PHOTOS Snooki’s elaborate leopard Halloween costume

Snooki's leopard costume at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas

Can you say, “Purrrrrrrsy Shore?” You will be after checking out Guidette sex kitten Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi in her leopard themed Halloween costume, which included some rather amazing body and face makeup! Snooki was spotted (in more ways than one) in the costume at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas last night where she was hosting the evening Halloween’s festivities.

Along with the elaborate spray tan animal skin, Snooki had matching furry minidress and a cape, complete with hood and ears. Shnooki finished things off with a vicious pair of high-heeled black thigh-high latex boots and some rather startling cat eye contact lenses!

Snooki's leopard Halloween costume at Pure 2011


The elaborate look took a while to create and Snooki tweeted photos throughout the process:

Snooki tweets her leopard Halloween costume in the early stages

Snooki getting makeup done for her leopard halloween costume

Snooki tweet a photo of getting her leopard makeup done for her Halloween costume

It’s Gym, Tan, Leopard y’all!

Snooki poses in her elaborate leopard Halloween costume at Pure nightclub

Top 2 photos, bottom photo: Splash News
All other photos: Twitter

  • MrsArmyWife

    Wow, those contacts make my eyes hurt…they aren’t weighted right at all 🙁

  • lmao

    the eyes arent centered right, so it kinda makes her look like a cat who has rabbies or something..or just a retarded cat

  • J

    LOL @lmao!!! YOU’RE RIGHT!

  • Kayla

    EWWW I thought the first picture was someone dressed as snooki for halloween

  • mandy

    Yeah the eyes look really stupid. The contacts are just floating around. Yuckie.

  • contacts can move around an rotate as you blink..still, cool idea snookie..mean !!