Truth behind rumors of Farrah Abraham leaving Sophia behind when she moved to Florida

Did Teen Mom Farrah Abraham leave her daughter Sophia behind when she moved to Florida?

The Teen Mom universe is all up in arms today after news spread about this week’s Life & Style cover story claiming Farrah Abraham left her daughter Sophia behind with her grandmother Debra Danielson when she moved to Florida to attend Culinary School in Ft. Lauderdale.

The story, which featured an actual interview with Farrah, seemed to be contradicted by another recent interview Farrah gave to, as well as numerous photos of Farrah and Sophia together in Florida over the last few months. An admin from a Farrah FB page also posted this message late Thursday: “CLEARING UP A RUMOR: Farrah did not leave Sophia behind she took Sophia with her to Florida and they are currently very happy. 🙂 ALL RUMORS ARE FALSE!”

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia enjoy the beaches of Miami
^ Teen Mom Farrah Abraham & daughter Sophia enjoy the beaches of Miami back in July (Butterworth/Splash News)

We’ve been diligently trying to get to the bottom of this mystery and it seems our efforts have paid off! We have a reliable source who tells us both stories are true (or at least have truth to them)! Wait, what?

According to our source, Farrah did leave Sophia with Debra in Council Bluffs when she moved to Florida, but only for a period of one to two weeks while Farrah got moved in. (Which we will probably see in next week’s episode.) BUT, that’s not all. The source goes on to say Sophia went to stay with Debra again recently, which would help explain how Farrah was able to take the time to attend the recent Fashion Week events in New York City.

Let me make perfectly clear that we don’t know when Sophia went to stay with Debra this time, nor how long she will be there (but she is currently still there, but having two separate instances does help make sense of the seemingly conflicting Life & Style excerpts and the MomFinds article. We all need a little help sometimes, and it’s great to have grandparents willing to help. Farrah and her parents have been through a lot, but they seem to be getting along much better now.

Just in case you missed it, here is the info from followed by the Q&A from
Farrah Abraham Why She Gave Up Her Baby Sophia Life & Style magazine cover

But Life & Style can exclusively reveal that the reality star did make the decision to leave Sophia. In fact, her daughter is staying in Council Bluffs, Iowa with her mother, Debra Danielson, while Farrah is attending school in Fort Lauderdale for the past several months–and since, Debra has become Sophia’s primary caregiver.

Farrah tells Life & Style in an exclusive interview, “I want her [Sophia’s grandmother] to be there for Sophia when I need to take care of my responsibilities, my education and earning an income for both of us.”

But as more days pass away from her daughter, Farrah says she often grapples with her difficult decision. “I’m tugged in many different ways daily — but I don’t want to limit myself or Sophia.”

From MomFinds:

When deciding whether or not to bring Sophia to Florida with you, did you fear people would judge you?

Honestly, I wanted Sophia to move with me from the very beginning. When my mom came up with the idea of Sophia staying with her, it created drama as if I’d be doing the right thing by taking her or leaving her with my mom. People can judge either way.

It looks like the evidence is stacking up that Fararh is indeed living without her daughter Sophia in Florida. Right now Sophia is currently staying with grandmother and grandfather.

Here’s a more recent Farrah interview with It looks like Life & Style turned out to be right. Sometimes it’s really hard to decipher the true (in this case, it involved spoilers for the Teen Mom season that perhaps MTV was trying to keep under wraps):

Now that you’re in Florida, do you feel like you made the right decision?
I am certain I made the right choice. I am very happy where I am.

How are you handling being away from Sophia?
Being away from Sophia is very hard. The first couple of days I cried a lot, but I always check in and call her. And I’m keeping my self busy with school, work, and meeting new people in Florida.

How often do you see or speak to Sophia?
I speak to Sophia twice a day–Sophia loves talking on the phone.

Now that the season is over, do you have any regrets?
There is more to my journey–everyone has just seen the start. I have no regrets.

Do you wish you did anything differently?
Honestly, I’ve made the best choices for Sophia’s life and for my life. There are no regrets. I am a great parent and I’m rolling with the struggles and the great moments.


Top Photo: Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia visit the Culinary School Farrah would eventually attend in Fort Lauderdale back in February of 2011. (

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  • Sin, Ontario Canada

    As a mother of two daughters and having experienced being a single mom for more than 10 years, I can say that Farrah was incredibly FOOLISH to move to Florida and leave behind a stable, loving support system in her parents for Sophia. I understand she wants a future in the culinary arts however, becoming a mother usually puts your own needs & wants on the back burner for awhile…at least until your children are older and not as reliant on their mother, their parents or their extended support system. Why would she move away from Sophia’s familliarity and stability, I think it’s selfish and thoughtless. I don’t blame Debra for being heart-sick and concerned at the thought of Sophia leaving….and when the counsellor berates Debra and says “You’re asking a mother to leave behind her child?” and then go on to say that Debra should be careful or she’ll put forth the message that she doesn’t trust Farrah’s judgement…..???…hello..her teenage daughter had a baby, of course her judgement should be questioned!!!! Right now, I think Farrah is thinking of Farrahs needs, not Sophia’s. Just my opinion.

    • terah

      I think that life goes on, and what Farrah does is none of your business.

      • MARIE

        Terah, you are right, BUT Farah has made it our business! She has contracted with MTV. And I agree with Shandry.

      • SIn, Ontario Canada


        Uum….I think everything Farrah does is EVERYBODY”S business (at least for us to comment on) as long as she’s allowing it to be aired on MTV.

      • Mishleaka

        III think that if u think farrahs business is none of ours, then she should never have been on OUR tv shows, and OUR mags.. just saying.. i agree with canada.. farrah is VERY foolish and clearly just doesnt want to have the “burden” of raising a baby

        • i think all of u are wrong yes farrah has made her life everyones business but who the hell are u to tell her that she is foolish to leave sophia behind it does not make her a bad mom or even close to thinking sophia is a burrdon on her! she did what she thought was best for sophia and none of you are sophias mom so none of u know whats best for sophia! maybe it was or wasnt the best choice but its farrahs life she was depressed and did not want sophia around that and that makes a good mom right there!

          • Young Mother Too

            Seriously people, being a young mother myself I can attest to the “hardships” faced by Farrah (let’s not forget that she is an uber entitled lil’ snot on air) and can say that what she did was ABSOLUTELY 100% selfish. She’s at a culinary arts school, not Harvard. She could have gone to culinary arts school in her hometown, there was no need for her to ditch her child and move to Ft. Lauderdale. Although after seeing her leave Sophia unattended on her bed (which she fell head first from), on the toilet, and in the kitchen sink, her baby may be better cared for with the grandparents??? However, those observations set aside, Farrah gave up her right to be selfish the moment she gave birth and CHOSE to be a mother. Not unlike millions of mothers everyday, I decided to complete my university degrees as close to home as possible when my son was born. Sure it would have been nice to live in a city of my choosing, but I gave up my right to act and be a child the minute I became a mother.

            • lee

              Amen to all who think she is being a selfish little twit. I was a teen mom and I chose to keep my baby. In doing so I gave up moving away to go to college, but I still got my education. I unlike her thought about my child and not myself first, that is what a true parent does…. It sickens me that all she does is bitch and moan about how hard things are finacially but she keeps spending (on herself), fake boobs etc. Why did she have to move to Ft Lauderdale? So she could party and live on the beach showing off those fake boobs, it had nothing to do with culinary school, as I understand they have some pretty good schools in Iowa. When you make a decision to have a baby and keep it your feelings and what you once wanted go on the back burner, you should be putting your child first….. She needs to grow up and suck it up….

    • I moved away from my family when my daughter was 1-1/2. In her whole life no one has watched her more than 10-12 times. She is 3 now. I like my time with her. I’m in school full-time and i work at the school. I spend every free minute with my child. I’m not a fool for moving away from my family. It is my daughter, and it is our life. My family has nothing to do with any of it. I don’t need to stay there to satisfy them. My life can’t be surrounded by what they think. I’m young, i was when i had her. But i make my own choices, i support us and so i don’t need anyone deciding what is right or wrong. I realize this is your opinion, but it was offensive and ignorant.

      • annie4

        Lauren and Shandry, all I hear is me,me,me……and Lauren it only takes one time to leave your child with the wrong person.

        • sk7237

          Why is it so wrong to move away with YOUR child? Did you grow up with every single member of your family living down the street? Thats the point of growing up, to move on and become your own person and have your own life. If that life takes you across the country then fine. You do things that are good for yourself and therefore good for your child. I lose time with my kids because I work and attend school, their grandparents live 8 hours away.. that makes me a bad mom? If I didn’t do the things im doing we would forever have money problems.. I think not doing what I need to do to be a happy, loving, and providing mother is a lot worse than making a move. Thats just completely ridiculous to judge someone for that.. do you realize how many people do not grow up staying at their grandparents house every time their mom has to sneeze?

    • annie4

      I completely agree with you. Everything you wrote I could have written regarding Farrah and Sophia. Moving Sophia so far from her circle of stability was selfish. A single parent needs to be even more careful of her child. As parents we can trust no one with our children. Farrah has shown a lack of concern for Sophia’s safety in her decisions.

  • Shandry

    i think you are foolish, i am a single mom too. And yes i put my dreams on hold because of my son, but i still went to school to better myself and him for the rest of OUR LIVES. If she so chooses to go to school to better her life for her daughter then GOOD FOR HER! there are some dreams that need to be put on hold, but not one that will make THEIR lives better in the long run. there are many people out there who go to school and do the whole parenting thing and do just fine. And in my opinion if she took Sophia then she is a very strong woman, it won’t be easy job especially seeing as how Sophia is so young and she is so far away from home. But i hope for both of them that one day Sophia looks back and is proud of what her mother achieved while raising her. I know i am already proud of her, i think she is one of the teen moms who have come the farthest in growing up.

  • ryan

    Can you say stupid ^

    • Mishleaka

      ahaha.. sophia is going to look back and say “my mom cared more about her fake boobs and modeling than she did me..”

      • Claudia Yvette

        I agree she is being selfish. She says everything she does is for sophia’s future.. fake boobs, being a model, going to school. If she thought about sophia she would’ve gone to school in her state so Sophia would still have all her family & be with grandma instead of daycare, but in my opinion Farrah was thinking about herself she couldn’t stand her parents and wanted to get away so she moves state. Where was she thinking about sophia in this scenario. I understand she has dreams and wants to prove everyone wrong and accomplish them even with the odds of all statistics. But honestly “most” teen moms don’t get boob jobs and do modeling careers, instead they look for another job where they can be closer to their kid. Not waisting money on looking better, instead buying things for their child. Not traveling out of state and leaving your child behind every other month for a “modeling job”. Bottom line She is a good mom but I don’t get why she always puts the blame on Sophia. Everything she does instead just for sophias best interest, its for hers too.

        • Claudia Yvette

          Everything she does isn’t just for sophias best interst, it’s for hers too!! ***

  • Sara

    Can YOU say stupid, ryan? ^

  • W-Blog

    I am a 30-year-old mother and in my opinion most of the comments are ridiculous. Probably people are just jealous because Farrah is successfull and pretty and goes for her dreams (while the posters didn’t?). Farrah does this for her career, so that she can provide for herself and Sophia and won’t have to rely on her parents or welfare – AFTER MTV!!! What will the other teen moms do then, when no MTV paycheck will come anymore??? If a 30-year-old mother would move with her daughter for a good job offer, nobody would complain…

    • Starrie

      Why is it whenever people disagree, someone has to throw out the “jealousy” card? Why would anyone have to be jealous of this little girl just because they have a different opinion? I for one wouldn’t be jealous of this brat because I have no IDEA what is really going on in her life or her heart or her soul. I would NOT want to be her. Would I want her hair or her eyes? Meh, maybe. Mine aren’t so bad. Would I want a mother that would give me anything in the world while I treated her like ABSOLUTE shit? Hey, why not. Why be jealous of a bratty little girl who spread her legs too young and plopped out a baby (beautiful, beautiful baby)? What has she done to be jealous of? What attributes does she have to actually be JEALOUS of, not just envy a little? Hell, anybody can look like that these days with fake hair, lashes, spray-tan, etc. I’d be more jealous of Maya Angelou or Stephen Hawking or someone who has DONE something for the world than this spoiled little girl. You need to get over YOURself and stop accusing people of being jealous JUST because they disagree. Sheesh.

      • Funny

        Starrie your entire rant about how you’re not jealous shows that you are. The very details you choose to point out shows that you’re jealous. In regards to Farrah’s situation, I to opened my legs too young (as you say) and plopped out a beautiful beautiful baby and guess what I did? Moved thousands of miles away from my family to attend college. My child has been in daycare from a young age. The outcome: I graduated school with honors, my child now 9 is an honor roll student and the most sociable, well spoken kid I know and i’m attributing this to him being around other kids from a young age. My point in saying this is, no one thought I could or should move away from family because of my child. But sometimes you just NEED to leave the nest to find yourself. Farrah obviously has this need and I think she’s doing a great job. Imagine there are so many young single parents out there not doing anything with their lives. This girl didn’t move to shoot porn for pete’s sake, she moved to attend college. For me not going out there to find myself would have been the worst thing I could have done for my child. Nobody wants a depressed parent moping around. Go Farrah! Live your life for you and your child and ignore the naysayers. There are too many people out there who are experts on other people lives and not their own.

  • i think all of y’all are very judgmental

  • Cindy

    Wow.. What a heartless and selfish decision Farrah made. Sophia is going to grow up knowing that her mother abandoned her. That is so sad. No father and now no mother! Wth was she thinking?? Her mother is a nightmare!! Derek’s mom or dad needs to take her back to court! I hope they do!

  • karliesmamma

    i think farrah is trying to do what SHE thinks is best for her and he daughter, i feel that ANYONE as a mom will always have someone judging them for there choices on what to do in a certan situation, i respect everyones opinion on here i just thought id state mine, i think she is a heck of a lot braver than i would be, i am lucky to be a stay at home mom (all i have ever wanted was to be a mom) my daughter and i would be screwed if we didnt have my fiance taking care of us but if i had to i would hav to try and do what i thought would be best at that time, and if what farrah is doing right now doesnt work out in the end she will realize it eventually. i apolagize to going on and on lol got a bit carried away:) have a great night everyone

  • TJ

    I don’t believe Farrah was being foolish in having Sophia stay with Debra during her move. I don’t believe that’s foolish at all. I don’t believe the move was necessary, but if Farrah went that it would help her in the long run to provide for her and her daughter, then go her. Maybe she will find employment in the field she loves and be a millionaire, or maybe not. It is all chance, and that is what our lives consist of. If we don’t try and succeed, whether that be by making very big changes in our lives, or by going a completely different route, that’s all up to her. If she felt it was necessary, then that’s on her.

    Who are we to judge how she goes about moving from one place to another? It’s just that simple. She needed help. I know I for one would have asked for help if I had a small child with me while I was moving large, heavy boxes, furniture, glass, etc. as well. What if something broke, and glass was everywhere? A baby shouldn’t be in the middle of a move. (Just my opinion)

    From the standpoint that she does indeed have family where she used to live, it wasn’t necessarily a bad decision, but not a good one either. A good support system when you’re young and with child is something that a person cherishes. BUT, she is a strong enough person to put forth a move and keep going forward with her live.

  • Kat

    Give it a rest! No matter what she does, (or anyone else for that matter) she’s going to be judged. Some people are going to like it and some are not. That’s just the way life is.

  • lover

    No one clearly seen the show where her mom suggested her to leave sophie there with her and was crying and getting all emotional over the fact that farrah wanted to take sophie and she felt like a bad mom if she didnt….so u cant entirely blame it on farrah..I just think that her mom thinks that Sophie is her’s.This shows you how media always trying make things worser when things are not even harse as it seem.

  • Anon

    I’m watching tonight’s show and I still have no idea what’s going on. The edits make it seem like she’s moving down there alone, but then you read this post on the website. Did she have a change of heart along the way?

  • Tina

    That’s a tough one. I don’t blame her for wanting to get away and start a life. I was a single mom of two. Put myself through hygiene school and did it all by myself!! I think she is a pretty independent mom and can do it Ya easier with a supportive family and her mom has done a 360, but why knock her for wanting to do it on her own? Some of the other moms couldn’t do it, so I give her credit for going for it! Her daughter will grow up and see how strong her mom is and hopefully be as strong! My daughter and son both did!! Yea!! Go Farah!!!!

  • Mama

    I think what Farrah did was very brave. She is trying to get a better career for herself and her daughter. As a single parent you can not please every one, she may make mistakes but you learn from them. There also may have not been a school as good as the one she is attending in her area. So before you bad mouth or judge someone walk in their shoes. I wish them both the best of luck.

  • Chelz

    BLAHBLAHBLAH.. seriously, people needa stop acting they are so high and might calling farrah “brave” and saying “dont blame her” .. BULLL! i am a young mother and would go to the end of this Earth to make sure i was ALWAYS with my daughter.. she is doing this for herself people, get a clue.. anyone defending her is just as bad.. and trust me, noones jelous of her..

  • RERE

    I wish I would have had the courage to leave town when I had a chance maybe my kids would’ve had a better chance then what they have now sometimes you need to leave to leave in order to grow up and make it on your own sometimes family can be a clutch family support system isn’t worth it when all your kids witness is them downing your mother or talking bad about you in front of the kids I don’t blame her for taking her daughter and leaving maybe we was watching two different shows because her mother was obsessed with that baby oh by the way I had my kids at a young age and I did everything for mines and they witnessed my depression and thought I hated them and didn’t want them that’s how unhappy we was and my kids are angry kids now so she needs to leave for that baby sake and I still am that’s why we leaving and they more excited than I am and can’t wait now in the end everybody’s entitled to there opinion and nobody knows what’s best for that baby but her mom AND IF IT DOESN’T WORK OUT SHE CAN ALWAYS GO BACK HOME THAT’S WHAT A GOOD SUPPORT SYSTEM IS ABOUT SUPPORT NOT TO HOLD YOU BACK

  • Simone

    I am a young mom of a 5mth old son. My mom has been there for me day day one and always looking for more ways for me to support my son and be strong. She encourages me to get back in school and continue to move forward with my life. Farrah is living her life and we all have that right to experience it in our own way. Im enrolled in college and when i graduate me and my son will move out of state. Know one wants to live in one place all there lives. And Farrah just wants Sophia to have a life she didnt have. Just because she moved out of state doesnt make her a bad mom. It makes her strong! I would love for my son to be able to go to the beach and let his toes sink in the sand. holidays will be the perfect time for us to head back to Texas! Nowadays kids miss out on what the wolrd has to offer because the parents dont even know about it! Farrah’s is a great teen mom. Alot of you people are living in a box because you are afraid of what others might say about you. Just because you have a child doesnt mean your life is over! Love and a great support system dont pay the bills honey!!

  • JLL

    Sophia is so cute! Did anyone see her make her monster face?

  • For me it isn’t about what she looks like or whether she is being selfish! She is a mean person! She speaks horribly to her family members (you know the ones that have been there for her since the beginning)! She is a snobby, mean spirited b!tch who clearly thinks she is better than everyone around her! Karma will come back and get her one day! And the comments above are correct, she put herself out there, so we can judge! She better meet a man with money because otherwise she will end up on a pole; she is not smart enough for anything else!!!

  • Clair Luz

    It’s not surprising that Farrah drops poor Sophia off for weeks and months at a time with her family. She really only needs her for photo ops!