PHOTOS Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry in Los Angeles

Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska in LA with Chippendales dancers

It’s that special time of year again when half of our favorite bunch of young mothers gather together to share stories, party a little, and then cry a lot with Dr. Drew at the Reunion Special. These photos are from the fun-loving blonds of Teen Mom 2 (Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry) who appear to be having a great time all over the City of Angels!

The top photo shows Leah and Chelsea reminding everyone they are two of the most eligible bachelorettes on the planet by posing for a photo with some shirtless hunks who I am guessing are Chippendales dancers. (One of which seems to be physically unable to smile, despite making a great deal of effort to do so.) (Oh, and for future groom zoom just click on the photo for a larger image.)

Next up we have these three young blond stars paying tribute to the ultimate young blond star by posing with Britney Spears’ star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Kailyn Lowry Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska of Teen Mom 2 pose with Britney Spears' star

In this next photo a fourth young blond babe joins the Teen Amigos, but you have to look closely to spot her…

Teen Mom 2 blond babes Leah Messer Chelsea Houska Aubree Skye and Kailyn Lowry

Yep, that’s Chelsea’s little Aubree Skye getting in on the TM bash! (Is it just me or do we have the makings of a great sitcom here? Three Women and a Baby? I’m in!)

And speaking of Aubree, she was able to meet up with an old friend she seemed to connect with at the previous Reunion Special taping:

Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree and Leah Messer's daughter Ali

It’s always great to see the girls be able to get together and have a good time sight-seeing, commiserating about baby daddies, lamenting the woes of potty training and trash talking the paparazzi.

Speaking of trash talking, does anyone know if Jenelle Evans made the trip out west for the Reunion? I was under the impression that all of the Teen Mom 2 girls were gonna be there, but if she is then it surprises me she’s not out having a good (and innocent) time with Leah, Kailyn and Chelsea! (And party gal Aubree!) They could have recreated my “Single Ladies” graphic with a lip-synched video performance in their hotel room! Could it be that Jenelle’s recent legal troubles (ie probation violations) prevented her from attending?

  • Tara

    Leah looks HORRIBLE! ! wish she’d stop trying to be so much like Chelsea and be her own person. Orange skin & blonde hair doesn’t look good on her AT ALL!

    • A.P.

      I agree. Leah used to be so pretty but she looks more and more like a barbie doll every time she is photographed!! And she is so orange.. I guess its good that she isn’t fake tanning in the beds and causing cancer but she’s just SO orange!

      I also think Chelsea looks MUCH better with dark brown hair like in her 16 & pregnant episode.

    • Krystie

      I agree completely. Leah does not look good at all. Her face is too dark and her hair is too light.

    • Melissa

      agreed. I love Leah, but that’s not a great look for her.

    • Sheryl

      I agree! I was thinking that she has been looking worse and worse. I can’t stand the bleached blonde hair and orange skin. Does NOT look good.

    • Jenn

      You wrote EXACTLY what I was going to write. They are three beautiful ladies and shouldn’t bleach their hair (it doesn’t look natural anyway) and tan/use fake tanner to the point it looks nasty. I thought being natural was in, but I guess I’m wrong. I think kailyn is cute because she doesn’t wear so much make up, if she even wears any at all. But I adore Chelsea’s fashion sense.

    • Sue

      Tara I so agree…..Leah looks terrible!

    • Daisy

      I agree. Leah’s hair is fried. It looks so brittle and dried out. I really think she looked better with her natural color.

    • cait

      she really does look horrendous, and it’s a shame because she’s a gorgeous girl without all that orange and yellow crap. she needs to get rid of the fake tan, grow her hair out, and dye it a more natural blonde color

    • Stefani

      Leah was so beautiful when she had darker blonde hair. The bleached hair looks so fake and horrible. If she dyed her hair darker she would be so gorgeous… Idk why she can’t see how bad it looks. I don’t think the tan would look so bad with darker hair. Ugh huh Leah pleaseeee dye your hair darker!

  • Dri

    Leah looks terrible with that blonde !

  • emily

    That was my thought when i looked at Leah too…how can she not see how bad that blond and tan look? I know its rude to say this stuff but these r things that are easy to fix, lots of people arent that lucky.

    Go Leah go! Ur beautiful on the INSIDE and out! Let ur true self shine!

  • Bianca

    Jenelle is at the Reunion.

  • Sarah H

    on the 3rd photo, it looks like it’s jace and not aubree like you said. Jenelle is also in LA. she said something about it on her twitter.

  • Jessica

    Yeah I really don’t like Leah hair color it’s ugly she should make her hair a little more darker. Chelsea look great and kail look good too

  • Wow leah looks so different in a bad way! shes a beautiful girl …she shouldve stayed the same!!!

  • coco

    They both look bad with those horrible tans and even worse the fried bleach blonde hair. Ugh.

  • Ange

    I agree…
    Chelsea looks awesome though!

  • Yes

    According to their tweets, Jenelle is in LA too.

  • Melissa

    Jenelle is on her way to LA to meet up with the other girls, as well as the other three girls have matchin tatoos and Jenelle is getting one as well when she arrives in LA; there’s a picture and more details on twitter. 🙂

  • Emily

    Jenelle is there with them according to their tweets to each other.
    They also all go matching tattoos

  • squeak

    Jenelle is there, in fact all of the girls just posted on twitter not long ago about getting matching tattoos.

  • Erin

    WOW, I absolutely agree with Tara. Leah looks really gross. I wouldn’t be surprised if all that bleached hair started falling out of her head. Nasty.

  • Jenelle was gonna go on this trip with MTV cuz its related to “working” issues

  • Lo

    What happened to Leah’s hair?

  • Jackie

    Jenelle is there, go to All The Teen Moms Facebook page and look at the album for the reunion. There’s pictures of her there.

  • Georgia

    Jenelle came out later. I have all of them on Twitter and she was taking about heading out. They all got matching tattoos together too, and Jenelle is getting hers tonight 🙂

  • Ms.J

    What has Leah done to her hair??!! Geez she looked so much better natural. Why won’t anyone tell her the truth about how she looks lately? How sad

  • Lisa

    I agree, Leah went way overboard with the orange spray tan and bleached hair. It looks terrible on her. She looked sooo much better with just blonde highlights.

  • Mandy

    Leah seems to think the blonder she gets, the tanner she looks or vice versa. And she is wearing light eyeshadow to make her tan stand out even more. She will get it eventually. I did the same thing when I was that age. She’s a bit of a country bumpkin now with all the “hollywood” action she is trying to fit in.

  • Mandy

    I just noticed that she bleached her eyebrows too! I think that is what is making her look so freakish. Ladies, if you are blonde your brows should always be a couple of shades lighter than your hair!!!

    • Mandy

      Ugh I meant darker…

  • inwonderland

    Yep, they all got matching heart tattoos. Apparently Garry is there too?

  • A.J.

    Leah looks a lot older than she actually is. She seems like she’s aged 15 years rather than two. And I agree that I liked Chelsea as a brunette. It went better with her facial structure. Kailyn looks ok, but there’s nothing wrong with wearing your natural hair color. Aubree and Ali are adorable as usual.

  • Jessica

    Do you guys notice have super close the teen mom 2 girls are with everyother and the teen mom orginal girls don’t seem that close like Chelsea,jenelle, kail and Leah they seem to really care. About each other they have more of bond with each other than the original girls .

  • lily

    Leah looks terrible!!!period.She looks like she has aged about 30 years and is about 40.Her skin is orange and her hair is bleached and fried.Why on earth did she do that?Jenelle actually looks really pretty and jace is adorable.Did they find out what is wrong with ali?That could age someone.

  • everyone

    Keep up the chain smoking Leah, it’s working wonders for you! You could pass for 40 easily.

  • everyone

    Leah, Aubrey, Maci, Catelynn and Jenelle should pose for a chain smoking babes calendar.

  • Elsie

    Who cares what they look like. I think Leah is cute. I bet she has a lot of stress.. I agree with that.

    All the teen moms are beautiful…

  • dawn spears

    Leah fixes her hair and skin to please HER not the WORLD she is human as you! LEARN from these girls NOT bash them it is NOT a beauty pageant for crying out loud!

  • eee

    i love all of the tm2 girls, i really do. but when i look at the pics, i thought to myself, what the hell happen to leah??? she’s a very pretty girl, in fact she was my favorite in the show… but this look is not working for her!!

  • emilyy

    Hahaa. It’s funny how much you guys hate on how Leah for “changing”, or “trying to be Chelsea”. Maybe Leah likes her blonde hair? I dye my hair darker everytime I can, why? Because I like it.

  • Kristen

    To each`s own I think Leah looks` good! More natural than Lindsay lohan all though She dosent` tan anymore Lindsay is so pale but She is still pretty! without compareing the 2 ! Blonde barbie tan is pretty! I dont like orangey looks so I wish She would get ethier a more darker brown color. Not orangey! Like Paris hiltons` color is the best! Theres` beauty pagent girls get spray tanned and tanned all the time ! I mean its` obvious She likes looking oarnge! actually She has a tanned pic up on twitter lol where does She get her time from?

  • Kristen

    Ok I hate orange brown looks prettier look at Mandy mean girls 2 If you want to look good dont do the oarnge tan it looks horrid! Maybe She dosent realize how bad an oarnge tan looks ! She should airbrush .

  • Kristen

    The problem isnt` her bleached hair ! The problem is She prob. Bleached it herself! Didnt` do it right and didnt` go to a salon! Go to a salon I mean they do it right ,You get perfect bleached hair! Also I dont care its` her chose about the tan . Shes` also a mother now and Im` seventeen and I wouldnt` want my in the future daughter or son think its` ok to go aroung looking oranger than oarange juice lol, The orginal cast is the best! Farah is naturally tanned and She tans . Ambers` tan is So pretty! Shes` lost weight to so Shes` almost there. I wear Barbie makeup but my hair is always natural well unatural but not washed out. wethers its` bleached or platuim highlights.

  • Kristen

    I dont know theres` something about teen mom 2 I dont like Jenelle and I might like Leah if She didnt` hang out with Jenelle but Im` team Orginal because there just dont get a bunch of tattoos ! Belly priecing is cool or anything airbrushed but anything perament grosses me out! I just didnt` watch any of it! Im only watching the Orginal.

  • Kristen

    I change my mind lol I love it ! I thought her hair looked bad but it dosent I saw her on teen mom way better.

  • AztecAbe

    Leah is without doubt the prettiest young lady of all teen mommas, she has some bikini shots in which it’s very obvious that she’s got a hot rockin body, WOW!!!, she’s hot, tight, & outta sight, and her full on blonde hair & very pretty face adds up to playboy centerfold material, but she’s not about that so no worries there. Leah totally rocks.