PHOTOS Teen Prostitution In India Is A Family Business For Some

Teen prostitution in the Bedia clan of India

Teenage prostitution is a huge problem in India, with some reports estimating that nearly 20% of under-aged children in the country are part of the commercial sexual exploitation network. There are certain Indian communities in which prostitution is their main industry and young girls enter into it by following in the footsteps of their older sisters, mothers and grandmothers. This notion of caste-based prostitution is very old in these groups and it creates what seems to be an inescapable reality for the female children born into it. The most famous of these clans – which also include Nat, Sansi, Kanjar, and Bachada – is the nomadic Bedia.

Here is a description of the Bendia gender roles from a very informative article written by Anuja Agrawal at

Women born into a Bedia family remain unmarried. They engage in prostitution in order to provide for the economic needs of their natal family. Bedia brothers, that is, the men, although not economically productive, do marry. The wives of the Bedia men do not engage in prostitution. But they are largely responsible for all the domestic work including cooking, washing, cleaning, and childcare…In sharp contrast, Bedia men do not engage in any kind of wage or even non-wage work for the major part of their lives…Bedia men sometimes participate in domestic chores. Under some conditions, the men may engage in some gainful activities such as agriculture, rickshaw pulling, or some other work involving manual labour. But they barely ever do so consistently and in no case are they primarily responsible for the sustenance of their family.

The families are fiscally motivated to get these girls on the market as soon as possible, a problem made worse by the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in India, which only increases the demand and value of younger, less-experienced girls. A girl’s virginity is the most valuable commodity the family possesses, usually auctioned off when the girl is 13 or 14 for anywhere from $165 to $825 depending on how “attractive” she is.

Here are some amazing photographs of some very young Bedia girls, some of which are already prostitutes with the rest nearly certain to do the same soon. First are photographs of Sanjana and her younger sister Simran (6). Sanjana’s age is unknown, though she claims to be 18. Simran is expected to enter the profession as soon as she reaches puberty.

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Sanjana is a teen prostitute in the Bedia clan of IndiaTeen prostitution in the Bedia clan of India Sanjana is a teen prostitute in the Bedia clan of India her younger sister will most likely do the sameTeen prostitution in the Bedia clan of India Teen prostitution in the Bedia clan of IndiaSanjana is a teen prostitute in the Bedia clan of India

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  • arise

    before the advent of the internet, most people in nigeria and large part of western africa saw india as that part of the world where prostitution was never found.
    please what is the government of india doing to cubb this useless trend.

  • Rajeev

    It is sad but we still have to face it.we can only put our comment.

  • http://google sumanta

    the socioeconomic and political condition of our nation forced us to be used to in each and every condition. every one has feelings but no one is in queue. who will initiate may be the hero but no body want to expose himself.

  • Dipankar Bhadra

    One day Our Comment………will apply.
    amra chai……..jeno ei kaaj tar iichar biruddhe na korano hoy……..

  • ronald harold

    we are sadened by plight of these teens and other prostitutes. we are interested in rehabilitating them. we have resources to help. write to us and individual teens should write to us for help

  • Ruchi Vardhan, SP Rajgarh, M.P.

    Being a police officer myself, I came across a case in Bhopal where a missing girl child was traced in a Bedia family in Gwalior being brought up as their own child properly tutored not to reveal anything to the police if ever she is recovered and only to be assimilated in the family in due course and to be sent to their family outposts in Nagpur and Mumbai on achieving puberty to be pushed into their so called traditional business of sex workers. The startling fact was that similar senior girls of the same family working in the Red light areas of these metros know that they are the daughters of the family and they are doing this business as part of their traditional livelihood. What they and we do not know is that they are not the real daughters of any Bedia family. To our surprise our team recovered at least 10 girl children ranging from the age of three an a half years to twelve, all lured away or abducted from different places of Bhopal exploiting their difficult circumstances through a very well established organised cime nexus selling and purchasing them at 4-5 points finaly ending their journey in a Bedia house only to convert them into sex-slaves in future. The girls at their tender age did not even remeber their original homes and names of parents once they adapt to different family circumstances, traditions and values. Nothing can be a greater crime than pushing our girls into such a situation where they for the rest of their lives do not know that they as a human being deserve a life of dignity like anyone else. Almost 25 accused were nabbed in this entire chain cutting across Bedia, Sansi, Kanjar communities as well as a gang of women lifters mostly beggers and rag-pickers. Many of them received sentences in different cases. I am collecting the entire data regarding this case belonging to year 2009. The revelation is that Bedia community marries their own original daughter when the time comes, but assimilates these abducted girls at a very tender age into their family and pushes them into prostitution later on even without their knowledge in the garb of their tradition. The mother or the daughter-in-law of the family controls the entire business taking work from these so called daughters of the house and keeps the entire earning in their hands giving only a meagre amount to these girls only to maintain themselves. These girls take it as their family’s tradition and never question their fate. We need to understand this crime and book these criminals so as to stop this activity. A large scale survey with DNA analysis of these families having girls needs to be undertaken to identify the victims. Strong actions are needed against the families and criminals involved in trafficking of girls in the name of their tradition.
    Ruchi Vardhan, SP Rajgarh, M.P. at