the photo. When Carly confronted her mom, she was shocked when Linda told her that not everything she was hearing was true, but that she was engaging in inappropriate text messaging with Bubba! The truth came out in April 2010, and Linda eventually served three months in jail for third degree child molestation, a felony, because not only did she sext with Bubba, but she allegedly gave him oral sex when he came over one day during lunchtime “to have her sign a community service form.” She ultimately didn’t admit to giving him a blow job, but did admit in court to touching his penis with her hand.

Linda became infamous in her town, with people making YouTube videos paring her picture with “Mrs. Robinson,” and their own free-style raps. She’s now required to register as a sex offender for the next 10 years. Just this Monday, Linda Lusk violated her probation by crossing the county line without informing her parole officer. She was trying to attend her daughter’s college swim meet, but is currently being held in custody until a hearing in two weeks.

Bubba himself doesn’t feel taken advantage of, and doesn’t feel that Linda Lusk should be punished, but his mother is outraged by the situation.

What do you think, is depression a good excuse for this type of behavior?

Linda Lusks’s story airs tonight on ABC’s 20/20.

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  • eva

    HELL NO! its not ok. would she have sexted her 14 year old son? that makes no sense at all!

    • greg

      Well, Mary was 12 years old when she was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, and became pregnant with Jesus. Now the state of Colorado
      is MORE RIGHTEOUS THAN THAT! and would book the Holy Spirit as a ‘child molester’. Was the 160 lb, ‘child’ egged on by his friends
      and braging about it afterwards, ‘damaged’ by his ENJOYMENT OF HER FAVOR! Is there any bible reference to male virginity? Oh I forgot, a woman is equal to a man so now she can wear the scarlet
      letter by all the holier than thou set. How pathetic. The court of Colorado is a disgrace to Americian Jurisprudence for even hearing the matter. Your sicker than sick.

      • Duck Black

        That is NOT TRUE. MAry was NOT 12 in fact most girls did not even get their first period until they were 16 up until 30 years ago! This new age of women getting their period as soon as 12 is a new phenomenom r/t all the hormones in the food we eat!

  • kel

    No, depression is definitely not an excuse! While she may be depressed, I think she’s suffering from something far more serious than that. Nobody in their right mind does something like this.

    • Tom

      are you kidding me , what world do you live in????? I mean the kids name is bubba his mom is a teen mom and yet you blam Linda Lusk , come on the kid was begging for it , and bubba lied to his friends to seem like a big shot , Bubba was the problem not Linda!!

      • kel

        HAHA, what world do YOU live in? Bubba is a 14 year old TEENAGE BOY, Linda Lusk is a GROWN WOMAN. He may have asked, even begged for it, but she should know when to say NO to a 14 year old boy.

        • TTheRedBaron

          Bubba is counting the days to his 18th birthday so he can legally have a three-way “conference call” with mom and daughter.

  • Manuel Galaviz

    He is a big strong guy, he wanted oral sex, she is not to blame

  • Tom

    I was 16 when I got oral from a 30 year old women , I wasnt molested I asked for it , Im mean wtf the kid whos name is BUBBA and whos mom was like 14 when she got knocked up is just upset she wasnt the onlyone doing a 15 year old , whatever this is a stupid case and babba is a dumbass

  • mandy

    So she is traumatized by her teenage sons death and makes herself feel better by getting with a teenage boy? That is really sick. I would look into anything inappropriate that might have happened with her own son. SICK SICK SICK!!!

    • Popeye Americannews

      her boy was retarded, mandy. i think you are a litle SICK also.

  • TN

    There is one thing that was clear, Linda Lusk was not telling the entire truth. However, I think she truly doesn’t get it. She does not understand that she is the reason all of this happened to her. She clearly was flirting and interacting inappropriately with this boy, whether it ended with a sexual act for sure is not so clear. I think that if nothing happened, it is because she pulled the plug at the last minute. She is still guilty of carrying on an inappropriate relationship with a minor and I think she got off easy. She was rearrested on a parole violation this week so it does not appear she is taking responsibility for her wrongdoing. She clearly needs psychological help but I actually worry more for her daughter and what long term effects this will have on her. As for Linda’s husband, he is more forgiving and understanding than most. I think the 14 year old boy will probably be okay. He actually seemed believable and to answer honestly. The whole story was just weird and I think that Linda Lusk may have hurt her case more by doing the 20/20 special. Her excuses were not believable and I think she better get some help soon or she is going to have a lot worse emotional problems in the future.

    • CHUCK


  • Kim

    Who do you people think you are!? Boy or Girl a predator is a predator! How dare you judge this poor young man and his family! Regardless of his name he is a young boy who is the victim. Don’t victimize the old ugly haggard woman who can’t get any and needs to pray upon a young man. Living in a small town makes it extremely hard to avoid persecution and judgement. This family doesn’t deserve these small minded comments from narrow minded observers.

    • Popeye Americannews

      the high school boy was not harmed and he considers himself a lucky little fker right now. someday, he’ll have regrets tho.

    • ashwipe

      You gotta admit though yes she was an adult and should have known better and there’s no excuse for sex , sexting, etc with a minor but you can’t act like he’s a victim when as a minor he should have known better than to be involved with an adult and should have ended and stopped talking to her before it got to that point same goes for her. They are both guilty.

    • Rachel Vaughan

      I sooooo agree!

  • Roger Truitt

    Reminds me of the old Flip Wilson show..’The Devil made me do it.’ If the Devil is responsible for one’s bad actions, then, one is never responsible for their own actions. If I rob a bank, it is the Devil’s fault, therefore, I should go free. Linda is not responsible here. WHAT!!?? She seems to be one of those who never has, and never will, take responsibility for her bad actions. Roger in Georgia.

  • Lisa Marie

    I think we need to cut this woman some slack. Yes, she is not a good picture of morality but she is certainly not a monster who deserves to be labeled a “sexual predator”. The loss of her son was traumatic. She is not a real predator in that a) Bubba was very much interested in pursuing their relationship b) She may not have actually done anything sexual with him c) She is fully apologetic and has not done anything of this nature since.

    Clearly, she just made some bad choices to text this boy. In her defense she was vulnerable (due to the loss of her son) and she probably wanted to just help out another boy in need. Plus, it has never been proven if anything sexual did occur!

    I think she deserves a break.

    • Anthony Zarat

      Lisa, would you feel the same way about a 49 year old man who had a relationship with a 14 year old girl (his son’s GF to boot)?

  • Bill

    She stupid and he’s a liar. She’s getting what she deserves for being stupid. He’s not telling the truth he was rejected and lying to his buddies. She was flirting with him and is paying for it. But shame on them both.

  • Jeff

    I feel so bad for all involved. I think Mrs. Lusk’s depression played a huge part in any inappropriate actions that may have occurred. She lost her son and didn’t seek proper counseling. I recently lost my oldest son and no matter how bad a parent may think this loss would be, it’s so much harder than one can imagine when it actually happens. Personally for me, not living seemed like a better option than feeling the grief that overcomes your life. I believe that statement that her daughter made about this incident never happening w/o the loss of her brother.
    Good luck to this family and stay strong for each other.

  • GreyGrey

    No, depression is no excuse for this type of behavior. There are a lot of depressed adults out there that don’t go off and start sexting or give head to their daughters ex-boyfriend. She was a mayor for goodness sake with a high school principal for her husband. She knows better and is just trying to save face in her small town and beyond. Others have been locked up and punished for this type of pedophilia as should she. For 20/20 to be airing this and being sympathetic to her is ridiculous in my opinion.

    • Popeye Americannews

      She’s a nympho and a pathological liar and gets no sympathy here. She needs to buy better batteries.

      • Robert H

        I couldn’t agree with you more. A true dirt leg

    • Anthony

      I would do her, very sexy woman. Them sexy eyes would melt me

  • Truth

    She’s a pedophile. No excuses. She should get the death penalty.

    • Popeye Americannews

      no, not a pedopile. a horny milf or a nympho maybe.

    • TTheRedBaron

      How quickly we want to give out the death penalty.

  • hatetoregister

    I guarantee you that the punishment would be VERY different if this was an older man and a young girl! 3 months? That was a slap on the wrist!

  • Popeye Americannews

    wow this milf REALLY has hot pants! with her new boy toy, it will be her third husband and who knows how many “interns” when she was mayor. she needs to buy new batteries……….maybe lithium ion or somthing that just keeps going and going and going…………

  • George Ralph

    She can baste my hotdog anyday. Man, I love horny old ladies. Text me momma.

  • Bruce

    She sex offender which she is, no way with young people.. She knew better but she let lust get in the way. No way for graduation…

  • Bruce

    She also trash her husband who stood beside her threw it all!

  • Bruce

    This so-called lady deserves everything she gets!!!

  • Bruce

    She us a true dirt bag…..

  • Vickie from Indiana

    Piece if carp. Nuff said!

    • Kelly

      Yes, you have definitely put all the other arguments to shame with your clear, wise, well said, well spelled words.

  • Vickie from Indiana

    this message is to Tom, who thinks we ought to blame the victim. Are you a pedophile too? Is that why you are taking her side?I really don’t care if the boy enjoyed it or not. Sometimes children enjoy things that aren’t good for them. I bet if you give your kid a pound of candy every day to eat it will enjoy it,u idiot.

  • Rachel Vaughan

    She makes me sick! Now she has another child?! What a pedophile this sicko is! Blaming her dead kid, blaming the 14 yr old, when do we win?! 4 months is not enough! She talks about one little mistake! What a nut!!! And then saying that everyone has skeleton in their closets. This is a real piece of work!

  • Rachel Vaughan

    She’s shuch a scumbag! Linda lusk, the 14 yr old boy is not one bit responsible. I can’t believe she says he should own his part. Witch, he has no part! U yourself said he needed help. You sicko, you helped alright, u helped yourself to some teen pean! Sick witch!