UPDATE: Did Teresa Giudice come between sisters Caroline and Dina Manzo? Dina speaks out

Did Teresa Giudice come between Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo sisters

Thieves just aren’t that thick these days. It turns out Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Caroline Manzo isn’t as tight to sister Dina as she used to be, according to footage of the upcoming Season 3 reunion, part 2 that airs this Sunday. (RealityTea.com had reported that the sisters were icy back in June of this year. They also cited more info from Realitycrackhouse.com, and noted that the sisters were no longer following each other on Twitter.)

At the reunion, Caroline says she “lost a lot of my relationship with” Dina, but there never was a fight. When Andy asks what happened, she implies that this year’s villain Teresa Giudice had something to do with it, while Teresa retorted that it was bacause Caroline had somehow “backstabbed” her little sister.

This also jives with the fact that Dina Manzo was the only person connected to Real Housewives of New Jersey to show up to Teresa Giudice’s Fabellini wine launch October 7. CLICK HERE to read more about Teresa’s new bottled cocktail drink (not that she gets her ideas from Bethenny Frankel, or anything.) Dina says, though, that she’s not in anyway involved with the feud between Carolina and Teresa and up until people started tweeting at her mid-October, she didn’t even know they weren’t getting along.

@DinaManzo October 13:

“eww getting some MEAN tweets. I didn’t take sides, don’t assume~didn’t even know they were not getting along until recently~I’m not involved”

Dina also wrote on her Facebook page:

“Teresa has nothing to do with my relationship with my sister. I had no idea of their discord until very recently.”

Whatever’s going on with Caroline and Dina, Caroline maintains on the reunion that someday her relationship with her sister will be stronger than ever, but said “If she has to hate me for a while, hate me, but I’m not going to hit back.”


Dina posted a rather long blog on her website that sheds a little light on the situation.

About her family problems with Caroline:

“During this time some things that I will NOT get into did happen behind the scenes with certain family members and there is no right or wrong really…it depends on who you ask. Feelings did get hurt…I won’t get into them because I have no desire to rehash the past that can only hurt my parents whom I adore. I would rather stay away from it than fight, that’s what works for me and guess what? that’s ok.”

And on to being Teresa’s buddy: after months of staying away from Teresa and everybody on the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast after Dina quit during Season 2. Dina felt there was a lot of bad energy with the show, and didn’t enjoy having her life opened up on reality television. But, Dina says, she remained cordial, and after a few months Teresa showed up on Dina’s doorstep crying about an on-camera dust-up with Jacqueline and Caroline for the yet un-aired Season 4. Then, Teresa invited Dina to the Fabellini launch party, and Dina had a conversation ON CAMERA with Teresa about T’s brother and the Infamaous burncookbook. Then, Dina, on camera basically said that things for being blown out of proportion over a couple of silly digs.

She mentioned the drama with her and Caroline and I told her that if this is all about a joke in a book (and she assured me it was) that’s not enough for me to hate the mother of my God daughter and a friend of 15 years. Was it necessary to write that stuff in her book? probably not but I don’t think it was written with malice either. We are all guilty of joking a little too much now & then…”Teresa jokes” were all over this season, everyone of them took their turn on talkin smack. I even joked on WWHL with Andy about “ingredients-es” (is that how you spell that?).

Dina has a point. The “jokes” in Teresa’s cookbook were a little much to get everyone’s feathers ruffled, especially with all the stuff every single one of them says to the camera each episode.

So, Dina’s story is that her on-camera friendliness with Teresa is after a long lull, and is completely separate from whatever beef she has with her sister.

Part 2 of the Season 3 reunion airs Sunday @ 10 pm EST
  • Anything is possible when gorilla women is around .She obviously can’t be trusted
    If you’re a thief you’re a liar ..

  • Em

    I hate that two sisters aren’t getting along. I sincerely hope that it doesn’t have something to do with Teresa or the show. If it does then I think Caroline needs to get off the show ASAP, it shouldn’t be worth losing a sister.

    • Caroline needs to go and crawl under a rock she has kept up enough hell, and then when people start to see thru her by leaving her alone she breaks down and cry cause she see she looks and feels like an azz. She doesn’t have anyone in her corner to help stir up this drama. Caroline needs to be canceled out of the show!!! I’m tired of looking at her old miserable azz.

      • Gianni from Long Island

        This Manzo LUNATIC… INSANE must go to hell.
        The way she (CAROLINE)spoke to Teresa is pazzesco…..and then Chris ”the ugly Manzo boy”yells at Joe Giudice…and Fatzo Lauren calls Teresa a piece of s..t??????
        ANDY COHEN are you reading all this ?Caroline must go or we boycott the show.

    • Carolinegoaway

      Caroline NEEDS to go away.Andy Cohen loves this garbage…he does not give a s..t ….who gets hurt….THIS IS CALLED ABUSE AGAINST TERESA AND HER FAMILY.

  • Cynthia

    Caroline absolutely LOVES playing the victim… Tre supposedly made her TREAT HER FAMILY BADLY… she should be embarrassed to say something so ridiculous… NO ONE MAKES US DO ANYTHING.. we are grown ups.. are we not? Then to blame Tre for her problems with Dina?? WHO IS THIS WOMAN KIDDING?? Dina is tweeting this isn’t true.. and Dina was one of my favorites on the show.. and i think Caroline is a major egotist.. and thinks he word is GOD.. well think again.. LOTS OF OPINIONS ARE FLYING.. and your not so favorable as you think.. even the comment about her daughter not being beautiful since she needs to loose weight.. was UNKIND in every way… but she’s on a talk show giving advice?? ITS LAUGHABLE… !!!

    • Caroline is just a miserable old azz b*tch. I see why she is into battle with her own family, this mean that she is not going to respect anyone else family if she can’t respect her own family.

      • The Bronx

        ”Don Corleone Manzo” is a piece of trash.God will punish her for what she’s doing to Teresa Giudice and Joseph Giudice.
        Her daughter”lap band Lauren”called Teresa a ”piece of s..t….and Corleone did not stop her…Whats wrong with these Manzos….???????

  • G

    You don’t put a joke in writting for millions of people to read from here on to eternity! I think Teresa deserves what she is gets! I believe what Teresa did WAS INTENTIONAL! I believe Teresa is a BIG BACK STABBER and a rotten person!

    • Theresa is getting paid…who gives a f*ck about a cookbook. Get over it everyone!

  • Toni

    Do I think that Teresa putting the jokes in the cookbook is cool, no, but it’s not my cookbook and if she thinks it’s just jokes then so be it. However, to me the jokes was kinda of a dig, persa, but not a big one just enough to say a lil on what’s really on her mind and that she’s aware of what’s going on. She did meant to ruffle some feathers, hey that’s ok because during the show the Manzo boys was taking digs at Teresa & Joe, they take digs at anyone, so they should be able to take these little stupid jokes and not get so bent out of shape. As for Caroline, please so many times you make jokes about Teresa and I get it I know as well it is not malice, but come on now you know yourself that Teresa is taking much digs at you because she is jealous of you and also she doesn’t mean any malice towards you, it was just in the moment. But, all you Manzo and others who can’t take a joke, it’s sad because you all make jokes on everyone, with very good liners, but you get upset when someone else does it to you, which it’s not fair, no? Anywho, all of the women need to grow up and damn it grow up fast, come on now you all look beautiful to let all this silliness get to you. Here I am wondering what to get my family for xmas, what to get my grandsons for xmas, because I have no job, no money, no health insurance, no life because of my decisions I made in the past I am now f***ed, totally f***ed and when I see people like you, in this reality show and knowing that all of you that already have money already have lives already have everything that you don’t have to worry what to get your family or do I have enough to pay rent and not be thrown into the streets, you people are not never satisfied with what you have, you seem to want more more and more and never never give back graciously, only when you think you get something in return, how shallow most of you are and how dare you guys to be this way when you have so much blesssing in your lives, come on, can’t you see you all have everything while some of us have nothing, have sh!t to our names, so why can’t any of you get along, why can’t any of you just take a joke and move the f*** on, why? I need a job, I need a life, I need to get my life back on track, I have grandsons that needs to see me alive and happy, so why when you all have everything why do you people go on to f**king it up for everyone and why can’t you just be happy? why?

  • Caroline is just mad cause the camera was taking off of her that’s why she was so mad…she was not mad about the toast, who gives a sh*t about Theresa not toasting to Caroline, why does Caroline even care?! and far as Cat…she is a trouble maker..with family like her who needs enemies. Caroline ways have rubbed off on Cat, they both are old and miserable. Theresa needs to forget about Caroline and Cat…and get her self better friends and family…she just needs to continue the beautiful relationship withh her brother and melissa, cause i’m glad they mend their diferences(her brother is a f*cking hottie; sorry melissa) anyhow, i love Melissa and Joey relationship, they are a beautiful couple…and melissa has a hot body so so Theresa. I hate that Caroline and Cat…they are just jeaulous of Theresa, who gives a damn about a cook book..it’s just jeaulousy on caroline and Cat part they are jeaulous of Theresa…and how in the hell is Caroline gone call Theresa a disgrace when she is an OLD disgrace angry bitter woman. And Cat is fake fake fake……I love Jacquline, she is a true friend..i hope she doesn’t let caroline and cat turn her against theresa cause i love seeing their friendship grow.

    • giannasilandron

      Caroline Manzo and Kathy ”frog eyes” Wakile they are 2 FAKES .
      Kathy does not give a s..t about her cousin….she pick on her for every little thing on the show…and she goes running to the”GODMOTHER CORLEONE MANZO” to report how bad and stupid is TERESA.
      THATS EVIL>>>>PURE EVIL…..and Wakile calls herself a Christian??????????