PHOTO Nancy Grace suffers nip slip wardrobe malfunction on Dancing with the Stars

Nancy Grace suffers a nip slip wardrobe malfunction on Dancing With the Stars

I’ve got some good news and some bad news… (I think you know where that was going.)

Legal eagle Nancy Grace is almost always hopping mad, but on Monday night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars she was just plain hopping during her quick step performance with partner Tristan MacManus. All of the hopping, combined with Grace’s compact dress, led to a rather unfortunate wardrobe malfunction as the nation watched her commit a first degree felonious visual assault in the form of a nip slip.

(Click the above photo for the unedited Nancy Grace nip slip wardrobe malfunction photo – although I strongly recommend you use one of those pinhole devices normally reserved for viewing solar eclipses.)

Judging from the video (available to watch over at Jezebel for those of you with eyes of steel) Nancy’s “client” appears to have gotten an early release towards the end of her performance and she was completely unaware as she made her way over to host Tom Bergeron with her dance partner.

There was an ever-so-brief (but ever-so-blinding!) glimpse of Nancy giving her chestimony before cameras quickly cut away to audience members as Tom Bergeron helped Nancy and stated, “Here we go, here go – just helping you out there a little bit. … Well, that’s alright, that’s alright. No, on the European version that would be perfectly fine.”

An obviously embarrassed Grace seemed humbled by the whole incident, but was soon lifted by the positive responses from the judges about her routine. But, of course, the DWTS judges couldn’t refrain from making a couple titilating remarks! “It was a bit top-heavy at times, my darling. And I got an eyeful!” said Bruno Tonioli of Grace’s dance.

I hope a judge does the right thing by putting a restraining order on Nancy’s gals!

Oh, and speaking of Nancy’s gals… According to TMZ it could have been more than just a breast popping out of her brassiere! The site reported earlier today that Nancy Grace’s three-year-old twins had been sending their mom lucky charms such as a barrette and a little stone which, thanks to a lack of storage on those tight dancing gowns, Nancy was forced to tuck in her bra! It might have been the end of television if Nancy Grace suffered a wardrobe malfunction up top and in addition to her breasts a barrage of trinkets fell out, like some sort of dime store pinata.

You know, it’s terrible what the networks are exposing our kids to nowadays! I can’t wait to see what Nancy Grace has to say about all of this!

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  • Sick of it

    Jesus gxx dxxx fxxxxxx christ already. How many years and how many supposed ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ does it take before these new era celebrities and producers grow a brain and learn the very basics of physics and fashion? Are we really expected to believe that super natural forces and poltergeists were unleashed from their slumber during the Super Bowl ’04’ half-time show and have been targeting female celebrities around the world on a daily or weekly basis ever since? And that these forces and poltergeists prefer to strike unsuspecting female celebrities in the opening days of commercially produced mass media presentations or just about the time their latest movie, book, CD, DVD, scent, or fashion line hits the market? Are we still expected to believe that these female celebrities are embarrassed when they are stricken by these forces and poltergeists? If so, then why have they failed to devise any sort of strategy to avoid them? Do these female celebrities not understand the phenomenons of gravity, momentum, wind, and light? What about the designers? What about the show producers? After seven years of havoc wreaked by these evil forces, how is it that those most likely to be stricken still fail to consider the possibility ahead of time?

    Final question: After nearly seven years, how in the name of all that is logical can the masses still be so incredibly dumb, gullible, and naive? Jesus gxx dxxx fxxxxxx christ already. IT WAS STAGED.

  • Sick of it

    Ok. Consider this. Let’s say that I show up at the local park wearing nothing but a pair of loose nylon running shorts (the style form the ’70’s that had virtually no inseam) and a tank top. I decide to do jumping jacks in a crowded family area and my dxxx hangs out for all to see. Would that be a ‘wardrobe malfunction’. Would there be anything that I could have done to avoid it? Perhaps wear underwear? Perhaps longer shorts? Perhaps a little precaution out of respect for others? Would you Grace supporters forgive me as quickly as you forgive her?

    Of course, it was staged. Give it some thought already. A heavy set woman with large breasts was scheduled to bounce up and down in a low cut push-up style dress on national TV. There was no seven second editing delay. The nipple was shown to all those viewing on the east coast. Just briefly enough to avoid massive fines (wait and see). There are only two possibilities. Either it was staged or everyone involved is a blithering idiot without even the most basic understanding of physics. Gravity and momentum in particular.

    Those of you who still think it was an accident should be as embarrassed as Nancy pretends to be. And all the others from Jackson to Reid to Rowling to Longoria to Swift to Lopez to Gomez to Gaga to Coco and those who have their own ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ planned for next week. I for one will not be made a fool of by filthy rich celebrity pigs who want my money or commercial friendly feedback. I have nothing against the human body. Not even large human bodies. But I don’t believe that national TV is the proper place to expose breasts. And I will not fall for a calculated publicity stunt. IT WAS STAGED.

    • Hal

      We live in a crazy society if there is any significance to this.

  • Nikki

    Lolol, I hate Nancy.

  • callenish

    So she has nipples; so do I and so does everybody else. Time to grow up folks. It’s no big deal!

  • dave

    what is wrong with being 50 and HOT? I would date her.

  • amy

    no kidding seriously! it may be funny but it’s not such a big deal that everyone has to wonder how and why it happens! clothes shift, and it’s not always on purpose.

  • bobby

    Yah, Nancy !! Nice t!ts !! You are human !!