PHOTO Teen Mom Farrah Abraham wears tiny lingerie bikini

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham in a sexy lingerie bikini with daughter Sophia in Florida

It’s almost as though Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is paying close attention to what we write. Soon after highlighting her “short shorts” bikini on Wednesday and then doing a post about her and her mother’s plan for an intimate apparel themed cooking show yesterday, Farrah was photographed on the beach once again, this time wearing a teeny tiny racy lacy bikini that looks more like lingerie than swimwear!

Holy smokes! That is, ummm… WOW! My imagination would like to thank Farrah for the rest..

Farrah’s daughter Sophia seemed perfectly laissez-faire as usual as she sported a slightly more conservative swimsuit and walked hand-in-hand with mom:

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia enjoys a stroll on the beach in Florida

Seriously, is there a better tempered child on the planet?

And for those of you curious about the, uh, craftsmanship that went into Farrah’s Victoria’s Secret bikini, here’s a zoomed-in looooooooooong last look:

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham in a sexy lingerie style bikini photo

Photos: SDFL / Splash News

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  • Mandy

    No doubt Farrah has a GREAT body, however it looks like she’s stepped out in lingerie!!

    • ciara

      If you got it flaunt it. If I had her body id wear it too.

      • Patri

        The only reason why she has, “it” is because of here boobs, other wise no one would take her picture.

        • Dailiz

          Ur just hating that u cant get her

          • Patri

            If your going to take the time to write something. Make sure you know what you are talking about. Patri is short for Patricia. And Im straight as a tree. Idiot…

      • Jenn

        Sure she has a nice body, but she doesn’t need to be showing off her goods that easy. And girls wonder why guys who are worth a damn don’t think much of women.

        This outfit needs to be worn around the man you love, not at the beach.

        • Dailiz

          U aint God 2 judge her if she wants to walk around da beach naked then that her business her life!!! U DONT PAY HER BILLS N U DONT TAKE CARE OFF HER KID!!! U just ugly n cant get no1 urself!!!

    • casey

      I wish these Teen Moms would get those pacifiers out of those kids mouths for two seconds. Sophia and Bentley both already have protruding front teeth! Hello! Wake up and stop using those nasty pacifiers as babysitters.

      • Tasha

        My child is 3 years old and still has her pacy she will not give it up we have tried everything…leave the teen moms alone its hard for a child to stop using a pacy we have been working on this for 1 year now and there is nothing that a person can do if the child is not ready to give up their pacy there is nothing a parent can do. They will give it up when they are good and ready to give it up. Sophia and Bentley are fine sucking on their pacifiers…if you were a parent you would understand this more so leave them alone!

        • Olivia

          Getting a kid rid of the pacy is easy you just have to be an adult about it!! I see parents let their kids do things because it’s convenient for the parent (you dont want to deal with the crying) if a parent will let a kid get rid of it when they’re ready it can be a very long time! And please don’t go to you’re not a parent deal! I am a parent and had a baby that was breast fed til he was 12 months and never had a bottle or a pacy in his mouth! So just be an adult about it if you really want your kid to get rid of the habit!!

        • Yoshi

          I am a parent to a 3 year old…they really shouldn’t have a pacy at that age…especially when their teeth are showing signs of messing up!!! You say you have tried for a year to get your child off of the pacy, well just cold-turkey it! That’s what I did…at 1 and a half years old! He just whined for a little while and got over it. He sleeps with a stuffed animal now and does not rely on a pacy. Take care of your child’s teeth…it really can mess up with that in their mouth all the time!!!!

    • stefinie

      she looks damn good! right – if you got it flaunt it. BUT – that swim suit looks like she’s about ready to hop on a stripper pool. she could have worn something a little more “mom & daughter” appropriate :)

  • amanda

    seriously, how many of these are you going to write.. i don’t care if farrah is wearing a new bikini to the beach.. she lives in florida!!! GIVE IT A REST.

    • Dailiz

      Amanda tell them Bitches 2 stop hating.. Stop eating so many burgers n go to the GYM!!!

  • Flores

    Go Farrah!!!

  • http://Facebook Ali

    I agree with mandy but she try to be a better mom you cant be nit picking

  • Cindy

    WHO CARES!!! It’s Obvious she’s showing her practically naked body off for a reason! Desperate much? No honey, Playboy doesn’t want or need any teen moms in their magazines! Hahahaha!! Keep your damn clothes on! No one wants to see you in another skimpy bikini! BE A MOTHER FOR ONCE!

    • Eyeroller

      Cindy, you can be a good mother AND have a hot body. Geeze. Some of the responses make y’all sound ignorant. “Oh she’s showing off her hot body and has a kid so she’s not being a good mother”. Jealous much?

      • Dailiz


    • http://facebook Jenni

      Right on Farrah sucks as a mom

      • Brittany

        no she is not

  • Angela

    Looks fade…then you need to be able to rely on something else…hopefully a brain. My husband is a chef and there is NO WAY that Farrah could hack 80-90 hours/week in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter how many culinary degrees you get, you have to start at the very bottom and prove yourself in the Culinary Industry. “Mobile salads” in a raw artichoke won’t cut it no matter how little clothes you wear. It’s all for show anyway. All of the Teen Mom’s are living well off of their paychecks from MTV. They just have to act like they are still struggling financially for the show. I hope they are saving that money.

    • Vanessa

      I agree I wish MTV would stop make these girls lie about having money issues if MTV would just let the girls be honest about the money they receive. I don’t understand why MTV continue to play the we are Poor card on the show when it’s clearly as day the girls. Are getting paid maci and Kyle have no job but yet they have brand new apartment and Farrah works part time and she can some how afford to go on cross country trips to look at apartments in Florida and Arizona no real struggling teen mother can afford the things these girls can.

      • Dailiz


        • momma of 2


  • tab

    totally inappropriate.

  • christina

    Farrah haterz are pathetic…she is a great mother and looks great in a bikini!! Leave her be!! n for those with all the negativity…jealous much???

    • tab

      i’m not a farrah hater at all and i’m definitely not jealous of her. i think she’s too skinny to be honest. i really like farrah and think she’s come a long way.
      i just think her choice in swimwear on this particular day is inappropriate. she’s crossing the line in to trashy here, when she’s usually a very classy girl.

  • Christine

    She looks great but the suit is probably better for a day at the beach alone or with friends or a date. The suit doesn’t scream mom, not that a mom needs to be totally covered but a little less looking like a bra and undies. Also Im confused since the show is so far behind. Is Sophie alsmost 3 with a binkie?

    • Renee

      why do you care so much if she still uses a soother? Are you her mother? if her teeth do get crooked, are you gonna be the one paying for the braces? NOPE….so why even judge or bring it up?

      • Christine

        I was just wondering about her age but I’m sure it has to be close to 3. Why does a near 3 year old need a soother while playing on a beach? If it was nap time or bedtime fine. I know that it is hard to wean a child from a binkie when they are sleepy(I had only one child that loved thier binkie and it was a long hard week when we took it away), some really rely on the binkie at bedtime. A parent that uses it on a child who is normally developing at age 3 is using it to keep them quiet or avoiding other issues.

        • Dailiz


          • Cassandra

            Why the hell are you yelling at everyone on behalf of Farrah? I’m guessing you either 1) are Farrah or 2) are in love with Farrah.

  • Silene

    I think she has a great body, but this looks like lingerie not swimwear, and it looks a little too tiny.

  • meh

    Pam Anderson is a mom and wears s**ttier things than this around her kids so shut up already

  • Mandy

    Her body is amazing! Hard to believe she had a baby! The suit is cute but probably not best for when she has her daughter. Also her tan is perfect! I’m so jelly!!!!! But if I had a chance to change with her I wouldn’t because I think a pretty face is more important than a perfect body. If I could keep my face and trade hell yeah!!!!! Cuz she looks like a camel but yeah…

    • Mandy

      Also seriously what’s up with the binkie? I’ve noticed Sophia doesn’t talk much on the show and it’s no wonder! Her mouth is always plugged up with that thing!! I think 1 is the max age for a binkie or else you can hold them back developmentally.

  • Alice Lee

    *i!Sophia is SOOooO CUTE!i* ly-A

  • Whoa

    If her bottoms go any smaller there would be nothing covering her. The top isn’t that bad but the bottoms are barely there. I truly think she is doing it because she knows it gets attention. They make cute swim suits to show off your body without looking like you are wearing lingerie. She has an amazing body, you can’t deny that, but it doesn’t mean she needs to wear THAT on the beach with her daughter.

  • GimmeAbreak

    Farrah, Go back home where you belong and be a Mother to Sophia! Yeah, so yer takin pics with Sophia on the beach so that we will Think that you have Sophia in your care over Debra. NOT!! We know that Sophia is living with your mother in Iowa and she is basically her mother now! And Ladies…. The reason why Sophia still has her binky is so that Farrah doesn’t have to deal with Sophia’s tantrums, etc. Get a ClUE People! CPS should be notified about Farrah abandoning Sophia.. That poor kid doesn’t look happy, Ever!! Gee, wonder? Farrah you’d better grow up and Now or Sophia will be taken away from you!!! Your 1st priority should Be Sophia!!!! Damn! Stop being a Hoe!!!

  • CiCi

    Bikini aside, I just want to give the girl props on her hair….. She’s tried a million different styles on the show, not all of them great, but I think this one’s a winner :)

  • Jax

    OMG I can’t believe some of the comments that some people have put. How is she not being a good mom cause of what she’s wearing? I know loads of moms that go topless with ther kids around. Farrah is a good mom to Sophia. Honestly some people do make me laugh. If that was just a random mom on the beach with her daughter nothing would be said but because she is known from teen mom then she gets bashed as being a bad mom, shut up!!!!

  • Vanessa

    She does have an amazing body but for God sake you can see her labia! Sophia is always in the same old swimsuit while her mom buys a new one every time they hit the beach! It’s clear who she wants the attention to be on..n she needs to put that lil girls hair in a ponytail or something geez

    • Danny

      As a mother of 4 children I agree with the comments regarding the pacifier. The roof of her mouth will mold to the shape of her pacifier. It’s also proven children who always have. Pacifier in their mouth tend to have delayed speech and may require speech therapy.Sophia doesn’t speak as much or as well as bentley or leah. Farrah alwAys has a face full of makeup, so why can’t she take one minute to do something with sophias hair? There is a reason why she has no friends. It’s her selfish behavior and lousy personality. How can she have no friends? It makes no sense. I wonder where she would be if she didn’t have all that help. Amber and Caitlyn have it hard and they don’t have their mommy and daddy to go to for money or support.

  • catdoc

    She’s no Heidi Klum. If she wants to pretend she’s a model and strut around mostly naked and pay people to photograph her on the beach with her child then she has to be prepared for the criticism. She has a nice (but not great) body, some of which is God-given, but most of it is not, but her face is like that of a pony. She’ll never be a great model. I couldn’t even see her doing catalogue.

  • Amber

    I can’t believe her wearing a BIKINI makes her a bad mother. No matter which way she goes, she is a “bad” mother. You have to remember, she is YOUNG as well. She is going to go out in granny panties and high waisted jeans just because she has a daughter. It’s a VS bikini, so not much else is expected. Not like she is posing nude on the beach with Sophia playing in the sand next to her. She lives in Florida.

    Grow up. She has her own parenting style, and clearly Sophia is growing up to be well behaved and smart, so she must be doing something right. And no offense, just because she doesn’t seem to be in the kitchen all day everyday, she also has more going on. Such as school, work, motherhood, modeling, and various jobs on the side. So some of those 70/80 hours of work other Chef’s put in, she’s putting in the kitchen ALONG with her other jobs. You try to balance it. And the girls don’t recieve their checks until after the season starts airing, so they don’t have it during the show. Not sure how much you think they get paid, but it’s not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Grow up and take care of your own children. Your maturity clearly shows on here as you criticize a 20 year old mom of a 3 year old.

    • Angela

      A true, dedicated chef does spend 80-90 hours in the kitchen. They don’t need gimmicks like pairing lingerie with cooking; because their food truly speaks for itself. Conversely, a “jack of all trades, but a master of none” may spend a few hours cooking, a few hours modeling, a few hours on a TV show, a few hours on a clothing line, etc, etc.

      Also, according to Amber’s court documents, they do indeed make hundreds of thousands of dollars for being on the show. So, hopefully they will save it because the show will end eventually… then it will be back to reality. I have no problem with the Teen Moms hustling to make every penny they can while the iron is hot. However, the whole “we are such poor teen moms” act is running a little thin. Calling Farrah a chef is an absolute joke to all the true chefs out there.

  • Sandraya

    ^^^^ Clueless and immature YOU are.. You must know Farrah to be defending her so much.. Haha! How immature. YOU need to grow up and get a life. Farrah is trash and always will be. Face the fact! Her whole family is trash except for little Sophia! Damn Farrah! Put some clothes on! You skanky ho!! No one wants to look at your body. So give it up!! Stop using Sophia and be a Mother to her!!!!

  • Jacque

    She’s not a bad mom for wearing that ‘bikini’. What child with a pacifier in their mouth 24/7 isn’t well tempered?

  • Britt

    She isn’t a bad mom for wearing a bikini, but I would hope my teenage daughter(if I had one) would not wear that. That being said, I wouldn’t want to wear something that skimpy around my child, if at all.
    I’m not speaking out of jealousy; I love my body and treat it well, but I would not ever wear that. She may not be trashy but wearing a skimpy, lingerie-bikini in public with your child is…a bit trashy.

  • Anon

    She’s hot, but this one doesn’t do it for me to be honest. It would make me turn around and take a peak but that’s about it. If she wants to show it off, do it where you leave a lot to the imagination. She’s gotta tease us, that’s the whole point isn’t it?

  • babmama

    why is that baby still have a binky!? i took my daughters away at 7 months, its not that hard!

  • Ashland Sky

    So its ok for normal people to wear bikinis like this but not farrah? You guys are rediculous. This girl is HOTT! let her be.

  • AudrinaS

    If I had that body I’d be wearing pasties ha
    I think there shouldn’t be another season though

    Real teen moms can’t afford boob jobs nice new cars get there own houses.
    That’s the only thing that frazzles me.

  • Mindy

    I don’t understand why women would subject themselves to this kind of attention. Yeah you may have a nice body, but some things should be kept to the imagination. Most women who have children would not dress like this. This is setting a bad example for her daughter, if she continues to dress like this Sophia will think that its normal for women to dress like this and will get negative attention from both male and females and she gets older. I understand being a teenager and wanting to dress like one, but this goes above and beyond dressing “fashionable” this is just sl**ty and should be left to wearing in the bedroom. I know some people will not agree with me, and will feel the need to defend her, but I’m just stating my opinion which I am entitled to. So talk shit if it makes you feel better, but any woman who has any respect for themselves and their bodies will agree with me!

    • Bella

      I couldnt have agreed more Mindy!

  • Lilith

    It’s a beautiful swimsuit but maybe not the best for a time at the beach with her daughter 😛 if i had the body i would wear it.. but i have way to much streach marks 😛

  • rachael

    WHERE did she get that bikini ??

    • Bella

      My guess would be Victoria Secrets undies and matching bra collection!

  • Jules

    Ok this chick is HOT!! if I had a body like that… Which I do…. I’m my best dreams… I’d be walking around naked. Leave the girl alone. She’s a young hot mom. Let her be her. She’s not killing anyone or neglecting her child. Guess most people haven’t been to other countries. America is so close minded.

  • Bella

    Listen, she looks GREAT we all know that! I give her mad props for looking as amazing as she does! She is not the only woman in the world that has a body like that, if I walked out on the beach with that baithing suit on holding my sons hand I am almost CERITAN that people would be shaking their heads at me. We are not to judge what type of parent she is, but I do NOT think any woman no matter who they are should be wearing things like that on the beach, specially when they are single and have a child and no one to rely on! She is asking for trouble there, is she making herself look desperate? Yes, there is no reason she cant flaunt her body off with the right suit/clothes, but she doesnt need to look like a whore!

  • Shae

    Honestly this picture looks photo shopped.

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