Should Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout have a second baby with Kyle King?

Will baby Bentley get a new sibling?

On Teen Mom tonight we’ll see Maci Bookout get a touch of baby fever. In the previews she asks Kyle King “When are we gonna make another baby?” to which he replies “Are you crazy?” In another clip she tells her mom “I really want another one,” and gets back from mom “Have you love your damn mind?”

So far, Maci’s episode of baby fever hasn’t resulted in a pregnancy, but as things get more serious with boyfriend Kyle, it’s definitely in the realm of possibility for the future, but as both Kyle and Maci’s mom point out, now probably isn’t the best time for a new baby. Maci is busy filming Teen Mom, and taking care of the responsibilities and new opportunities that being a reality star has opened upped, but she’s let her education slip a bit. The 20-year-old still has a lot of time ahead of her to complete college, but it would probably be wise to wait until things have settled down a bit in her life before Bentley gets a new brother or sister.

On the other hand, if Maci did get pregnant, it definitely wouldn’t be a bad situation. Maci seems to be a dedicated mother, and she has a lot of support with Kyle, her parents, and even for Bentley Ryan, and his parents.

As for what Maci would name a new baby, according to Hollywood Life, she told US Weekly she would like to keep with the luxury car theme, and name a son Royce (as in Rolls-Royce) but couldn’t because Farrah thought of that. Girl names Maci likes are Elle, or Jade (Kyle likes Jade too.)

According to that article, while Maci really wants to have another baby, she is hesitantcre because she doesn’t want to have another broken family if she ends up breaking up with Kyle.

What do you think? Should Maci and Kyle have a baby, or should they wait until they’re sure they’re serious about each other, and their lives are more stable?

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  • Sara

    She’s alreadt exhausted and still needs a diploma. It would be bad timing, IMHO…

    • This is obviously not the right time for Maci to have another baby. She is only 20 years old, and is going through a battle with Ryan over Bentley, or at least appears that way, since Ryan wants to take her to court for partial custody. This would give him more leverage to get Bentley more. Better for him, but not her. In my opinion, if she is serious about having a child she should be married first! I love Maci and her story, but it would be nuts to have another one, even with the love & support of her family. If she thinks that it is hard getting anything done(school wise) then it would be even harder with another baby running around.

    • Iloverabbits

      She is actually 19. Having a baby may force you to grow up in a way but it doesn’t translate into mental and emotional maturity. The prefrontal cortex of the brain that allows you to fully appreciate consequences of choices and make informed decisions isn’t even fully developed until age 25. She is way overestimating her capacity to make good decisions. MTV paints this picture of maci being so mature and responsible and she needs to realize she isn’t there yet and its not even something that’s her fault. She is just really young.

  • Jade

    i think jade is a great name not just because thats my name. and i think it would be ok to have another baby as long as she and kyle fully talk about everything and weigh the pros and cons.

  • Aja

    I think she should get back with Ryan!

    • Micah


    • Emmie

      Are you high? NO ONE should date Ryan.

      • catz

        hahahha <3

      • Sarah

        Sooooo true.. I hate him and the way he talks about Maci. “Shes a bitch” Really?? lol. He is a dumb idiot

  • Jessica

    She need to go to back school and she is in a bad situation either her or kyle has a job. What if teen mom ended next year she could only live on that money with two babies for so long she has no education and no real job beside MTV . Maci is acting like airhead teenager in love maci should not said she wants another baby with Kyle on nation television she sound like a idiot. Maci should not be thinking about having another baby that should not even be idea for maci or any of the other girls. If Kyle really love Maci like he said he does then he will try to motivation her to finish school. He will motivation her to do the right thing by Bentley which is getting a degree and getting a real job Kyle is a real loser. I thought he was going to be good for Maci but all he has done is bring her down and allow her to in live in la la land. What is Maci doing with her life she was the girl in the show that had goals. Who I thought was going to be the real winner but she is slowly but surely becoming a loser not working and not going to school. That Is not an options for teen mothers but I guess since Maci is on TV it is okay for her to threw away her life for boy. Which she is doing right now she is puting all her hope into this relationship with Kyle.

    • I agree with you Jessica. I am getting disappointed! but on another note, I think that Ryan is actually being more mature. He actually works! And Kyle tells Maci to make him & Bentley dinner, like come on dude you don’t WORK or go to school! College is hard, like help her out, and for real make your own dinner! Not that hard.

      • Iloverabbits

        It seems like Kyle wants to treat maci like his little wife. She is always making dinner and there’s that Clip where she is studying and he, who is unemployed, asks if she can take a break to change bentley. He is chauvinistic. She seems to lap it up too. She is desperate for a “family” and wants to trap him it seems by having a baby and getting married. I think she is scared of being left again. She is probably ignoring negative traits about Kyle like she did with Ryan. Meanwhile Ryan seems to be getting increasingly mature and responsible but she still wants to crap all over him. Everything is always ryan’s fault and she is very unreasonable. I hate how she always comments that she doesn’t have to let him see bentley since he doesn’t have any rights. Not cool.

  • Christine

    I know alot of people want to have kids close together to grow up close, or they want to have all the kids they are going to have in a certain period of time so they aren’t raising kids for 35+ years. Maci is not at a good place yet to expanded her family. She is lucky that right now with the mtv money she can play house without worries. It is easy for her to live in a nice middle class neighborhood, with a decent car and be able to stay at home. This wont last forever unless she finishes school or gets married to a stable provider(not saying one should marry for money). She needs to get married or have a very serious commitment in place before more kids, and if it is to Kyle for him to have stable job with benefits & she still be trying to slowly finish her degree. A few of the 16 & pregnant moms that have gotten married and have a spouse in the military I think would be okay to have a second child, the rest like Maci need to finish school or be in very committed/marriage relationship to someone that has a solid career.

  • Torre

    Yes! They need to have a kid! I think Kyle wants one but doesn’t want to put the pressure on maci over everything else goin on! I hope he asks her to marry him! they are the cutest couple!!!

  • Mamma2agirl

    How about either one of the have a job or maybe even be married before they start planning on more children. Just a thought.

    • Deidre Lee


  • Sara

    Most women do get that feeling of wanting more kids after their first child— it’s natural. I just hope Maci doesn’t go with that urge. Having one child and trying to pursue an education is hard– adding another one! Heck! You’ll have to be really dedicated to continue pursuing an education— and many people don’t have that dedication.

    Either way.. it is the media. They blow everything out of proportion.

  • I am not sure why people seem to think that Ryan is a bad father. He has been there for Bentley, NOW! Yes, in the beginning he was not a good father or there for Maci. But things do change, people need to see him for what he is now, not then. Honestly, I love Maci but she is being a bi*** to Ryan, trying to keep Bentley from him when it is convenient for her. She should of thought that through, because Ryan could win and get partial custody. He tried to fight fair…however I would like to say that he did lie about not being invited for Bentley’s birthday when he was. But how weird would that have been to be around Kyle? I mean would she want to go to a birthday event at an aquarium with Ryan & his date…Awkward much? lol

    • Jenny

      Awkward yes, but not impossible. It’s called *putting your children first* even if that means hanging around your ex’s new boyfriend or girlfriend. No one is asking you to be best buds, but both sides of a child’s family should be able to be around each other without any drama. That’s how you raise kids who aren’t F’d up.

      • Kelsey

        I completely agree. I have a child with my ex and I am 18. My daughter’s father comes to see her at me and my boyfriend’s house. Its not that hard to get along for your child. We have had our differences and fights,obviously because we aren’t together, but we still get along for Brailynn’s sake. It is hard at times I admit, but it will always get worked out. It is awkward sometimes when he brings his girlfriend over but still you should always get along for your children. I think that when Maci and Ryan realize that Bentley is the one they are hurting they will put their differences aside and think about how them fighting effects Bentley and how he grows up.

  • tab

    calm down people! it’s all for ratings. their life is so boring, they have to have something scripted.

  • Deidre Lee

    I think she should be put off the show if she get pregnant again. These shows have truthfully portrayed how difficult it is to have a child so young and unmarried. Kyle does not even have a job, and where would she get money if she was not on the show. I read somewhere that she wanted Kyle to adopt Bentley and wanted Ryan to agree to that. That made me intensely dislike her…how dare she suggest such a thing I think Ryan loves the boy. Since she dropped a large part of her education why is she not working? The only one on this series is – withoout a doubt- Farrah – she has had tragedy in her life at such an early age and a very difficult time with her mother and sister, she got her education even though it was not easy, she worked and has plans for her life and I think she should be very proud of hersef. As for Catelyn and Tyler they do not seem to understand they are not the parents of the child they gave up. I do not think they should be sending all kinds of gifts to the child without consulting with her parents, wanting her at their graduation and flower girl at their wedding is completely out of order. I would not be surprised if childs parents decide to make this a closed adoption. As the child get older she will wonder why she was given up and why now they expect to be in her life. These two are complete fools in my opinion. Amber – I have nothing to say about her except I feel the child will come to danger if she is with her and Gary needs to get rid of this stupid belief they could be back together without violence.

    • Ashley

      I cannot agree with you more!!

  • a

    I understand its hard to get an education when you do have a kid so young, but honestly Farrah has been a single parent since before Sophia was even born and shes the only one with a degree!

  • Once she gets her school stuff together, that would be the sweetest thing! Kyle is a winner! I love him!! She clearly wants to be a stay at home mom and although it would be a huge challenge I think it would be a huge blessing and the most precious thing! I don’t think Kyle would ever back out like Ryan did.

  • Amy

    I think they should they would make a cute baby and a super cute girl

  • britt

    No they should not have a baby right now but I totally understand where she is coming from. When our first was about 6 months old I had baby fever SOOOO bad. It didnt matter that my husband had just lost his job or anything bad could changed my mood. IT was just built in me… We did wait and our first is now 3 and baby #2 is on the way.

  • Jam

    I used to love maci and think she was the best mom on the show by far. But after seeing her this season I realized ryan is right she is very selfish. I am not saying she is not a good mom or doesnt love bentley but she cares alot about her own feelings. honestly even thinking of having another baby is so immature. she needs to focus on herself and bentley for now and stop worrying about kyle. i hope he got a job by now and shes not supporting him on her teenmom salary. also i think its really messed up how kyle acts like bentleys dad and how the show puts so much emphasis on kyle and bentleys relationship. he isnt the father fyi. ryan is! and i do agree with maci that ryans parents are the ones fighting for more time and that would piss me off too but i do think ryan loves his son and wants to improve in becoming a better father. also i still think theres a shot maci and ryan could work it out. i can see the chemistry between the two and i know the feelings are still there. maci if you read this dont get mad i still love you im just saying how i feel! 🙂

  • gloria

    WTH I AM 31 I HAD MY FIRST CHILD @ 20 GOT PREGNANT AT 19 IT WAS OK HARD TO WORK AND PAY FOR DAYCARE AND I HAD MY FIRST APARTMENT THREE YEARS LATER 2003 HAD MY SECOND CHILD NOW ITS EVEN HARDER I MARRIED MY 2ND CHILDS DAD ONLY TO SEPERATE FROM HIM A YEAR LATER BUT IM STILL FOCUSED TRIEN TO PROVIDE A GREAT LIFE FOR THEM AT 31MY OLDEST IS 11 & MY YOUNGEST JUST TURNED 8 I’m teaching them the importanace of education and that field and sex is not important maturity is the key point in the whole matter if ur not mature u will not be able to raise any child period