Sister Wives drama: Does Christine Brown want to leave the family?

Reality’s polygamous Brown family has endured some astronomical changes in the past year, including exposing their controversial lifestyle on a popular television show, facing legal scares, losing their jobs and relocating to a new city, but perhaps one of the hardest things to deal with was the addition of a new, young, hot wife after nearly two decades of living together as an unchanged family unit.

Christine in particular has been finding it hard to accept her husband’s obvious affinity for Robyn, who addicted three of her own children from another marriage, and now has a baby on the way. Christine isn’t upset with Robyn, and in fact really likes her, but feels neglected by Kody. It probably didn’t help things that Christine was pregnant with her sixth child while Kody was courting Robyn, and seemed to be distracted during her pregnancy, but is now doting on Robyn while she’s expecting. Not only that, but Christine is used to being the last wife, and never had to deal with the same kinds of feelings that Kody’s first two wives Meri, and Janelle, no doubt felt when Christine was added to the broad.

In clips for tonight’s episode, Christine candidly sorts through her frustrations on camera.

“To me I don’t think Kody’s very equal with his time. I think he caters to Robyn, to Robyn’s needs, to Robyn’s kids . . . and I think that he’s spending all of his time building up his and Robyn’s relationship, and he doesn’t realize that our relationship really is not great, and he needs to spend some time developing our relationship too.”

In another clip she seems to be over the Kodster, and Janelle articulates how Christine and Kody’s relationship troubles ripple through the entire family:

“I don’t know if I care if it’s perfect anymore, or if it’s what he wants anymore,” she said. “It’s like it’s just so much work. I know there’s a big pay-off. I know for years and years we had a great marriage and a great thing, and I just don’t know what I want anymore.”

It turns out that even though Christine is struggling with these difficult feelings, she still doesn’t want to give up the family she’s known for so long. Even though she was feeling fed up, because of the unique situation, she has more ties to the relationship than Kody. There are obviously many drawbacks to being part of a plural marriage, but The Brown family does a compelling job of showing a lot of (sometimes subtle) benefits of being in this type of situation. No matter what your status is: single, married, in a relationship, cheating, or in a plural relationship (there are actually a good number of people outside the FDLS and other religious sects who openly commit to more than one person,) you’re going to go through lots of struggles and complicated feelings. There is no cure for being human.

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  • Sam

    Robin’s hot?

    • Katie

      well compared to his other wives id say yes lol

    • LORI

      my thoughts exactly, I was thinking since when?

  • Piper

    I like how she used the phrase “marriage” legally it’s not viewed as a marriage in the eyes of the law…stop w/the pity party you have no legal ties holding you down ….

  • Dana

    Christine, make you and YOUR kids happy. Do what you need to. Robyn broke this family. She is a loser. I love the Browns minus Robyn and her crew. She’s done nothing but bring problems to the Brown family. Get lost horse face!

    • Bea

      I think your right. What I see is a woman who’s found a free ride for her and her kid’s and the other women are supporting and caring for her kid’s.

    • Lorie

      Wow Horseface, is that really called for. If you remember right the wives found Robyn for Kody. All relationships go through growing pains, strong love and faith will keep them together. And no I don’t share the same religous beliefs. All you haters just quit watching, or better yet if it bothers you that much say a prayer for the family.

      • Teri

        No, not all the wives found Robyn. It was Meri who found her because she wanted to be close to a sister wife! Meri was not very close to Janelle or Christine, but Janelle and Christine were close to each other. I think Meri purposely brought in a fourth wife to screw over Janell and Christine. Meri likes the disruption going on. If you notice, the problems with Robyn are not with Meri, it’s with the other wives. I guess Meri likes it now that Kody has no time for the Janelle or Christine. This is why you don’t share your husband.

  • Christine

    I’m sure this is just a teaser for viewers to tune in. Meri or Janelle would leave or at least go back to Utah before Christine. Meri’s only child Mariah wants to go back to Utah and did all summer as well as Janelle’s kids. Janelle’s one son Hunter look like he was in really depressed over the move. I hope Janelle would put her kids before Kody. She had the best job in the family and is the only one who went to college so she would be the one that WOULD be able to leave. Good for Christine if she left but it would be hard, 6 kids, no education, Kody would have to pay minimal child support because he is unemployed with 13 biological kids.
    I have no idea how they are making ends meet in Las Vegas with 4 rents and still paying for the utah house. TLC money for 12 episodes (so far) is not that good.

    • R lock

      I do… Jon and kate plus eitght got 40,000 per episode oer week.. kody.. dog 9maybe his nether psrts will rot/ wear off or out.. ever heard to wrap it up? I would.. mari, janele, Christine, do you enjoy the sloshing off the others in your nether regions? ewwww.. Robyn… I dont think she cares, But, my opinion. They all look at like they hang on his every word, but what is that word? i have read the bible front to back and never ever heard or read of gods wrds, love is ment to be muliplided, not divided.. GO MARI.. u asked how he would like it if you had alover/ other husbands, his look was priceles, he would hate it and NOT tolerate it. What happened to lovemuplied not divided just him.. get one lady.. Id love to seee how he handles it… not well at all. forbidden as a mater of fact. Alot of talk about him.. but you, not a hope in hell. Lets see that.. and please oint ut where and how God mandates or suggessts, such things instead of vague our religeon. Robyn, younger, thinner, cryer, who hides her chidren from the tube is such a phoney.. hristne.. I also would have been furious about his picking her dress.. did he yours, nope, mari, janelles, nope.. ugly brown… Robyn.. go home where ever thatis.. Im not impressed you had 3 unseen kids by another.. poor souls, especially the boy… your embarressed by him.. sad as hell. wonder how he feels? christine, you are funny, cute, smart and try so hard, but obviously move on lady, one man would worship you.. you dont need a divorce as your not maried, mari is the only one who is…lets hope.. Tuned in now and then to watch christine, and maybe mari.. the others, pity wives or whatever you call non wives. Sigh…. he is not even close to Jesus, why hang on his every strange thoughts… look at his eyes.. windowsto hiscrepy soul.

  • Heather

    I think all of the wives are crazy for being with that man. I mean he’s just a man wh0re. They should all leave him and him and Robyn can live their life and he can pay child support on all his kid’s. He is disgusting.

  • http://people Tabby

    I think each to their own. It is awful that people sit here and put others down for their lifestyles. How would you feel if others put you down for your beliefs or your kids or your face or just anything to deal with you. If you dont like what they do then dont read or watch the show it is that simple. Far as Christine it is a natural feeling for her to be upset and to have competition..she will eventually get over it or move on. None of the ladies are to blame in my opinion it is just the lifestyle they choose that makes it that much harder because they have to compete for their man all the time.

    • mary

      i agree i find it fascinating. i find it natural to have weird feelings when everything addicted to the show, probably because some part of me would love having that type of family unit.i like all the women i think they do add individual aspects to the marriage. i wish i new them just to feel the love that they share.thanks for sticking up for them <3

    • Lorie

      Well said my friend. Haters quit watching. I reminded Dana that it was the wives that introduced Robyn and the idea of a forth wife to the family. I may not agree with everything that happens but to each his own. Being nastey solves nothing. And remember IT IS JUST A T.V. SHOW drama and a bit of scripting is involved I’m sure.

  • lynnie

    What the heck does this idiot Kody have that these women would agree to sharing him? He’s totally childish. As far as I can see, he brought Robin into the marriage for one reason.

    Some new meat.

    I dont’ blame them all for feeling a bit resentful. He is totally obcessed with Robin (until she grows older) and rarely spent any time at all with Christine while she was pregnant.

    • Patricia

      I totally agree that Kody will seek another wife as soon as things get old with Robyn. There is only one wife, and that is Mari, all the others are relationships that developed when he became bored. Robyn is there because she could find no one to help take care of she and her children. These are all very lovely ladies, and I will be happy to see them drop that man with questionable sexuality. Ladies you can do better.

  • Polygrrl

    Wow, so much judgement! The show has been edited to make it both as dramatic and relatable as possible, but still, I don’t see what some of you see. If you want to see what a real sister wife thinks of Sister Wives, check out

  • Tanya

    Kody is a pig!!!!!!! All this wives and no money. Even the last show his classmates pretty much said he was an attention hog. He only thinks of himself and not his kids. It’s all about him. Mari is dying inside over this. Jenelle really don’t care what kody does and poor old Christine just wants to be the third wife my God ladies Get your head out of your butts!!

  • kat

    I think all the women should ban together and kick him to the curb. They dont need him. They have all the kids they need. They do all the work and raise all the kids. So buh-bye Peter Pan!

  • Catherine

    I have a problem with any of them complaining about not getting enough attention and Christine is the biggest whiner and kind of like the spoiled youngest child. I mean, OK, we’re all human and I’m not judging their lifestyle (as long as they aren’t harming children, hey, go for it). However, she needs to understand that from the outside looking in, as anyone who watches SISTER WIVES is privy to do, she seems like a whiny, well, third wife! Come on, Christine. Stay or go but if you stay recognize that you have to share one man with three other women and 17 children. DEAL! She’s also been a housewife since Day 1 and really has no clue about having to work to support her family — so she may as well stay and get Kody when she can.

    And furthermore, there is a reason this really isn’t a common way to cohabit. Jealousy rears its ugly head any where you go but God bless these women for trying. I like most of the wives, and Kody’s heart seems to be in the right place, but I have to wonder: WHO is paying for four rentals, four cars (or is it 5?) and their cost of living? It can’t be entirely TLC.

    Janelle is my favorite: she clearly HAS a clue and is a bread-winner, too. She takes a lot of the responsibility for the families, more so than Kody it would seem. He is like the cheerleader and she is the pragmatic voice of reason. I’m surprised she hasn’t had a nervous breakdown already.

    Robyn seems to be looking for a meal ticket. That’s got to be so hard on HER natural born children to come into such a large family and all of that.

    And someone else pointed out how few of them are thinking of the children in the first place. Why move everyone to NV away from their familiar? Why not, if you believe in your faith and lifestyle, stay where you are and fight? I don’t understand the legality, anyway, or why the govt would be involved, esp. as there is only one legal wife (Robyn). I can see them wanting to protect the children, however, but these are not your creepy polygamists. They are more the suburban polys next door.

    • CiCi

      Hi Catherine, I totally agree w/ you that Janelle is awesome! I was sorry when they moved to LV, because it meant leaving her job behind in Utah. She seemed to really love her career, so it’s just sad to me. Poor woman.

      I just have a question about the legal status of his wives. Is it Meri who’s the legal wife, or Robyn? I know they talked about the various ‘weddings’ in season 1, I just can’t recall if Meri’s, being the first wife, was legally binding. Just wondering if someone could shed light on this :) Thanks!!

      • Starcasm Staff

        Meri’s was the first, and legal marriage.

    • mary

      i agree 100% i like christine but its always like, look at me look at me,i love janelle. i really love them all.robyn i dont quite understand yet. i dont get why the government cares, really a man can have a mistress, and cheat all day long and thats not illegal.but this family seems to work and at least he comes home at night.he does love his kids and the women. i wish i was that strong to share my love for my hubby with other women who would love my kids like their own. i envy them….my husband would never go for this lifestyle but we’ll do just fine lol

  • Demona

    I haven’t watched this last season but up to now Meri actually got the least amount of effort, time, & attention from Kody. She could only have one baby so it’s like he wrote her off.

  • Disgusted

    These people are complete morons. NONE of them have a right to b!tch, whine or complain about ANYTHING. You choose to live in such ridiculousness, now deal with it. I’d like to know how he “supports” all those kids and how he’d pay child support for all of them if the women would PULL THEIR HEAD OUT OF HIS A$$ AND PUT THEIR BIG GIRL PANTIES ON. Is there a college fund for each kid? Does he have a gigantic life insurance policy for all those kids? He’s a selfish pig who is teaching his children it’s okay to cheat on your wife and keep mistresses and hell, just move them on in the house and it’ll be okay! NOT!

    • Amanda

      I find it hilarious that you think of the wives as ‘mistresses.’ Personally, if I wanted to have a relationship outside of my marriage, that’s exactly what it would be, an affair. It’s cheaper, and so much easier than what the Browns do.

      As the ladies have pointed out several times, if it was just about sex, he wouldn’t be taking on the responsibility of having an actual relationship with any of them.

      This is about love(even more so than religion). Love comes in many different forms, and it’s beautiful no matter how it presents itself. As long as no one is being harmed (and it’s so obvious here that no one is), then why do you care so much?

      • mary


      • shiloh

        amanda that is rude you are just like cheryl so stop talking about the sister wives and kody that way.

    • Jenniferlyn Toland

      Wouldn’t you love to know what his tax return is like??

  • Sisterwivesfan

    I Love the show and I hope it keeps on going, sadly I only caught the season finale. I caught the bug immediately thanks to Netflixs and got to see the entire first season throughout the weekend . I have one itsy bitsy problem and maybe it has shown on the second season but where is the religion in this family ? why doesn’t production show Cody being more the pastor of his family , I see more seculure living instead of spiritual living , or is that unrelateable ? I’m hopeful that the Brown family has more religious practice than what is showing !
    And again I love the show , keep being proud of your lifestyle , it took many movers and shakers to change the world !

    • Starcasm Staff

      They show at least two family Sunday worship services during Season 3.

  • Heather

    I think this all about Kody wanting the spotlight 24/7 – he gets to be the father, husband, decisionmaker and most importantly, the preacher too. And for the most part, the ladies do all the work. I had to laugh when he even took credit for Dayton getting his homework done while the ladies were out carousing in sin city. Dayton (not Kody) is the one who said it was too loud for him to do the homework in the kitchen with 15+ kids running around/talking – duh. Dayton is the one who did the homework once he finally got some quiet. Get a clue, Kody – it’s not all about you. Meri and Christine need to get jobs to be “of value” to the family instead of loafing and Robyn can stay home with the kids since she has the new baby. Take some of the pressure off Janell for goodness sakes. Meri is my least favorite wife – she constantly makes everything about her – even Robyn’s morning sickness. She does not deserve how Robyn has catered to her……….

  • Pat

    Years ago I had an aunt who was not married who had an affair with an married man. It lasted years until he died.

    She later met and dated another married man. He was a great guy, they went on vacations together, saw each on an almost everyday basis, and acted like husband and wife. She also had a career. My family loved him. No one asked her details but supposedly the wife looked the other way, so she accepted it. Here’s the kicker, years went by and my aunt developed Alzheimer’s. When her disease progressed, she moved in with him and his wife. They took care of her until the end. Not my lifestyle, but it worked for them.

  • olivia

    Janelle seems like she doesn’t really give a sh!t about anything.

    • shiloh

      janella just is saying that her realation ship is getting bad because kody isn’t spending any time with her.

  • Cheryl

    Wtf is wrong with these 4 women??? Can’t they see kody is getting his cake and eating it??
    Who in their right mind would share a man like that!
    And not to be nasty none of the wives are even attractive and
    They don’t even bother to dress up or try to make themselves look
    Good for the show that clearly is carrying them through
    Their financial problems!!
    Get a life girls dump that ass and find proper men !
    Never mind what all this is doing to your children good grief
    Gave any of you even thought of what those poor kids are
    Going through????? It’s disgusting and as for their ” religion ”
    What religion is that? The only religion is Christianity !
    Seems their religion is about bigamists and sex so it’s a cult huh?

  • shiloh

    That is really mean to talk about the sister wives and kody that way they are nice people, Cheryl.

  • Theresa

    I feel bad for all these women. I think the down side to a polygamist relationship is just the fact that none of the women can stop Kody from dating or falling in love when they are at a point in their relationship where they need attention, like what happened when Christine was having Truly. Those intimate times in a marriage and family life can be sometimes almost diminished or feel not as important to Kody as it is to the wife when Kody is distracted by problems in another relationship or maybe good highs in another relationship. What I would describe as a natural wave or motion of a marriage suddenly is thrown off with other women getting jealous, insecure, and secretly wishing they could just relax, and probably secretly wish they could have Kody only to themselves. They all seem very stressed and on edge almost constantly. I hope they all find peace and honestly, I wish they can all find that man that will love only them and nurture only them. Because that’s what every woman and man needs. It’s not as sacred and special with other people involved, in my point of view. But I still love watching the show. Tis enetertaining.

  • ncrespi

    What I don’t understand is that, except for Janelle, all the wives have been raised in polygamous lifestyles since children, yet they’re not coping very well. Yet ironically, it’s Janelle–who wasn’t–that’s sanely weathering the sea of ups & downs

    I got the strong vibes that Meri senses when Kody is getting bored, so to protect the clan, she hooks him up with yet more female flesh.

    Lastly, I am not of their church or a polyg, but if you research their religious belief, sharing a husband is a tenent of their faith. Issue of unfairness is irrelevant.

  • jerry

    As far as I am concerned the only person Kody is interested in is himself. He may has his favorites, but he thinkings of himsself only.
    I don’t believe he cares about his family, he cares more about himself and how he looks on TV.
    To his wives all I have to say is if you don’t feel wanted you are probabley right.

  • dana

    these people are all crazy kody is a big dork–I can not stand him
    why do they stay with him he is such a loser . robyn was just looking for a meal ticket . Christine is not happy at all, meri just sticks around because i think she feels unworthy of a good man because she could not produce any more children. Poor jenelle is the bread winner and has no self esteem because she is over weight.
    LADIES PLEASE LEAVE THIS LOSER–I love how he has his (while it old) lexus sports car — is he even straight? He makes my skin crawl–yes i do watch the show because it is a train wreck that you can not help but to look at while driving by. LADIES you could do so much better .. Christine stop moaning and whining and get out –already.

  • spiritlaughing

    Lots of different opinions here. Those who agree with the lifestyle and those who don’t. The only problem is when a “lover” tells a “hater” not to judge. Why is it ok for someone who likes the sister wives, to be able to expound on their opinions, but it is not ok for a hater to do the same thing?

    If you state your opinion and it’s an affirmative one then you have made a judgement. Just because you love it does not make it ok, but you seen to think that because you made an affirmative judgement then no one can say anything opposing it.

    It’s called free speech. If you are bothered by someone putting down the sister wives then take a sip of your own medicine and leave them alone. How dare you to make a negative judgement about them. That’s just ludicrous!

  • VoiceofReason

    Even though he claims the opposite, Kody’s love IS divided, not multiplied. Anyone can see that. And he’s playing favorites with the newest (besides himself being his own favorite) while virtually abandoning the rest. Heaven forbid if they talk some other poor girl into joining the brood. Before too long everyone will be neglected. He’s not managing the family at all.

  • Nila

    It’s sad that we have nothing better to do than to judge the lifestyles of others. There are “men” out there that are jealous (and women, too) of the Brown’s personal relationships with each other. When I see them, they represent the majority of married couples, the ups and downs of daily life. What I really notice is the happiness and well-being of the children; that says a lot for the family. It would be wonderful to see men treat their wives like Kody does and to see women who are respected in the eyes of their mates. What does it matter where the money comes from? Is it anybody’s business anyway? Maybe the Browns would enjoy sitting in judgement of you but they would probably be disappointed.

  • Noell

    I happen to love this family. They are portrayed as any typical family with growing children, future goals, financial concerns, and the desire to succeed. Society is too concerned with putting them into a cookie cutter family scenario, and shame on society for judging. The only difference between them and a typical family now of days, is that they all love eachother and live under the same roof. What is the difference between them and someone that has divorced a few times? I know a man that have a few ex-wives, and many children with each ex-wife. They all argue, compete for “#1 status”, put the other mother(s) down, and expect their friends and families to rally with them. It’s sad. The children are torn and unhappy with all of the adults arguing, they feel the tension…see the hatred…and hear the unthinkable. I am separated from my former spouse and we have 2 children together. We have both moved on to new relationships and it can be difficult at times when emotions run high. I often think of the Brown family dynamic and it gives me strength. I see the Brown mothers all loving the same man, and doing their best to include eachother and their children, in order to all be with the man they love. The children are happy, Kody is one busy man running from house to house, (I think if they all lived under the same roof, it would be beneficial for everyone) Kudos to the Brown family for showing society what true love, devotion and spirituality is all about. They believe in eachother and the way they choose to live their lives. Who the heck are we to judge?!?! They are all human and have normal emotions of jealousy, defeat and frustration at times. We can’t fault them for that. Being under a microscope on National Television can’t be easy, but I believe that their lives have been put infront of me for a reason. So far, it has taught me patience as a mother, acceptance of the new woman in my ex-husband’s life, empathy and compassion for my new step-children, and how to accept the new dynamic that my family has become. Well done Brown family. You’ve had your challenges, but I love watching to see what you will teach me next 😉

  • Lauri999

    Sister Wives is about money, degrading women and child abuse.

    The same as Muslim families. Legal cheating. Mari is the one married to Kody and the others are hookers. I say kick him to the curb and try to make a go of it. When they are strong enough they will be able to be on their own and give their children half a chance to survive the ugliness they have willingly created.

    It is so simple. Get rid of Kody the cancer.

  • Gardengal171

    Ever since the show came on my husband suggests getting a sister wife for me, you know, to help out around the house, says he’s only thinking of me. He’s joking of course,(or is he?) Kody seems so conceited on the show, always flipping his hair, all the women have commented on the time he takes putting products in it, you can tell even they think it’s ridiculous. For the life of me I can not understand what these women see in him, he is so creepy, but like all of you, I continue to watch the show, it’s like a big hairy mole on someones face, as disgusting as it is, you just can’t look away, haha

  • Sara

    I feel for janelle. Out of all the sister wives I believe she puts the most in the family but gets the least in return. I used to think meri was special but I think that she manipulates everyone to her advantage. I know from having trouble getting pregnant that it affects you so much but she has been given so many options to try have more children and has done nothing but whine. She is more interested in having nice furniture and stuff. Very shallow. She uses her inability to get pregnant to get pity and sadly Robyn plays right into that. I have no problem with their lifestyle ….to each his own. Out of all the wives I believe meri is the least attractive inside and out.

  • Beth

    I like all the brown family except Robyn.I think ever since she came into the picture there has been nothing but problems for the family.I feel that Kody is catering to her and slipping on his marriage to the other wives.Robyn and her kids need to go.I really like Christine Meri and Janelle.

  • debbie

    No one is perfect regardless of one’s lifestyle, but I think all the Brown’s are great, and I admirer their struggles to find their happiness in this world, and they have every right to pursue that happiness. Like Meri said ” the more the merrier”, I agree. If it works for them, that’s great!.

  • Maria

    Robyn is the most FAKE person I’ve ever MET. Yes, I’ve met her. And lets be honest, she’s the only one Kody is attracted to anymore. Meri, Janelle, and Christine should dump him, Meri can officially divorce him and sue for alimony. With that, and all of what Janelle makes, they can live happily ever after, and leave Kody and Robyn alone, in all their pathetic-ness.

    • Jenniferlyn Toland

      Yes, yes and YES! They all deserve men of their own. I feel for Christine the most, because she is just such a sweet spirit, and I don’t think she fully understood what was going to happen to her heart in this “marriage”.

  • Jenniferlyn Toland

    One of the great things about marriage is knowing you have someone to come home to, especially when that big bad world out there has been hard and you just need some love. So what happens when a sister wife has a bad day, and she very badly needs her husband’s affection? Does he say, “Sorry, honey, hold that thought until Thursday, okay?”

  • tiddleywinks53

    So where is this all stand ????