16 & Pregnant’s Ebony Jackson arrested, baby taken, house covered in feces

16 and Pregnant Ebony Jackson mug shot photo16 and Pregnant Josh Rendon mug shot photo

On the heels of the season 3 finale for Teen Mom we have some disturbing news about one of the other original cast members of 16 & Pregnant. Ebony Jackson and husband Josh Rendon were arrested at their home last night and Child Protective Services took their two-year-old daughter Jocelyn away mainly due to the untenable living conditions of said home in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Josh spoke personally with TMZ and said that CPS had every right to take their daughter:

“It was fair for them to charge us with this. [Our house] wasn’t clean.”

It may seem a little passive for Josh to seem so accepting of having his daughter taken but when I wrote the word “untenable” let me explain a little further. Here’s a portion of the direct write up for the arrest report explaining what was found when authorities arrived at the house:

During the search detectives located approximately 1 gram of synthetic marijuana along with several empty packages of synthetic marijuana. Paraphernalia in the form of a variety of smoking devices (pipes) and deplorable conditions in the house.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

Every room inside the residence had human and dog feces on the floor, walls, and clothing. The house was full of flies and in some areas, maggots. Animal control was called to retrieve 3 dogs that had been inside the house.

UPDATE – Jacksonville, Arkansas police have released four photos taken inside Ebony and Josh’s home – CLICK HERE to see the rather disturbing images.

Ebony and Josh were booked on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and drug possession.

16 and Pregnant star Ebony Jackson-Rendon

In a previous update on the couple we discovered that Josh had joined the Air Force and was studying to be a mechanic. At the time Ebony stated she was glad that she wasn’t on Teen Mom because she felt that the couples on the show were so unhappy. We also discovered that the two were trying for a second baby but The Ashley posted a story on how they lost their 2nd baby after Ebony suffered an ectopic pregnancy.

TMZ is also reporting that the couple is already working on regaining the custody of their child. We hope things work our for Ebony and Josh and little Jocelyn and that they get that house clean.

UPDATE: Josh Rendon is currently under investigation by the military. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup has a screen cap of Josh Rendon’s now-deleted Facebook account where he apologies to the people he loves for “not being the person people think I am.” He says he always wants to “do good but can’t help but to do bad.”

“Lesson for today is trust on one and have two eyes forward and two eyes lookin’ back . . . I’d like to thank everyone who is here for us sorry if I forgot to say some one but to my family most of all and to people who have always been there . . . I thank u and apologize to everyone I”m not the person people think I am now all I ever did was try and do good but can’t help but to do bad. Only thing to do now is get back up and get my beautiful daughter back!!!”

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  • Opinionated

    OMG. They didn’t seem like clean people from the start. Well they got what they deserved. People like them don’t deserve to EVER have their children with them.

  • Brittany

    Wow, that’s disgusting…some people omg…

  • Lisa

    When MTV did the last “Where Are They Now” show, they were living on an Air Force Base so I really hope their housing company evicts them and he is chaptered out of the Air Force. This is disgusting. As an Army family I find this so shameful. What a poor excuse for a service member.

    • Jen

      I’m AF and if he’s still in, as we both know, he’s in big time trouble all the way around. Not just with housing, but with his unit, first shirt, commander and so on. If he’s an upstanding guy at work they may reprimand him, but if he’s had any other issues, I see discharge coming.

      • Kate

        “If he’s an upstanding guy at work they may reprimand him, but if he’s had any other issues, I see discharge coming.”

        Uh NO he WILL be dishonorably discharged! no if ands or buts. these are going to be felony charges. that being said these two are idiots. who the heck lets crap get ALL over there home with a TWO YEAR OLD running around????

        • MIsty

          You just know that the baby was up and walking around all that nasty:( So gross and dangerous!

    • A.P.

      I don’t know about the air force but I work for the housing company on an army base and we have evicted people for the exact same conditions that they described in Josh & Ebony’s house (feces, drugs etc) so I feel like it won’t be long till the are evicted.. And seriously? What was Ebony doing all day if it wasn’t cleaning her house??

      • Lisa

        I read the police report and they are both being charged with felonies for the drugs, so if convicted he will definitely be discharged. There is just no coming back from that unless there are some other circumstances not mentioned here.

        I’m really curious how it got this bad for them. This wasn’t a matter of poor housekeeping, this is all out filth, which is a whole other level. I’m wondering if one or both of them is having mental issues. I don’t believe just using marijuana is the problem. But, on the show she was even filmed saying she had trouble keeping up with housework. I’d bet that there is some serious depression (and laziness) going on.

  • Yeppers

    Woaaah….. this is crazy.They seemed like the most stable out of everyone else on the show. Smh wasn’t Josh in the Airforce too, what happened with that

  • Becky

    I live on their street on Little Rock afb. I live 3 houses away from them. You cannot tell they’re house is dirty at all. I’ve helped them before at my work and they are nice people. It’s a shame. But, he is still in the Air Force. The houses we live in are newly renovated and everything. It’s so sad that you can be living next door and not even notice.

  • Abby

    What the hell!!

  • Kate

    What’s more disturbing is that the police report says they were charged with a felony for having a drug house, meaning they were dealing drugs from the house they rent from the Air Force. No way that Josh won’t be dishonorably discharged.

    • Findthefacts

      Let’s set the story straight. It wasn’t marijuana it was synthetic meaning K2. K2 is sold in gas stations and liquor stores all across the country, right next to the bubble gum. Only in Arkansas and a handfull of other states is it considered illegal. And that law just passed a few months ago. So they are having the book thrown at them on the “drug” charges for something anyone else can buy when pumping gas! And the report said several empty packages, hence the dealing charges because it was more than 1 bag.
      There is no excuse for the mess and I am confused how it got so bad. Don’t they do housing inspections anymore? That doesn’t happen over night!
      Point is- before people start jumping on them about the drugs, get the facts.

  • ashley

    wow on her where are they now show she was always cleaning

  • Gagalooch

    I’m thinking she might have gone into a depression after the epotic pregnancy and maybe stopped caring. That’s no excuse tho for putting your child in that kind of danger with feces and drugs.

  • Kamy

    Wow! There house was clean on the show! Well I hate to hear it! Im not trying to down grade them I hope they change and grow as a family!! Truly sad

  • Demona

    I suspect there will be a military investigation with the drugs & uncleanliness because that used to get you a discharge on it’s own.

    They are young. Learning how to take care of everything can take a little while and sometimes, young ladies need a strong mentor to help them out if their own moms didn’t teach them these habits. There are other circumstances as well that can make housekeeping difficult for some people. It needs to be cleaned for their health as well as their child’s however, judgemental commentators & buttholes that say blanket statements like, “People like them don’t deserve to EVER have their children with them.” ….deserve this exact same hammer of judgement when they screw up in life, and eventually they will….or they are bitter because their glass walls have already shattered at their feet.

    • A.P.

      Its common sense to clean up after someone deficates on the floor and not to smear it on the walls or deal drugs.. Ebony & Josh are not stupid people. They knew this. This is not something that can be blamed on their parents because they didnt teach them this.. and even if they were not taught this by their parents, they KNEW this because on the where are they now special it showed Ebony cleaning and cooking.. I tend to believe that things got out of control after she lost her baby, but as someone who also recently lost her baby to miscarriage, that is not an excuse.

      • holyshiiit

        have you ever had a miscarriage ? i dont think so .. so stop talking as if you know everything and you were living the life she was so you can talk all you want and act as if you know everything !

    • Lyndsay

      I’m sorry but having feces all over your house like that and using your house as a drug exchange is a little more than a mistake that new mothers make. That is completely inexcusable and it’s sad that people are making excuses for them to begin with. There is NO excuse to behave in that manner, Air force or no Air force. Poor housekeeping skills my ass. Poor housekeeping is forgetting to dust your ceiling fan or forgetting to wash your toilet; it’s not having feces in every single room on everything. They need help. Period.

      • Demona

        I wasn’t making “excuses” so much as expressing the belief there may be things we don’t know. I do refuse to judge her for the rest of her life as a mother based on one incident.
        She needs to fix this, yes. But to say “never deserve her child” is a pretty strong statement on the article I read here, unless there has been more disclosure about the whole mess somewhere else and I missed some details.

    • Irene

      I don’t care if their young that is not an excuse. And they certainly deserve all the judegment that they’re getting, as does anyone who would allow their child to live in such horrible conditions! If I was ever to do something like this I hope that people would judge me just as harshly.

      I don’t care if this was a mistake or not it is utterly unacceptable. “I made a mistake” isn’t going to fly. If you ‘mistakenly’ kill someone, they still convict you of manslaughter.

    • David

      Are you serious? Wild animals are not allowed to raise human children. Why should they? Living, wallowing around in excrement isn’t even practiced in the wild. Animals have enough sense not to live in it. They made a mistake? No,this isn’t a mistake. Thinking they are responsible enough to raise a child in this world, that was the mistake. It’s an embarrassment to humanity. Poor child. Shame on you for being an apologist to these animals.

      • Demona

        In no way was I apologizing for them. However, I also am not judging them based on a media report that they should never have their child back. As it’s been said in other comments she was shown with a clean house cleaning on the show at one point. So if they get their act together and clean the hell up, there is no cause to say they should never see their baby again. That’s messed up. Like the child is so much better off in a foster care system the rest of it’s life?

        As to the feces everywhere, that is disgusting but was it fresh? Weeks old? None of us know. Since the dogs were taken, were the dogs left there alone during the day when this happened and that is how the feces is everywhere? I mean if you live with her and you know all the facts as to how it happened then judge away…and enlighten the rest of us that had some questions.

    • Mandy

      I somewhat agree with this. I was raised by my dad and we always had a maid. When I got my own place at a young age it took me awhile to get the hang of cleaning and doing laundry. My boyfriend (now husband) was really patient and helped me. Now 10 years later I think I have the cleanest house of everyone I know. It’s all about taking pride in your home and yourself. Also as far as human feces being in the home, I am hoping it was diapers they are speaking of. Not excusable but understandable.

  • jose

    Omg …i was 15 and pregnant and neva acted that nasty,they
    Shouldnt get there baby back..and feces all over wtf they should
    B jailed..i cant even leave my baby in a wet diaper let alone a sh!tty

  • Irene

    This is utterly disgusting. There is no excuse for the house to be covered in feces. I don’t care if she’s a teenage mother or not or if she was having a difficult time after her miscarriage. There is no reason for there to be animal and HUMAN feces (how and why was their human feces… that is ridiculous) all over the house. I wouldn’t allow my dog to live in such conditions let alone my child. They do not deserve to get their daughter back, she deserves a home with parents will take care of her. I hope that a relative will take custody of the baby, it’s got to be difficult for her to be seperated from her parents, and it would hopefully be easier on her if someone familar took her in.

  • K

    Like everything else, this has probably been blown WAY out of proportion. I don’t doubt the police report and that it was bad, but comments from like they dont deserve their child are just disgusting, how dare anyone of you say such a horrible thing. You sure as hell wouldnt be saying of that crap if the shoe was on the other foot.

    This is truly sad, and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors. Hopefully they have learned their lesson and work towards regaining custody of their daughter and leave this in the past.

  • chana

    I hate situations like this. It makes me so sad for this baby, because the baby is helpless and can’t speak for itself. I wonder how the air force handles a situation when its not real drugs. This is the pot they were selling at gas stations not too long ago but they pulled it from the shelves. And maybe she’s gone off the deep end from the miscarriage. But, you know what makes me crazy if that were true? The same damn thing that drives me crazy about these Hoarders episodes…..why isn’t he cleaning the house? Obviously before, she was cooking and cleaning and taking care of the baby, so its not like she never did. So, how does this happen? When I watched Hoarders and they were interviewing the husbands bitching about the condition, I always yelled at the tv, saying ‘you live there too!!!’. In all honesty, I hope they learn their lesson, clean up their act, and get their family back together and on the right track. And even more, I hope DHR stays on their case and makes them complete a full term.

  • oh no

    I think she said that he is getting an honorable discharge

  • sam

    drugs in the house with a toddler?? thats the disgusting part!!!

  • marie

    I would just love to know how human shit gets on the walls of a home let alone dog shit?!
    i thought she was one of the more stable moms but i guess not!

    • holyshiiit

      its not human shit you dope! they said ANIMAL feces , sheez learn to read you stupid idiot!

  • http://starcasm jjulez

    Im wondering the same thing! How in the hell does feces get on the walls and in every room of the house?! Seriously disturbing doesnt even cover it!! I cant even imagine this- some people should NOT be allowed to reproduce…or interact with the rest of society, for that matter!! ewww…good luck to them. that poor baby:(

  • Marie

    I Feel Sorry For That Baby….. She Doesn’t Deserve To Get Her child Back…. Who The Hell Could Have Dog Shit Everywhere………. && WTF Would There Even Be Human Shit Every Where……. That’s Just Too Damn Discusting !!!

  • Fanatic

    I can’t believe no one has ever looked into Gary & Ambers house. That house was sooooo nasty. She didn’t even keep sheets on her bed!

  • amanda

    That’s why kids shouldn’t be having kids. I feel bad for that poor baby. What a poor excuse for parents.

  • black metal mikey

    yu need to go to rehab and your husbend yu need set there and clean your ass up i think yu need to think what are yu doing
    dumb ass yu and your husbend need treatment say good bye to yu
    and kid and your stuff ebony think before yu7 do it ok.

  • Ally-Anna

    And to think, they were recently on a “Where Are They Now?” special and filming took place inside that house. Things even seemed relatively normal. I can’t believe they were trying for another baby. I wonder if they will get Jocelyn back. How shameful. Yuck!

  • Kay M

    To the person who wrote “i think she said he was getting an honorable discharge”.. i think you mean DIShonorable discharge. theres nothing honorable about any of these allegations and charges. I’m wondering if, since she recently confirmed she suffered from an ectopic pregnancy, that some serious mental issues/depression has to do with HER end of it. by no means does this excuse her for letting her daughter live in such disgusting conditions, theres never an excuse, i dont care what anyone says- but its a very likely possibility. as for Josh- unfortunately, theres no excuse, hes pure negligent and nothing short of an absolute moron. and a terrible father at that. dont try and play the Holier Than Thou card Josh-“we deserved to have our child taken from us.”- yeah, you did, if those police reports indicate anything, you did. there are not many things in this world that i cannot stand more than a deadbeat parent, or deadbeat parents. i wish the very best for their daughter, i hope shes able to be placed with someone familiar to her to make things easier for her, if at all possible, the last thing the poor baby needs is any sort of stress.

  • Bee

    I wish some of you non important people were on TV so I can judge your every mistake…reading y’all comments make me laugh but its not funny knowing there really is bitter (sometimes old) people in the world

  • holyshiiit

    woooow some people on here! like yeah her house was dirty do you know how many people in this world live worst than that!? like omg shes getting the concequences for what she did and how she was living now she has to deal with everyone talking about her? like leave her alone she doesnt need a bunch of low life moterf**kers talking about her, i bet some of the people on here that are talking shit live worse than that!!

    • Jess

      Okay, but that is a stupid comparison! “You know how many people in this world live worse than that”…. so because some people live in disgusting conditions …. our child services shouldn’t have standards? Like wtf? So we should stop looking out for the welfare of children (and animals) because some people live worse… ? I don’t think she’s a bad parent necessarily, but I think when you are in the spotlight and make such an error the consequences for your actions are greater, not saying it is right but that is the way it is

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jacqueline-Berger-Waliczek/1575987399 Jacqueline Berger Waliczek

    who’s the idiot that wrote this article? Apparently they aren’t familiar with spell check-no big deal, it’s only your job and you get paid for it-and I know how difficult it is to press the spell check feature